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Chapter 29: The imperial little fox 8

Strength -> skill

His treasure in just 2 days successively changed into 3 forms, His great Highness excitedly expressed in his heart, the excitement was a bit unbearable. Fortunately the very small youth* in his presence seemed to only be 6 or 7 years old, not yet an adult with a devastating beauty, --But it was enough to see how alarmingly beautiful the future look will be from the countenance that has yet to fully open.

*youth/juvenile not boy/child

Perhaps feeling cold, the little fox unconsciously leaned towards the heat source actively rubbing against the man\'s broad and strong chest. This was like a startling dream to His great Highness striving to calm himself, then gently held the baby fox shaped into a small youth in his embrace cautiously covering him with a quilt, filled with love that can overflow from the eyes.

It was almost 2 hours before dawn, the little fox still slept very well, but Nicholas was already unable to sleep.

The baby grew too fast how can the unprepared heart have a break! Thinking about when the other wakes and then sweetly calling him papa was very exciting and embarrassing!!

Its said that the6or7 yearold child is the most important stage in life, having their own temper and ideas, can begin to be unruly, will also start learning how to cause and get into trouble, --His great Highness became happy knowing that he can finally do what the second prince Antonio said about having a chance to show \'capability\'!

The next day, just as the day brightened the chamberlain was once again called over by Nicholas, while in doubt and confusion was demanded to buy all clothes needed for a 6 to 7 year old child that single morning. Meanwhile, His Majesty the emperor was finally unable to endure and personally called, forcing Nicholas to bring the child to the imperial palace that night to participate the family dinner.

His great Highness love of flaunting came out in minutes and firmly expressed that his treasure\'s first appearance must sparkle with golden light, so Chen Tong after thoroughly sleeping opened his eyes and immediately became stunned by the all kinds of clothes and accessories heaped by the bedside.

In addition to the empire\'s foreign trading there is still another important money making means, that is receiving the official system tasks, it\'s difficulty level is also divided into five like the mental and physical skill, the more difficult it is the commission naturally becomes higher. Nicholas as the only ss physical skill level in the whole empire, completed hundreds of top-level tasks when he was just a youth, gaining money that can enable an average person to squander for a lifetime, in addition entered into a profitable investment with Antonio later, --Causing His great Majesty to worry about not being able to spend the money before he died, now found a solution and finally had a bit of hope with his treasure, and try to raise his little fox to have a money spending habit.

Nicholas subconsciously continued treating the little fox as a baby, that must be personally fed and assisted in dressing, the little fox was finally dressed by him for a while before going out, the small Western-styled black suit with dark patterns adorned made the small face more white and delicate, with a variant rabbit fur sweater inside, and a set of expensive accessories that looked modest, the whole person was simply a dazzling little prince.

The suspended private flying car travelled very fast, away from the lineup of high-end buildings. Today, all the royal family members were present, when Nicholas with Chen Tong had just entered the hall they immediately felt several eyes gather.

The strongest existence was naturally His Highness the emperor, he appeared very steadfast, his unsmiling look made him look solemn, the queen beside him appeared to have a gentle atmosphere, then the eldest prince with a temperament exactly like the emperor and the elegant but cannot be provoked Antonio, the queen was the first to ask with a pleasantly surprised voice: “Nick, is he your baby?”

Chen Tong was already able to retract his tail and ears, and looked like a normal child, holding in his flaunting mood Nicholas proudly nodded, the queen directly without being miserly expressed her adoration for the little fox, repeatedly praising: “Such a beautiful darling!”

The royal family until now lacked grandchildren, a child appearing was hard to come by and felt rare, Antonio tried to touch the little face while loudly saying cute, seeing everyone’s "drooling" gaze over his treasure, immediately made Nicholas unhappily conceal his proud look, interrupting the queen and asked: “What time does the feast start? Baby is at the growing age and must eat on time.”

This is the imperial palace after all, even if it’s a simple family dinner, the variety of dishes were rich enough to make people speechless. After sitting, His Majesty the Emperor who had never spoken coughed in a patriarchal manner and finally succeeded in attracting Chen Tong’s attention, then saw him seriously look at the dinning table, then solemnly watching Chen Tong and began to seriously ponder for a long while, with great difficulty spoke the word: “Eat!”


The atmosphere instantly cooled, Chen Tong always respecting the elderly didn\'t know what to say in return. His Majesty the emperor quickly received the queen\'s faint look, strenuously stifled his patriarchal manner and in a flash became strong in appearance but weak in reality, converging his attitude while simply and honestly ate diligently.

Waiting for the mood to return to normal, the queen once again turned with a beaming smile to Chen Tong saying: “Baby, taste this barbecue, it’s the royal kitchen’s specialty, you must eat a bit more.”

The little fox will like it as long as it’s meat, obediently placing it in his mouth and seriously chewed, Her Highness the queen suddenly felt gratified in the success of feeding, then asked Nicholas: “Is baby at least 6 years old?”

All the empire\'s children at the age of 6 must enter the primary school to have their skill tested, so the eldest prince asked a follow-up question: “Which school was accounted, has the skill test been conducted?”

