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T/N: I changed the name of the little fox\'s purple immortal robe -> Zi Shou immortal robe

because the attire was white not purple so I retained the Chinese characters...

Chapter 39: The imperial little fox 18

His great Highness social account which has not been updated for a long time finally released a new information this morning: “Will be engaged next Saturday, everyone is welcome to come and participate in my engagement party.”

The whole populace was fried once again, even the involved royal family was shocked.

In reality, Nicholas also didn’t want to make such a big movement, if possible he wanted to hide his sweetheart from everyone’s eyes, but because the little fox resolutely disagrees with this engagement, --He can only use this method to force him.

Inevitably there was always a fear of loosing the other, making His great Highness anxious to declare his sovereignty to the whole empire, settling into a relationship can make him somewhat reassured.

First be engaged, then waiting for the little fox to grow up a bit more to get married, the last name can appear justifiably alongside his baby in all types of occasions……, thinking about it is very wonderful.

His great Highness even used a bait: “Baby be good, if you get engaged with me, I will allow you to attend school even allowing you to have time to go out freely as well as letting you go and meet your previously acquainted students in the Imperial elementary school……

--Klaus and Kyle, these two until now were still unwilling to give up in asking permission from the prince’s mansion to see the little fox, so His great Highness who was narrow-minded even ate the children’s vinegar very vigorously.

*eating vinegar: jealous

Being engaged with a winner in life was obviously a matter that everyone would scramble to have, but was unexpectedly something that the little fox would firmly refuse, making His great Highness depressed believing that his charm has seriously degraded, and tried to look for a little self-confidence by searching the latest list of trending topics on the social network.

The current topic was naturallyclosely related to His great Highness engagement news, the first two were #Male god is getting married but the object isn’t me#, and #I want to sleep with His great Highness#.

His great Highness became even more unhappy after completely reading it, these people actually dared to think of him like this, it’s simply a sin that cannot be forgiven! One must know, he belongs to the little fox, whether it was the body or heart! He promised to remain pure to his baby for a lifetime!

--Wait, there seems to be something wrong mixed with these words.

However, it would also be good if the little fox participated in this topic. Just imagining the little fox’s appearance of running bare and softly approaching to ask to sleep with him, made him almost lose control.

His great Highness decisively expressed that he can provide the little fox 360 postures to sleep in! Without repeat!!

That afternoon Nicholas brought the little fox out to the mall, naturally, both people wore a disguise before heading out.

The Interstellar Empire’s disguise technology has already been developed to be very convenient, just by letting the programmed makeup robot apply make-up on the face for it to be quickly transformed into an average face that will not be easily recognized. But facts prove that, even if His great Highness face was masqueraded into a common appearance the atmosphere still couldn’t be ignored, during weekends where people come and go to the mall, but the originally noisy environment along with his and the little fox’s steps became quiet bit by bit.

Nothing could be done, as His great Highness has an innate king type of aura that could naturally intimidate everyone present, which could not be restrained. On one side walked with a proud look even having an air of complacency, holding the little fox just like holding the entire world.

Even if the little fox has already been covered-up, the little fox because of the several bright gazes on himself unconsciously became stiff and subconsciously began to struggle in Nicholas’ hands, softly saying: “There’s a lot of people watching.”

His great Highness immediately looked up to sweep a cold look, immediately scaring a wide expanse of the surrounding people, then held the little fox’s back securely, “It’s nothing, baby is not afraid, they are just looking at me.”

The little fox uncontrollably raised his head with great anger saying: “Even if they’re looking at you, --But wouldn’t letting other’s surround and look make you presumptuous?”

“Baby,” Nicholas, watching the youth’s little angry face, couldn’t help but gently laugh, “when you lifted your head to shout, the one who will become presumptuous is you.”

After knowing this, the little fox looked around and sure enough discovered that even if the people nearby were intimidated by Nicholas, but the people from afar were looking at him, the ears became slightly red as the head was once again lowered, and determinedly no longer cared for a certain someone who was completely unaware of shame.

Although not a bit of the wounds traces were left on the little fox’s body, along with it, the sense of tiredness has also almost disappeared, but Nicholas was still not at ease, always remembering to urge the little fox to eat. By chance, happened to stroll on the entrance of the empire’s most famous restaurant, then led him in, “This place’s barbecue and mushroom soup are very delicious, do you want to have a taste?”

