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Chapter 38: The imperial little fox 17

Believing that the little fox had asked for a hug was because he had already forgiven His great Highness, without completely expecting that as soon as the person was tightly embraced, his neck would be ruthlessly bitten.

For those people practicing the physical skills, the neck was the most vulnerable and fatal area, Nicholas suddenly felt pain from all over, his first instinct was to fling the assaulter off and even counterattack. However, toward his little fox which he deeply cherished, his firm reason was prioritized more so he stopped all his instinctual movements, but instead made his embrace to his baby more secure, then motionlessly allowed him to bite more deeper.

On the contrary, the little fox didn’t weaken his bite, until after he finally developed a great compassion and loosened his bite, only then did he see a complete teeth imprint on Nicholas’ neck area near his larynx.

Even if the artery was avoided, but a lot of blood still flowed out from the wound, the skin looked very frightening, if not for the rejuvenating fluid, perhaps such deep bite mark will not only take a long time to heal but will also absolutely leave a scar.

The little fox’s lips as a result were moistened with blood, the beautiful red lips formed a contrast with the white cheeks and black winding hair that hanged down, making the whole person have an unspeakable strange and enchanting feeling, that made Nicholas who was looking at him become slightly daze.

If it was an average person, perhaps they would have already been frightened by the youth’s recent behavior, but Nicholas became dazed by that strangely enchanting and breathtaking beauty. The wound from being bitten was obviously painful but His great Highness laughed very joyfully, “Did baby actually want to mark me?”

Nicholas with a face filled with satisfaction conveniently declared: “Baby doesn’t need to worry, I swear to always belong to you alone, even if you don’t declare sovereignty by marking, others will still be unable to steal me.”

This kind of shameless behavior made the little fox uncontrollably widen his eyes. --Who’s declaring sovereignty? I’m just completing my eccentric mainline task, you can’t just imagine that your love is being reciprocated alright?!

Immediately dissatisfied the little fox wanted to descend from Nicholas’ hold, but just after struggling for a while he was lifted back up via the butt by the man’s wide palm, then heard him whisper softly in his ear: “Baby be good, don’t move.”

The little fox at first wasn’t convinced intensifying his movement, then soon realized the reason why the other didn’t want him to move. --He clearly felt that the lower body’s meat blade of the man has already erected from his twisting movements and his buttocks rubbing.

To still actually get hard by being bitten!!

The little fox immediately didn’t dare to move again, but was entirely ashamed and angered, pouting with rage he pointed to the other and said: “You’re a big pervert!”

His great Highness couldn’t help but smile again, and seriously suggested, “This word isn’t very bad, but baby has already said this to me, do you want to consider finding new words, en?”

Already said?

The little fox remembered that he had only ridiculed Nicholas’ like this deep in his heart once, but still hadn’t spoken it out, and the person he has personally said this several times to was Han Ying. He uncontrollably frowned, looking up while straightforwardly watching Nicholas and asked: “When did you hear me say it?”

His great Highness also frowned. He only thought that this word was very familiar and would usually come out from his baby’s mouth, but he couldn’t completely remember when it was exactly heard, “I also can’t remember, ……probably in the dream?”

The little fox blinked, seriously changing his word, “Shameless.”

“En, this word also isn’t very bad, but it seems that this has been used.”

Nicholas said, while bringing the little fox in the bathroom. His height reached up to more than 9 meters, constantly holding the youth like a child as the youth’s entire build could be placed in just his arm, the youth’s pair of slender legs looped along his waist, so with an unexpected movement the little fox fearing of falling couldn’t help but reach out to hug the man’s neck, both legs looping on the other’s waist also subconsciously tightened.

Thus, His great Highness moving close to the little fox’s ear viciously smiled, “Baby, you’re so tight around me.”

The little fox froze, and once again got shy and annoyed, this time he pouted with rage while spitting out several words, “Uncouth, sex fiend, beast!!”

His great Highness in contrast felt quite pleased with these new words that he has have never heard of, and seriously chose one, “Then be a beast ah.”

Carrying the person all the way to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth, His great Highness acted as a servant, perfectly serving him the whole time, the little fox’s feet from start to finish never even touched the floor. But he being very angry had a sullen face all the while, and refused to look at Nicholas who was serving him wholeheartedly.

His great Highness helped the little fox wash his face while asking a question where he already knew the answer: “Why is baby ignoring me?”

The little fox finally gave him a glance but with a glare, “Heng.”

*sfx: hmph

The ancient Earth’s history books stated that the fox is the most beautiful species that could bring down nations, his little fox clearly has this beautiful appearance that could devastate the entire empire, but he also had a temper completely inconsistent with his appearance. Pure, muddle-headed, childish, with an easily embarrassed appearance……

Suddenly, he discovered that there were many words to describe the youth’s appearance and all the words he counted and came up with were not enough. His great Highness kissed the little fox’s forelock, as the eye’s tenderness became strong enough to melt an ice.

After washing, several of the little fox’s forelock became wet, the long eyelashes also became wet clustering together looking even more vivid, he continued his journey without taking a step as he was being held by Nicholas, afterwards he was placed on the bed to prepare for dinner.

