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Sorry for the delay, this chapter is has words comparable to 2 chapters... So here\'s another fox pix!!

Chapter 26: The imperial little fox 5 (2 -in- 1)

When the doctor carrying the medicine box entered the bedroom, he saw Nicholas still carrying the little fox in his arms, slowly pacing in the room while gently coaxing, anxiousness clear on his face.

Chen Tongs demon body in the first world wasa mirrortreasure without impurities, in this world was just a newborn cub, even if the soul was strong but a weak body cannot support it. Cubs are inherently prone to illness, fever was a common thing, but the little fox’s fever at this time was somewhat fierce, the body’s temperature has already reached 39.8 and was still diagnosed with an internal respiratory infection and acute inflammation.

Although the current medicine has developed to a point thatno matter how high the fever is a single injection can achievethe desired effect, but the inflammation must still be nursed slowly, there’s no need to worry. However, Nicholas was still anxious as before, the main reason was naturally distress.

The sick little fox curled up in bed was still, the breathing short and weak, the pointed ears were languid and drooped, the big furry tail lacked it’s luster, completely devoid of the usual lively appearance and was frighteningly behaved.

However, Nicholas didn’t want his treasure to be this well-behaved, he only hopes that he will always be lively, when happy hold the tail while rolling around with perhaps a few happy yi ya that babies make which no one understands, if unhappy then cry to him or protest by using the millet teeth to bite him.

Because of sore throat, drinking the medicine was also a problem, the little fox closed his eyes and simply refuses to drink, carefully squeezing his soft little mouth Nicholas’ tongue slowly pushes the medicine into his mouth. Busy for long time then finally heard a slight swallowing sound from the little stubborn one\'s throat, which simply sounded like heaven to Nicholas.

This medicine was slightly sugarcoated, the bitter taste can easily emerge, fortunately the little fox wasn’t awake, otherwise won’t know how to make trouble. His great Highness sighed in relief, he tasted all the parent’s joys and sorrows in just a short night, unconsciously the heart and mind is filled by his little fox, completely without warning.

The little fox was finally better the next morning, but still lacked vitality and refused his hugs, curling up in bed alone. Finally at noon, the inflammation changed into an intermittent cough due to the medicine’s effect, --Even if this was a good sign, Nicholas’ heart tightened with each cough he heard and was just as unbearable as before.

Towards evening, His great Highness updated a new content in his social account: Baby is ill, it’s very distressing.

Immediately afterwards, many experienced parents enthusiastically started commenting in succession, sharing their children’s signs before getting sick and effective planned responses to Nicholas. His great Highness who has never looked at the comments for the first time read it, and also took a small laptop to scan and extract it.

Until seeing the comment of the id unrivalled cute treasure’ saying: Sick babies will feel very insecure, the most important thing for parents is companionship and patience, my baby must always be accompanied and embraced when sick, and cannot be left for a moment……

His great Highness suddenly felt worried.

I really want to hug and keep him company at all times, but baby won’t allow him even for a while……

The light brain sounded at this time, dispatching the call was the other royal prince Antonio. The second prince was externally gentle and cultivated, but also must not be provoked, his disguise is comparatively better, this point was only known by the closest people.

So the first sentence Antonio asked was: “Nick, when did the technology of self-pregnancy become so high? Otherwise where could this baby come from, you millennial virgin?”

Nicholas face that was already grave completely sank.

At the end of the screen Antonio’sheartperceived that it was not good andquickly tried to divert his attention, in a blink changed to a firm look and seriously said: “How is your baby, is he still sick?”

“En, a bit better.” Mentioning the little fox Nicholas expression somewhat eased, then couldn’t help but say: “……but he doesn’t seem to like me, --He doesn’t want my hug and company.”

“How can that be?” The Morgan clan has no distinguishing quality, but was first class in covering up their shortcoming, Antonio heard his younger brother’s frustrated tone and immediately said firmly: “It must be because you haven’t been together long enough.”

Then Antonio began to actively give advice: “Feelings are slowly cultivated, don’t be anxious. In ancient earth wasn’t there an adage, saying that a son is the father\'s lover in his last life, --Next time handle the child through coaxing! Moreover, a child is very sensitive, you must show your capability, let him depend and entrust everything to you, no matter what he encounters his first thought must be you!”

Listening, Nicholas seems to have put aside his reasons, How can capability be shown?

The sky is probably collapsing that this Lao Zi* will teach you how to have a local tyrant atmosphere?” Antonio slightly frowned and thought a bit, “Wasn\'t there a middle school exam topic called ‘My father is Li Gang’? So you must follow Li Gang’s example, regardless of how great the child’s trouble is settle it for him, then he will involuntarily trust you.”

