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Chapter 23: The imperial little fox 2

This little fox is naturally Chen Tong.

After the end of the last world, he received the system\'s arrangement and entered the next world, and only saw a flash of white light before the transmission, then slowly slept through with the white light. After opening his eyes once more he was unable to understand the current situation, while in a daze vaguely saw Han Ying’s face, immediately opening his mouth to talk to him, but only a yi yi ya ya* cry of a baby was made.

*something like an sfx sound: crying or singing

Looking down on his own body, only to realize that he actually turned into a baby that was born not too long ago with a big red tail!!

Surrounded by a large circle of intense eyes made Chen Tong somewhat frightened, what was worse was that not only could he not speak, but also couldn\'t understand what \'Han Ying\' said, and even if the \'Han Ying\' in front of him was not less than 8 points similar with the last world’s actual Han Ying, but the strange scent told Chen Tong that this wasn\'t him. Momentarily feeling an unspeakable sadness, and strongly influenced by the transmigrated young child’s state of mind, couldn\'t help but cry, and without any control became more intense.

Seeing the baby fox cry even more seriously, His great Royal Highness who has never taken care of a baby was more at a loss, and began to get anxious, almost running in circles from anxiousness. He himself didn\'t know why, the heart that was harder than iron was smashed with each continuous pitter-patter of falling tears by one little fox.

Unfortunately, without going in circles, His great Royal Highness who has always been formidable after picking the little fox was like a puppet fixed in place and dared not move, always worrying that he might carelessly and easily break the baby fox he had just obtained. The tone was slightly awkward as he wasn’t used to being gentle, can only repeatedly say back and forth: "Baby don\'t cry, don\'t cry……"

Although, Chen Tong’s big tail was almost as long as his small body, but after all still had a human appearance, and was even more beautiful than any child, making the ladies who have children on the scene start to feel distress, uncontrollably started talking one after another: "Isn\'t it hungry, my child when young would stop crying when drinking milk……"

"Maybe it\'s cold, a baby can easily get sick in this weather……"

Even the duchess boldly corrected Nicholas, "Your Highness, the way your carrying is wrong, the baby\'s cervical spine is very fragile, it\'s very easy to injure……"

Only after speaking did the the duchess realize that she had just offended a superior, but Nicholas didn\'t get angry, only the body that dared not move a bit became even more stiffer, then rigidly frowned and asked: "……then how do you do it?"

Fortunately the quick-witted chamberlain found a soft expandable crib in time, freeing Nicholas from the plight of being a \'puppet man\', the banquet that wasn\'t carried through as planned ended at once, furthermore, the place was quickly emptied.

Clearly Nicholas was the one who actively called everyone to flaunt his rare treasure, but in a flash turned his back and became hostile, only wishing to hide his little fox from everyone’s eyes, even wanting to dig out the eyes of those who have seen the little fox.

His great Royal Highness firmly stated that the little fox is his alone, –All of you quickly scram for the king, you will be immediately killed if you scram slowly.

Perhaps tired of crying, the baby fox in the crib finally became merciful and stopped crying, Nicholas finally sighed in relief, while urging the kitchen to quickly prepare food that a baby can eat, and like a silly man without an image to say of snuck to stick his face on the crib’s fence, looking inside through the gap between the fences, thinking that the little fox in the crib couldn’t see. The baby fox’s long lashes were still damp from just crying, the small nose\'s sniffling, the body\'s uncontrollable hiccup from crying, and the constantly moving soft fur from the big and fluffy tail, immediately made Nicholas’ heart scream and jump to the heavens from cuteness, and wasn\'t able to come back for a while, then strenuously struggled between reaching out or not to touch the soft fur, was harder than anything else.

As he was busy communicating the white pom-poms in his mind, Chen Tong was completely unaware of His Royal Highness’ suffering, and was only engrossed with using righteous words to express his strong dissatisfaction in becoming a baby to the white pom-poms.

"Welcome to the new world host, the following is the basic introduction of the world." The white pom-pom disregarded Chen Tong’s complaints, methodically and seriously said: "This world\'s background is an Interstellar future, the physical and mental strength are the only two areas that became the two direction of human development, everyone in society\'s school at the age of six will take the innate skill test, to decide whether to practice mental or physical strength in the future."

Pausing, the white pom-pom returns to the point: "The basic situation of the host in this world is as follows: Demon name: Fire fox

Category: Fox demon

Special feature: Deviously fickle, enchants all living things

Status: lv3

Basic skill 1: [Fox\'s charm] –Can enter the charm state by smiling, entice the enemy to relax their vigilance and take the initiative to approach, lure ordinary people to love and assist.

Basic skill 2: [Spiritual Trance*] –Can hypnotize others through eye contact, effective for 10 minutes, cool down time is 1 day.

*I can\'t find a better word for this: 攝魂攝魄

Assistive skill: [Spiritual restoration] –Can calm or eliminate the target’s power riot, the out of control soul, and a spiritual disorder of the 3 negative state.

Ultimate skill: [Soul engulfment] –Can engulf other\'s soul, can get the soul’s memory and master their ability."

"Releasing the current task of this world. Ding–, main task one \'Devotional practice\' has been opened, ask the host to practice hard, continue to improve your demon cultivation rank."

"Ding–, main line task two \'Enchant the person’s family\' is opened, please gather human favorable impressions as much as possible, at least two humans having a favorable impression to host reaching 70 or more."

"Ding–, main line task three "Staying in nature" is opened, ask the host to strictly follow the demon fox\'s two great characteristic of being fickle and charming, all words and actions must conform to \'eccentric\' as the basic guideline, and also \'unconsciously exudes a seductive atmosphere\' to the highest standard."

Young master Chen was suddenly a bit stunned. This seems harder compared to the little mirror’s loyalty to protect the owner! This \'eccentric\' can still be barely understood by it’s literal meaning, what is this \'unconsciously exudes a seductive atmosphere\'?!!

Young master Chen seriously reflected this while holding his tail, unconsciously placing the tail tip on his mouth, making Nicholas\' heart tight, gently and cautiously said: "Baby is obedient, this can\'t be eaten, quickly take it out……"

Immediately turned and fiercely scolded the chamberlain guarding the door: "Go to the kitchen and ask why the food is still not yet prepared, do all of you want to die?!"

Chen Tong dazedly looks at Nicholas’ anger, but didn\'t know why he wasn\'t afraid, just thought the the other face looked more like Han Ying. The white pom-pom sounded again: "Ding–, the system presents the host an interstellar language comprehension package, whether to accept?"

Nicholas looked back after scolding, and came in contact with the little fox’s dazed gaze, the heart suddenly throbbed, hurriedly spoke with a light voice: "Baby is not afraid……"

It was exactly the same.

This sentence from the man’s tone to the content was completely like Han Ying’s, this four* simple words, and finally understood the other’s spoken words due to receiving the language package. It was unknown if it was because of this young body he possessed or because of remembering Han Ying, that actually made Chen Tong inexplicably sad.

*5 characters

Babies will eat until full, sleep well then eat in addition will cry if unsatisfied, thus, Nicholas blankly stared at his baby fox\'s pair of beautiful eyes that was starting to mist a little, after the water vapors gathered, the mouth flattened as if about to cry again. Mistakenly believed that his rebuke just now scared the little fox and immediately panicked, the heart couldn’t help but helplessly regret, he didn’t hold the little fox this time, and actually went in circles due to anxiousness.

Fortunately, the kitchen finally sent the baby food at this time.