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Chapter 32: The imperial little fox 11 (Publish)

Chen Tong immediately followed his usual cultivation routine of qi circulation, that soon swept away the body’s weakness while quickly thinking about the reason for being kidnapped, him and the other 5 were all children, the kidnappers goal should be directed to their parents at home, was it simply for money or for revenge?

But hoping it’s the former.

Klaus confusedly opened his eyes, seeing the little fox subconsciously called: “Tong Tong……”

“Sh--” the little fox quickly whispered: “There seems to be someone outside, keep your voice down.”

Kyle woke up and quickly understood what had happened, his face quickly became serious, while trying to break the rope he comforted the little fox by whispering: “Tong Tong don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

But just as the words were said he became shocked to see that the other had already broken his own bindings, as a mental skill with weak physique his physical body’s practice was still more powerful, that conversely helped him break the rope.

In fact, until now Chen Tong was still unclear about the mental and physical skills meaning, but as an illusion period demon, a mere rope was naturally nothing, he then held both Kyle and Klaus’ wrist as he transmitted his qi.

The two soon felt that the body\'s feeling of weakness dissipated a bit, their physical strength in a short time fully recovered and was faintly more abundant than before, thinking that the little fox used the healing ability of his mental skill, they couldn’t help but look worried and with some anxiousness said: “Tong Tong, you……”

A mental skill can acquire healing abilities when reaching a certain level, but using this can cause severe exhaustion, so only a few people with mental skills are willing to treat others. Chen Tong was completely unaware of this and suddenly heard a series of prompt announcements: “Ding--, Klaus’s goodwill increased by 8 points, the current favorable impression is 72. Ding--, Kyle’s goodwill increased by 8 points, the current favorable impression is 70. ”

“Ding--, main line task two ‘Acquire the people’s goodwill’ is completed, congratulating the host for successfully having 3 humans have a goodwill of 70 or more towards the host, rewarding the host with one big lucky turntable and a primary gift pack.”

Chen Tong being able to accumulate 2 turntables, just wanted to talk to the system about the big turntables but suddenly felt the whole room sway while faintly hearing the unique sound of a mechanical power, then a bang sound of stopping sounded.

That\'s when they realized that it wasn\'t a room but an aircraft. The aircraft had landed in an unknown place, Chen Tong cautiously spreads his soul power, then perceived a stream of impatient voices from afar, “In the end, when will he come?”

"I just contacted him,” another voice sounded, "he said soon."

“We can only wait up to 10 minutes,” the anxiousness from the previous voice didn\'t diminish, “he’s just a lunatic, we shouldn\'t risk danger out of desperation with a lunatic……”

"But he really does have energy stones," another person with a more hesitant tone sounded, “he said in the communicator, as long as the child we took was correct, the previously promised energy stones and light bombs are all doubled……”

“What wrong with you guys,” another voice joined in, “having done so many big incidents without fear, why panic when tying just a few children?”

Chen Tong almost understood the situation, they were obviously a gang, their movement this time was clearly due to being hired by someone they called \'lunatic\'. Chen Tong didn’t know who this lunatic was, only knowing that the current situation was very urgent and that they must quickly find a way to escape.

All the children recovered their strength, but after examining the door and wall, they couldn’t help but be discouraged. This aircraft reached the SS level standard, using the most sturdy metal and protection system that made it impossible to breakthrough.

Nicholas at this time almost went crazy.

He received the little fox’s disappearance a step late, the other had already been boarded the aircraft, the aircraft\'s anti-tracking equipment was perfect, that made it impossible for them to find the position in just a short time. Thinking of the dangers that the little fox might face, Nicholas body went cold and he almost couldn’t breath.

Something bad happened to his treasure from a place he arrogantly believed that he could absolutely protect him, and he didn’t even have a single clue. He shouldn’t have been lenient and indulging, shouldn’t have considered being hated or ignored, and should have been like a dragon keeping his treasure in his cave while carefully guarding over it, not allowing it to be anywhere other than his side.

He decided, that he will always watch him in the future, not letting him leave his sight, and will directly invite a teacher to his home for learning……

--But only if his little fox can come back, safe and sound.

There were many kidnapping frauds in the empire, but few criminals will pick high-level aristocrats at the top of the pyramid. Their goals have always been clear, generally choosing those middle or upper class children without political background.

Although the money obtained may be less than that of the high-level aristocrats, but the risk was relatively small, because the empire won’t mobilize it\'s entire energy to pursue, even if it was traced, the money had long been transferred. Choosing from a royal aristocrat family, perhaps it isn’t for money.

This was also the reason for Nicholas’ anxiety, looking into all the suspects he could think of in an extremely short time. A call from the eldest prince came at this time, “Nick, you need to calm down first, wait for the law enforcement to lock on the suspects or for the kidnappers to contact you again……”

“The law enforcers are too slow,” Nicholas immediately interrupted him, “I won’t wait or calm down.”

“So at your fastest speed, how many hours have you repeatedly tossed the entire city?” the eldest prince ruthlessly said: “The Federal Court\'s president that you blocked at the door\'s court almost fainted in fright, you even made people ask the army’s former general commander that has been paralyzed in bed for so many years due to injuries if he did it, you just weren\'t able to temporarily get a high-prison pass, otherwise those major criminals already in prison would have been completely tortured by you again!!"

“I just went in and asked a moment ago, they all said no.” Nicholas calmly said, while continuing to think about the list of people he has offended.