*Lao Zi: arrogant way of saying I (male); usually means ‘this father’

But Nicholas became even more distressed, “But baby is very well-behaved, what’s to be done if there’s no trouble?”

So you must encourage and educate him to cause trouble ah!” Antonio earnestly said: “Absolutely don’t teach your child too well, if the child is too excellent, what can you the father do? There will simply be no chance to show off, it’ll be very pitiful and tragic.”

Nicholas felt that this viewpoint was very correct, listening to Antonio eloquently talk continually: “Apart from this, you can also give him more cards to manage, to help him develop money spending habits, at the very least let him rely on you in terms of money. Imagine the child taking the initiative to run over, with a spoiled soft voice asking you for money to buy things, and you wave your big hand without the slightest hesitation and will then buy, buy and buy, --Isn’t there capability, can you say there isn’t any capability? This is simply an effective weapon to increase your capability!”

It’s clear from the second princes words that Nicholasbeing twisted isnt unfounded, -- Perhaps their entire royal family have problems.

However, Nicholas was already immersed in Antonios words of a beautiful imagination. My treasure has my powerful protection with a pair of beautiful meng* eyes looking at him to ask money to buy things, --Thinking about it was a bit exciting, it was almost impossible to constrain this flood of powerful force.

*equivalent to moe in japanese: cute

His great Highness immediately ordered someone to link his main card to a secondary card with almost equal rights, which was then handed to his treasure that night.

The favorable impression measure in the last world because of Han Ying being exotic and the troublesome decimal point increase, so long before coming to this world Chen Tong changed it to only inform him when he actively consults it, otherwise will automatically remind once reaching 70. So when Nicholas appeared along with Chen Tong receiving the prompt reminder, he became slightly stunned and was almost temporarily unable to react.

--He had yet to do something so how did the good impression reach 70?

Nicholas who was completely unaware of Chen Tongs train of thought, only focused on thoroughly introducing the secondary card\'s basic functions, then finally said: “After baby grows up, papa will then give you another card of your own.”

His great Highness’ card isn’t the same as a common person’s card, but a symbol of identity and power, only a handful of people in the whole interstellar have this. Not only does it not have a credit limit, it also has access to pass through multiple locations, cut-in rights and clearance rights, there would be no problem even if the little fox wants to have one minor planet. The maid also considerately sewed a small powder blue card holder, that can be hung on his neck and was convenient to carry.

That evening, His great Highness was once again able to hold his baby fox to sleep, the little fox’s body was still slightly weak and only softly struggled while going with him, then finding a comfortable position laid down on his chest, the small mouth grunted twice, then slowly slept.

Nicholas gently kissed the babys small tender face, then tightly covered him with a quilt and waited for the little fox’s breath to even out before going to sleep.

In the middle of the night he seemed to have felt a touch of an unprecedented softness, inexplicably a deep sleepiness overcame, not wanting to think too much, only touched his chest to confirm that his treasure was still there, feeling relieved he no longer moved.

So that silent night only theheartbeat remained coexisting near and far, the familiar and strange breath entangled with each other, giving birth to a strong branch that deeply entangles in the dream.

The dream was in a beautiful and calm mansion, clearly he has never seen this place before but he seemed to have passed through it a long time ago. Holding a hand while walking together in the mansion under the setting sun, it felt warm and soft.

This night’s sleep was very good.

Nicholas punctually woke at 7 in the morning, opening his eyes he became completely stunned.

The treasure lying on his chest completely changed into an actual little fox.

The whole body was like a blazing red flame, the gorgeous fur flashed a noble glow in the morning sun, so beautifully stunning and suffocating.

The little fox still hasn’t woken up, the pink nose slightly quivered with every breath, the small paw was mostly hidden under the head, sleeping into a red velvet ball, the big tail encircled the whole body covering his face.

Nicholas was unable to withstand the beautiful furs temptation, reaching out and gently touched his fluffy back. An indescribably beautiful sensation instantly came through, smooth as satin, soft as cotton and warm as spring, that makes one reluctant to let go once touched.

The little fox snorted twice, moving a little, the ears also slightly erected, seemingly waking up. Nicholas involuntarily held his breath and saw a pair of limpid and beautiful black eyes protruding from the fur ball.

Waking up the little fox first had a stunned expression then soon accepted the reality that the body completely changed into an animal, stretched a bit and rubbed his eyes with his small paw, then finally tidied his supple and beautiful fur with his fluffy big tail. The limbs were symmetrical and elegant, every move was incomparably adorable, whoever saw would be tempted to hold and hug. Nicholas couldn\'t help but closely and cautiously grasp the little fox in front of him, and even hooked his lips to reveal a shallow smile, “Baby, ……good morning.”

