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Chapter 35: The imperial little fox 14

Nicholas choked for a while before uttering with a somewhat flustered and exasperated tone: “Why?”

But the little fox just slightly frowned and said with a bit of confusion: “Bored is bored, should there be a reason?”

His great Highness was once again frozen by this words.

Young master Chen was actually also very distressed, and immediately proposed to renounce this taskto the white pom-pom, the white pom-pom lightly said: “You can do things slowly with this unconscious release of alluring air, but the requirements for being eccentric can be lightened, just do 3 or more thing that can be considered eccentric.”

So His great Highness was not only unable to say anything, but was also driven out.

The little fox requested to sleep alone, Nicholas’ shameless extended hands froze in midair and only obtained an empty air. The youth said very clearly: “I’ve already grown up to be able to sleep alone.” --And a good night was politely said for compensation, while also asking him to kindly close the door when he leaves.

The old man was then turned away.

Nicholas after a long hesitation, finally went out and gently closed the door. When the door clicked closed, the old man then leaned against the door and sighed, suddenly feeling that the whole prince’s mansion was very quiet, as if he lived alone.

That night, Nicholas who hadn’t slept because of watching over the little fox was once again unable to sleep.

Lying on the big bed for a while, irregardless of him closing his eyes or not was unable to sleep even when changing to different postures. No one on the arm, no one leaning on the chest, and no soft hair or even fur to soften his heart, remembering the little fox’s words simply made it difficult to sleep.

In fact when talking about liking the new and hating the old, no one could match Nicholas, who doesn’t know about the Third Royal prince’s quirkthat washis ruthless temperament, having a goodwill to someone at first but will suddenly change and throw him out. But with this so-called natural cycle, everything in this world has its karma and the majestic Royal prince also received his day of retribution. Nicholas who has never been tired of his child was the first to be told that he was bored with him, the other, being his most guarded treasure, made him unable to fight back or scold and he could only be angry with himself.

His baby is actually more troublesome than him, and he could only be bluer than blue, His great Highness simply suspected that he was too old, and could no longer keep up with the current thinking of the children, the speed of abandonment was simply too fast that he could only face it with ignorance.

Of course, it wasn’t only His great Highness that was confused.

Both Kyle and Klaus, who has always beenworried about the little fox’s condition has been absent-minded in class for several days, and strenuously waited in school for such a long time but then received news that the other had actually dropped out of school. Heading towards the prince’s mansion to find out the detailed circumstances, but the prince’s mansion constantly refused guests, the defenses were also well fortified, not to mention two children, even their parents couldn’t enter.

In fact, His great Highness has already resolved to let his baby quit school as early as when the little fox was kidnapped, he was just currently implementing his previous idea, of course, receiving the other’s word of ‘bored’ also brought a critical and slightly forceful blow, completely regardless of the little fox’s willingness.

“What kind of teacher does the baby like?” His great Highness’ slender fingers slid across the light brain’s screen one by one, the images above were immediately projected one by one, like a holographic projection that was very realistic and clear.

“These are the best tutors in the whole empire, with the highest level of culture and professionalism.” His great Highness looking at the little fox said: “Whichever baby likes, just hire one for home schooling, okay?”

The little fox looked at the monotonous and unattractive but also aged 40 and above teachers, with good reasons suspected that they must have undoubtedly passed by someone’s meticulous screening, Nicholas generally feeling a bit guilty placed a delicately packaged box on the table and said: “The teachers matter can be done slowly, it doesn’t matter if this is dragged tomorrow, look, does baby like these gifts?”

The box contains luxurious clothes and accessories, with the latest light brain and electronic items, furthermore, there were also miniature aircraft fighters and other things that boys like.

His great Highness presented all the things in the empire that boys might like, but the little fox only looked at the expensive and priceless things without a bit of interest and said: “I don’t want these things nor do I want home schooling, I want to go to school.”

The little fox’s current appearance seems to be almost the same as the first year of high school, but this period is the time for the first love in school, the old man who has received a blow that reduced his confidence was exceptionally jealous immediately vetoed it: “No.”

In a very straightforward tone without leeway.

Perhaps his opposing bearing was too strong making the little fox silently lower his eyes, the eyelashes that slightly trembled like butterfly wings aroused people’s pity, letting the originally determined and uncompromising great Royal Highness immediately feel softhearted, and tried to lighten his voice to coax: “For what reason must baby go out to attend school? There are too many dangers in the outside world and the whole empire is also very interested in you……”

Seeing the little fox firmly frown, Nicholas once again placed a light brain’s box in his hand and tried to change the subject: “Baby, this new light brain has a lot of additional new features, there are also many games you like, do you want to try……”

But the words weren’t finished, when the little fox pushed the box back in Nicholas’ hands, as the youth persistently repeated: “I want to attend school.”

Thus the box directly fell, luckily the floor was covered with a thick carpet, as it didn’t break and only a muffled sound was made after falling. Nicholas froze then his face became gloomy as the body was covered with a dark air, reaching out and with one hand scooped the whole person, firmly confining him in his embrace, “I already said that you can’t leave.”

The little fox immediately struggled to escape from his hold, His great Highness attitude because of the little fox’s struggle became more firm, and fiercely said: “I’ll say it again, you’re not allowed to attend school, anything can be except this.”

The little fox was extremely depressed.

