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Chapter 30: The imperial little fox 9 (Family)

The first grade children of Imperial Elementary School soon knew one thing, that a new student is joining today.

Not only did the class\' teacher relinquish the lecture to run and meet him, but he was also personally brought to class by the principal* and the vice principal Gordon, --This unprecedented situation in entering the school simply piqued the children’s curiosity.

*the principal didn’t have any name

Someone was naturally unconvinced, Klaus, the only grandson of a cabinet elder is the head of that. The birth rate of the empire has continually declined in this past few years, the Imperial Elementary School is an aristocratic school that only accepts the upper class’ children, so there were only 20 children in the entire first grade, whether mental or physical skill all were placed in the same class. With a b level physical skill, Klaus grew taller and sturdier than any of his peers, like a little tiger with excess energy all day, upon entering school the first day he learned to posses the mountain and became king, becoming the boss of the entire class.

The upper class’ children were relatively precocious, thus as a boss Klaus has this style and model, expressing great discomfort towards this new classmate that has yet to come but received great attention, waiting for their class’ teacher to leave raised a small fist, saying that he wanted to have an initial show of strength towards the other.

“Right,” Several of Klaus’ little worshipers followed and parroted him: “Make him taste a bit of your power!”

The other children listening suddenly couldn\'t help but express concern and sympathy to the new classmate, those that had been bullied didn’t dare speak. Only having the same b physical skill level as Klaus, Kyle the duke\'s son with the highest grades, IQ and EQ to defeat him just raised his brow, actually expressing sympathy towards Klaus.

--Truly grew to an empty headed fool without brains that will make all the Empires Elementary School’s first grade students lose face! A student that can make the principal personally deliver him, either the background or the skill level is super strong, which area can give him a taste of bitterness?

It was at this time that the new classmate finally appeared.

Kyle who was always facing the door happened to be the first to see the little fox\'s delicate face and beautiful eyes, immediately became stunned, Klaus at the other side opposite the door still facing his followers blurted: “Hmph, I will absolutely beat that new guy crying back home!”

……oh? The little fox’s hidden fox ears slightly shook and raised his narrowed eyes. The principal and others who came together naturally heard, the class\' teacher severely scolded: “Klaus Johnson, how dare you try to bully the new student!”

Klaus asa child with a high skill and a reliable family background was naturally daring, and was actually unafraid hearing those words, even turned to try and continue to exclaim: “I……”

However, just saying a word and seeing the little fox inexplicably choked the next moment. The following words suddenly could not be said, the rigid face flushed. Only one thought was left in his mind and body, --Too beautiful!

In fact, children were resolutely a face control*, adults can rationalize their likes or dislikes based on the other\'s talent, disposition and others, but a child only knows how to look at the other’s external appearance and is straightforward without agendas, only needing beauty to be fully liked.

*beauty, appearance based

The little fox’s appearance was enough to be a prince charming in the eyes of all the female classmates, the dark colored school uniform made his lips more red and teeth more white, the delicate features with a polite smile, just a glimpse can melt hearts and gain people\'s affections, the more one looks the more attractive he becomes.

The class\' teacher temporarily set aside Klaus affairs, first busily introduced the little fox with enthusiasm: “This is the new student, called……

“I’m called Chen Tong,” Chen Tong feared that the other would say that strange name and rushed to actively introduce himself, smiling generously and leisurely to the whole class: “Hello everyone.”

He unknowingly used the basic skill [Fox’s charm], that could lure ordinary people’s love to help him through a smile. The class\' teacher thought Chen Tong wanted to be low-key so he changed his name without using the surname Morgan, without contest, proceeded to say: “This child Chen Tong has an unprecedented s level mental skill, everyone must unite and be friendly towards this new student, you must get along well!”

s level this two words brought all the student\'s eyes like a searchlight to Chen Tong, becoming a hundred times more intense than a while ago. Klaus was finally punished to make ten copies of the history book on ancient earth, Kyle with his quick-wittedness actively and successfully became the little fox\'s desk mate in the end, the principal who was always watching nearby finally smiled brightly and concluded: “Alright, everyone has to get along well, don’t bully new students, understood?”

All the class’ children obediently nodded. Such a beautiful new classmate how can he not be liked, not to mention such a high-level mental skill, --Is simply their new idol, how can he be bullied!