With the little fox shaking his head, Nicholas could only say: “Then can the baby accompany me to eat the two? ……I’m hungry.”

However, His great Highness when saying the last 2 words deliberately gave it a bit of emphasis, it clearly had a double meaning, the eyes also revealed a hint of a big tailed wolf. Fortunately, the little fox didn’t hear the words hidden meaning, with great kindness agreed: “Alright, let’s go together.”

Even if the little fox doesn’t need to eat, but once the food is eaten, his passion for fine food cannot be stopped, raising a suitable piece of lean barbecue on the fork, opened his mouth and ate it emitting a wu sound.

Nicholas seeing it at the side, held a paper towel to help him gently wipe the oil stain at the side of his mouth while saying: “Baby slow down a bit, be careful not to get scalded. ”

Sure enough as the words were barely spoken the little fox breathed out several times, “Wu, ……it’s a bit hot.”

Nicholas hurriedly approached to blow on the little fox’s slightly opened mouth, and with a somewhat anxious tone, “that’s why I let you eat slowly……

“Being slow will make it cold, eating cold food isn’t delicious,” the little fox hearing Nicholas’ tone with an implicit reproach, made him dissatisfied as he pushed him away, “You don’t need to blow, go to the side.”

If he’s happy he’ll accompany him to eat, if unhappy he will let him move aside, His great Highness couldn’t help but laugh a bit, raising his hand he pinched the tip of the little fox’s nose, eyes completely filled with great love and pampering.

After finishing up their meal, His great Highness answered the communicator that had been constantly ringing, the little fox then went to the bathroom alone to wash his hands. At this time, when the communication was half-way made, Nicholas’ keen sense perceived someone with a strange breath approach.

Hanging up the communicator he raised his head to look over, only then did he discover that the person approaching was Eve Robert.

Nicholas immediately narrowed his eyes dangerously, then revealed a blood-thirsty smile, the voice that was light as a feather was brimming with a fierce killing intent: “You would actually still dare to appear.”

However, Eve like a madman, ignored his murderous look but approached while repeatedly questioned him with craze: “Who are you engaged with? What’s wrong with me in the end? Why are you unwilling to accept me?!”

Nicholas’ patience at this moment finally reached it’s limit, straightforwardly speaking: “It\'s not time to kill you yet, so quickly scram, otherwise I’m not sure that I can bear to hold back in taking your life.”

Eve still wanted to speak, but Nicholas has already drawn out a light blade he carried with him, raising his hand and with lightning speed stabbed several fatal nerves in his body.

Subsequently changing Eve’s complexion, hurriedly using his hands resisted the other’s light blade.

The laser without accident cuts his hands, but he didn’t seem to feel the pain, and Nicholas looked at him like seeing a dirty trash made him quite calm, said: “I want to talk with you.”

“I will say it again, scram.” Nicholas’ strength hands holding the light blade never loosened, “Although letting you die like this is very cheap, but I’m really worried that I’ll be nauseated enough that my hands would shake making me accidentally cut your head directly.”

“Indeed, my hands is now trembling very much,” Eve unexpectedly relaxed suddenly, calmly and composedly glanced to a far-off corner area slowly saying: “You think, the one beside him is a SS level physical strength killer just like you, would there be enough time before I die, letting him accompany me to death?”

The ‘him’ coming from Eve’s mouth naturally referred to the little fox, and the SS leveled physical strength killer, was actually K who previously kidnapped the little fox.

As a result, Nicholas followed Eve’s line of sight, seeing his baby talking with an unfamiliar man in a far-off corner, even more importantly, he was unable to perceive the man’s physical strength level.

High leveled physical strengths can roughly perceive the level of a low leveled physical strength, if it cannot be perceived, then there can only be 2 reasons: one, the other practices mental strength, not a body strength; two, he and the other’s physical strength level is equal.

Nicholas from the details of the man’s figure, stance and movement determined that he was a physical strength, therefore the first reason was eliminated, only leaving the second. The cold wind in Nicholas\' eyes instantly raged into a frenzied snowstorm, with voice like a sharp needle, “You better not even try.”

However, Eve looked at him with a smile: “Nick, we have been classmates for so many years, remember what our junior high literature teacher Ivan once said, --Weakness of this kind of thing, is better to be properly hidden, to avoid any kind of regrets.”