The man’s voice was low and hoarse which sounded very magnetic and charming, this extremely short words seemed to contain thousands of emotions, the morning sun also gave him a layer of golden edge cover, making his handsome look be a bit gentle and also making Chen Tong inevitably remember Han Ying again.

Seeing the little fox staring foolishly at him, Nicholas’ smile became a bit deeper, “Does baby like to see me?”

The little fox humphed turning hislittle head, then with a lithe posture leapt down from the man’s hand.

Unfortunately, was soon held tightly once again and with a soft blanket was wrapped and carried into the huge bathroom.

Inside was an equally large bath, with a rising shallow mist, that was filled with a clear and dense hot water. Since arriving to this world Chen Tong has never bathed, the fever in the last two days made the whole body sweat and also discovered a knot when tidying his fur a while ago, as soon as the water was seen he immediately got out form the man’s embrace.

“Baby be obedient, wait a bit.” This bath compared to the little fox was too deep, Nicholas feared that he might drown if left alone, holding him with one hand while the other quickly removed his clothes, after stripping naked and while holding the small fox entered the bath together.

Because the mans embrace was neither tight nor loose, Chen Tong completely didn’t worry about sinking while slightly narrowing his eyes out of satisfaction, the limbs were relaxed and frivolously accompanied the waves, the big tail which was soaked with water on the contrary sank a bit. Soaking for a while, Nicholas personally started to help clean the little fox, from the top of the small head, to the extremely thin ears, up to the pointed snout, there is also the soft little belly……

His great Highness use of force was like a massage that was neither heavy nor light and was just right, making the little cub be comfortable for a while and get carried away, and soon laid flat on his back, even grunted and rubbed the man’s palm with his furry head.

However, the lower body is a place where absolutely no one can touch, the little fox felt the man’s big hand began to reach out a bit, the little fox immediately struggled and made an ao wu ao wu sound of protest.

His great Highness hand then stopped, then leaned over the little fox\'s ear softly asking: “Is baby shy?”

Chen Tong was suddenly a bit stiff. Talk then talk, what is this steamy atmosphere!

The little fox’s extremely thin ears which became very red in a speed visible to the naked eye uncontrollably retreated backwards, --This was an unconscious behavior when a cub perceives danger, only retreating like this he stepped on Nicholas thigh and the hind legs slipped down when he was inattentive, the soft pad happened to fall on the man’s key part.

Chen Tong was completely unaware and only felt himself drown a bit after slipping down, wanting to climb again so he fluttered his little paws and unavoidably stepped on it a few times, the strange thing underfoot for some reason grew bigger and harder.

The little fox whimpered questioningly and found Nicholas’ whole body subsequently become stiff, couldn’t help but stop and glance at him, and thoroughly understood with a single look.

Because the others eyesflashed a dark look, this deep darkness seemed to be able to engulf him, --Exactly the same as when Han Ying desired to passionately kiss and embrace him.

The small fox uncontrollably shivered, even the tail’s fur bristled, then immediately began a fierce struggle. His great Highness with one hand tightly held the treasure that wanted to run away, and hoarsely said: “Baby is obedient, don’t move.”

Immediately Chen Tong became still.

Not because he was obedient, rather he clearly understood the man’s experience of hot body temperature and excited heartbeat, knowing that being obedient was better to not aggravate the situation. However, his expression darkened the next second, --Nicholas unexpectedly held him closely with one hand while the other reached down the water.

Chen Tongs furry neck and head were closely and respectively pressed against the mans lip and cheek, he couldn’t see anything else apart from the man’s sturdy skin lines, because of this, the heavy oppressive gasp and muffled hum by the ear were clear and infinitely magnified.

The bath’s water subsequently undulated, even if Chen Tong didn’t look at the situation underwater he knew what Nicholas was doing just using his paw.

--Can even be aroused with a fox, still holding the fox to oneself! Comfort!! This shameless big pervert!!!

Chen Tong was so angry that he ignored him after finishing the bath until returning to the bedroom. Nicholas fearing that he would be sick again, easily coaxed him and managed to fully blow dry the body, the little red fox’s fur that was washed clean and blow dried was more beautiful, the flame-like fur became fluffy and glossy, especially the big tail that stretched out like a fluffy pillow.

Meanwhile in the imperial palace, even if the emperor was still able to endure to not contact his son, but the always swift and decisive behavior of the queen could no longer endure, with a pile of baby products immediately arrived in the prince\'s mansion.

“Nick isn’t up yet?”

Nicholaspunctually rising early was a habit formed from a long time ago, so the queen found it very unbelievable and thoroughly examined the chamberlain with suspicion.

