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Chapter 27: The imperial little fox 6

The fox is a creature that canfascinate people, more importantly the little fox is also very cute, the body’s fluffy fur under the golden-bright and dazzling sun appears beautifully stunning, like painting a layer of lovey hues, the slightly raised big tail followed the variant dog’s movements of shakes and sways, tickling the heart.

The variant dogs build having a fine spirit is no less than a regular persons waist height, head raised it looked very happy, the little fox on top it’s raised head also raised the little head, This combination is clearly contradictory but has an inexplicably strong meng* contrast, even the vicious and large variant dog also became lovely. The little fox is clearly a cub, compared to the variant dog is really petite, but is able to control the big dog that is many times bigger than him with a smug and high-spirited look, is simply exploding with meng.

*slang equivalent to moe in japan

When this combination appeared it caused more and more passersby to stop and look around, and some even wanted to go forward to watch up-close. But in the face of this huge variant dog with an unknown nature, most were still sensible and kept distance.

Because the variant dog’s fighting power cannot be underestimated, even if Binn as a cub was raised by the queen, it still possesses an absolute lethality. So this fox and dog went into the mall’s entrance unhindered, going straight to the right side lounge to look at the electronic guide in front.

Ao wu ̴ [What type of gift do you plan to buy ah?]

Wang wang ̴ [teething stick, rubber chew, bone biscuit, plush ball!] Binn excitedly, said while Chen Tong became very speechless, --This were obviously gifts cubs would like right? Even if he couldn’t bear it, Chen Tong still poured cold water by saying: “Human babies won’t like those dog toys.”

“Ah?” Unfortunately, Binn’s IQ was limited to this when thinking, suddenly with a bit of frustration asked: “Then what do human babies like?”

Chen Tong actually also doesnt know, seriously looking at the guide system’s introduction of each floor, then said: “The 12th floor is a children products area, let’s go there and have a look!”

In the malls center was a fully transparent magnetic elevator, a young man walked into the elevator while using the light brains video, just finished the video when he felt someone enter from behind, so while pressing the floor button asked: “Which floor do you want to press?”

Not getting a response, the man couldn’t help but look back, but in the next moment became frightened and almost cried out.

Seeing a large variant dog crouching there, sitting on top it’s head was a beautiful small guy that looks very much like the fox in the history book, a pair of big and small black calm eyes looked at him.

The man vaguely saw contempt from those pair of calm eyes, inexplicably making him feel embarrassed about making much fuss and numbly closed his mouth. While being stunned, the variant dog approached the button’s panel in front, the little fox above it’s head immediately raised his paw, accurately pressing the number 12.

The man couldn’t help but rub his eyes to determine that all this wasn’t his illusion. In just a few short seconds the service has already reached the 12th floor, the fox and dog strutted out, only leaving him their rear view.

God! What is this situation! Wasn’t it said after the establishment of the empire that animals couldn’t be enlightened!! After the man finally returned to his senses he quickly stopped his staring and silently cried out.

The shout in the saleslady’s heart compared to his was even louder.

There are much less customers at night than in the morning and just a handful when looking around, the saleslady sat on the corner secretly applying makeup, suddenly feeling that the back was touched by something looked back, then stared straight in the little fox’s black grape-like eyes that was watching her big eyes.

Momentarily stunned by it’s meng, then saw the little fox blink, with the small front paw that touched her back pointed to the store shelf’s direction and called her with a very small sound.

The saleslady vaguely read and understood the meaning in the little fox’s eyes, coupled with this momentary meng fascination couldn’t help but ignorantly ask: “Do you want to buy children’s products?”

After speaking remembered that animals were unable to understand the human language, but the next second made her not dare to believe what took place as the little fox seriously nodded his head, even the big dog he sat on also sent out a wang wang like reply.

Not knowing what was wrong, the saleslady actually stood up, unable to think calmly said: “What kind of children products do you want to buy? Here, we have toys, clothes, daily necessities……”

The saleslady not only took out the professional spirit of treating a regular customers but was even more enthusiastic, the voice somewhat trembled because of extreme excitement, “Children of different ages need different things, --May I ask the child’s age?”

Ao wu ̴ [How old is the baby?]

Wang wang ̴ [Seems to be recently born?]

So the little fox raised the little paw again, tilting the little head formed a zero shape in the sky.

“Then is the baby less than a year old?” The saleslady immediately asked: “We have a new collection of the latest styles of baby clothes that are very beautiful, do you want to see?”

