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Chapter 34: The imperial little fox 13

His great Highness was still very doubtful and vigilant, but seeing those eyes, the heart was suddenly struck making all his gloominess disperse, he then couldn’t help but say: “……baby?”

The little fox blinked, a tiny water droplet due to the steam fell from the corner of his watery and charming eyes, sliding through his nape and onto the delicate collarbone, then down the chest and waist, eventually falling into the water.

The sound was very light but sounded heavy and loud in Nicholas’ ears, the small droplet created ripples on the water’s surface, that also made the ripples in Nicholas’ heart grow more and more, even shaking his body.

The little fox greatly changed this time giving Nicholas a huge impact, His great Highness strived to slightly calm himself, trying not to look at the youth’s bare upper body while trying to speak with a hoarse voice yet not knowing what he was trying to say: “That, is baby cold? Do you want me to increase the bathroom’s temperature again? ”

The little fox shook his head.

One can no longer be cold after entering the Illusion period, moreover he also managed to breakthrough the Illusion period becoming a lv4 Demon lord period. The system\'s prompt was heard when he had not been in the water for a while: “Ding--, the host has successfully been promoted to a lv4 demon lord period, can wash the marrow and nurture the dan. One system reward package, do you want to open?”

This ‘washing the marrow’ was different from the previous two upgrades, from the bones to the meridians this was the real sense of rebirth, not only will the appearance be more dazzling but the whole temperament will also grow. Chen Tong’s appearance was still his own look, but gives people a different feeling, the countenance was a mix between a fairy and demon, the new and elegant body also brought a charm.


All this was accidental and without his awareness, because this was inadvertent, it became more exciting.


Without exception this promotional package has the demon lord’s essential cultivation method, moreover there was also a Hui Hun grass*, an intermediate magic purple immortal robe shard x20, a Ling Yun boot shard x20 and an advanced Executing Immortal flying sword shard x10. The system immediately asked: “Detecting that the intermediate magic purple immortal robe has over 70 shards which can be converted to a purple immortal robe, will it be redeemed?”

*Rejuvenating grass: homeostatic effect, antibacterial

Last time, Chen Tong obtained the Moonlight crown, and with this purple immortal robe, the clothing set was finally halfway completed. Even if the Moonlight crown was only a simple jade hairpin and the so-called immortal robe was only a slightly larger white robe but both were very advantageous, it was also very convenient as it can be automatically worn and stored in the system’s pack with just a thought.

At this moment, the little fox using his soul force removed all the water from his body, then wearing the white robe directly exited the bathroom with a still semi drenched ankle length hair.

Nicholas uncontrollably touched his long hair, “Is the belly hungry? How about eating something?”

Chen Tong in reality was already in the fasting period which no longer needed to eat, but being unable to withstand the mouth’s greediness, tilted his head and politely said: "Okay."

The youth looked very docile with his head tilted, the lighting’s hue at the side of his face gave it an unusually soft and warm color. Finally accepting that his baby in a short while instantly grew up made Nicholas unable to move his eyes, the fingers passing through the hair gently caressed the little fox’s nape, “Baby is very obedient, ……it would’ve been nice to always be this obedient.”

“Don’t touch.” somewhat ticklish the little fox retracted his neck, feeling aggrieved blocked the man’s hand, “Don’t use the word ‘obedient’ to describe me, I’m also not a pet for amusement.”

Pet? Looking at the whole empire, was there such a high-ranking pet? As for amusement, was it when he played with him all the time? From the time when he was a baby fox that couldn’t talk, wherein he exhausted every means to make him happy? Having this thought, His great Highness gently smiled while saying: “Obviously a little fox.”

The little fox felt inexplicably discontented, raising his small fist while pushing him away.

His great Highness gently grabbed the youth’s hand with care, rubbing his palm, while lightly sighing: “It’s good to have the strength to be angry.”

The sour and slightly hoarse tone was quite different from his usually aloof and very strong air, “……you slept for quite a few days this time, it made me very worried.”

The little fox froze, and even allowed him to touch without being pushed away, then said: “……I killed someone.”

Even if troubled times were experienced in the last world, this was the first time that Chen Tong killed someone, this sentence was said with a depressed and guilty feeling, but soon heard Nicholas’ implied prideful praise: “En, baby did a very good job this time, very amazing.”

His great Highness unhesitatingly continued to say: “Not to mention, baby killed a bad person to protect his friends, even if by a lapse mistakenly killed someone, then this too is the other’s problem. --So don’t take it seriously, don’t let it be your shadow, you only need to remember that whatever you do, I’ll be here even if it’s wrong.”

His great Highness with his twisted character sincerely felt that if his baby was unhappy and killed someone, then it should be that person’s honor, even more so when the little fox had a valid reason, that criminal was even more bloody, then Nicholas finally even asked: “Baby was very brave this time, what reward do you want?”

