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Chapter 33: The imperial little fox 12

The knife that stabbed K was an intermediate magic dark knife that Chen Tong had just drawn from the big turntable, even successively drawing twice, the first was a purple robe shard x30, the second was this knife. Although it was very small but from it\'s size it should be called a dagger, it simply wasn\'t knife-like at all.

Like a puppet or tool being controlled, K to everyone\'s shock with the little fox\'s command headed towards the 3 masked men.

Klaus and Kyle stared at this incredible scene, knowing that the little fox must be using mind control and recalling that the mental skills were weakest when using mental abilities they subconsciously positioned themselves with one on the left and the other on the right to be able to securely protect the little fox, their movements without words were light and fast for fear of disturbing him and causing him any damage.

While a fight started on the other side.

The three masked men frowned due to this unforeseen event, without producing much fear, --After all K\'s physical skill level can only be sat most while they have two s and one a level, regardless of which they are sure to succeed, but because the energy stones from K has yet to be obtained, so the three masked men still hesitated whether they should take K\'s life, just at this time, an incredible scene happened again.

They saw K pierce with just one hand through the s level masked man\'s chest!!

K\'s right hand like claws with a few light and skillful strokes broke through the other\'s defense, inserting it in a critical point. Fear finally emerged from the two remaining masked men as they involuntarily started to retreat.

He wasn\'t just a simple s level! Could it be, that in the whole empire besides Nicholas there\'s another ss level?

Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to think about this problem. In just 6 to 7 minutes, the 3 masked men were all defeated, then K returned to the little fox under hypnosis. The hypnosis still had 3 minutes left, without a second to waste, the little fox immediately handed the knife to K, issuing a second command: “Stab your chest.”

However, it failed to achieve the same hypnotic effect as the last time.

Although K took the knife, but he didn’t do it, the man\'s expression distorted which revealed his obvious struggle, followed with the little fox’s experiencing a stinging pain in his mind making him even clearly feel the other trying to break his control, with a faint feeling of suppression.

Seeing that 10 minutes was about to pass, Chen Tong decisively abandoned this command and sent another: “Immediately disembark from this aircraft.”

While speaking he also increased his hypnotic strength, K hesitated for a moment, and finally turned around, without a word exited the hatch to leave the aircraft.

It’s 10 minutes.

K suddenly awoke from being muddle headed, with surprise and anger quickly looked back, but only saw the closed hatch.

At the same time in the cabin, several children were helplessly facing a complicated control panel, their body\'s light brain was long gone, the aircraft\'s communication equipment was password protected and cannot be used, wanting to pilot the aircraft back to the main star, but because of their young age, no one has ever studied how to pilot an aircraft, the only thing they knew was how to close the hatch.

The little fox bearing the faint headache looked at the map shown on the control interface: “Our current location is……”


*sfx of bang, explosion, attack

A burst of bang suddenly rang, it was K who was outside the aircraft that began to forcibly hit the hatch. If K’s physical skill level was really the same as Nicholas’ ss level, then sooner or later the hatch will be broken by him.

Time was of an essence.

The fox clicked the map to zoom in and discovered that this place was an abandoned minor planet 29 light years away from the main star. The sound outside became more and more loud, like a pressuring spell, but piloting an aircraft wasn’t a simple thing, not only must one be at a professional level but must also be very experienced, --There were countless wormholes and particle fluctuations in the interstellar space, a careless move could destroy the aircraft.

The only people who knew how to pilot were the 3 masked men, they actually weren’t dead, but were only in a pool of blood without strength. In this moment of desperation the little fox could only think of his ultimate skill [Soul engulfment], which can engulf other’s soul obtaining the soul\'s memory and ability.

The little fox clenching his teeth approached the most injured fallen person faintly holding the other’s head, his mana was already slightly overdraft from hypnotizing K, the mana consumed by the ultimate skill was several times more than the basic skill, coupled with the guilt of seizing other’s souls, his face became pale as paper as the body uncontrollably trembled and swayed.

Kyle and Klaus were anxious, but didn’t dare to rashly interrupt him, and can only remain anxious. As a second generation born with a golden spoon in the mouth, it was their first time experiencing this deep and painful powerless feeling since growing up, for a child, this kind of feeling was unforgettable that can give them a lifetime motivation to work hard.

--To quickly grow up, growing into the most powerful person in the whole Empire, to be able to protect the little fox, and send him the best things in the whole empire.

Fortunately, Kyle and Klaus still didn’t know why they had these kinds of thoughts, and more fortunately, this idea was not heard by Nicholas, --Otherwise they may not have the chance to grow up ←_←.

The little fox on the side had already obtained the means of piloting an aircraft, then immediately stood and returned to the pilot’s cabin. A slight movement could bring dark spots in his view with needle like pain, then stubbornly sat in front the control console and entered the password according to the knowledge just acquired, after unlocking the panel and opening the navigation system he then pressed a series of button and pulled the steering lever.

Every step was calm and focused, methodically arranged.

The aircraft then started.

Towards evening, an ss-class aircraft from far above the main city caught the everyone’s attention. The patrol department responsible for security first issued a communication warning to the aircraft, requesting for identification and landing permission, otherwise, they will be driven away and attacked.

