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Chapter 36: The imperial little fox 15

Since being promoted to SS level, Nicholas has never experienced his legs weakening, making him wonder if it was his own misperception. Shaking his head didn’t make the sense of dizziness disappear but aggravated it instead, when the body’s heat rose bit by bit reaching his veins only then did he realize that something was wrong.

“Your Highness.”

A voice was then heard at this time, two people approached his left and right holding him, the tone was gentle and respectful, but the strength was too great to be denied, both were a level S mental skill, the voice had a hypnotic nature: “……you’re drunk, your subordinates will help you rest for a while.”

Sure, Nicholas drank a lot of wine, but he has never gotten drunk even when drinking too much. He then completely understood what the situation was and realized that he had been drugged, the heart didn’t have a trace of confusion, on the contrary he wanted to see who had the nerves to do so and actually followed the two.

After all, with His great Highness physical skill level there was nothing to worry about regardless of what happens, but his little fox which was his only worry was currently at home, besides, this is the royal palace, even if someone wanted his life, it also wasn’t wise to challenge the royal family’s power and prestige.

The physical skill has their own set of breath, Nicholas using his energy roughly found a bit about the drug and as expected it wasn’t a fatal poison, but the drug was somewhat strange in an indescribable sense.

*chi: spirit, energy

However, Nicholas was very confident that his strength was sufficient enough to suppress it.

Using his energy, he managed to suppress the drug while frowning who in the end used this drug on him, and was finally unwittingly ‘helped’ by the two to an unknown door, he, without waiting for a moment pushed the door open but immediately became stunned.

Lying on the bed on his stomach dressed in a semi revealing clothes was a young man with animal ears.

The youth’s loose clothes slipped open by half, a large part of the back was exposed, the curve from the waist to the buttocks could make a person’s imagination run wild. Not to mention, the pair of furry ears that was exactly like his little fox.

The drug that Nicholas just recently suppressed had a tendency to recur because of the ears, he then finally understood what drug was given and who had drugged him.

It must certainly be a type of aphrodisiac, and the person was exactly the one Antonio warned him to pay close attention to. This time, Eve Robert didn’t resort to schemes but used seduction, and even wore a pair of simulated beast ears that was unknowingly made, raised his beautiful face that constantly had an affectionate look, “His Highness……”

Unfortunately, Nicholas who saw his face quickly frowned with disgust.

His great Highness felt that the other was incomparably disgusting, unfortunately killing a person at his brother’s engagement party wasn’t allowed making him uncomfortable. Thinking about the second half of the engagement banquet afterhe welcomed the guest with wine was nearing completion and once again strived to suppress the heat and weakness, then without delay turned to leave.

Strangely, Eve Robert didn’t stop him.

Knowing that the other had sufficient backing, first is from his family behind him and second is his own mental skill level. Eve’s mental skill has finally reached the peak of S level, and can almost be said to be the highest mental skill in the whole empire, thus making him feel that he and Nicholas was a match made in heaven, so he repeatedly entangled him again and again. If he used his mental energy to forcefully stop Nicholas action, even if Nicholas was still able to leave, but he was uncertain whether he would still able to control the drug’s effect.

But Nicholas currently didn’t have time to think of these strange flaws, he suddenly had an incomprehensible urge to see his little fox, so he quickly headed out and rode his suspension car to immediately return to the prince’s mansion.

The night was already very deep, the prince’s mansion was exceptionally quiet, Nicholas crossed the hall and saw the old chamberlain conscientiously doing his job with 4 or 5 waiting servants there, the little fox must have fallen asleep early, as the lights in the bedroom upstairs were very dark, even the hall had only a few open lights.

“All withdraw.”

Nicholas casually waved his hand to make the servants withdraw, and only realized after speaking how greatly hoarse his voice was. He subconsciously raised his other hand to touch his face and was startled how fiery his face was. Fortunately his voice was very low and only a few words were said as the old chamberlain didn’t hear it and immediately obeyed his words, the servants respectfully went out and no one discovered any difference from their usual Royal Highness.

The last servant cautiously exited as the door closed with a bang.

Eve Robert after fixing his clothes went out from the unknown room’s door.

“Young master, the third prince has gone straight back to the royal palace.”

After all, it took much effort to successfully place him under the drug, several of his subordinates were more or less puzzled by how he easily let people go, Eve’s subordinate the one in front relaying the information to him hesitated a bit, then once again said: “SS level skills are really powerful, completely suppressing the drug……”

“Suppress?” Eve listening to his words revealed a sly and strange sneer, “The drug cannot be suppressed.”

