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Chapter 4: the young commander’s little mirror 4

Somewhat bored Chen Tong looked at the two unmoving guards who were guarding outside the door, returning in the mirror to continue the cultivation practice. Unconsciously, more than three hours passed, the body’s chi seems to be much thicker and stronger, to once again recall the big turntable in the system backpack, then decided to try it out first.

The white pom-pom immediately appeared, pulling out the big turntable from the interface, then instructed him to say: “In the heart call out to start, then once more call out to stop.”

Having seen the exquisite items on the turntable, Chen Tong couldn’t help but be a bit startled, can’t help but think that winning a large cultivation practice experience bundle can help in upgrading, but unexpectedly only got a favorable impression measure.

This thing is almost worthless! When young master Chen Tong was just depressed, Han Ying has finally returned, with diligence the favorable impression measure immediately rang out.

With it’s very sweet female sound: “Name: Han Ying. Identity: Southern army’s young commander and the guardian heart mirror’s master. Current favorable impression to the host: 0.”

Chen Tong was a bit stupefied, and suddenly became more depressed.

That big pervert is really not a good person! To touch, touch and touch the whole day, but not even a bit of 1 point!

In fact this isn’t strange for Han Ying, because even his grandfather who taught him while growing up, the goodwill value is also 0, others are even more extreme, regardless of having seen or not, all are negative. Chen Tong is basically unaware regarding this type of marvel to Han Ying, this 0 value is actually very high, furthermore this value is absolutely not bad and is equal to 50 for ordinary people.

Unfortunately this 0 has successfully let Chen Tong’s favorable impression of Han Ying change from a negative to a more negative value, to even turn off Han Ying’s favorable impression measure of himself, it also became the root of the great young commander’s incomparably rugged relationship journey in the future.

But to some extent, Han Ying is not too unreasonable, because if you count on his temperament, It’s unrealistic to deeply love a person who has just lived together for a long time, even if it is the little mirror that was constantly thought of since childhood.

Currently it’s almost two in the afternoon, being busy in the morning, Han Ying was naturally somewhat tired, Chen Tong was again hanged back on the neck, fairly smelled a bloody scent that was neither strong nor weak. Only the young commander appeared to be in good spirit, told Chen Tong: “Let’s go, Baby, I’ll bring you to see a play.”

“Don’t want to,” The youth in the mirror is very disgusted with his mental capacity, “your whole body stinks.” Even the delicate little nose wrinkled, “Smells very bad.”

The great young commander didn’t get angry, instead laughs lowly: “Then you take a bath with me ok?”

Raising a little demon spirit, the information was checked even if the young commander is daring, it is said that mirror spirit’s are not only pure in mind, but also loves cleanliness, can almost be described as having mysophobia, this was also one of the reason why he didn’t bring it when going to the interrogation cell a moment ago.

However, Han Ying actually wore the mirror while going in the bathroom, the water flowed down from the shower head, the mist momentarily lingered throughout the shower room. But the mist though dense is unable to hide the man’s bare body, he looked lean when wearing everyday clothes, but is exceptional when the clothes’ removed, wide shoulders, narrow waist, long and slim trunk, fine and strong muscles, giving people an extreme sense of aesthetic perception.

Hence, Chen Tong’ brain barrage in addition to the remark of pervert, there is another word: Shameless.

Fortunately, Han Ying due to receiving military training since childhood, moves fast, less washing is needed, walking out the bathroom with a bathrobe tied on the waist, the man’s upper body and hair tips are still dripping water, the water drops on top the wheat colored skin are slightly reflective, with a three-dimensional and chilly countenance, extremely alluring, “Baby, after coming with me to watch a play tonight, how about I bring you to the borders of Qing tomorrow?”

In fact, Chen Tong is very interested in China’s custom and scenery, that pair of soft blinking and clear shining eyes clearly expressed the desire to go, yet the small head is raised, with an inadequate nobly condescending look, “Fine.”

This lovable look tickled the bottom of Han Ying’s heart, almost wishing to embrace and to repeatedly rub the youth, then deliberately baited him: “There are plenty of people flying kites this season.”

As expected, after swiftly hearing that piece the young little friend couldn’t help but say: “I also want to fly a kite.”

“Ok.” Han Ying’s mouth corner curled up unconsciously, not knowing that he looks very tender at this moment.

Chen Tong thought Han Ying’s talk of watching a play is going to the theater to see a show, yet not expecting the car to stop at the side of a magnificent hotel.

In the evening, outside the Liu Guo hotel, business dignitaries came to participate at today’s event, the entrance audit is also relatively cautious, needing to show an invitation to enter, but the young commander this two words is a pass in the southern province that everyone looks up to, just getting off the car, from afar saw the host Du Qing approaching to personally greet, respectfully bowing with clasped hands said: “Young commander please, your coming is really a great honour……”

Du Qing is actually from a gang, who later collaborated with the warlords and claimed connections with foreigners of high status, becoming the president of the British Concession Chamber of Commerce, Han Ying didn’t wear the military uniform, but is dressed in a cyan Chinese-style outfit, the outer harness have three inlays with three mandarin jacket rolled buttons, making the stature look even taller, there were only two guards following, even adjutant Liu Senyu wasn’t brought, faintly said: “Grandfather Du is modest, your too busy, no need to look after me, today I came here to eat.”

Nobody thought that the young commander would actually do what he said, to seriously just take a meal.