Their first warning remained unanswered, the security minister frowned, making his subordinate send a second warning while another prepared for bombardment.

There was finally a reply at this time, perhaps due to an operation error, the reply signal actually reached everyone’s light brain in the main city, there were only a few words: I’m looking for Nicholas.

With an inscription resembling a small plum blossom that people could see but not comprehend.

Seeing this message Nicholas immediately stood up, --Only he knows this wasn’t a plum blossom or any drawing, but the little fox’s paw print.

The security minister soon received instructions from the third prince requesting the removal of security and was ordered to actively guide the aircraft to a dock. But in the face of unknown dangers that may exist in the aircraft andfor safety reasons, the patrol department still cautiously sent an armed support team to surround the aircraft from a slightly far distance.

The aircraft eventually landed smoothly, the hatch then opened, Nicholas quickly rushed forward, but didn’t see the kidnappers or the baby he constantly thought of, and only saw avery anxious and at a loss Klaus, “Tong Tong he……”

Nicholas unexpectedly followed Klaus inside the pilot cabin in the aircraft, with one look easily saw the anxious Kyle looking towards the console and saw the motionless little fox. What made him panic was seeing the other completely revert back to his fox form even the human form couldn’t be maintained.

His great Highness cautiously placed his baby in his embrace, a low voice filled with thousands of emotions sounded: “Baby……”

The little fox reverted to his very small figure, placing him on his chest only resulted in a small bulge, Nicholas with the little fox immediately returned to the prince’s mansion, while the chamberlain was instructed to contact the family’s physician.

This kidnapping case which almost caused an uproar finally ended with one of the most satisfactory endings, not only were the 5 aristocratic children rescued without a scratch, but the ‘Magic Flame’ that became infamous for committing several murder cases in the empire for many years was eliminated.

The gang members were the 3 masked men, except for their leader, the remaining 2 men survived by undergoing medical treatment, even if they would equally face the death penalty.

The little fox’s information spreads like wildfire and could no longer be suppressed.

In fact, the outside world has still not stopped greatly speculating about His great Highness baby, and the earliest nobles who personally saw the little fox in the banquet was ordered to keep silent by Nicholas, but there were still a few fearless big mouths who couldn’t keep shut plus this current kidnapping case, they suspected that the little fox riding the variant dog to shop was the baby of His great Highness family which has spread to the entire social network with an unstoppable trend.

Since it couldn’t be blocked, the royal family could only advance in aproper direction, so the second prince Antonio immediately launched a series of planned public relations, exaggerating the little fox’s accomplishment.

As a rare treasures, the populace were originally very concerned and fond about the bright, beautiful and only little fox in the whole empire, with this time’s life saving act and Antonio’s deliberate guidance of public opinions, the little fox immediately became the nation’s treasure and even the empire’s idol, the social networks number one topic immediately became #The empire’s male god is the little fox#.

Even that little plum blossom-like paw print followed his popularity, with all light brains and clothes printed with the paw’s design, even the toys and food became paw-styled……

Antonio, who registered the little paw print as a royal patent long before the public relations event, made another fortune, immediately forgiving Nicholas for his concealment and only hoped to see the little fox in his prototype.

Unfortunately, the whole prince\'s mansion except the doctor were not allowed to see, His great Highness at the side firmly guarded his baby and steadily waited for him to wake up.

The little fox curled like a round pom-pom, sleeping very still, which even made the doctors helpless. The first day of sleep, His great Highness reluctantly restrained his heart’s anxiety, but for 3 days, the little fox still continued to sleep, making His great Highness anxiety evolve into deep panic.

Nicholas would have already been very anxious if it wasn’t for the little fox\'s temperature being normal and even breath. The man intensely stared at the little pom-pom’s sleeping face that was partly hidden by the big tail, gently patting his soft furry back, just like patiently coaxing the sleeping baby fox on the bed and constantly said in a gentle way: “Baby, wake up alright?”

Chen Tong finally woke up after 6 days of continuous sleeping.

Opening his eyes, his mind was still very unclear, only feeling that his body was very sticky and uncomfortable, and was inclined to take a shower first. Recalling the bathroom where Nicholas once brought him, then dazedly headed in the bathroom’s direction.

So Nicholas who had just communicated with the queen found the little fox missing in his bedroom, the heart which had been tight for so many days could no longer withstand the shock and in an instant almost stopped beating. At this time, the 5 senses that were two times sharper than an average person heard a gushing water sound in the bathroom so immediately went to the water’s sound.

Opening the door, he saw a 15 to 16 year old youth standing in the huge bath, by chance the water pooled just by the youth’s belly, the youth’s thin and straight back, delicate and slender nape, calm and beautiful face, inadvertently formed a beautiful arc that provoked people.

The water dripping interlaced with the swaying figure, suddenly made the environment have an indescribable mystery and beauty, and the youth standing in the water, hair as dark as ink, jade-like skin, muslin-like light mist slightly covering his posture, made Nicholas freeze in place, thinking that he was in a fantasy.

His great Highness after a long time regained his senses and uncontrollably took a big step forward, the youth, startled by the noise, subconsciously raised his head. The pool’s water swayed, the water ripples were clear but the bottom couldn’t be seen, as the youth watched him with bright and tender eyes.