The subordinate couldn’t help but curiously look up because of this sentence, then saw the youth’s sneer while continuallysaying: “Because this drug is not just any aphrodisiac, but a newly developed toxic specially tailored for the physical skills, more importantly the higher the physical skill the better the toxin’s efficacy will be.”

Eve, slightly narrowed his eyes and in an unhurried tone that revealed a bit of glee said, “After eating, if instinct is followed and nature is allowed to take it’s course, then it will be easily detoxified and there would be no adverse effects, but the more it is suppressed, then the backlash will also increase, not only will this create a loss of reason, it may even trigger a power riot.”

The youth voice while entering the floating car became more and more gleeful, “Isn’t his little fox very treasured? Even once making him thoroughly rummage the prison, --Personally ruining his very guarded baby by his own hands, this kind of blow is a hundred times more grave than the destruction of others, I would like to see his expression after he wakes up the following day, it must be very brilliant. Physical skills of SS level after losing their reason in a power riot is a very frightening thought.”

“I already gave him an opportunity.” Eve finally slowly restrained his smile, coldly narrowing his eyes as it filled with vicious resentment, “He can’t blame me as it was his own choice to leave.”

Dong, dong, dong.

Nicholas tried to ascend the stairs step by step with the smallest sound while fiercely shaking his head.

Because just a while ago, he actually wanted to use this drug as an excuse to forcible possess his little fox even pushing all the responsibilities to the drug, using all kind of methods and even his own bitterness to gain the little fox’s forgiveness.

His sincerity to the little fox, this feeling was the only heartfelt and untainted thing in his life that he cannot destroy by any means. His great Highness felt shock and ashamed with that kind of thought appearing, but inexplicably became unable to resist it’s temptation, and temporarily started to feel dazed that even brought a headache.

He obviously suppressed all the drug’s effects, why is this still happening? Could it be the wine’s effect or his inner demons?

Nicholas couldn’t help but frown, stopping outside the little fox’s bedroom and hesitated whether to push the door or not.

He was not in a very good condition tonight and facing the grown up little fox, the self-control he has always been proud of has long gone a thousand of miles away and wasn’t as unwavering as in the past,so he immediately didn’t dare to enter.

--Just coming over to sneak a peek at him and kiss his little face before going back to bed, shouldn’t matter right?

His great Highness finally chose to compromise with his personal desires and was finally unable to withstand the thought of wanting to take a glimpse at the little fox, fearing that the little fox will smell the wine’s scent on his body, proceeded to the bathroom first, with cold water quickly washed the wine’s scent as well as trying to lessen the heat that couldn’t be suppressed.

Wiped the water dry, wore a simple set of night clothes and without even wearing any footwear quickly went out, very carefully pushed open the little fox’s bedroom door.

The feverish feet stepping on the cool floor made Nicholas uncontrollably release a comfortable sigh, the heart became delighted upon seeing the little fox. Silently striding along the bedside, and saw his baby asleep at the bed’s depth, the long black hair like a waterfall flowed beside his body, the small jade-like face looked smaller, the peaceful sleeping appearance made people have both feelings of pity and fondness.

Nicholas almost obsessively gazed at the youth’s peaceful sleeping appearance, then placed a kiss at his cheek and lip corner.

The attitude was incomparably gentle, like handling a recently sprouting delicate flower.

However, this very simple kiss, made Nicholas suddenly feel his body heat up again, as intense lust rapidly rose, surging so fast that almost made it uncontrollable, quickly using his chi to once again attempt to force it down.

But this lust was somehow more worse than when he was just drugged, that soon made him difficult to suppress. The man’s rough gasp became more and more heavy waking the little fox, making him dazedly open his eyes.

The youth’s eyes because of being recently waken was a bit teary, making Nicholas heart that was already crazily beating become like a pot of boiling water, the voice became frighteningly hoarse: “Baby……”


Slowly sobering up the little fox subconsciously issued a small sound of doubt, the soft and weak nasal like sound made every inch of Nicholas’ blood boil, using the final reason raised his body and struggled to move away from the youth.

“You……,” the little fox even if slow also found something wrong with him, tilting his head to look at him, hesitantly inquired: “Are you alright?”

“……nothing.” Nicholas tensed his hands, the arm’s blue veins completely emerged, strenuously removing his sight away from the youth’s lips, with difficulty said: “……baby, good, night.”

--He doesn’t know what’s happening to him, but knows that he must immediately leave here, otherwise it will be too late.

Nicholas continually took several deep breaths in a row, with great effort used his chi to suppress the drug while compelling himself to move faster, but in the next second just as he managed to get up, the cuff was pulled by a hand.