"The next section is the ancient earth’shistory lesson, did you bring the book?” Kyle using one\'s proximity to the powerful to obtain favor spoke with the little fox, the little fox blinked, taking the school bag that the chamberlain prepared, “Brought.”

Kyle stared at the other\'s long fluttering eyelashes, wanting to reach out and touch, with great difficulty turned his attention to the textbook, like a little adult said: "The history teacher is very strict, but after history class is over you can eat, the steaks in the school cafeteria are very delicious.”

"Really?" Hearing the word steak, the little fox immediately became interested: "I have to taste it."

Kyle didn’t hesitate and said: “En, let’s go together after class.”

The new pair of deskmates were closely whisperingwith each other, making the surrounding classmates want to listen, unfortunately the history teacher has already arrived, letting no one dare to leave their seats and can only helplessly look at Kyle take the first step to become friends with the new idol.

The most depressed person in class was Klaus, pouting with rage while copying the book, and involuntarily looked towards the left to the new desk mates currently conversing with lowered voices. --Kyle this guy who’s always full of evil tricks, why is the new student playing with him!

After class, Klaus finally couldn\'t help but walk straight to the little fox and loudly exclaimed: “I also want to be friends with you!”

The little fox didn’t speak, only lifting his head to give him a look.

Klaus only felt that the other was like a hot spring that refreshes the mind, making him feel completely warm and comfortable all over, being gazed by those big beautiful eyes, actually made an unprecedented hint of blush rush even his ears became somewhat hot, the imposing manner was unconsciously lowered, then stammeringly said: “I-I’m called Klaus……”

“En, I remember you,” the little fox softly said, the voice was clear and pleasant to hear, “you previously said that you will make me cry back home, --But I’m afraid you can’t beat me.”

Even if the mental skill’s physique was very weak, but a high-level mental skill can control the low-level physical skill’s movements through mental invasion. "I-I can apologize to you for the previous things," Klaus as if completely forgetting what he previously said about giving the other a taste of his power, helplessly scratched his head a bit, “I’m the class’ boss, if you promise to be my friend, I can let the whole class listen to you!”

Remembering the second prince\'s words about being a boss while having a small group and that making people fight is very enjoyable, the small fox then said: "Then give me your boss position, I will be friends with you."

Hearing this, Klaus actually thought and unexpectedly nodded immediately, “Alright.”

Chen Tong originally only wanted to tease him, but didn’t expect the other to actually agree, he then became uncontrollably curious about the children\'s good feeling, silently asking the favorable impression measure. The prompt measure immediately transmitted the broadcast: “Ding--, Klaus Johnson’s good feelings to the host is 55. Ding--, Kyle Smith’s good feelings is 50……”

A child’s likes and dislikes were simple and distinct, even if they’re very precocious, their good feelings is easier to brush compared to the adults, Chen Tong discovering this fact, and finally felt that attending school isn\'t a bad thing, the eyebrows bent as he smiled, the big pupils followed as it slightly narrowed, specially provoking people\'s love.

So the little fox on the first day of school completely felt that it wasn\'t bad, but His great Highness for the entire day wasn\'t particularly good.

The stay-at-home dad was very troubled, not only wanting to feed when eating but also wanting to play, coax and sleep together, with his heart always hanging 24-hours on the little guy\'s body without rest. But Nicholas felt that this kind of worrying life is very comfortable, but the little fox abruptly grew and no longer needed his dad\'s care, and contrary to expectations he became unable to adapt, making the heart desolate and uncomfortable.

Today the little fox was just a few hours away from him, His great Highness felt particularly tormented, seeing him depressed, even if this matter wasn\'t related to him it can still make him dissatisfied and angry, at 3pm, due to finding a new business opportunity Antonio communicated with him to ask if he wanted to invest and was firmly implicated, so unable to hold his tongue ridiculed him by saying: “That’s right, after mother takes Binn for an annual rabies vaccine, do you also want me to take you for a shot?”

The sarcastic younger brother wanting to bring the elder brother for rabies is certainly not a brother, Nicholas immediately hanged the communication, it took a lot of effort to resist the impulse of placing the other in the blacklist, seeing the school\'s dismissal time then went to school early waiting to pick that person up.

By chance, today because of an exam the senior year was released an hour earlier, a lot of parents were at the school gate to pick up their children, but when Nicholas appeared the chaotic scene just a moment ago instantly become quiet.

