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Chapter 22: The imperial little fox 1

In 3827 AD, Interstellar Coalition Empire.

The Empire\'s Majesty has 3 princes. For the eldest prince and the second prince, everyone can use 2* words to briefly describe them, the former is mature and stable, the latter is gentle and cultivated, only the third prince Nicholas, can make people tight-lipped.

*4 characters in Chinese

In fact, if one is really determined to briefly describe him, then there is still a word that can be used, –That is twisted.

But no one dares to say it.

The most twisted thing about Nicholas is his volatile temperament, one can never fathom his thoughts. For a moment, will clearly smile and praise a person as very interesting, the next second without any warnings will become hostile and kill that person, then later towards the other’s violent death will also calmly say to the chamberlain beside him: "Aiya, really regretful, I actually liked him very much, give his family’s account a bit more common currency to compensate."

The second twisted thing is his military value.

In the Interstellar, aside from family background, there is another thing that firmly decides an individual\'s status, that is the level of mental or physical strength. Divided into five levels, from high to low in this order s, a, b, c, d, apart from this, some people through birth or through great effort can reach the ss level, but those are just a handful, few and far between.

The third prince Nicholas is one of that \'few and far between\' with the physical strength level reaching ss, his military value can almost be described as a human weapon.

But people with high levels of physical strength often have a fatal flaw, it is the inability to control the power riots. This kind of riot accumulates everyday and will almost erupt every other year, if there is no corresponding person with that mental level to channel it in time, the result will only be death.

This is the reason why many physical and mental strength tie a knot to be partners, they can complement each other: mental strength can help the physical strength channel their riots, while the physical strength can protect the safety of the mental strength who lacks fighting ability. Unfortunately, the Interstellar still has no one reaching the mental strength of ss level, but even if there is, it will never be accept with Nicholas\' pride.

Considering that the Empire once had a prince with a physical strength of s level that died young due to a power riot, His Majesty and the queen were very worried that their child will have the same fate, so their attitude towards Nicholas was inevitably more indulgent. This led to his very unrestrained character, in addition there is also a special hobby, the love to collect all kinds of unusual and rare things.

Like a large dragon that is keen on accumulating gold coins to fill the entire cave, then the red fruit is taken out to be flaunted, –Nicholas at the end of many people’s envious and hateful eyes felt that it wasn’t very good.

This king* just wants to see your resentful look of seeing me but unable to do anything, if unsatisfied have a duel!

*Ben Wang

Of course no one wants to have a duel.

Fighting an individual with a ss level is simply courting death, in this world there are still many people who wants to live, even more wants to curry favor. What if his nature is twisted? An unmatchable rank, high face value with a good ability off the charts, many men and women fought valiantly to have him.

Like this, Nicholas just to flaunt hosted a banquet, every influential family competed to participate, even sharpening their brains to get an invitation, for fear of being left behind.

After all, getting an invitation was also a manifestation of strength and status, not to mention that it was usually very difficult for everyone to have an opportunity to approach the high-ranked and heavyweight third prince, even if Nicholas is temperamental, but will still speak very well when in a good mood, –It’s better to have a deal with him, if not, then to make friends with an influential family, using this banquet to make connections is also good enough.

*highly respected or famous

Regarding the thing that Nicholas wants to flaunt, nobody was actually interested. The last banquet he held was a month ago, the flaunted item was only a porcelain from the ancient earth a thousand years ago, rare is rare, beautiful is beautiful, but without a bit of practical value.

Just as expected, this time was only a stone and nothing more, from afar it looks glossy and snow white, just like a large egg.

Everyone inwardly thought that, nevertheless their faces adjusted to an amazing expression. But after approaching, this amazement involuntarily turned real, –This stone actually has energy fluctuations!

Whether it was mental or physical strength, if one wants to promote a level, aside from heavy training there is another method, that is to absorb an energy stone\'s energy, but there are very few energy stones, it\'s difficult to find even with a lot of money.

The chief Cabinet Abel started talking excitedly: "Your third highness, what is this, how can there be energy in it?"

Abel’s physical strength has been stagnant at level a for more than a decade, unable to break through the s level has always been his heart’s sorrow, his desire for the energy stone was almost at a level of madness. Unfortunately, Nicholas very fleeting sentence shattered all his infatuation: "I already absorbed it."

This made Abel\'s teeth gnash. What energy do you need for a person who has reached the ss level? Not afraid of death! Simply a waste of resources!

"But it wasn\'t successful," Nicholas next sentence made Abel\'s eyes light again, then listening to him continue: "because I have researched a long time, but still couldn\'t absorb it."

"I suppose it may require a person with high mental strength to use the spirit to perhaps support and guide it." Nicholas raised his brow and indifferently looked around, "Who among you would like to help this king?"

