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Chapter 3 the young commanders’ little mirror 3

The early spring weather is cold and gloomy, inside the western building is warm and bright, in the middle of the living room is a fireplace with roaring firewood burning, a male servant holding a golden designed tong replenishes the firewood, and grandfather Han is sitting on the eight immortals seat by the fireplace with a raised hand, following behind him are caretakers and guard personnel, on the other side are several different good looking women, the leader is complaining grievously and sadly.

“Seeking the support of esteemed father, I have kept my duty in the house all these years, having no credit for all the hard work, the lord, he has the like the new and hate the old temper, and is no longer fond of me, but what status is our commander’s mansion, every move affects the entire southern province, this act of bringing a prostitute home with great honour, how will this make our sisters behave in the future……”

The person speaking is Han Yiyi’s second concubine Tang E, although Han Ying’s mother Xu Mei died of illness, the main wife’s position remained empty, but Tang E spent the longest time in the Han home, already having the attitude of the main wife.

To mention Han Ying’s father, the word lascivious is simply not enough to describe, now the concubines have finally reached the ninth room, if adding to those secret visits to prostitutes, the number would be too many to count.

However those improper visits to prostitutes are ultimately unable to get the person’s compromise, even if the nine concubines were not from prestigious families, but they came from a clean family of the southern province with a bit of reputation, and now Han Yiyi will actually receive a prostitute with honour in entering the door, it is really stepping on grandfather Han’s bottom line.

Feeling aggrieved Tang E continued to reason: “I heard that it is because the woman has a son, I don’t know when he was born, but already more than ten almost twenty years old, this posture is clearly going straight to the main wife’s position ah……”

“He dares!” the grandfather’s vigor today is not bad, and was recently helped by the caretaker to go downstairs for breakfast, then was enraged by this waste son at last, ruthlessly beats the table several times, commanding the guard, “That unfilial son, let him come over!!”

At first, Han Xuan wanted to swear at Han Yiyi a few more times, but looking up and seeing his grandson coming over, he couldn’t help but restrain his voice.

Originally Han Ying stood at the door for a few seconds waiting for the male servant to remove his cloak, the body standing is like a jade, the black military boots sounded crisply on the floor with vigorous compelling steps. On his hands were a pair of white gloves with the military uniform, taking it off while walking, raising an eyebrow and lazily said: “What? That good father of mine, finally gave me an additional cheap ‘younger brother’?”

Handsome and straightforward with a casual attitude, every move can fascinate people, including the several concubines watching him with obvious feelings, but will never dare to take the initiative to seduce.

Han Ying is not blind, noticing as early as several years ago, hiding the disdain and coldness in the eyes, he turned towards his grandfather to ask about his physical condition with a sound of care, then sat by the dining table and looked at the newspapers and files.

The servants seeing it, hurriedly serves the breakfast together, grandfather Han also followed to the dinning table, Han Yiyi finally came at this time, seeing Han Xuan he shamelessly smiled: “Aiya, father, you have a grandson, is this not a happy event?”

Grandfather Han at first was full of anger, but after all he is still his son, and coming to talk with all smiles about a grandson, in the end the fire was suppressed, in return only said a sentence to stop him: “My grandson is in front of me.”

Han Ying is still sitting smoothly and stably, having breakfast while flipping through the documents, a completely unconcerned attitude. The action of eating can be used as an etiquette model, completely within the criterion, an elegance engraved into the bones.

Chen Tong then looked around carefully.

He found out that including Han Ying, no one can see him appear outside the mirror, thus completely let go of the heart’s worry. Only, seeing a rare rhino leather sofa in the living room, an endangered white tiger skin carpet covering the floor, a perfectly cut diamond lamp hanging on top, there are also rare golden Chinese cedar furniture, calligraphy and paintings of the Tang dynasty on the wall, a kiln of the Song dynasty in the corner…… Even if Chen Tong’s is from an influential family, by the lavishness of commander’s mansion is still greatly shaken.

Perhaps already growing old, originally Han Xuan wanted to send someone to secretly dispose of the mother and son, but for the first time is a bit softhearted, uttered a sentence to Han Yiyi: “Have you seen the child? Certain that is your seed?”

“Of course!” Han Yiyi immediately assured, “I might be silly and also a Han family, but not a fool who will vainly raise someone else’s son. ”

The grandfather felt a lost of hope, as Han Yiyi also spoke a lot of good words, repeatedly praised how good that son is, suddenly Han Xuan’s next sentence is to ask Han Ying: “Ying er[1], how do you feel?”

Han Yiyi’s eyes immediately flashed with deep hatred and disgust, with Chen Tong completely admiring the trenches of the commanders mansion, looking back to see this expression, can’t help but understand the slightly wrinkled eyebrows.

When the father is variously suppressed by the son, conversely the father’s affair will be the son’s upcoming responsibility, this is simply a shame to Han Yiyi, Han Ying unfortunately basically disdains this responsibility, to not even look at Han Yiyi’s eyes, only faintly said: “Chen Dunfu’s Chao Rong has started an attack.”