But he looked calm, but was like a psychopath in the eyes of others. The eldest prince who was always serious almost became speechless, after a pause said: “You’re crazy, making the whole empire anxious and frightened, how can the royal family representative explain this to the masses?! Moreover, if you unintentionally alerted the enemy, what should be done if you shot yourself in the foot?”

Nicholas for the first time clearly experienced what pain was frowned, tightly pursed his lips, taking a deep breath said: “I want to let the whole empire know I’m crazy.”

The man\'s dark eyes were shrouded in a cold murderous look, “Thus, going against a psychopath like me, the kidnappers would weight 3 times before doing anything. As long as I’m not dead, as long as the other still has demands, they won\'t dare to touch my inverse scale or hurt baby\'s life, --They can’t afford the consequences!”

It was only today that Nicholas regrets his previous temperament and his unscrupulousness. He has many blood in his hands and heard many curses, but really didn’t fear retribution, what he had not thought and feared was that it did not find himself, but found someone very important to him.

Actually, this kidnapping had nothing to do with Nicholas.

As His great Highness went crazy, the lunatic mentioned by the kidnappers on the spacecraft finally appeared. The cabin door sliding open sounded, a tall man entered the door, the build was almost equal to the door.

The backlight made his face unclear, but one can still feel his eyes searching through the faces of every child like a poisonous snake, then walked straight towards Klaus.

Seeing the man extend his hand to Klauslike an exceptional gentleman while gently smiling, “Hello, I’ll briefly introduce myself, you can call me K or-- big brother?”

In the end, those last two words seem to be uncertain even to himself, with a tone of doubt, the smile even increased as a result, but his eyes were cold and vicious, making his smile more strange, Chen Tong seeing his face momentarily froze.

The man’s right half was very handsome, but the left was practically covered with burn marks, frighteningly rugged and distorted, letting people tremble.

Klaus was completely stunned, the man noticing his sight, held a hand touching his face, “Are you appreciating it?”

The man who moved gracefully said: “I’m very happy to inform you about it’s origin, --It came from the hands of your mother the duchess. I have always been grateful for this and hoped to reciprocate her as soon as possible.” then adoringly looked at Klaus with a sigh, “So, I sincerely thank you, for giving me this opportunity to repay her.”

Chen Tong couldn’t help but start a barrage in his mind. --Sure enough in comparing a lunatic! Nicholas when compared to this K before him was simply a normal and good youth!

“We didn’t get the wrong one right?” the 3 hired people by K immediately entered, one wearing a strange mask approached, “If it’s right, then pay for what you want, we don’t have tie to delay.”

“Alright,” K pointed to Klaus, “but I only want this one.”

"What about the rest?" The man wearing a skull mask anxiously said: “The statusesof this children are not low, if discovered by chance……”

"Go directly to the underground auction site.” K interrupted him in an unhurried and calm tone said: “Once in the auction,their traces will be erased and they will become slaves, no one will know even if the previous identity was high.”

Perhaps Chen Tong didn’t know what a slave was, but Klaus and Kyle were very clear. Although the slaves were strongly banned and vilified by the empire, but there were still such illegal transactions in the dark, not only will the slave face being branded with the owner’s exclusive mark, the brain will be implanted with a chip, the body will also be changed, which will become a slave’s shame for a lifetime. They were all young children, if turned to a slave, even if they were rescued they will always be inferior, even lower than the inferior citizens.

This K wasn’t just crazy, but just malicious!

Even if Klaus isn\'t as intelligent or meticulous as Kyle of his age, but since childhood he also learned how to respond in kidnapping, trying to calm down said to K: “You’re just looking for me, let my friends go.”

K glanced at him, with obvious contempt in his eyes that says you don\'t have the right to talk to me about conditions, but the little fox at this time rushed to K calling: “……big brother.”

The child\'s voice sounded clear and soft that\'s very pleasant to hear, just like a soft feather falling into the heart, K subconsciously looked towards the sound and saw a child with exquisite looks who immediately showed him a sweet smile.

[Fox’s charm] activated, through a smile, canentice ordinary people to love and help him.

K involuntarily went over, before the cabin door opened the little fox pretended to be a kidnapped victim again and deliberately struggled with the rope, lowly complaining: “Big brother, my hand hurts.”

The little boy looked at him filled with trust, with a seemingly very soft hair that felt very good to touch, that caused everyone\'s heart to itch and want to rub.

The man placed his hand on the the little fox’s head, --This action was very dangerous for both a demon spirit and a mental skill. The interstellar world had various body forces that were very powerful, as long as he presses it, even if Chen Tong was powerful his mind will still break.

Chen Tong needed to find an opportunity to use the second basic skill to hypnotize K, but the other never directly looked at his eyes. Chen Tong can only try his best to relax and act natural, and actively rub against K’s palm, the constantly smiling man looked at the little face’s dependent look that unexpectedly made people speechless and fascinated.

K froze, the big hand placed on the little fox\'s head gently rubbed like a doting next-door big brother.

However, his movements were only half-way when it stopped.

Because of a knife directly stabbing his shoulder!

While in severe pain and startled anger the man finally looked straight in Chen Tong\'s eyes, as soon as he saw the pair of beautiful black pupils, the brain suddenly experienced a stinging pain, then it became blank and the body’s control was lost.

[Spiritual Trance] was finally activated, which can hypnotize others through eye contact, but was only effective for a very short 10 minutes, the little fox was actually uncomfortable as the brain was like being pin pricked, but still persisted and directly looked at the other, then pointing to the masked men commanded K: "Resolve them at the fastest speed."

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