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Translating chapter 26 is going to take a while it contains like 2 chapters worth of words..

Chapter 24: The imperial little fox 3

Due to not knowing whatflavor the baby fox would like, the kitchen then fully prepared * different brands of milk that a baby would like to drink, separately packed in small sized nursing bottles, there were also two types of nutritious rice puree and some other soft foods. Nicholas softly and quietly hanged the blue bib that was temporarily prepared by the maid to the little fox, then chose the rightmost nursing bottle, testing the temperature again, and felt it was appropriate to send to the other party.

*the author placed that [*]

The fragrant and sweet scent of dairy product finally drifted to Chen Tong\'s nose, then felt that the mouth was pressed with something soft.

“Baby is obedient, open your mouth,” His great Royal Highness while pinching the bottle that was seriously inconsistent with his overall image, persuades his little fox to drink milk by imitating the action of opening the mouth wide to eat: “Ah---”

Chen Tong at this time after a nap only felt hunger, then giving face* opened his mouth, Nicholas seeing it, immediately and promptly pushed the small nipple into his white pouting mouth.

*To show or treat (someone) with respect, honor, and dignity.

Ao* ao ao, drinking, drinking, drinking!! A very good sense of accomplishment!!

*sfx of wailing

But before His great Royal Highness was thrilled to shout these two sentences in his heart, then saw his baby fox spit the small nipple along with half-mouthful of milk that wasn\'t swallowed.

--There is a faint smell of iron, not good to drink, bad review!

“Baby what’s wrong, do you dislike this?” in a fluster Nicholas hurriedly took the milk bottle away, even greatly condemning it for not suiting the little fox\'s taste, then changed to another bottle, “then try this brand okay?”

Just like this, after changing to the third bottle the little fox finally didn\'t spit, the pair of big eyes slightly narrowed to show a satisfied look, Ao wu* while sucking the whole nipple into the mouth, then the little cheek bulged as he sucked with effort, swallowing seriously, the adorable look made the uncle chef at the side forget to move.


--En, this bottle is very good, there is no strong scent only milk, give a 5 star review!

The little fox even stretched out two small hands whining to try to hold the bottle himself, as if afraid that it would fly away. But the bottle even if small is not something a baby can hold, moreover when it’s filled with liquid, Nicholas naturally doesn’t dare to let go, the baby fox ‘seizing’ the bottle with his little hands inevitably met with the man\'s finger pinching the bottle.

The bottle is too thick to hold, but the finger was absolutely no problem. So the little fox finally chose to hold the finger, tightly grasping Nicholas’ finger while heavily drinking the milk.

This action when translated basically meant this: This guy’s hand has been trapped by the baby, the bottle in his hand can’t fly away. He can now continue to drink with a peace of mind!!

Nicholas was completely motionless again.

The finger is actively wrapped by the baby\'s two small hands, the feeling is outrageously soft, the glossy and delicate white skin is just like a recently fallen small and fresh pure snow, letting Nicholas produce an illusion that it will melt if one isn\'t careful. Fortunately, the little fox soon puff and blew after completely drinking the milk, with great compassion released the finger that was taken as a ‘hostage’, and then released a small hiccup, cuddling his big tail slowly slept.

The night was deep, and the entireprince’s mansion gradually fellinto a peaceful sleep.

Only one person was still excited, who else could this person be except for His magnificent third Royal Highness. Nicholas immediately moved the crib into his bedside, gazing at the sleeping little fox and very patiently looked over and over again. His little fox looks beautiful even asleep, even all fox pictures he saw throughout childhood couldn\'t add up to a fur, unexpectedly making the man produce a dream come true type of illusion.

The next day, His great Royal Highness who hasn\'t slept the entire night is still energetic, just as the sky’s mist revealed a bit of brightness the chamberlain was called, and he was ordered to buy all kinds of baby supplies in a single morning.

“All the best and most expensive, for the clothes the clothing division will measure and give baby a specially made to order, complete with all sorts of comfortable fit, more importantly it should shine beautifully, in order to match Baby\'s sparkling appearance!”

In a local tyrants\' dictionary, the first word is definitely sparkling, Nicholas thought while continuing to add: “There are also babysitters, dietitian, and an enlightenment teacher, choose the most outstanding ones!”

Naturally, the chamberlain hurriedly obeyed, then couldn\'t help but come up with questions. --Isn’t it a bit early to find an enlightenment teacher? Will His Highness raise the baby fox as an heir?

But the only person who could give him answers suddenly stood up, then rushed with an unprecedented tense look and with an unfathomable speed returned to the bedroom upstairs.

Nicholas being a ss class level, the hearing and sensitiveness was naturally twice as much as the chamberlain, even the small noise transmitted in the bedroom was still caught by him. Afraid of what might have happened to the little fox, or waking up not finding someone and felt wronged, the movement of His great Highness was quick, hurriedly pushing the door open, the expected scene didn’t happen at all.

