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Chapter 31: The imperial little fox 10 (Family)

Nicholas immediately dialed several communications and within minutes used his contacts to find out whom his baby went with and where he went, then immediately decided to arrogantly head to Klaus’ house to bring him back home. Just boarding the car, the body’s light brain sounded again, showing Antonio’s name, Antonio still wanted to talk about the investment’s matter, after connecting a long string of words showered down: “I said why won’t you still participate ah, I\'m just looking after you as my sibling wanting to pull you in as a partner to become rich not to profit from you……”

Nicholas condescendingly interrupted him, “I’m not free now.”

“What’s wrong?” upon hearing this tone Antonio knew that the other might have forgotten to take his medicine again, “What happened to you and your baby?”

Nicholas froze, but still honestly replied.

So Antonio couldn’t help but ask: “A child going to a classmate’s house to play is very normal ah, why so angry? Remember, when you were young, you didn\'t come back all night for all sorts of reasons and wasn’t the number of times too much to count? ”

His great Highness immediately declared: “How can baby be like me!!”

After all in His great Highness’ view, his little fox was good in every aspect that would make anyone want to covet his treasure, someone wanting to hit his idea was a normal thing.

The little fox does attract people’s affection, but not like Nicholas’ deep affection. Others may only like his features, but for Nicholas this person from head to foot was already embedded in his flesh and blood, that can no longer be removed.

"How is it different?" Antonio felt very puzzled towards Nicholas making a big fuss over a small matter, “The place he went to isn\'t a bad place for children, just a classmates house, and you rushing while involving a lot of people, it’s really……” Antonio shook his head, “--but no matter, if you want to be hated by the child, then go ahead.”

Nicolas couldn\'t help but freeze. This sentence directly poked his weak spot, the thought of being hated by the little fox made the whole person depressed.

Feeling his hesitation, Antonio continued to say: “I think, you should give the child a relative freedom, try to be a tolerant parent that won\'t hated or ignored, the ancient earth had a phrase saying one shouldn\'t make the same mistake more than three times, now the child is just not going home for the first time, if it\'s still like this for the next few days, it isn\'t too late to reconsider rushing and taking people back home."

Even if there was a rain of several dark clouds on his face, Nicholas still obeyed Antonio\'s words and didn\'t leave, he silently got off the car and returned to the prince’s mansion, then blankly stared at the empty dinning table.

Every second and minute felt difficult, he even understood the so called wife\'s empty grievance, it was simply desolate and miserable.

This time, going to play is not just Kyle, Klaus and the little fox, there were also 3 other children from equally high family backgrounds, and were Klaus’ faithful followers before he gave his boss position to Chen Tong.

Except for the little fox, the parents of the 5 children knew each other and were happy to see them play together, and easily agreed to their child\'s request of not returning home for the night, only the little fox\'s child wrist-type light brain continually rang.

[What is baby doing now?]

[Don’t play too late, be sure to sleep on time.]

[Did baby eat dinner yet?]


The little fox looking at the continuous messages finally sent a message to Nicholas: [……ate.] [What did you eat?] His great Highness returned in a flash, making the little fox wonder if he was always watching the light brain from the other side.

[Ate a lot of meat,] as a carnivore, the little fox naturally believes that meat is the best food, [delicious.] His great Highness finally calmed for a while, at 10pm, the light brain rang again.

[It’s already 10pm, is baby sleeping?]

[You must sleep at this time, sleeping on time is good for the health.]


Seeing that the other started his unceasing tendency, the little fox switched off the light brain’s sound to ignore it. This newly developed holographic game was very fun, there was no need to wear any helmet or glasses to feel immersed, originally liking online games Chen Tong quickly fell in love with this game, in just 2 hours he continually rose to 10 levels, making Klaus feel very envious and to straightforwardly declare that he must follow him.

Just at this time, Klaus light brain suddenly rang.

Klaus somewhat confused answered, soon Nicholas chilly voice came through: “Is baby not next to you? Let him listen.”

Little master Chen was simply at the end of his wits, and finally picked it up, “Hello?”



“Still not sleeping?”

“About to sleep.”

“Are you going to sleep alone in a room?”


"The night’s temperature is cooler, remember not to kick the quilt."


“Close all the windows before going to bed.”


“Don’t pile the pillows too high, it’s easy to have a stiff neck.”



Maybe it was because of the radio\'s transmission waves that made the little fox feel that Nicholas voice was a bit hoarse, like having a trace of yearning and perhaps a helpless sigh, like still having a lot of words to say, still he patiently waited for a long while, but only heard a light sentence, “Good night baby.”

“En, good night.”

His great Highness hearing the other press the hang up button then lowered his light brain, lying in bed while silently thinking about his little fox.

Can’t let him leave himself, can’t be too strict or very indulging, can’t be hated by him……

The next morning, a few children were all late without exception.

Remembering that the first subject was the most difficult history lesson, one by one quickly dressed and rushed out, with no time for breakfast or even time to wait for their home\'s private car, headed out and called a public suspension vehicle to rush to school.

But things often inconceivably change in a flash.

In fact sitting in the car the little fox faintly felt something wrong, the driver gave him a strange feeling, then the carriage gradually filled with an indescribable fragrance, a sleepy feeling came when smelling it making them fall asleep.

The little fox waited for his disorientation to pass before opening his eyes again, the brain was sluggish and was unable to react for a minute, he subconsciously wanted to sit up, but found his hands tied in an unknown dark room, not knowing whether it was the drug\'s effect or the lethargy after sleeping, the body lacked even a bit of strength and that Kyle, Klaus and the other children who were also kidnapped were still asleep.

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