It was indeed very beautiful, there were also a variety of adorable animal costumes, the little fox was very satisfied, Binn also barked in approval. Then a problem came, --Binn didn’t know the baby’s gender, and became very worried when the saleslady inquired about male or female clothes.

“Right, we also have a new type of stroller here, safe and comfortable, and can also be autonomous……”

“Heavens, how can there be a variant dog!” The saleslady hadn’t finished speaking when a scream came from afar, “I need to contact the police, how can a vicious variant dog enter here, it can harm people!!”

This scream successfully attracted the people on the entire floor, the saleslady looked up, seeing Bonnie the district’s sales leader hurriedly spoke: “No, it’s very friendly……”

In fact she was a bit worried when she first saw the variant dog, but soon found that the other was actually very docile, not a bit frightening. But her words instead made the sales leader criticize her answer, “And you, what are you doing! Disregarding the regular customers but allowing and guiding a variant dog to buy, are you crazy?”

The saleslady couldnt help but whisper an explanation: “They are also customers coming to buy baby products……

But this words immediately made the sales leader more angry: “You’re really crazy, it’s just a beast! Is it rich? Can it understand the human language? Can it pay?”

The sales staff promotion and percentage depended on the commissioned sales, it’s understandable for the sales leader to give this criticism, but the word beast successfully provoked Chen Tong, making him change his mind about coming back in another day due to not knowing the baby’s gender.

Buy, buy and buy, all bought, who said I didn’t have money!!

Chen Tong recalled Nicholas stating that his card had no limit, not to mention some children’s supplies are unknowingly expensive so immediately took out the hanging powder blue card holder from his small chest, using a small paw to hook inside, took and revealed the card Nicholas gave him.

The sales leader just noticed the small fox above the dogs head and became slightly dazed, the card is marked with an exclusive symbol while reflecting a golden light that made everyone on the scene still and daze.

It turned out to be the golden card that only the very rich and powerful people can have!!

Even the saleslady that guided them became stunned. Heavens, this is definitely a living big local tyrant, ---Not expecting you to be a little fox!

Having money can move and even speak, the sales leader in a flash had an attitude change, quickly spoke to the little fox: “I don’t know what products you prefer, I may be able to help show you……”

Unfortunately, speaking halfway saw the little fox turn his head with a heng sound only leaving her a butt.

That small lovely arrogant look made the onlookers heart itch*, then the female who previously shouted at the saleslady saw the small paw point at the shopping cart not too far away.

*heart touched, melted

The saleslady in a flash felt that she became unprecedentedly smart, immediately understood and pushed the cart over, immediately the little fox gracefully and boldly moved the things one-by-one from shop’s shelves in it.

This, this, this, and this, all wrapped up for me!!

In a blink of an eye, three shopping carts were pushed in a row, each were piled up.

The salesladys commissioned sales in this few minutes were what others gained in more than half a month, making the sales leader looking at the sides green in the face. The little fox finally felt satisfied, gently patting the dog’s head, immediately the variant dog obediently went towards the checkout counter, right until the little fox completely paid the bill the saleslady was still floating high in the clouds, after hesitating for a long time mustered her courage to ask: “Can I take a photo with you?”

The little fox finally nodded in the middle of her nervous waiting, the saleslady quickly took out her light brain, one hand was very carefully placed on little fox’s furry back while the other presses the camera’s button.

Long Ca.


--This however wasn’t the camera’s sound, but the crisp sound of the light brain crashing to the ground.

Rushing non-stop to arrive, His great Highness not only broke the light brain with a calm face, but dangerously looked at the saleslady’s hand that touched the little fox, the body’s black gas* almost emerged.


The saleslady subconsciously retracted her hand, then listened to His great Highness coldly talk: “Not allowed to take a picture of him.”

The saleslady quickly nodded.

“Not allowed to touch his back.”

Continue to nod.

“Not allowed to touch his fur.”

Nod and nod.

“Not allowed to touch his eyes.”


--Wait, how do you touch the eyes?

“Not allowed to touch his voice.”

Eh, I don’t seem to have this kind of voice touching high-level skill……

His great Highness also asked the saleslady’s personal bank account, giving her double the amount to make up for the light brain and finally carried the little fox to leave, not forgetting to look back and add, “There will be no next time, if there is your bank account will be sealed.”

A man eating vinegar* is simply an unreasonable lunatic, especially with the premise that he originally had a very seriously twisted character, Nicholas had a black face the entire trip back getting home started to ask questions, “Why didn’t baby inform me about going out? Don’t you know how anxious I was?”

*Jealous: it sounds better that way and more Chinese