I actually also don’t want to attend school alright? So you must quickly agree to my request, then after you agree to my request I can immediately change my mind, ah!

--The system requires a minimum of 3 acts that can be deemed as eccentric, and this was what the little fox thoroughly thought of as a shortcut to easily complete the task.

From young master Chen’s dictionary, eccentric: 1. Use: adjective, supporting a subject or predicate. 2. Definition: describes people that constantly change their minds, in a moment like this the next moment like that, switching back and forth. He originally wanted to insist on going to school, but will quickly renegade after the other party promises, this should certainly be eccentric!! This renegading behaviour will not only help him complete the task but also satisfy the other party’s unwillingness to let him attend school, wasn’t it simply to everyone’s delight and satisfaction!

——But why can’t the other party cooperate?

His great Highness was totally unaware about the little fox’s inner voice, all he knew was the youth’s determination to leave him, not even hesitating to hurt himself to resist.

Refusing meals, even the water was refused, on the first day His great Highness was still able to barely hold back, but on the second day with the other remaining like this, even shutting himself in the room and refusing to speak with him.

The little fox in the fasting period was already able to not eat, staying in the room was just a matter of practising according to the latest cultivating method, but His great Highness was thoroughly scared out of his wits, and became more anxious when the communicator went unanswered, almost breaking down.

But when His great Highness finally got an answer he tried to keep his face somewhat normal: “What’s wrong?”

“No, you, your asking me what’s wrong!” Antonio, hearing this couldn’t help but shout: “Don’t you remember that tonight is royal brother’s engagement banquet?”

The eldest prince engagement banquet was settled as early as last year, at that time Nicholas still hadn’t met his little fox. Nicholas frowned, suddenly remembering how unscrupulous he was before he met his little fox, at that time he was so carefree and did as he pleased, and now because of one little fox he experienced all types of emotions even breaking his heart.

Antonio continued to say: “What about baby? Will you bring baby with you?”

“Baby is mine,” While being gloomy His great Highness still didn’t forget to proclaim his sovereignty, “You can’t call him that.”

Antonio was already accustomed to his nerves going crazy because of the little fox’s action and routinely asked: “What happened to your baby?”

Nicholas froze then frowned more tightly, “……not good, in a disagreement.”

Antonio feeling that the world wasn’t chaotic enough said: “Since baby doesn’t like you, let him come here for a few days, I’ll absolutely take excellent photos……”

Halfway speaking but saw that Nicholas in the video screen raise his hand to hang the call and hurriedly reproached: “Wei, don’t hang, I still have something to say, are you not a man? Don’t be this stingy!”

His great Highness who was stingy coldly said: “You have one minute.”

“Do you know that Eve Robert has already been released from prison?” Antonio said with a trace of solemnity, “The person representing the Robert family was replaced with his name, I bet you that you’re his purpose.”

Nicholas remained silent for several seconds, Antonio couldn’t help but ask: “You couldn’t possibly have already forgotten about him? He’s been persistently chasing you for so long, not only being discarded but also placed in prison, you actually don’t remember?”

“Didn’t forget,” Nicholas said again, “I recently saw him.”

Antonio silently shook his head, “You really don’t remember. How could you see him when he was released a day before?”

“No, it was when he wasn’t released from prison.” Nicholas said very calmly: “It was during baby’s kidnapping, when I went looking for suspected people in the city and finally went around to ask the prisoners, and along the way also asked him.”

Antonio immediately became speechless, “……anyway, I’m just reminding you that he isn’t just a simple character, it’s best to be more careful if you want to bringing your baby tonight.”

After hanging up the communicator, Nicholas headed towards the little fox’s room. The room wasn’t locked, he opened the door and saw that the little fox is still on bed, not knowing if he was awake or asleep as he was completely still.

His great Highness sighed. What should be done? Everyone has a unique scale that only they can understand, self-awareness can only come from within, he because of the youth had a headache and there was no other way except conceding.

The little fox’s small body only took a bit of the big bed space, looking very pitiful from afar, the pillows were twisted around, the silk blanket was opened more than half, His great Highness went over to cover him again then softly said: “Baby, can we not argue?”

Not getting a response, His great Highness took him in his embrace and said again: “Elder Royal brother is having a banquet tonight, I may return a bit later, tonight baby will eat a meal by himself and doesn’t need to wait for me. If baby obediently eats his meal, I will reconsider letting you attend school, alright?”

The little fox raised his head and looked at him with bright eyes after hearing this. But Nicholas couldn’t help but feel an uncontrollable bitterness rise in his mouth.

In the end, he was affected by Antonio’s words, fearing that something might happen to the little fox, decided to attend the event alone. The hall was a dazzling sight, wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined, the most exquisite skins, breathtaking attires and refined etiquette were all gathered here, but in Nicholas’ eyes were all incomparable with the little fox’s smile.

Tonight was arguably the grandest banquet in the royal family for more than a decade, with many people attending, but Nicholas mostly accompanied the eldest prince to welcome the guest with wine. At 9pm when the coming people finally dwindled, he drank the wine in hand leaving the crowded and lively place, and once again thought of his little fox.

Not knowing if the little fox has already eaten, but maybe the youth was probably taking a shower, then walking out the bath with a incompletely dried hair……

The body heated up while thinking about it, even the head became somewhat dizzy making him subconsciously take a step forward, then suddenly felt his leg becominga bit weak.