The little fox dazedly listened. Fortunately, he already has his own judgement, if it was a child that had yet to establish his 3 views, perhaps His great Highness would have already led him astray that couldn’t be more skewed. Subconsciously replied: “I don’t want anything……”

The man’s gentle, hoarse and deep voice filled with charm said, “……but I want to give.”

The youth opened his mouth, but completely didn’t know what to say this time. The tender tongue and white teeth were partly visible between his lips, attracting all of Nicholas’ attention. As if tempting him, --No, he has already been tempted, His great Highness involuntarily went ahead and kissed those pair of lips.

So when the little fox felt a shadow looming before him, there was already a moist heat on his lips. The soft touch compared to Nicholas’ imagination was a hundred times better, without time to ponder, the movement had already started to unconsciously plunder with willfulness, fiercely picking the beautiful pair of red petal-like lips.

For an old man living for so many years and kissing for the first time, this time’s unprecedented freshness and excitement made him lose his senses, just like a wolf that had been hungry for many years and just knowing a meats flavour, which can\'t let go after having a taste. This impulsive instinct made His great Highness not just incapable of extricating himself but also made him deepen the kiss, just like wanting to swallow the youth, even having a physiological reaction, until a twinge was felt at the tip of the tongue only then was the brain slightly sobered.

It was the little fox that was unable to breathe easily due to his kiss that couldn’t help but resolutely bite his mouth.

Nicholas could only reluctantly release him, trying to calm the body’s excitement, the mind then obtained an unprecedented sobriety.

This sobriety was not just from returning to his senses with the fierce kiss and desire, this was also an emotional renewal and cognition.

In fact, Nicholas did not understand what kind of feelings he had for the little fox before kissing him, the kiss was simply a temptation in the beginning. To the little fox, he produced an unbelievable pleasant surprise of wanting to physically obtain it when seeing the pictures since childhood, then like a parent, unconditionally doted and indulged even incurably extending towards monopolization and jealousy, and step by step finally placed him in an important place beyond himself, this type of treasured feeling, made him incapable of letting his baby go and only by placing him in his loving embrace can make his heart warm. Currently, producing a great desire to his baby, not only did His great Highness not have any guilty feelings but instead felt that this was natural making the heart finally fall in place. His great Highness who always says whatever he wants immediately said in a frank and blunt manner: “Baby, let’s have a relationship?”

The little fox that had just taken a breath gasped and immediately widened his eyes, “Y-you, just two days ago claimed to be my papa*……”

*informal- papa, formal - father, dad

“En,” His great Highness shamelessly nodded, “Baby can continue calling me papa if you want, I won’t mind.” speaking like a big tailed wolf touched his chin, with a bit of regret said: “Unfortunately, I still haven’t heard baby call me papa……”

This familiar action made Chen Tong slightly freeze as he indescribably remembered Han Ying. This lovable look made Nicholas uncontrollably continue to shamelessly take advantage of the opportunity to kiss between his brows, then returned to the topic, “Is baby agreeing to have a relationship with papa?”

Still immersed in thought Chen Tong involuntarily nodded.

A happy expression immediately filled His great Highness’ face, the smile from the bottom of the eyes was so thick that it almost overflowed, but the little fox at this time suddenly pushed him away, stood up and ran away.

Nicholas suddenly became stunned and immediately gave chase. Seeing the other already reaching the door, uncontrollably shouted anxiously: “Stop, you can’t leave!!”

Not only was the sound very loud under anxiety, the tone was also very heavy, the fox which has never been shouted immediately became shaken by this shout, the steps instead became even faster.

His great Highness who didn’t use his physical skill level in the battlefield, used it to chase his family’s baby, directly flipping and jumping from the second floor, finally intercepting the little fox at the head of the flight of stairs, then firmly restricting the person in his embrace and was once again carried back into the bedroom, waiting until the door is locked before asking: “Baby, where did you want to go?”

The little fox pursed his lips and didn’t speak, --But this wasn’t because he did not want to speak with the other, but simply because he didn’t know how to answer.

In fact, his running away from the other was all because of the system.

As early as when Nicholas asked him if he wanted to eat something and his later reply of okay, the system then sent a friendly reminder to him which later turned into a warning. The system sounding very serious: “Warning the host, warning the host, main line task three ‘staying in nature’ is not done, the host please strictly abide the demon fox’s two great characteristics of being fickle and charming, every word and action must conform to ‘eccentric’ as a guideline……”

He obviously just agreed to have a relationship with him, then turned his back on him in a flash, it was just like going from heaven to hell, Nicholas tried to make his face less unsightly, changing the topic: “Why run?”

Chen Tong frowned seriously figuring out the word ‘eccentric’, remembering his own world, the person by his side that can be called eccentric was his older male cousin that always changes his girlfriend every month, using his cousin’s words experimentally said: “……probably because, of boredom?”

Boredom? His great Highness unsightly face couldn’t be suppressed anymore, --Already tired after just having a relationship in less than a minute?!