Some people naturally have a ruler\'s atmosphere, refusing to obey. Without the slightest care to those aristocratic parents wanting to approach to express goodwill but also didn\'t dare to rashly step forward, His great Highness finally received the little fox very smoothly, like every doting parent to their child publicly kissed his treasure\'s little face: “How does baby feel about attending school today?”

The little fox following Nicholas in boarding the car, yawned a bit, "Still alright."

The pleasing and clear voice was lowered due to yawning, like having a layer of misty fog, gently brushing the heart’s tip, His great Highness couldn\'t help but gently ask against his ear: “Then has baby thought of me at school?”

Breath spraying on the ear, the little fox felt somewhat ticklish and retracted his neck, being unable to clearly hear his words, “……ah?”

“Papa missed you very much.” His great Highness seemingly addicted with this, repeatedly chased the delicate earlobe before him, watching it becoming a bit pink.

The little fox kept trying to avoid the warm breath near his ear, unfortunately even after a long while was still unable to hide even with great effort, uncontrollably wrinkled his brows feeling wronged, “Itchy……”

The uninterrupted soft last syllable, hearing it was like a spoiled voice, His great Highness finally dropped a gentle kiss on the the person’s bright red earlobe he embraced, the expression was exactly like a perfectly satisfied big tailed wolf.

In just a few days, Chen Tong has successfully brushed the good feelings of the 2 children Klaus and Kyle to 68 and 65 respectively, only a little bit more to be able to get the two primary packages for the back-to-back good feelings of 70. The sun reached the highest after lunch, the shining white light greedily licks the little fox\'s delicate little face, Klaus and Kyle unconsciously helped him block the sun all the way until the classroom, just like two little knights.

There are only two classes in the afternoon, Chen Tong returning to his seat, unconsciously began to feel sleepy.

In fact, Chen Tong has entered the meditation practice\'s state. He has already entered the peak of lv3 illusion period, but is unable to advance to the next layer, just like encountering a bottleneck and became firmly stuck, it clearly was just a fine line but was unable to make a breakthrough.

Actual cultivation is sometimes not just through time and effort,” The white pom-pom kindly informed him a bit: “Not only depending on luck, but also needing to encounter the twists and turns. Just like in the last world where you stayed to no less than 20 years for Han Ying, but didn’t get much progress in cultivation for such a long time, because everything was calm and complicated things became clear in the end, without encountering the twists and turns. ……but this world’s twist and turn will soon arrive, as long as you seize the opportunity, you will definitely be able to breakthrough in one swoop.”

Already in class, but Kyle saw the little fox seemed to be sleeping very sweetly and finally didn’t call him up. The little fox head leaned forward asleep, half of his little face was buried in the crook of his arm, mouth slightly pouting, the eyelashes trembled with every breath, Kyle stared at him for a long time then turned his head to look out the window, then finally turned back to his textbook silently.

Fortunately this class was self-study, it wasn\'t until class was over when Kyle saw the little fox slightly move, like waking up, he patiently waited as the long eyelashes slowly moved, it was halfway opened when Klaus rushed over, loudly shouting while strongly tapping the little fox\'s shoulder, “Wei! I just received a message from my aunt……”

The sudden and unexpected tap frightened the little fox, immediately opening his eyes wide, and woke at once. Kyle saw his eyes fill with confusion and fright as the body unconsciously became stiff and shrank a bit, he immediately held him and gently tapped his back while hatefully throwing a book towards Klaus, “What on earth are you doing?”

When someone shouts at one\'s ear when almost awake, anyone will be scared, Kyle was especially worried, the book went straight and struck Klaus shoulder, being struck and in pain Klaus didn\'t dare protest, merely whispered, “I didn’t know he was sleeping……”

Klaus talked about the holographic light brain game that they inadvertently discussed before, a bit similar to Chen Tong\'s favorite online games, Klaus\' uncle is the developer of this new game.

So His great Highness that was about to go and pick his child received this kind of a bolt from the blue message: I’m going to play in my classmates house after school, not going home, so don’t come to pick me up.

His great Highness look suddenly darkened, --Baby is still small yet already learned to stay out all night, simply can’t be tolerated! Moreover, who has the nerve to actually venture and take his cub away from his nest?!