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Chapter 40: The imperial little fox 19

Immediately after, the people present at the scene was made to doubt if something had happened for their eyes to fail again, as they saw Nicholas who was firmly looking at the youth that cursed him as a bastard, actually revealing a bit of tender smile that had never been seen before.

As it turns out, His great Highness could also have this kind of sincere and heartfelt smile.

This smile was just like a bright pearl that abruptly appeared on the deep cold seafloor that was several thousand feet below, bursting forth from the depths of the sea where one can’t see their fingers, even if it was extremely short but it was magnificent and dazzling, just like being able to dispel the darkness of the entire water in an instant.

Shortly afterwards, Nicholas with large strides headed towards the youth at the other side of the passage, he even almost carelessly slipped when he anxiously descended from the platform, narrowly loosing his face from a shameful fall. He was still just walking in the beginning, in the end used the highest physical skill of telporting in a short distance, and directly advanced in front of the little fox’s.


Upon seeing the little fox, His great Highness automatically used a soft and gentle tone, the youth was like a fragile and precious china doll, with white jade-like skin, every detail from the tip of the brow to the angle of the eye made him adore and enamored. Nicholas’ voice at this moment contained a bit of tremor because of tension and excitement, looking straight at the youth and anxiously asked: “Did baby come here agreeing to be engaged with me?”

The whole auditorium became completely silent that even a pin dropped could be heard.

The brightness in Nicholas eyes piled up layer by layer, the expression was tender like water, the little fox at the same time also returned this with a straightforward look, but was in complete contrast from the other man’s expression, the inside was coldly self-sustaining, then with indifference said: “……En.”

This extremely short syllable in Nicholas ears was tantamount to a heavenly music, but his delight was short lived, as he heard the words of the youth that shortly followed: “This was originally the idea, but I change my mind again.”

This resulted to His great Highness having a stiff facial expression.

--A a a,why was the mind changed again?!

Nicholas couldn’t help but brush a row of topic in the brain, #What should be done when my sweetheart likes to keep changing his mind?#, #I’m completely unable to thoroughly understand my lover’s way of thinking should I just directly go and die?#

But the little fox relentlessly and continuously attacked: “So I came here just to yell at you, additionally” the little fox also took something out from his pocket, --but was actually something taken out from the systems backpack, then raised his hand smashing it completely in front of Nicholas’ face, at the same time spoke out the words that had rushed into his mind the moment he first saw the invitation letter: “Whoever you love to be engaged with and whoever your engaged with is alright, I really don’t mind!”

Then saw the multiple pieces of shredded paper smashed in the face of His great Highness falling with a hua la la sound.

Afterwards, the multiple pieces of paper falling down, were just like His great Highness glass heart that was broken on ground.

These pieces of paper were naturally that invitation letter torn to shreds by the little fox, when leaving he specially used a skill to gather it together by hand and piecing it together, then was finally able to accomplish the previous desire of wanting to smash it on the other’s face.

On the account of the other being Han Ying, there was no need for anyconsideration, the heart of little young master Chen once had a confusing contradiction, guilt with regards to Han Ying, fearing that being with Nicholas would make the guilty feelings and other sentiments completely and thoroughly fade away, the other was always unable to bear letting him be aggrieved, so he, with boldness and confidence became even more arrogant than he previously was, without any disguise.

Actually, the temperament of Chen Tong belonged to the restrained and timid type, and will more than often be well-behaved and clever child towards unfamiliar people, not having any scruples about venting towards another, is actually a true manifestation of the acceptance toward the other’s intimacy.

Going back to the auditorium here, --Not to mention what the result of His great Highness that had been smashed on the face was, even the surrounding people that had been watching became completely stunned.

With the media that was still broadcasting the live images, even if watching the official live broadcast required authentication and other permissions, there were still a lot of people since earlier idly observing in front the light brain, the comments being brushed minute by minute were innumerable.

“Heavens, who is this youth after all? Very domineering! It’s too majestic and powerful!!”

“I want to change my idol! From now on, that youth will be my new idol!!”

“Ao ao ao the appearance is off the charts, the handsomeness is beyond the full marks, I want to get screenshots for each of his movements, then kneel and lick it!!”


The power of the great masses extending to their idols are more often stronger and very difficult to predict, as a result the little fox, at the same time, heard the system’s announcement prompts with regards to the favorable impressions and the primary packages, from the people who all had unfamiliar names, “Ding--, the favorable impression of Wilson has already reached 70, an additional primary package has been rewarded.”

“Ding--, the favorable impression of Lydia has already reached 70, an additional primary package has been rewarded”

“Ding, the favorable impression of Allan has……”

A stream of unceasing noisy prompts gave the little fox some headache, as he had already finished what he wanted to do, then without saying anything else turned to leave, His great Highness hurriedly ran to catch up, pursuing him without integrity while simultaneously began calling out to curry some favour: “Baby wait a moment……”

The main protagonists had already gone, everyone in the auditorium only then slowly returned to their senses from their dazed expression, Eliot who was suppressing Eve Robert also raised a brow, his legs suddenly felt powerless but from the start his mind has always been clear, revealing a strange smile with the slight intention of pointing the way said: “Alright, the play is over, I wish you to spend a very beautiful night today.”

Eve who was still unable able to understand the meaning of these words however was forcefully fed a pill, shortly afterwards Eliot seized his collar making him stand upright, and just like throwing trash raised the person he held, immediately throwing him to the passage of the floor.

Eve couldn’t help but cry out from this ferocious throw, then realized that he was able to speak after opening his mouth, but the voice emitted was like having a blend of allure, just like in heat.

Not ‘like’, but rather he was already in ‘heat’. He soon tasted what Nicholas experienced after he was drugged with an aphrodisiac, the heat of the body spreads bit by bit in every blood vessel. But the efficacy of the drug he took was also more stronger and fiercer compared to Nicholas, the body furthermore became exceptionally itchy, in a blink of an eye the body that fell on the ground uncontrollably writhed, while he touched his chest.

Going to heat in broad daylight, even all the empire’s most lascivious prostitute and lowest slave will also feel very shameful, Eve Robert clearly tried to thoroughly resist, but the body was completely uncontrollable, even committing suicide was impossible.

Unexpectedly this scene has already been recorded by the media that has just closed, most of the people who had yet to leave the broadcast and everyone present at the scene that had been watching with wide eyes were either disgusted or interested.

Among them were several who had a deep feud with either Eve or the Robert family, as well as men with special hobbies that couldn’t help but go over to watch.

Even if there was no special event, being able to play with formerly high ranked aristocrat was something that was incomparably exciting. Eve who was half-conscious felt someone grab him, the touch that was below body temperature made him subconsciously lean towards it. A hoarse and sinisterly lecherous voice then simultaneously whispered near his ear, “Becoming lascivious like this, even the few slaves I taught will truly feel very inferior, I might as well do a good deed everyday, and take you away out of kindness, alright.”

Eliot raised his eyes to look up, and recognized that the person who wanted to take Eve away was Bill Pyke a powerful tycoon who was not only fond of sexual abuse but has also cruelly killed not just a few sex slaves, moreover following behind were also several others like him, presumably routinely looking for a place to go together.

En, since there was a lot of people to be served, it should be able to help solve the drug’s effect in his body, believing that he will love this unforgettable night.

Eliot thinking about it, then left with satisfaction, and prepared to report the results of the task that was previously given to him this very early morning to His great Highness who he deemed as his idol.

--Without knowing that his idol at this moment was being incomparably meek and subservient as well as not having any image that can be mentioned trying to apologize and make amends towards a person.

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