Hitting a serpent 7 inches and taking a sword from the human’s heart were equally deadly. The little fox is Nicholas’ life, even if he didn’t believe that there would be two SS leveled physical strength in the whole empire, he won’t take this dangerous gamble once the little fox is involved.

Eve Robert was finally able to clearly tell Nicholas today’s purpose: “I want you to get engaged with me.”

“I don’t mind you loving others and can also act as your shield to protect your sweetheart, as long as I can be beside you, even if it’s a false title.” Eve hurriedly continue to say: “I know that the royal family are constantly suspicious of the Robert family, and I know that you too are also suspicious, ……I can take the initiative to sever any relationships with the family, even abandoning the Robert surname, stopping all the operations, breaking all connections, clearing all accounts, --As long as you get engaged with me, alright?”

*t/n: I’m sort of touched and annoyed

In fact, this remarks sounded very fierce, taking the initiative to sever all his road of retreat. His eyes contained some sort of deep sacrificial love that was very glaring, but this gaze for His great Highness only felt very nauseating.

However, Nicholas smiled a smile that was not a smile lifting the corner of his lip, “Alright.”

But the little fox was worried about Klaus’ safety.

K originally hired people to kidnap several children, the aim was Klaus, with an unusual tone even said to repay Klaus’ mother’s ‘great grace’. The little fox’s heart felt that K is the real madman, even more importantly his physical strength level was as high as Nicholas, --A madman is not terrifying, the frightening thing is the madman’s strength.

Unexpectedly, Eve Robert as he said actually severed the family’s relationship with him, even breaking the patriarchal’s father and son bond.

His father originally wanted to remove him because of the family’s estates, but out of sentiments and reputation didn’t implement it, but being reversed by him like this, thoroughly cooled his heart and without delay agreed. Eve then posted a picture of the relationship severance book in the social network with accordance to the agreement with Nicholas, making the social network lively once more.

Because in the interstellar empire, an individual’s family background is very important, becoming very miserable if the family’s backing was lost. Just when everyone was thinking that Eve was crazy, he then sent another message, that was practically identical to His great Highness previous article: “Will be engaged next Saturday, everyone is welcome to come and participate in my engagement party.”

As it turns out Eve Robert was actually the one engaged with His great Highness!!

Everyone was greatly surprised and envious, in a blink of the eye the public’s opinion on him being mad was changed into him being very wise, --the Robert family and the royal family which is stronger was self-evident, anyone would choose to rely on the latter.

On the contrary, the little fox was completely ignorant about this matter as he didn’t have any social accounts or any recreational resources, only when Nicholas made him try formal clothes did he once again sternly state his unwillingness to get engaged with him.

Nicholas became silent for a long time before saying: “Baby, I can’t take it anymore,” the man took a deep breath, then went on speaking: “……there are still 5 days, I will only give you 5 days to think about it again. ……if you don’t want me, then I will get engaged with someone else, after that I won’t come back to bother you again.”

Of course, he cannot get engaged with someone else, he is just forcing him, or to say a desperate bet, exhausting all means to tie the little fox to his side.

His great Highness stops to gently kiss the youth’s lips, the action was exceedingly sentimental, as the voice gradually lowered, becoming incomparably bitter: “At any rate my baby doesn’t want me anyway, --If the partner isn’t you, then would it be the same of I were with someone else?”

In a blink Saturday has finally arrived.

After the little fox woke up, he discovered the the entire prince’s mansion was especially quiet, as if more than half of the residence’s people were missing, once again froze and started to become dazed.

He’s past few days were almost spent, escaping and hiding in the room for cultivation, afterwards be lost in thought. Finally at lunch time, a small number of servants who were still in the prince’s mansion, gently knocked his door asking him to go out for lunch.

The little fox hesitated for a long time before getting up, simply washing up a bit turning to get a brush on the table to tidy his hair he then saw a card unknowingly placed on top the table .

Picking it up to discover that it was a very beautiful invitation card, on top in big fonts distinctly writing: Engagement party.

Underneath was the engagement’s venue at the royal imperial palace, the same place as the eldest royal prince’s engagement venue, the time was 2:30 this afternoon.