“So hot!”

When the little fox reached to pull Nicholas he accidentally brushed against the man’s skin and uncontrollably made a small shout, quickly standing up to turn on the lights, while slightly frowning with worry, “How could your body be this hot, are you sick? I……”

Unfortunately the last words couldn’t be said, --Because Nicholas was finally unable to control himself and kissed the pair of seductive lips.

Insatiably sucking the lips, until it became dyed in tender red, then the breath was released from the mouth, without releasing a bit of the soft and satiny place, the fluid in his mouth was finally strongly absorbed even the air in his chest.

The more he kissed, the more addicted and uncontrollable he became, Nicholas’ body was like a raging ball of fire, even his thoughts became chaotic, the little fox finally guessed the reason for his skin being feverish, with great effort tried to struggle against him, “……wu, you couldn’t have, by someone, be drugged by someone……”

The youth using a bit of his cultivation method was finally able to push Nicholas away, jumping out the bed said before hastily running out, “You wait, I’ll call a doctor for you!”

Nicholas mind was already in great confusion, and didn’t hear what the little fox said only seeing his hasty departing figure. The feeling of being abandoned made his mind’s last bit of sanity snap off with a pa, even raising a thread of unspeakable rage and rushed to get the person back.

He belongs to him, so he is not allowed to leave and not allowed to go anywhere……

The man’s eyes reddened as his thoughts became filled with only this, maximizing his physical skills, he intercepted the little fox with inconceivable speed, then embraced the person back to the bed and rudely placed him under his body.

Nicholas then became completely controlled by the drug.

Not only was his reason lost, even the body’s strength because of strong mood swings had a faint tendency to riot. The drug he had taken were specially made for high level physical skills, the more it is suppressed the more violent the backlash will be, --He had previously repressed it too much and it finally began to counterattack with a hundred times more of force.

Nicholas forcefully pried the youth’s legs open making the youth immediately struggle, inadvertently holding the man’s wrist which made him suddenly freeze.

--The demon lord period is equivalent to the cultivators golden dan period, after cultivating to the golden dan period one can examine the energy, he unexpectedly perceived that the power in Nicholas’ body has began to riot!!

The fatal flaw of a high leveled physical skill was their inability to control the body’s power riot, once this force breaks out, if there is a failure to promptly guide it may result to death. At this moment, without a bit of hesitation, Chen Tong finally and firmly resolved to temporarily stop struggling and decided to use the assistive skill [Spiritual restoration]

Nicholas insatiably kisses the prey’s body that has suddenly stopped struggling, frantically rubbing the youth’s red and bare skin, even directly shattering all his body’s clothes with an unyielding energy, and couldn’t help but want to swallow all this soft and lustrous being in his belly.

[Spiritual restoration] is successfully activated.

The skill can calm or eliminate the target’s power riot, the mind’s loss of reason, or the 3 negative state of the spiritual disorder, but not all 3, only one can be chosen. For Chen Tong, to eliminate ‘the mind’s loss of reason’ was the most important, so that the other can regain his senses, but what was more important for Nicholas was the ‘power riot’ to be able to save his life.

Chen Tong gritted his teeth and chose the latter, but completely not anticipating Nicholas loss of reason to be like a beast using the most primitive way of expression.

Kissing and stroking can’t completely satisfy the beast’s lust, the man’s rough gasp explored the youth’s body, when finally the longest middle finger entered bit by bit.

The fingers repeated groping and expansion made the youth who consumed a lot of energy due to skill weaken, two delicate white long legs shivered trying to close, but was easily pried by the other. The next moment, the man\'s greatness actually ignored his fear and resistance, while not being fully expanded like a searing blade intruded the youth’s delicate body!

An earth-shattering pain immediately came, the little fox suddenly widened his eyes, the mouth sent a silent scream. But this unprecedented beautiful feeling of intrusion immediately made Nicholas more fervent, completely unaware of what he was doing, only knowing that he must enter deep in the other’s body and in a repeated and vigorous movements, deliberately announced his male sovereignty.

The very intense movements gave the youth no chance of escape and can only let the other do what he please. Nicholas finally perceived a faint bloody scent with a weak painful plea and felt the powerless struggle of the person beneath, but the mind was still controlled by madness, that even the youth’s pair of struggling hands were of no use.

Beyond pain the little fox scarcely felt any pleasure, this unilateral coercion to some extent, could be described as torture.

This torture lasted for a long time.

The little fox’s consciousness that couldn’t withstand the passion slowly began to drift away, gradually the lax eyes only reflected the other being immersed in the desire completely without reason having a frighteningly aggressive expression.

