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Chapter 37: The imperial little fox 16

A very intense pain and heartache, was what the doctor and old chamberlain standing far behind Nicholas could see from the man’s figure. In Nicholas view, perhaps there was nothing in the entire interstellar that could hurt his physical body, but those bruises made him feel a very deep anguish.

A surge of exhaustion overwhelmed the little fox’s body, and soon became unconscious, the youth was then carried by the man to the bed where he slightly curled himself. Several of his black hair on the forehead and temple were drenched with cold sweat, becoming slightly messy while sticking on his pale skin, making the whole person more pale, this pitiful appearance made it seem like it could be broken by just a single touch.

Nicholas gently helped him changed into new nightclothes then placed the weakened person in his arms. The aggrieved little fox subconsciously hid in a warm place and in a lethargic state carefully burrowed in Nicholas’ embrace.

However, this simple and small movement made His great Highness feel an illusion of suffocation, like someone was holding a very thin wire around his heart making it very difficult to breath. This kind of heartache was the most agonizing, it exists in the brain and in every blood vessel, a little thought or even a little movement, will make it turbulent and endless until it becomes deeper and deeper.

Even if he had already left from the rejuvenating fluid, but the cell’s restoration process was still ongoing which continued to make the body painful. So in the following days, the youth would dazedly wake 2 to 3 times, without being really conscious each time. Even if the eyes would widely open because of pain, but there would be no trace of awareness and he will soon fall asleep again.

Nicholas constantly kept watch of his little fox, every time the little fox would dazedly opens his eyes, he would endure this incomparable anguish and softly coax him again. While knowing that the other might not hear it at all, but nevertheless would still endlessly coax him like a baby, without feeling a bit tedious.

All his patience and sentiments in this life has been given to this little fox, without any extras left to be shared.

The little fox finally fell asleep after waking up for 3 times, Nicholas motionlessly continued to watch over him but his heart continued to be very anxious.

He, for the first time seriously and thoroughly remembered the name of Eve Robert, with a thick cold and murderous look that could cut a person into thousands of pieces.

No, a mutilated body would be too light. He wanted to completely destroy everything he has, destroying his dignity and constitution, making him neither a man or ghost while living a life worse that death in an abyss.

Nicholas immediately sent a dispatch with a direct order stating: “All clubs, hospital, health care facilities……under the Robert family, find a chance and without exception I want all of it closed.”

A calm male voice receiving the dispatch without question replied: “Okay. When does His Highness want them to be closed?”

“I don’t have a much patience,” Nicholas said: “a maximum of 2 days.”

“I’m afraid 2 days is a bit short, will 3 days be alright?” The man’s voice replied with a bit of embarrassment, “The Robert family is after all one of the most influential family in the empire, my forces first needs to have documents at hand as a guise for justifications, even with the contacts we have for document approvals, just for the processing, the fastest processing requires at least one and a half day.”

Nicholas calculated in his heart then slightly narrowing his eyes said: “I don’t need justifications or any documents. I want them to be closed up for no reason, you just need to close every business their family operates at the quickest speed.”

The man listening to the words in the communicator, immediately nodded: “Okay, I understand, I will contact Elliot right away.”

Even if His great Highness has never been interested in the political affairs, but when he received task from the empire’s official system he acquired many teammates, that included not just high-ranking officers and officers, even those gang leaders involved in illegal activities and Elliot was one of those gang leaders. Afterwards the man’s voice from the communicator smiled while saying: “This is a simple matter for Elliot to do and I can guarantee you that all these will be swiftly closed in one night that will make everyone speechless.”

Nicholas thought for a moment then also said: “The Robert family has a research institute built in A241 star, every week in the morning an aircraft will fly back to the main star, you will personally bring people to block them for me, taking all the things like the medicines inside.”

The man’s voice once again actively promised: “Okay.”

Elliot’s action was indeed very fast and because of this, Nicholas order was completed in less than 4 hours which made Antonio call him beginning with a striking question: “To move the Robert family for no reason, what the hell is wrong with you, are you insane?!”

For fear of disturbing the little fox, Nicholas along with the communicator got up and went out the door, without blinking coldly said: “You can just think of me as being crazy, my matters doesn’t require your management.”

Antonio was simply gloomy, taking a breath said: “Then have you never considered the whole royal family? Let’s not mention that the Robert family has the favor of the royal family, do you not even care about imperial brother?!”

The eldest prince’s fiancee is from a branch of the Robert family, to some extent can be considered as an older female cousin of Eve Robert, this was also the reason why the other could freely attend the engagement party, hearing this made Nicholas look even colder, “Their family is relying on the royal family’s favour, under the royal family’s eyes they have been doing business for illicit drugs for so many years, always thinking that other’s were unaware of this, Eve Robert has tried again and again to use the drugs to harm me, last time I only placed him in prison this is already giving their family some face, it is he who has forgotten his own position and does not know how to repent, --He dared to challenge me like this, it’s necessary to bear the consequences!”