The little fox’s hand holding the invitation letter suddenly felt like it was hit on a pressure point and was unable to move, the heart’s burning anger like being splashed by gasoline rose, and momentarily thought of wanting to tear this invitation letter to shreds in Nicholas’ face.

The other was very good, he previously said that he’ll give him 5 days to think about it again, and today is the 6th day, he really stopped waiting for him, without even personally asking him properly and chose to got engaged with somebody else, even sending an invitation card to show his prestige.

The little fox looked at the time, it was only an hour before 2:30, the burning anger indescribably rose greatly, seriously tearing the invitation card to pieces.

Whoever he loves to be engaged with and whoever he is engaged with is alright, he really doesn’t mind!!

However after getting angry, the little fox blankly looked at the pieces on the floor, but an unspeakably overwhelming grievance emerged.

In fact it’s not like the little fox doesn’t care about Nicholas like he thought, not agreeing to the engagement was also not a pretense, he only felt that he let down Han Ying, and was also unable face his system values.

Young master Chen always felt that feelings were a very important matter, getting married should be taken seriously, the little fox held his knees burying his head at the crook of his arm and motionlessly curled up into a small helpless lump on the carpet.

After not knowing how long, unexpectedly while in a daze he felt someone approaching his side.


The familiar breath and sound made Chen Tong’s heart suddenly leap, abruptly crying out: “Han Ying?”

Han Ying immediately carried him up from the floor, the embrace were as firm and warm as before, “Can’t sit on the ground, what can be done if a cold is caught?”

Chen Tong rubbed against his chest, after finding the most comfortable position with practice and ease, “As I have said, I won’t easily get sick.”

The man’s lip shallowly impressed on the youth’s forehead, “En, I know, my baby is a very powerful little demon spirit.”

The youth suddenly looked up and asked: “But I still need to complete quite a lot of tasks, what if I don’t see you in the next world?”

Sensing the youth’s uneasy expression, the man immediately gave comfort softly saying: “I disagree, even if I turn into a ghost I will always follow you. No matter where baby is, I will always be at the side accompanying you for generations and generations……

As soon as this words emerged, Chen Tong suddenly opened his eyes.

But the surroundings were empty, without Han Ying’s presence.

Chen Tong couldn’t tell if what had just happened was a memory or dream, but the idea of Nicholas being Han Ying once again occupied his mind, and was once again unable to help but ask the white pompom: “Nicholas is Han Ying right?”

This time around the white pompom finally changed from it’s former evasive answer and not answering, weakly saying: “It can’t be completely said so, but it can be said to a certain extent, that he can be classified as Han Ying’s reincarnation.”

What Han Ying once said resounded in Chen Tong’s ears: No matter where baby is, I will always be at the side accompanying you for generations and generations……

He is Han Ying, he really is Han Ying

Chen Tong repeatedly and continuously contemplated this sentence for no less than 3 times, with the heart accordingly quickening, then uncontrollably raised his head to look at the time.

It’s currently 2:55, the engagement’s reception has already begun for almost half an hour.

The spirit was suddenly stimulated, the little fox quickly stood up, so much that there wasn’t enough time to change into some formal attire, only wearing the Zi Shou immortal robe that was exchanged from the system hurrying out the door.

There was also not enough time to ponder why the chauffeur of the prince’s mansion was constantly waiting outside the courtyard as he directly boarded saying: “I’m going to the royal imperial palace.”

The floating car drove very fast, in just a short span of 20 minutes reached the royal imperial palace. Getting out the car, the imperial bodyguards at the entrance ceremoniously stopped him requesting for an invitation letter to be shown, the little fox directly utilized his spiritual energy, immediately shaking the people away.

After breaking in went straight ahead, it’s was almost 3:20 at this moment, an hour has quickly passed, and yet this garden’s passage was meandering, after walking for a long time the little fox finally reached the auditorium’s entrance.

Pushing the door open with a bang, stepping on the long customized rug that was set on the passageway. Immediately afterwards, seeing the man’s back from afar, opened his mouth shouting at the other: “Nicholas you big bastard!!”

This caused the whole audience to be quiet in an instant, just like a bomb was dropped.

All the people attending today were VIPs, even the medias that entered were only several large-scale official medias, the rest could only keep watch outside. The whole empire, beyond His Majesty the emperor, even the big shots dare not point at Nicholas’ nose cursing him as a bastard.