However, it didn’t take long for him to be lazy after sitting on the bed and began to slide down, Nicholas immediately reached out to support his baby, “Be good, sit down properly and get ready to eat.”

But the little fox’s eyes were even halfway close, as the eyelashes softly trembled, softly saying: “Sleepy……

Nicholas using the tip of his nose gently rubbed his delicate little face, “Having slept for 2 days, how are you still sleepy? After eating you can sleep again alright?”

However, the speed of sleepiness was as fast as the wind and became impossible to resist, when the meal had just been brought up the little fox’s head had already drooped without, and didn’t even have time to reply, unexpectedly leaning on Nicholas arm as he slept.

Nicholas couldn’t help but frown, first carefully placing a pillow under the little fox, then immediately made the people take the food away and called the doctor over.

The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with the little fox, and on the contrary was actually greatly shocked by the frightening wound on Nicholas’ neck, while thinking who in the entire empire was still able hurt Nicholas and then trembling in fear asked: “Your Highness, do you want your wound to be treated?”

Nicholas raising his hand touched the side of his neck, feeling that there were still some bleeding briefly nodded while additionally saying: “Just stop the bleeding, don’t use medicine to repair the skin, I want to properly keep this scar.”

Even if the doctor felt that this command was completely incomprehensible, but still obediently followed it and conveniently also gave Nicholas a full body examination.

After checking and checking he finally found the something was amiss, --The other’s body power riot that had been accumulating had actually been triggered but was also guided and completely cleared.

As an exclusive doctor in the prince’s mansion, Dali was very clear on how formidable the power riot that has been accumulating in Nicholas’ body was, it had been accumulating day by day for almost 3 years, perhaps even an SS level mental skill would be unable to resolve it. Not to mention whether or not there was an SS level mental skill in the entire empire, the result of this guidance was enough to shock Dali who has been a doctor for many years. Because it was just like formatting as the power riot in Nicholas’ body has been perfectly cleared, even a bit wasn’t left.

The doctor not being able to believe checked no less than 3 times before just believing this fact, and immediately reported this with full details. But as a result saw that Nicholas didn’t produce any trace of happiness and on the contrary frowned even more.

Because he knew better than anyone when his power riot was triggered, and the only person who could have guided him could only be his little fox.

His little fox actually helped him clear all his □□ power?

So, the little fox’s sleepiness, was for this reason?

That being said, the little fox with an SS mental skill was fully capable of removing the drug, but because he wanted to help him guide his □□ power he firmly renounced his resistance and allowed him to take advantage to invade and forcefully possess him?

A faint pain emerged from the heart again, making Nicholas subconsciously touch his chest. Being unable to find what was wrong, the doctor only gave a nutritional injection to the little fox before leaving, Nicholas continued to look at the sleeping little fox, and was once again unable to sleep the whole night.

Of course, being unable to sleep for the entire night wasn’t only His great Highness, the businesses under the family has all been forced to be closed in just a single day, Steve, the current patriarch of the Robert family was unable to sit still, and could almost be said to be distraught. He also roughly understood what was happening and immediately contacted the prince’s mansion to communicate about presenting a notice of wanting to see Nicholas.

The answer was naturally not to meet.

First was that he wants to forcefully push Steve to the extremes, second was naturally because he wants tokeep close and watch over the little fox, and didn’t have any spare time to meet anyone.

Fortunately the little fox didn’t sleep for too long, punctually waking up early the next morning, and crashing into Nicholas’ gazing eyes as soon as he opened his eyes.

The man had a very profound look, that actually made the little fox shy making him uncontrollably asked: “……why are you looking at me?”

“Because I like you, ah” Nicholas who was always looking for opportunities declared, then reached out to scoop the person in his embrace while softly sighing said: “So the more I look, the more I want to see, what should be done?”

Hot breath sprayed on the little fox’s neck, being ticklish he retracted his neck and tried to push away the man’s head that came over, “Then don’t look at me from the start.”

His great Highness raised his hand to press the little fox’s ear against his chest, forcing him to hear his intensely vigorous heartbeat, “But I liked you from the start, how can I not look?”

A blush indescribably rose from the little fox’s left cheek sticking against Nicholas’ chest, the body that was still resisting also relaxed and softly leaned on Nicholas’ chest.

This small kind of dependent act softened His great Highness’ heart and conveniently raised the little fox’s face, “Baby, do you like me?”

“Don’t like,” The little fox said without turning his head, “You’re the most annoying person.”

“Then does the baby love me?”

“I already said you’re the most annoying person.”

However, Nicholas giving a soft laugh grabbed the little fox’s hand placing it near his mouth and very carefully licked and kissed it one by one, “What does baby like about me?”

“Are you a dog? Why are you licking it again?” The little fox wanted to take his hand back, unfortunately after trying for quite a while wasn’t able to move it an inch, being rushed and muddled he misheard the question, and actually gave an opposite answer to the original words, “I like everything.”

“Since baby also likes me,” Nicholas completely kissed the fingers, the back of the hand and the wrist, “Let’s get back together, okay?”

Recalling the previous relationship that ended in less than a minute, His great Highness became gloomy, then fearing that long delays might cause complications immediately declared: “We will hold an engagement reception next week.”

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