The people present hesitated for a while, not afraid of consuming the spirit in vain, but afraid of the cost with no results, for no reason might provoke the anger of the temperamental third prince, and even their life might not be kept. Unfortunately a person didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth*, Norman’s side branch miss Lorraine came out at this moment, "I\'m willing to help you try."

*arrogant, conceited and ignorant

Nicholas faintly glanced at her, "What level is your mental strength?"

Lorraine was suddenly shy with a hidden complacent smile: "Just recently broke through the s level."

The entire Interstellar only has the maximum of a 100 s level, thus, Lorraine had absolute confidence that she would be treated differently by the third prince. She even seemed to have seen the good life of marrying into the royal family, on the contrary the man\'s eye at this moment, brought an indescribable fear. The man’s deep eyes with a smile yet not a smile was like a mix of the dark night and red blood, with an unspeakable and unrestrained vicious and ghastliness, as if a glance can reveal all her thoughts.

Cold sweats immediately appeared, fortunately, heard the man lazily speak: "Then you try."

Lorraine was finally able to release a breath, seriously injecting the spiritual force into the stone, thus making the stone float, the spiritual force elicited no response, without even a bit of movement. With the passage of time, she couldn\'t help but anxiously increase the transmission force, but it still lacked any effect.


Nicholas finally said with a slightly narrowed eyes, it wasn’t known whether it was from force exhaustion or was frightened by the cold voice, Lorraine’s body trembled and both her hands loosened, the floating stone then slammed back to the table.

This fall, brought about a fine crack line.

Regaining her senses Lorraine was petrified in an instant, the people around her seemed to have seen her miserable death, not daring to breath in the thick atmosphere. In this terrible silence, the fine lines on the stone began to unceasingly expand with a speed visible to the naked eye, then from the middle bit by bit split open!!

Nicholas rage suddenly froze, and subconsciously held his breath, as the eyes unwaveringly locked on the stone\'s crack. When the stone finally split opened to more than half, everyone was stunned by what was revealed inside.

This, this is……

It took a long time for the great Royal Highness to return to his senses, for the first time without grace gulped his saliva, then with an unprecedented gentleness carefully picked that small round thing from the ice-cold tabletop.

Just seeing the man’s big but generous palm, an incomparably exquisite and beautiful small baby quietly curled up asleep. The appearance was equivalent to human\'s 5 or 6 months of age more or less, a smooth little red slightly pouting mouth, even softly snoring a bit, but behind him, was actually a long and big fluffy tail.

The thick and broad tail practically wrapped his entire body, red like a ball of flame, only the tip was snow white. The beautifully bright red contrast made his skin more white, glossy and clear like jade snow, the fluffy tail and the soft long hair gently swayed with the shallow breathing, the simple sway tickled the person’s heart.

It was with this tail, that Nicholas was able to determine with just a look what this small thing on his hand was.

It was unexpectedly the ancient earth’s small fox!!

Not only Nicholas, but any educated person can think of it. Because in the Interstellar Empire, from the baby’s enlightened card until the history textbooks after going to school, there are several important animals introduced during the ancient earth period, one of which is the fox, the tail on the picture is exactly the same as the baby in front of him.

Next to the image is also an additional introduction: The fox can change into a human figure, with a very beautiful form, and with an exceptional intelligence. Thus, in the Interstellar Middle School graduation test’s history test paper frequently have this fill-in-the-blank questions: In the ancient earth a thousand years ago, what animal can change into a human figure? Or in a multiple-choice question, in ancient earth period, when people sincerely compliment a person as very good-looking, will often refer to whom?

a: white lotus b: Song Zhong Ji c: fox-spirit d: green tea bitches who has experienced several star explosions and migrations, not only was history cleanly distorted, the current interstellar animals were also rare, only a very few types survived, and the appearances has completely changed. Not only are most of them ugly, but also have thick armour or spikes, simply making the fluffy control types have nowhere to go.

As a fluff control, Nicholas seeing the small fox\'s picture from childhood liked the animal at first sight, the book\'s picture of the little fox is very vivid. but still couldn’t match a bit of the 10,000 with the real thing that is in front of him, the cold-blooded and temperamental great Royal Highness was rarely bewildered, even fearing that the soft lump on his hand will be broken by him, but at this time, the little baby on the hand moved in daze.

Vaguely opening the eyes first, that pair of beautiful grape-like eyes made Nicholas involuntarily hold his breath, then an unexpected "wa" cry was made.

Then the delicate little white face suddenly flushed because of the lack of breath, the enormous watery eyes, will simply break people\'s heart. The great Royal Highness had an unprecedented and inexplicable panicked expression, regardless if the newborn little baby fox can understand while taking aback the surrounding people coaxingly said: "Baby is good, don\'t cry, tell me what you want alright?"