Everyone unanimously couldn’t help turning to look at the sound’s source, seeing a youth wearing a strange outfit standing at the other end of the passageway. With black hair like satin, wearing a never seen before white wide-sleeves robe, the style was very plain and simple, but unexpectedly had a great atmosphere and looked good in the youth’s body. The outline of the wide sleeved robe was somewhat transparent under the sun, vaguely revealing the youth’s slim waist, like a green bamboo, desirably swaying in the wind and rain, but was also tenacious, noble, resolute and pure.

Naturally the most eye-catching was still the facial features of the youth that was unprecedentedly difficult to portray.

Since the arrival of the VIPs, they naturally have seen many great aspects of society, but this youth’s charm was the first time to be seen, he was the first one to daringly and directly shout Nicholas name with a curse, the first reaction was naturally shock, the second was simply wondering how furious Nicholas would be.

On the account that the engagement reception was originally scheduled to start at 2:30, many people for this specific purpose made a special trip ahead of time, for fear that arriving late would make the temperamental great Highness unhappy, but from the start, the man on the platform has not moved as of late, without speaking had a very gloomy face.

As a result, everyone could only obediently and honestly follow in silence, the man’s face also became more unsightly with the water-like passage of time. The official media person in charge filming at the side wanted to ask him whether or not to stop recording, but didn’t dare open the mouth because of his frigid and exceptionally terrifying expression, constantly having a cultured and refined facade in front the crowds, the second prince Antonio substituted asking him once again.

However, with His great Highness still being silent, letting everyone not know whether to stay or leave, completely not knowing what should be done. Originally believing that the other main lead today was Eve Robert, but no one took him seriously from the start, on the contrary the disdain was not even hidden.

Because being mixed in the high positions were people with extensive experiences, those with poor discernment would already been trampled in an earlier time, --Nicholas from the beginning to end has never looked at Eve, and have already explained that everything was only his wishful thinking. Eliot at the adjacent seat, who had been working for Nicholas a long time ago handled him, looking seemingly normal, but just like a restrained prisoner tenaciously suppressed him, without leaving a trace of sentiment or face.

In fact, Eve without being restrained also could not stand up. He had originally meticulously dressed 3 hours earlier, and was full of expectations in waiting for the time to ascend on the platform, but didn’t expect his limbs to quickly weaken after drinking a mouthful of wine, additionally, a sound couldn’t even be made, even more alarming was that he felt his mental strength which he had been immensely proud of being devoured by something bit by bit!!

Everyone’s disdain for him was very clear, so much that there were still people talking with ridicule in his presence. --Although he was sitting in front row with the best view, but this special arrangement only made him become a clown for the whole empire to amuse themselves.

From the view of the arrogant Eve Robert, this is the biggest blow, a strong and twisted resentment and unwillingness filled his whole person, tenaciously staring at Nicholas on the platform and couldn’t help but want to bring him down with himself.

An hour quickly passed by.

Nicholas stood alone on the platform for an hour, everyone followed waiting for almost an hour, finally two minutes ago, the man gave the door a final expectant look, unhurriedly announcing: “The engagement reception is canceled, you can leave.”

……my sweetheart didn’t show up after all, I was jilted once again.” Nicholas took a deep breath, with great effort tried to make himself less unsightly, but rather in a self-deprecating way said: “But the feast can still be continued to be eaten, so the people who sent gifts can still remain, that way a bit of yield can be returned by eating.”

Everyone’s main focus was naturally placed on the prior sentence, --What? Jilt, also ‘jilted once again’?

Each one blankly listened, the loss and bitterness on the man’s face made them suspect whether or not they overused their eyes*.

*t/n: 花了眼: spent eyes which I don’t understand. Can anyone tell me it’s meaning?

One by one thought that they certainly didn’t have an oversight, otherwise how can such an expression be linked with Nicholas? Unbelievably at the same time, the heart’s gossip was sparked once again, and couldn’t help but guess who that person actually was, that can unexpectedly let the arrogantly fickle third prince be very emotional.

Nicholas was already about to descend from the platform.

A strong sense of weariness could be thoroughly seen from the man’s back, the door was pushed open at this time, and the little fox filled with an imposing manner threw a swearing sentence that made the whole venue silent.