The little fox was indeed awake, but wasn’t noisy but exceptionally behaved, even holding the fence for support as he stood up, although the swaying and shaking stance made people feel distressed. Hearing the door sound, with curiosity turned the head towards the sound, without knowing when the two furry fox ears that had popped up were slightly erected.

No matter how valiant the species, it is the same in the early childhood: the body is weak and vulnerable, unable to express feeling in words, can\'t bear a trace of bumps and injuries, and full of curiosity with everything, thus requiring an incomparably meticulous attentiveness and care when moving.

Even a fox demon when growing up to be able to cultivate into a beauty to bring ruin to a country has difficulty getting rid of this nature, --But fortunately, this little fox has a freshly-baked stay-at-home dad. Although, this daddy has a lot of temperamental shortcomings, but absolutely melts in a flash when facing his little fox.

In the early morning was stared at by the little fox\'s pair of beautiful black and bright eyes, the newly appointed stay at home dad felt his heart changing.

Ao ao ao, his baby is still smiling at him! Simply more radiant than the sunshine and even more beautiful than the fresh flowers!! His baby fox is the cutest amongst all the interstellar babies!!

In fact, this is entirely the imagination or misconception of His great Royal Highness. Chen Tong only complied with the cub\'s nature, instinctively curious towards the sound, seeing a person no longer uttered a sound, immediately turned his head back without interest. But Nicholas was still greedy and wanted to enjoy the ‘warm’ gaze of his little treasure for a while, stretching his silly man\'s face went forward to try and attract his attention again, “Baby, baby, look over here.”

His great Royal Highness held a sing a song doll with his left hand and pressed the sound of the small mythical animal toy with his right, then the sound making toy was placed near the front of the little fox: “Does baby like this? With a qin qin* will give it to you.”

*qin qin*: childish way of saying kiss, or parents to children

Chen Tong didn’t even glance at the toy, the heart’s barrage was already crashing.

Pervert! Shameless!! Simply Han Ying’s virtue!!!

Not getting a response Nicholas went closer, even brazenly reached out, trying to raise the little fox’s lowered head, “Baby……

He was clearly gentle and careful, but still made the little fox slightly hurt and uncomfortable, lifting his head and with his little babbling mouth showed two rows of millet teeth with a bit of sharpness, the chubby little hand with a pa* even slapped the man\'s approaching face.

The sound wasn’t small, even the uneasy chamberlain that followed jumped in fright, but didn\'t expect that the beaten great Royal Highness, not only was he not angry, on the contrary the whole body rippled, even the face was full of satisfaction and happiness, this is not the slightest bit like the twisted person that was normally temperamental, but more like a rogue’s vulgar smile while taking advantage of a woman.

Not knowing if it was his own misconception, Nicholas felt that in just a short night the little fox is a bit bigger than before, mistakenly believing that babies just grows fast, and overlooked this crucial point. With the prince’s mansion recent purchase of baby products and looking for a baby sitter, it finally piqued His Majesty the emperor and the queen’s attention.

Nicholas actually has a child? No way, right?

Just when they said that it was unbelievable,Nicholas with his social account number that was only used to flaunt sent out an information: Being a father is actually both sweet and exhausting! But is sweet as syrup*!!( ̄ ̄)ノ In just half a minute, the message became the most explosive headline to be retweeted and commented on the interstellar social network.

*to gladly endure hardships

Even if the people who have seen the third prince thought he was twisted, but after all there were only a handful of them and all were upper-level nobles, the general public in the middle and lower levels only felt that he is handsome and capable, even the rare items that he used to flaunt in his account have been praised for being tasteful.

But His great Royal Highness not flaunting his sparkling little doll will make people in his group stupefied, just when some young ladies can\'t accept that their male god have a child, it didn’t take long before another one was sent: What name sounds good for the surname Morgan? My baby is very beautiful, what if I can\'t think of a matching name for him? What if the last name Morgan is not good enough?

At first glance what most people are concerned is this3 words of surname of Morgan, because the surname Morgan is only available for the royal family, this surname is an absolute and unshakable mark in the interstellar, --This is equivalent to directly telling the whole interstellar that this child is an heir identified by the royal family, upon growing up will then succeed the right to inherit all the prince’s privileges.

“Too much!” The Emperor’s Majesty finally couldn’t resist, resolutely hitting the table, making everyone present not dare to take a deep breath, His third Royal Highness’ intention of act first, report later behavior really lead to the Emperor’s Majesty discontentment.

“Simply too much!” The Emperor’s Majesty angrily repeated, then asked the trembling in fear Royal Palace Chief at the side: “Is the surname Morgan not good? My grandson must have the surname Morgan!! Want to change the last name, no way!!”

Royal Palace Chief: ……

Your Majesty, your main focus seems to be a bit wrong……