The chamberlain respectfully stood, with a consistently smooth tone: “Yes, His Majesty wants you to wait for a moment and will be coming soon……”

The queen directly askedabout the purpose of this visit:“……then the baby Nick mentioned?”

The chamberlain thought a bit and sensiblyreplied: “The little prince and His Highness lives in the same room”

If she hadn’t receivedanexcellent etiquette teaching since childhood and always considers the queens demeanor, the queen would have already gone to her son’s bedroom to investigate. When Nicholas finally appeared in the living room, the queen immediately looked over with great expectant eyes, but looking left and right couldn’t even find half the child’s shadow.

Her Royal Highness the queen is destined to be disappointed today. Nicholas prevented her visit for various types of reasons such as the baby was still asleep and ill, and later even tactfully ordered to expel the guest, --Fortunately, she finally got the other party’s promise of personally bringing the person to visit the palace.

In fact, Nicholas current mood was very understandable, to summarize it can be said as any man’s desire of monopolization. When his treasure was still in baby form Nicholas was barely able to control, but thoroughly changing into his favorite little fox, the desire to monopolize became intense, and couldn’t help but wish to hide the other for a lifetime so that only he alone can see.

His Highness was unaware that in the future there will still be a form which have yet to come that will let him have a deep and bottomless desire to monopolize, not long after he left the bedroom, Chen Tong immediately followed and ran out, the little fox’s form was originally small, quietly jumping through the window sill which made no one notice.

Chen Tong came out only for a stroll and ran to the front yard, then saw that there stood a well-behaved but strange big dog that was slightly like a wolf with spurs growing on both sides of it’s body.

The big dog also saw him, first raised it’s nose and immediately wanted to come over.

The little fox seemed to have sensed danger and sent out a threatening ao wu sound towards the big dog, but it\'s built compared to the variant dog beast and the sound was also too small, the bark was more milky*, the pair of ears were still shaking, he felt that it was powerful, but it actually lacked even a bit of momentum.

*childish tone

The variant dog wasnt the slightest bit affected with the little foxs sound, immediately lowering the body in a hunting stance and like lightning pounced towards the little fox.

In a flash, the little fox was thrown to the ground, but the huge variant dog didn’t bite the cub under it’s body, rather lowered the head to confirm the scent as it smelt the little fox again, and finally licked the little fox’s little paw to curry favor.

The variant dog was naturally because it felt the little foxs energy, and respect for the strong was an old and constant standard in the animal world. Chen Tong looked at the enlarged dog’s face before him, and saw that it’s originally vicious face was unknowingly gone only leaving a docile look, with even a bit of foolishness, making one couldn’t help but ask who this was.

So the little fox whined an ao wu, the variant dog immediately followed a wang* wang sound, wagging the tail while replying cheerfully: I’m called Binn.

*dog bark sfx

Binn is a pet raised by Her Highness the queen and is very favored by the queen, so is regularly brought with. Chen Tong only knew that the variant Binn didn’t look good in the limited range of normal dogs he recognized, but was unaware that currently variant dogs are quite rare and only some upper class people was qualified to raise.

Discovering the he could talk with a big dog, Chen Tong immediately forgot the uncomfortable days when he couldn’t speak as a baby and started talking to Binn: You’re very heavy, quickly get up.

The variant dog immediately jumped to the side, obediently and honestly squatted towards Chen Tong while vigorously wagging it\'s tail, clearly expressing goodwill.

Ao wu ̴ [Why are you here?]

Wang wang̴ [I’m accompanying the owner to see the little baby.]

Chen Tong who was completely unaware that the baby was him, but only heard Binn say with a slightly frustration: The owner brought the baby a lot of gifts, I also want to give the baby a gift.

“It’s just a gift, I will help you buy it!” As the first friend of this world, the enthusiastic little fox decisively expressed his willingness to help solve the problem: “Do you know where the mall is?”

As a competent dog which often accompanies the queen to shop, Binn immediately nodded it’s head: “Know!”

So the little fox commanded it to lie down, the pair of small paws carefully climbed up on the spurs on it’s body. Seeing that the whole body beside it’s head still had a soft fur, in the end stood high and tall on it’s head.

Suddenly feeling his view widen and feeling fresh, the little fox raised his head with a satisfied look: “Let’s go!”

So the queen and His Highness the third prince at the same time didnt see their baby’ and were simply distraught, while the mall today broke out a big news.

The number of forwarded messages from a passerby on the online interstellar social network in a flash were innumerable: Heavens, I actually saw a legendary little fox in the history textbook riding a rare and ferocious variant dog going to the mall to buy things with several high end credit cards! Heavens, quickly tell me that I\'m not dreaming or having giddiness! I surely must have visited the mall the wrong way!!