The night soon passed as the sky quietly became bright and the morning came after the other. Finally vented, Nicholas, due to being released of the drug’s efficacy fell on the little fox’s body that has long passed out and unconsciously fell into a deep sleep.

Without knowing how long he slept, Nicholas woke because of a faint knocking on the door and slowly opened his eyes, somewhat dazed, gazed at the sunlight through the window curtain’s seams while subconsciously recalling that uninhibited and disturbing dream last night.

However, the next moment that Nicholas took a breath, he instantly sobered. --He finally perceived that the bedroom reeked of blood.

Even worse was that he could perceive that the little fox was beside him, yet the youth’s breath could hardly be heard. The heart went still for a moment, before immediately sitting up to examine the youth’s state and was soon horrified as his body began to tremble.

Thensaw the other’s body in a tragic sight that was completely filled with tooth marks and bloodstains, the face had a decadent gray appearance because of blood loss.

As Eve said personally ruining his own treasure was a hundred times more devastating than being hurt by others, Nicholas’ pain at this moment was very indescribable, even hoping that this didn’t happen and would rather believe that everything before him was just a nightmare.

The little fox’s injury on the body wasn’t actually very serious, even the tear under the body wasn’t too much, but the wounds made by the physical skill’s were different from the general wounds, just like the mental skill’s spirit attack can bring about an intractable mental injury to a person, Nicholas didn’t even dare to reach out and touch his baby, the words trembled and the sentence almost couldn’t be made then shouted to the chamberlain who was knocking outside: “……quickly call a doctor!!”

“I’m afraid I have to use the rejuvenating fluid.”

The private doctor didn’t even need to use any apparatus to test the amount of blood loss and injury and only needed a quick glimpse on the bite marks on the youth’s wrist: “This kind of wound will only heal with the rejuvenating fluid and will also remove the marks, other treatments may not work.”

This rejuvenating fluid was a high grade medicine that the empire developed not long ago, because of the treatment’s effect being excellent and costly, a bottle can offset an average person\'s expenses for ten years. However, this forcing the cell to heal and reorganize was extremely painful.

Nicholas very carefully wiped the bloodstains on the other’s body before the doctor arrived, wrapping him in a soft and clean robe. The man embraced the little fox, his sight never leaving the pale face for even a moment, he was silent for awhile and with some difficulty said: “……I know, you can go ahead and prepare it.”

His voice though light, but anyone can sense his great pain, wrath and other emotions hidden in his words, so strong that it could even destroy everything in the next second.

The doctor quickly prepared the recovery cabin, half the cabin’s arch was widely opened and filled with the blue rejuvenating fluid, the cabin’s size was just enough for a person to lie down, Nicholas picked the little fox up gently placing him inside.

The thick blue liquid looked very beautiful, reflecting a crystal-like illusions luster under the light.

But the most beautiful things in the world are often the most dangerous, the next second extreme pain was felt all over the body that was soaked in the liquid, the body of the youth in coma suddenly trembled severely, the eyes immediately opened and was actually woken by the unbearable pain.


A mournful and painful cry immediately sounded in the room, even almost tearing the vocal cords from it’s hoarseness. However, the sound was very low due to weakness, just like an almost dying groan of a kitten.

The skin’s wound felt like it was being torn again as well as being grinded and reorganized, like the moment of pain in the verge of drowning spreading to his limbs and bones, proliferating to each cell. The youth was weak and couldn’t raise his neck, it was easy to see the blood vessels through the thin to almost transparent skin, the lips not only lacked blood but was even a bit blue.

Single-handedly, Nicholas firmly restrained both the little fox’s arms struggling to get rid of the rejuvenating fluid, the other hand was placed on his mouth to prevent self-harm. The man’s unwavering face lacked any expression from the start, even the pain caused by the unconscious little fox’s ruthless bite on his wrist until it was badly mangleddidn’t make him have any expressioneven a bit of frown wasn’t made.

Because this was his own doing, the pain on the wrist simply fell short from the extreme pain in his heart.

The little fox soon didn’t have the strength to struggle, a pair of distant eyes widely opened, because of acute pain psychological tears uncontrollably fell, moistening the eyelashes and cheeks, only leaving a weak and helpless call for help: “……don’t……let go……hurt……it hurts……”

Every sound was like a sharp blade cutting Nicholas’ heart into pieces, until the little fox’s consciousness once again faded as the eyes slowly closed.

The one and half minute soak in the rejuvenating fluid finally ended.

Immediately, Nicholas very carefully took the little fox out from the cabin, a tear silently and simultaneously disappeared at the little fox’s neck.