Han Xuan only thought a bit to recall this person’s name, then scornfully said: “Just a low-ranking army, not worth mentioning, as long as it doesn’t affect the southern province, let them continue and make a scene for a while.”

Han Ying also knows that a low-ranking army is different from an orthodox army, they are often not qualitative, to attack different places, then to plunder and run, Chen Dunfu’s army branch is completely ruthless and arrogant. “I am afraid that their purpose is the South Province,” Han Ying placed the file down, “I suspect that there are Japanese people supporting behind them.”

“The Japanese are too annoying!” Han Xuan slaps the table again, “Wishing to provoke the five southern provinces again on their own, all the warlords in my department are also Chinese, they won’t get away with it!”

The grandfather who is vigorous despite the years, bellows full of anger, but softens the voice to reply to the grandson: “If you have time, go to the Du family’s party tonight, I heard that the daughter just returned from study in abroad, both appearance and education are not bad, You are not young anymore……”

The son is too lascivious, the grandson is not close to any female, both of them let grandfather Han worry. Han Ying didn’t agree nor disagree, after finishing the last mouthful of porridge, stood up to leave for the military department. Before leaving he finally looked back to his father, neither too fast nor too slow said: “……father, you can play with a woman, but never be played by a woman.”

The gate silently slides open to both sides, as the black Ford slowly drives out, the armed guards respectfully salutes. The young commander sitting at the back seat lowers the window a little, pulling down the baffle that blocks the driver’s line of sight, and subconsciously take out the small mirror hanging from the chest and gently rub.

Chen Tong returned in the mirror, can’t help but hesitantly inquire: “……That, are you sad?”

Han Ying looked at the youth who slowly manifested in the mirror, somewhat amazed at his keenness, –Although not feeling sad, merely an accumulation of a few negative emotions. Looking at the youth’s hopeful and clean eyes, all the indescribable moodiness disappeared inexplicably, then bringing the mirror closer, almost to the tip of the nose, deliberately fixedly looked at him said: “En, Baby[Bao Bao], I’m very sad, what to do?”

“You……” Chen Tong is not a person who will comfort other people, after thinking quite a while seriously said: “Although your dad may not be a bit fond of you, but you are already very outstanding, there is absolutely no need to care about this……”

Truly a treasure. [Bao Bei]

The young commander almost couldn’t help but smile, still nod with a very serious expression: “En, even if I’m very sad, but Baby is with me, so I don’t feel sad.”

If this time he still can’t hear his ridiculing tone then he’s really a fool, fortunately Chen Tong’s EQ isn’t hopelessly low, furious once again facing the buttocks towards him, and sternly declared: “Can’t call me this name again!”

Han Ying pretending not to hear, only said: “Baby, I will finish my matters quickly, so you obediently stay in the office, don’t go out, ok?”

Although this is a question, the voice is also warm, yet it is irrefutable. This kind of thing can’t be covered by nature, even if Han Ying tried very hard to hide this arrogance, the condescending look is still obvious, there is a hint of command in the gestures, –he can deceive you, yet you can’t be disobedient.

In Chen Tong’s heart he disagreed, I really don’t wish to follow you, OK! Wait until I can shape into human! The first thing is to go far away from you!

At this time, Han Ying as if knowing his heart’s thoughts normally asks: “Baby, when can you shape into human, ah?”

Mentioning this Chen Tong is also a bit annoyed, but remembering the white pom-pom say that at LV2 Congealed form can tentatively shape, thinking that cultivation should be similar to online games, the farther you climb the harder it will be, the first few levels will be easy, making a fist, trying to be more confident.

Not realizing that his lack of confidence with his current cultivation speed, the other demon cultivators may not live.

With Chen Tong’s recently established confidence, Han Ying as if self-talking said: “But a foolish little demon spirit like you, I’m afraid when the day you shape into human, there won’t be any skills, right?”

I obviously will be a lot better OK! Basic skill, assistive skill and kill skill to add them all is not less than four types! Chen Tong’s firmness means dissatisfaction, then heard Han Ying continue to say: “But it doesn’t matter, anyway I can support you, as long as I live a day, then it’s good to protect you a day.”

Hmph, who can protect who isn’t necessary! In young master Chen Tong’s heart there is a further increase in the determination to cultivate, this picture doesn’t need the big pervert’s opinion.

The car quickly entered the heavily guarded military department, adjutant Liu Senyu immediately approached, something was whispered quietly to Han Ying, that Han Ying’s momentum was suddenly a bit cold, this made Chen Tong a bit curious, but he was really taken out by Han Ying to remain in the office, only heard the steady and powerful army boots sounds getting farther.

The author has something to say:

I am coming to add more! Can a pair changed by the clumsy author as cute to pinch as the small mirror~~Previously the adults said to the small mirror hanging on the chest is very mournfully sly, but originally the attack is a snake disease plus a pervert he, moreover he’s hidden inside the clothes, besides the guardian heart mirror in ancient times was indeed used to hang on the chest for defense.


[1] ér: child, usually after a name denoting a close relationship

Right, don’t expect fast releases as I tend to get stuck on Chinese characters either denoting double meanings or names.. Thanks for reading, btw this is a completed novel