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Chapter 28: The imperial little fox 7

However, his words didnt receive any response, the little fox has now learned how to be a bad child, obviously knowing that he was wrong but didn’t hesitate to pretend to be innocent, maintaining the status quo.

I’m still a little fox, I don’t understand the human language……

The little fox nestled his tail while playing with the fur’s tip, feigning an innocent look, Nicholas spoke with no one caring and was already restraining his thick anger, looking at the little fox that kept playing and biting the tail’s tip again, he recalled the serious consequences that the babysitter spoke about fur entering the trachea which can choke the baby, and impatiently said, “Let go, don’t bite the tail!!”

The little fox finally became intimidated by this sudden shout.

Shaking all over, the pair of ears subconsciously erected, lifting his head and dazedly looked at him, the pair of eyes filled with fear.

Nicholas immediately felt distressed and regretted, immediately reached out to try and appease him. However, subsequently the little fox immediately retreated which made him carelessly fall head first on the sofa.


*sfx thump or bang

Nicholas’ heart trembled with it, hastily running to check the little fox’s situation. With the butt hurting from the fall the little fox felt wronged, and along with the sound of the man’s incoming footsteps escaped under the cabinet on the wall.

In a flash the one acknowledging his mistakes and seeking forgiveness became His great Highness, “Where did the baby fall? Come out and show it to me alright?”

Nicholas tried to lower his body so much that his face almost stuck to the ground, because he was very tall this bent posture seemed indescribably strange and funny.

With the little fox’s cub size, curling up under the cabinet on the wall was fine. Raising the head to see Nicholas leaning down with an expectant face, he simply retreated to the deepest corner without looking at him.

This is often the case in the world, as long as there is care the other’s small things will become a major thing, especially with regards to His great Highness who is said to be cold-blooded, if a person he doesn’t care for dies in his presence he won’t be distressed for that fallen person, the man’s voice became more and more anxious, “Baby is obedient, come out alright? The ground’s cold, don’t get sick……”

The words sound had not yet waned when a very small sneezing sound was heard, Nicholas’ brows became more wrinkled, this particular cabinet is partially embedded into the wall and cannot be moved, unbearably called out a few more times without receiving a response, and finally couldn’t help but begin to break the wall.

The little fox had unknowingly fallen asleep.

Due to sleeping with a hungry stomach, thus dreamt a savory chicken leg, while muddled opened the mouth for a bite.

Bite and bite then suddenly woke up in a startle, opening the eyes to see Nicholas look at him with indulgence.

The foxs teeth are naturally sharper than the babies, Chen Tong fixedly looked at it, the other’s arm was actually bitten by him till it finely bled, but His great Highness towards this very visible bleeding tooth print complemented it wholeheartedly by saying: “Baby is really great, the strength is getting bigger.”

Chen Tong immediately became ashamed, unfortunately he cannot speak beyond his ability to let out a heng ji ji that foxes make and didn’t know how to apologize, so he extended his little pink tongue to lick Nicholas’ wound.

The cub’s tongue was very soft and delicate, with a barb that is special to the feline species, Being licked Nicholas felt numb and itchy, even the whole body followed this numbness and itchiness. The little fox completely licked the wound, even obediently using his furry head to rub his hand to curry a bit of favor and to apologize.

Ao ao ao I’m very happy!! His great Highness’ face didn’t change, but the heart rippled with countless pink bubbles.

His great Highness mood tonight was very good. --This was what the chamberlain who always understood and observed first concluded, second the young master was very obedient and wasn’t picky about food.

Unfortunately, the chamberlain didnt personally see the little master eat his meal, because dinner was directly sent to the bedroom, moreover the dinner delivered were twice the normal amount.

Chen Tong also didn’t know why he felt very hungry, swing the tail with an ao wu wu while eating, making His great Highness firmly express that even if his baby fox wants his own flesh he will give it, the stay-at-home dad level rose to an intermediate level as Nicholas elegantly and skilfully continued to feed a bowl of creamy fruit and vegetable rice, a bowl of meat puree and the chef\'s specially made cake, the very hungry little fox rarely cooperated as when fed a mouthful ate a mouthful, very obedient.

The little fox was like a very small round fur, the small snout happily smacked his mouth and looked very adorable, can’t see enough, His great Highness delightful mood once again doubled, creating an unprecedented new high.

A pity that itsoon completely fell down.

Today, the interstellar evening papers front page, was a photo of a little fox riding a variant dog almost occupying the entire layout, and had messages with pictures that was exactly sent by the passers-by before on the social network, and the number of forwards were now on the verge of reaching up with His Highness’ information about his dazzling doll.

Chen Tong felt very satisfied about this picture with a slightly raised paw that completely brought out his grandness, but Nicholas’ face was an image of thunder and rain. The newspaper’s thick and big headline was: “The last little fox in the interstellar startlingly appeared! --The people states that this kind of valuable must be handed over to the country.”

In short the little fox is red*, even Binn whom he rode. All the people who saw the photo one by one cried that the little fox was so smart and very beautiful, couldn’t help but wish to turn back to be able to personally see, even to embrace and kiss.


Binn’s identity was quickly found, the matters regarding the little fox was also gradually exposed, the spearhead one by one pointed to the third prince. However, they were unaware that His Highness the prince’s messages about a baby in the social network was actually this little fox, only thought that the little fox was a pet raised for the child and nothing more.

Nicholas light brain in a very short minute ringed off the hook, a few even came from the Empire’s biggest magazines and TV stations. They wanted to take a set of pictures, oh no, even one if possible!!

His great Highness unexpectedly refused.

--You wish! Won’t give a photo! Won’t give to anyone! Let me mention that this king can directly smash your magazine and TV stations into bits!!

When sleeping, Nicholas still held the little fox. Lying sideways, the hand was unreasonably placed on the little fox’s soft and fluffy back, but lacked a bit of pat.

Unexpectedly, he fell asleep first. Then had that dream again, still with this seemingly familiar mansion, while a hand firmly held his, a warm and beautiful laugh, even a sweet and pleasant gasp.

This made Nicholas hot in a flash and dazedly raised the quilts cover, after raising the quilt suddenly thought that the little fox he held might be cold, immediately extricating himself from the dream and suddenly opened his eyes.

But the little fox disappeared, only seeing a small and naked youth lying in place. With a beautifully delicate countenance, the body slim and well proportioned, slept while nestling his tail just like during his baby period, the big red tail made the fair skin look more transparent like jade.