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So I might not be able to post chapter 26 on time because it\'s quite long since it\'s 2 chapters worth...

Chapter 25: The imperial little fox 4

The current Interstellar Social Network’s topic list’s top spot and even the second place are #What name sounds good for the surname Morgan#, and #My baby is very beautiful what should be done#.

The comments under Nicholas’ account increases every second, with congratulations, heart-broken statements, guesses of the child’s mother, name suggestions, and there are also picture requests, but no one doubted. Because His great Royal Highness love for the baby fox is very obvious, making people feel it from the implied meanings across the screen, that was even on the verge of breaking out.

His Majesty the Emperor also wanted to see the pictures very much, but this old man was still brooding over the lack of good name for the surname Morgan, greatly endured the urge to contact Nicholas and waited for his son to bring his grandson over.

En, he decided when the time comes to first give them a cold face to show supremacy, then look at their face while ‘being forced to do a difficult thing’, of course, if the baby was really very adorable, will magnanimously forgive them, then personally put on the royal family’s descendant special gem pendant on the baby, --He wants to be a good and benevolent grandfather.

Unfortunately, the reality will eventually disappoint His Majesty the Emperor. His old man secretly prepared gifts for their meeting, waiting for a long time but the person never arrived.

Because Nicholas was very busy, --Busy to be a good 24 filial stay-at-home dad, without a spare time.

The little fox grew very fast, almost twice as fast as normal people, able to stand alone in just over a week and can even wobble along several steps. The millet teeth have also grown a lot, biting Nicholas’ hand can leave a neither deep nor shallow trace, that needs at least 5 to 6 hours to eliminate.

The grown baby fox has two traits, the first was lively and active: As long as there was enough sleep, holding the big tail will roll around in bed, or holding on to something will heedlessly walk around while having the spirit of exploration, --As an ignorant little baby, anything that wasn’t seen can attract his attention.

The little fox was very happy to play alone, regardless of the fear of his stay-at-home dad beside him who thinks he might fall, witlessly scared for a moment and dared not leave. The second trait brings people headache, that was picky in food which was the public enemy of the parents of the whole world.

Seeing that the little fox’s food intake increased along with it’s growth, the dietitian and chefs carefully prepared new baby meals instead of milk powder, made from a combination of vegetable protein and other ingredients, not only tastes good but also contains a high nutritional value and was also easy to ingest. The little fox will first fit the new food to his taste, the stay-at-home dad will first coax then feed to be able to consume no less than half a bowl, after eating his fill will happily spit a few saliva bubble to express his pleasure, but in just a day will then change his face and will then be unwilling to eat again.

The dietitian and chefs can only struggle to develop a variety of flavors, everyday striving to not repeat the same kind for a while, hoping to get the little master’s favor. Nicholas also discovered that his treasure’s character was more difficult to grasp than his, at first will often be like a cuddly and lovable cherub, the next second will then become a proud, pampered and ill tempered little demon, that cannot be touched no matter what.

Towards this, His great Royal Highness very proudly sent a new message in his social account: Sure enough is worthy to be my baby with a personality just like me!!

Nicholas completely doesn’t understand what was called low-key, if wanting to say something then speak, having a baby to flaunt then flaunt, simply disregarding other’s feelings. If a day comes when you believe that he was low-key, that may be because you didn’t find his view.

Ying* ying ying no way, is the big deviant raising a small deviant? --These upper aristocrats were well acquainted with Nicholas\' character.

*whining sfx

Ao* ao ao this is great, is the great male god raising a small male god? --These were the people who blindly worshiped Nicholas without knowing the actual truth.

*wailing sfx

Without a bit of regard with the many winds and waves that have risen outside, Nicholas looked at this bowl of thick broth in front of him and slightly frowned: “Why is it not a creamy paste today? Can baby digest this kind of thing?”

“Can,” The dietitian hurriedly explained, “the food’s ingredients were processed very finely, because the little master grows fast, so it is recommended to increase meat’s amount in the meal’s ratio, it\'s beneficial to both the physical and intellectual development.”

The fox is naturally carnivorous, the baby fox has already been attracted by the meat’s thick aroma, not only did the feature of picky eaters not appear, instead waved his small plump hand and started gurgling, clearly expressing his desire to eat. Nicholas was still very uneasy and first took a spoonful to taste it himself.

The little fox thought this spoonful was to be fed to him, but helplessly watched as the spoon was sent straight to the other’s mouth, first had a dazed look, the next second immediately cried out of protest.

Nicholas was suddenly unable to tangle up with any digestion problems, once again hurriedly took a spoonful to send to his treasure’s mouth, “Baby don’t cry, don’t cry, papa is just afraid that you can’t chew……”

Having eaten the meat the little fox nobly forgave him, the eyes squinted in satisfaction while smacking his lips as the food was swallowed, then opened the little mouth for more, “Ah!”

His great Royal Highness hurriedly sent another spoonful, not forgetting to vacate the other hand to help clean the mouth, the action was very fluent and refined and can completely be rewarded with a junior stay-at-home dad’s admission card.

Unfortunately, the name has not been settled yet.

The more cherished the more difficult it is to decide, Nicholas thought of countless name candidates and later crossed them out, feeling that all the interstellar names lacked a type of high-end atmosphere, and simply turned to the historical data and comprehensive collections of ancient records.