The event is wholly Western style modeled, the food is self-service type, there are waiters shuttling to serve, Han Ying gracefully eats the attendant’s French steak dipped in foie gras sauce, also tasting a bit of steamed silver cod with snails, unwilling to wait when going to compete in the dessert area one must not be slow, finally someone can’t sit still, stepping forward with a cheongsam[1] dress that looks beautiful swaying with a wine glass, smilingly said: “I have heard of the young commander’s name for sometime, is it possible to share a drink?”

The other person is Du Qing’s daughter Du Yue Ying who returned from overseas mentioned by grandfather Han in the early morning, Han Ying’s eyebrow rose, taking the offered wine glass, with a prideful and rude manner coupled with an unenthusiastic mouth, “……fine.”

Moreover, regardless of power and strategy, just by the momentum, Han Ying can easily provoke people, downing two wine glasses, Du Yue Ying’s gaze on Han Ying is already shy, by chance the band played a dance song, conveniently asking to dance a song, accidentally bumping a waiter while turning around.

The wine on the tray was spilled out, not only splashed into Du Yue Ying’s chest, still reached Han Ying. The moist area is awkward, can only head to the second floor’s VIP lounge to fix, yet just stepping into the lounge, Han Ying suddenly fell without warning.

Here, Chen Tong has thoroughly absorbed the practice’s first page, carefully exercising the last page of the practice, not understanding what has happened, shortly seeing three men from outside coming in, one of them and Du Yue Ying spoke with coded words, while the other two quickly took Han Ying to the lounge’s hidden door.

Even if Chen Tong’s favorable impression to Han Ying is negative and can no longer go beyond, but after all he is the only person who is aware of him after coming to this world. It was proven after many trials that Han Ying can hear and see him, also recalled task three which is to abide the guardian heart mirror’s nature of protecting the owner, Chen Tong couldn’t help but feel anxious, repeatedly called in Han Ying’s ear: “Hey, what’s wrong with you? Quickly wake-up!!”

After talking in the room, Han Ying was brought in the car, Chen Tong’s shouts became even more urgent, “Don’t sleep, there are bad people wanting to take you, quickly get up!”

Han Ying from the start was very awake, not having drunk the wine glass with medicine, only pretended to be unconscious.

Even if there were many directors in this scene today, but Han Ying had the real control of the script, yet the small mirror’s worry let the great young commander feel very well, besides the youth’s voice is originally soft and pleasant to hear, –Not listening to it is wrong, outside the night is getting more darker, accordingly Chen Tong’s heart is more nervous. A faint sobbing tone even emerged: “……what to do, just now I saw them with guns…… You quickly wake up, I’m afraid they would take your life……”

There is a faint cry, suddenly making Han Ying’s heart ache, as if seeing the youth anxiously helpless and almost in tears appearance in the mirror, it was as painful as when he first saw him.

If Chen Tong had opened Han Ying’s favorable impression measure of him, will hear the favorable impression measure announce an increase of 8 points, but he is currently very worried, even more alarming is that this worry isn’t entirely due to his own wish, but is just an influence, and yet in the midst of it, to have even though of sacrificing himself in exchange for Han Ying’s safety.

“Because the host is affected by the guardian heart mirror’s nature,” the white pom-pom came out to kindly explain, “the more harmonized the host’s soul attached to the demon is, the easier it is to be affected by its trait. However, it will only interfere with the host’s action at critical times, and will not obstruct the host’s normal thinking and emotions, the host is rest assured.”

This isn’t a problem?! Now I indescribably don’t fear death to ensure Han Ying’s safety, it’s very frightening to have!

Chen Tong’s heart is nearly raging, Han Ying’s heart is equally painful, almost wanting to tell his little mirror that he is fine, at this time, the car stopped.

They were immediately brought to a place similar to a warehouse, indistinct broken murmurs can be heard: “Only a few prisoners, use the grand young commander for exchange, it’s impossible for them not to trade……”

“……after changing…later, that one must not stay.”

With a bang, The warehouse’s door was tightly closed.

Chen Tong just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but after a while someone returned, steadily approached while holding a syringe, slowly descending to Han Ying’s carotid artery!!

The turbid color and odor makes people uneasy, instantly alerted Chen Tong’s brain, a row of translucent words appeared before him, floating above the syringe like a mystical holographic projection, the unknown liquid’s basic properties are clearly stated.

Item name: HDL2. Source: The Japanese army’s latest experimental bacterial virus. Effect: cause paralysis may lead to brain death, and is definitely contagious…

Could this be the [Reflect everything] skill to see the name of any item, source and effect?

Presently, Chen Tong didn’t have time to think of why the Congealed Form’s assistive skill was activated while still in Demon Spirit period, he only knew that the person must be stopped, so regardless of the spiritual state of whether or not an object can be touched, using all his strength to grab the man’s hand.

This attempt to grab, was actually able to grasp!!

Chen Tong and the man were surprised.

A living person materialized out of thin air, even the ruthless Song Ben Yilang widened his eyes out of shock, but Chen Tong took advantage of his shock, and quickly took the syringe.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Song Ben Yilang: I will use camouflage.

Han Ying: I have a small mirror.

Song Ben Yilang: I will use a knife.

Han Ying: I have a small mirror.

A Bi: You have an excellent small mirror, when I looked in the mirror last night a great beauty emerged inside! !

Han Ying: ……ah? Real or fake?

A Bi: (Proud face) that is my own 233333333 ~ ~ ~ ~ Han Ying: people, drag her out and kill!!


[1] cheongsam: a long skirt attire