“But that’s Eve Robert’s action alone! Even if he’s responsible, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to implicate the entire family!” Antonio frowned, “Now is not the time to move them, or why do you think imperial brother is engaged?”

“I also didn’t want to temporarily move their family for the time being,” Nicholas slightly narrowed his eyes then before hanging up the communicator briefly said: “I just wanted to know, with regards to his good father the patriarch’s view, is the entire family’s financial path important or is this mistress son more important.”

The rejuvenating fluid was really very effective, the wounds and marks on the little fox’s body had completely disappeared, but the person was still not yet awake, moreover the length of this lethargic sleep was beyond the doctor’s scope, His great Highness couldn’t help but gently touch through the night clothes the smooth shoulder until the waist back and forth for confirmation.

Until the little fox was finally ‘awakened by touch’. Regaining his consciousness, the body’s perception became apparent again, as psychological pain began to rise making him uncontrollably curl as tears began to spill from the eyes which had yet to open: “Wu……”

Nicholas’ heart tightened, hurriedly taking the pain reliever that was previously prepared by the doctor, and tried to feed it to the little fox.

In reality, the next day after being completely soaked in the rejuvenating fluid there would no longer be any type of pain, the little fox has already slept for a day and half, the pain was mostly in the psychological aspect, the doctor’s medicine was just in case of any untoward incidents. Nicholas sent the medicine to the edge of the little fox’s lips, “Baby be good, quickly open your mouth and eat the medicine.”

As soon as the man’s voice was heard, the little fox opened his eyes with difficulty and frowned, and dazedly wanted to hide in the bed, unfortunately the entire body lacked strength and he could only tightly bite his lips.

Nicholas spoke in a gentle tone, carefully caressing the youth’s right clavicle that was once bitten but now had no trace, and with an incomparable serious and soft tone apologized: “Baby forgive me okay? It’s my fault, you can beat me and scold me, I……”

Unfortunately his apology was interrupted before he could completely say it. Because the moment the little fox was touched his eye’s quickly contracted, the body subconsciously trembled, as the pair of hand began to recklessly and unconsciously struggle, and once again uttered a soft and weak painful cry that induced Nicholas’ heartache, “……don’t, let go……don’t touch……it hurts……”

Nicholas also knew that perhaps the youth’s pain was left behind because of a very fierce psychological shadow, hurriedly embracing him, safely hugging him in his chest, stroking his clavicle with a gentle massage, “It doesn’t hurt, look, the wound is already gone, it doesn’t hurt……

The little fox lacking any strength, it didn’t take long for his struggling to finally reach it’s limit, softly leaning against the man’s chest and breathed lowly. Nicholas gently patted back of the person in his embrace, continually appeasing him: “It’s alright, baby don’t be frightened, everything’s fine……

“It won’t hurt, it won’t hurt again……”

“Don’t be afraid, it’s alright……”

The little fox was finally thoroughly coaxed with this sentence sobering up, and no longer flailed about, and without knowing if it was a left over pain within the body or the psychological aspect, that still felt pain, fortunately it is still within the limit of restraint, and can only motionlessly repress it in silence.

Nicholas also tightly frowned, placing the pain reliever in his mouth, then bent over to the other’s mouth to feed him. However, the medicine didn’t have any effect as the little fox was still uncomfortable, it didn’t take long for the thin and soft night clothes to be soaked with cold sweats.

In the little fox lethargic sleep, Nicholas has already repeatedly helped him changed his night clothes, so he immediately turned around to take new night clothes to help him change, the movement was very proficient, but unexpectedly the once peacefully curled little fox began to struggle again, and wouldn’t take off his clothes no matter what.

Nicholas could pretty much assume the youth’s thought, so he stopped his hands from trying to help him change his clothes, but rather kissed his skin using his lips to suck the body’s cold sweat bit by bit.

The little fox’s clothes was already halfway opened, His Royal Highness just like handling a fragile treasure kissed the little fox all over his body with an incomparable gentleness and cautiousness, so much that from top to bottom not a little bit was left out, even the toes wasn’t spared.

The little fox that has never been wronged originally felt very aggrieved, with difficulty the suppressed grievances that emerged was unexpectedly provoked by the other’s kisses, as tears fell down.

Finally the little fox in Nicholas meticulous indulgence and persuasion finally vented a heartfelt cry.

Continually crying until there was no strength left to wipe his cries, all the grievances and pain disappeared bit by bit with this cry.

No longer feeling pain in the body, the little fox with tears in the eyes finally hazily looked at the man that was still earnestly kissing him, the a pair of black and beautiful teary eyes that became red, after crying for quite some time the mouth carelessly released a very small hiccup, then rubbing his nose reached out to Nicholas, “……hug me.”

*childish way of saying

This action was filled with pity and affection that made Nicholas’ heart melt, like a big dog he quickly let go of the tender and soft meat that he cherished and made him linger, and without questioning it took his baby into his embrace.