"No." Nicholas arrogantly answered: “My baby doesn\'t need to take any test and doesn\'t need to attend school, I can raise him for a lifetime.”

Hearing this words, His Majesty the emperor who was obediently and honestly eating diligently couldn\'t help but bring out his patriarchal manner again, “Simply nonsense!”

The queen also thought that a small child not attending school was bad, so this time didn\'t give him that look, then listened to his serious words, “What does it mean by you having the ability to raise him for a lifetime, does it mean that I\'m not able of raise my royal family for a lifetime?”

“Shut up,” the queen aside from having an intimidating look also threateningly said, “eat your meal.”

So His Majesty the emperor converged his attitude and diligently ate his meal again. The queen didn’t ask Nicholas, but directly questioned Chen Tong: “Baby would you like to go to school?”

Chen Tong had a headache thinking about the boisterous children in attending school, and shook his head a bit.

The queen patiently asks: “Why don’t you like it?”

Chen Tong replied: “There’s a lot of unruly children in the class.”

Nicholas firmly agreed, --What can be done if those children run\'s of with his treasure!

The queen continued to ask: “And?”

Chen Tong strenuously thought about the greatest reason why normal children dislikes attending school,……there would be a lot of homework.”

Nicholas showed his approval again, --What can be done if his treasure focuses on completing his homework and will no longer have time to foster the father and son relationship with him!

The queen finally asked: “Is that it?”

Chen Tong unable to think of anything at the moment, nodded his head.

Nicholas didn’t agree this time. How can that be all, clearly there should still be the touching and most important reason of ‘unwilling to be separated from papa’!!

“Going to school is actually fun,” the second prince Antonio butted in at this moment: “There are a lot of interesting things that can be done in school, it’s best for baby to give it a try, you will surely like it after trying.”

His tone became a bit serious while continuously saying: “For example being a boss while having a small group, let them do your homework, secretly exploit the entire class to ostracize people not pleasing to your eyes, manipulate fellow students to make them willing to carry the pot* for you, --Making people fight is very enjoyable, very interesting.”


“How can you solely focus in enjoyment?!” His Majesty the emperor who was diligently eating but really wanted to participate the conversation once again uncontrollably raised his head, “Aside from manipulating fellow students, grades are also very important, so you must also fool teachers to give out exam questions."


The atmosphere cooled down again, the queen this time bluntly threw a piece of barbecue to His Majesty the emperor\'s plate to block his mouth, the emperor very consciously ate the meat diligently.

this family\'s (confusing) organized (chaotic) dinner party ended (not) happily (barely), eventually ended, with the conclusion to let the little fox enter the empire primary school in a \'unified\' opinion.

*those () are difficult to do

As the night darkened, the little fox that just got on the car began to feel sleepy, red lips slightly exhaled, the cheek appeared faintly pink, Nicholas placed his treasure in his embrace, softly and quietly kissed his soft little face.

His great Highness was impressed by the queen\'s moving words and decided to let his treasure enter school. His treasure must be the most outstanding and most eye-catching child in the interstellar, and must never be jeered at and become an illiterate person because of his selfishness pampering! Even if the skill test level result is only d, he will compel the school through various means like threats and bribes to change it into a!

Until the night before going to school, His great Highness holding the little fox asked: “Going to school tomorrow, is baby not nervous?”

Chen Tong logically ignored him, His great Highness like any parent was anxious about their child problems, not knowing whether to comfort himself or the little fox said: “Baby is not afraid, I believe that all your classmates in class will like you.”

After the words were finished he also selfishly showed rejection, “No, they can like you, but you can’t like them.” His great Highness strongly declared: “Besides papa, you can’t like anyone else!”

The next morning, the prince’s mansion was busy under the chamberlain’s instructions. The chamberlain expressed that the little master on the first day of school must have everything completely prepared, from his clothes to the stationary items until the personnel responsible for sending lunch and snacks and any small details are properly arranged, otherwise the chamberlain will simply be unworthy of his title of excellence.

The chamberlain became busy with his methodically arrangements, after eating breakfast the little fox together with His great Majesty boarded the private suspended vehicle and headed to school, the first thing to do upon entering school was taking the skill level test.

The test process is actually very simple, just stand in front of the cardinal intelligence then the cardinal intelligence will emit a light for a full body scan.Because the test subjects are untrained 6 or 7 year old children, so only a few minutes is needed for the results to appear on the screen.

However, when it was Chen Tong’s turn, the cardinal intelligence only judged that he had mental skill but didn’t show the level, vice-principal Gordon had to ask him to be scanned again.

The screen finally changed this time, coming out was not the letters abcd, but irregularly switched back and forth between s and ss.

Everyone on the scene was equally dumbfounded.

It is known that an average student highest skill level was b, further promotion must rely on hard training, having an a appear is enough to let people exclaim admiration, --Nicholas, defying the heavens was already a once in a hundred years to encounter a. How could someone start with an s, or even this horrible ss word?

Fortunately the screen finally settled on s, and not the frightening ss existence.