Finally, the great Royal Highness at last happily took two relatively pleasing names and ran to seek his treasure’s opinion.

“The first is Ai Shang Ling Li Yuji Shui Jing Meng Huan Xin Jia Lan Yue Mo Bing Xue Yi……”

This list is really very long, Nicholas was also exhausted after reading it out with great difficulty, taking a breath and said the second: “There is also Zhi Zun Long Ao Tian Xuan Yuan Shenba Wan Yan Wudi Po Tian Ji……”

*those are really long names and no they’re not separated by commas

“I\'ve been looking at historical data for a long time, both are the names of the most respected and worshiped talented people during ancient earth!” His great Royal Highness firmly believed that his little fox not only can understand his words but also smarter than any interstellar child, full of expectations asked: “Which one does baby like?”

What the hell* is this?! Chen Tong greatly widened his eye, immediately dumbfounded.

*ghost = hell, appropriate English substitute

He completely didn\'t expect that the names he once deeply ridiculed would one day fall on him, for a moment the sky darkened and became gloomy before his eyes, but His great Highness thought that the little fox being stunned was due to his fondness and happily said: “Does baby like both, so don’t know which to choose? En, I think the second sounds more domineering and even more……”

The words were not yet finished when it was interrupted by an unprecedented loud crying.

Being unable to talk Chen Tong can only express a strong protest through crying, Nicholas for the first time saw his little fox violently crying and immediately panicked: “Baby what’s wrong? Is anywhere uncomfortable? Baby is good don’t cry papa will hug……”

The expert babysitter Dimon who was always on standby heard the sound and came, the heart immediately throbbed after seeing the little master crying to this extent and thought whether His Highness did something wrong, while hastily stepping forward to help coax.

Everyone said that a bear* child is dreadful, but Dimon believes that a bear father is the most dreadful. Dimon states that the little Royal Highness can definitely be said to be the most well-behaved baby he has seen, although somewhat lively and active, but never troubled people, waking up to see no one won’t cry, and can play alone for quite a while. If someone comes, with wide eyes will look over with curiosity, the appearance is simply bursting with cuteness. Any cry he does, was always completely His Highness the little prince\'s bear father’s fault.

*naughty, misbehaving

In fact, His great Royal Highness doesn’t want to cause his treasure to cry, but it always backfires.

Since learning the correct posture in holding the baby at the nursery school, he began to enjoy practicing it without hesitation, always wanting to hold his baby fox in his embrace, will not let go until sleeping at night. It was clearly stated that other family’s babies likes to have an adult sleep with them and will make trouble if not held to sleep, but his treasure was the opposite, completely unwilling to sleep with him and instead will make trouble if held to sleep.

The little fox is white and soft, the small white face is tender, the body has a milky fragrance, --Ao ao ao he really wants to hug his baby fox to sleep!!

So every night, His great Highness with a resolute character will once again try to bring his treasure from the crib to his bed, then a familiar crying will quickly resound from the bedroom, making Dimon with great effort hold back his condemnation towards the bear Royal Highness.

Currently looking at His little Highness which can\'t be coaxed, Dimon finally couldn’t help but cautiously start talking: “Your Highness, did you just do something to make His the Highness unhappy……”

Nicholas frowned, “The king just recently found the baby two dazzling names that breaks through the interstellar.”

So Dimon also looked at the names, but didn\'t sense any problem, and as far as one can see it was unable to make sense of what one was looking at but gave a powerful feeling, --Although they are indeed too long.

But the little fox was still crying while holding his tail, in addition the cry was very heartbreaking, the little body was thrashing, the grasped tail’s tip was already moist. His great Highness was about to turn in circles from anxiousness again, fortunately it was already time to sleep, a baby was easily tired and the body was unable to withstand sleepiness, so he cried himself to sleep.

It was a blessing in disguise to Nicholas, and made him successfully realized the desire to hold the little fox to sleep, then placed the baby fox on his body. the small and well-behaved lump peacefully slept on his chest, the constant surging warmth filled the man\'s entire heart.

--Baby abuses me a thousand times, I’m treating baby as a first love.

Only, the little fox was grievous in his dreams and intermittently cried, making His great Highness very distressed, coaxed him by gently patting his back. That tender look where was it still like that deviant person with a military force of ss level and was absolutely enough to gloriously come on stage to receive the junior stay-at-home dad certificate.

Unexpectedly, His great Highness for the first time to such a beautiful night to sleep wasn\'t able to have a sweet dream. In the middle of the night, Nicholas who was always alert even asleep suddenly opened his eyes, then immediately raised his hand and turned on the light through the sensor control system.

He was woken by a burning heat. The curled little fox that slept on his chest was burning hot, just like a ball of fire. Nicholas hurriedly examined the baby fox\'s situation and saw his tightly closed eyes, the breathing was clearly heavy and brief due to the high temperature, the little face was flushed charmingly, the air exhaled was extremely hot and the body unconsciously shivered slightly.

In a flash, Nicholas heart was confused and frightened, the voice began to trembled along with the little fox and repeatedly called: “Baby, baby?”

The call finally obtained a response, the little fox’s long lashes lightly moved, the eyes opened a bit but then weakly closed.

The little fox was ill.

Most of the people in the prince\'s mansion were awakened by Nicholas’ yell, while the family doctor was called to come over as quickly as possible.