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Chapter 21: The commander\'s little mirror extra

Nowadays, with his treasure by his side Han Ying was naturally full of joy, the only thing missing was an all caps words of I\'M VERY HAPPY on his forehead. If he was a big lion, perhaps the tail would have already reached the heavens.

His happiness directly affected the whole estate and company, Therefore, Yang Sen Yu and other old subordinates up to the steward and servants, faced Chen Tong filled with love and attentive care, no one expressed doubt or surprise with the youth’s sudden appearance, and just gave appropriate treatment, for fear that the youth will have any dissatisfaction.

They\'re not only fawning over Chen Tong because Han Ying values him, but simply because Chen Tong can make Han Ying happy. This is a great thing about the great commander, when normal people have a subordinate, at most can only cultivate loyalty from birth to death, but he can make them love or hate an important task, anyone or anything that can make him happy, will only come from someone who will sincerely love and treasure him.

This is simply an inhuman and irrational strange truth.

Of course, their master is definitely more □□. Since Chen Tong came back, Han Ying completely degraded, becoming a hairy boy who is experiencing his first love, wishing to hang on his treasure\'s body for 24 hours, even the work isn\'t done, all were thrown to the company\'s subordinate.

Upon waking in the morning will begin to dazedly watch his lover’s sleeping face, as if to compensate for the 7 years when he hasn’t seen enough; after getting out of bed will then wash his face, dress him and without exceptions will take care of everything himself, seemingly addicted in caring for the youth like a Barbie doll; unable to resist feeding him personally during breakfast, urging him to eat a little more of this and that; after eating breakfast, will then take Chen Tong to familiarize himself to mansion\'s grazing land.

The wide pasture has a herd of horses and sheeps, Han Ying brought Chen Tong to the corral\'s front, pointing at a very pretty white horse said: "Baby, this pony is what I specially picked for you, ……that little sheep too," pointing to the cute pet-like little sheep on the side, "Do you like it or not?"

"Like," Chen Tong was very happy as Han Ying expected, steadily gazing at the very cute little sheep and pony, also asked: "do they have a name?"

"Have," Han Ying replied: "both are called Tong Tong."

"Ah?" Chen Tong slightly froze, "Isn\'t that my name?"

"En, because I missed Baby very much……"

Chen Tong already knew that he slept for a whole 7 years, couldn\'t help but guiltily say: "Sorry, I didn\'t know……"

"Hush," Han Ying immediately stopped the hint of apology on his treasure\'s lips, taking the person in his embrace then kissed him, "Baby is good, this isn\'t your fault."

Han Ying with Chen Tong entered the corral, Chen Tong immediately ran to touch the little sheep\'s soft wool, and cautiously touched the horse\'s head.

"Tong Tong still has a year to be fully grown," Han Ying is naturally referring to the pony, "it\'s very obedient, won\'t harm you, so don\'t fear."

"Is it alright to change their name?" Chen Tong couldn\'t help complaining, "It\'s very strange to hear, I won\'t know if your calling them or me……"

"You\'re Baby, they\'re Tong Tong, won\'t mix." Han Ying convincingly argued, "They\'re fond of this name, one is one and a half year old and the other is two years old, both are younger than you, you have to allow them."

Chen Tong suddenly fell into a predicament.

"Anyway I think calling them Tong Tong is very good." Han Ying suddenly touched his chin revealing a bad smile, pointing to the lamb said: "Tong Tong can be hugged, Tong Tong is white, soft and docile," Then pointing to the pony: "Tong Tong can be ridden, pressing under the body is very obedient……"

"You……" Chen Tong just felt that he heard something wrong, "you big rouge!!"

Han Ying hurriedly took big strides to take the exasperated person who was about to leave in his embrace, holding his waist, placing his head against his forehead and coaxingly rub, rub and rub, then began to deliberately provoke shamelessly, –Commonly known as sap*.

*Someone who is being love-dovey with another.

To rub and rub incited the heart\'s passion, couldn\'t help but kiss his lover\'s lips. The kiss wasn\'t too long, but was very intense and sweet, the man’s big palm simultaneously lingered and pinched the youth’s waist and butt, then finally withdrawing from the youth’s soft and lovable mouth hoarsely said: "……Baby, this is called a rouge."

The angry youth who doesn’t know how to curse can only fiercely say this sentence: "……you big pervert!"

"En," Han Ying accepted without question, "this pervert likes you."

The little sheep and pony at the side only inclined their heads, seriously observing the two intimate people. The pony has not yet been enlightened, the little sheep has not much experience. –Since it likes the neighboring little black sheep, later it will also be very diligent to lick it’s wool, without caring even if it\'s too cold.

The big company will always have something that Han Ying needs to handle personally, Han Ying on the 6th day at home was finally forced by the backlogs and telephone calls from his subordinates who have been pushed to the limit, like a little wife grieving deliberately said to Chen Tong: "Baby, wait for me to go to the company."

On one aspect this is a very self-conscious explanation to the lover about their whereabouts, on the other hand it is to make Chen Tong follow. Unfortunately, young master Chen Tong is completely uninterested in participating in his schedule, maybe because of Han Ying’s recent unbearable attachment, he was also eager for him to quickly leave, so he can also breathe a bit, "En, you can quickly leave, bye bye."

Han Ying can only directly ask: "Does Baby want to come with me?"

Chen Tong unexpectedly didn\'t even think about it and refused, "Don\'t want to, I\'m very sleepy."

"You can also sleep in the office," Han Ying began to pester, "Baby comes with me, or turn into a small mirror to sleep in my arms, I\'m not calm without you by my side."

Counting on experience, Chen Tong was still persuaded and brought to the car by Han Ying.

"Baby is obedient, we\'re almost there, there is a rest bed to sleep into in the office."

"Sleepy……" Chen Tong rubbed his eye, "I don\'t want to go out……it\'s all you……"

"One kiss, with a kiss is no longer sleepy."


the driver in front bowed down in embarrassment, pretending not to hear, not even daring to breath deeply. The steward really couldn’t understand as the two were clearly happy leaving at noon, but returning in the evening Han Ying had a gloomy and angry face.

In fact, this is because Chen Tong had chatted a bit and even showed a smile to the company’s young handsome blonde man nothing more. Chen Tong will never understand Han Ying\'s wife-like complaining mood of worrying about personal gains and losses, in order to allow the other to thoroughly get used to and accept him, Han Ying spent great effort and strength, even if the hunter was more witlessly scared than the prey, but still blindly followed.

Jealousy and possessiveness was excessively raised, letting a high ranked and 30 year old man like a simple-minded minor, regardless of everything only wanted to issue his own mark all over his treasure.

Thinking like this, then acted it. Picking the well-behaved youth that was already sleeping on the bed and placed him in his arms restraining him, then kissing him deeply.

Chen Tong in his dream was robbed of his breath, this unbearable feeling made him weak, uncontrollably sent out a kitten like groan. A slightly opened mouth was like a tempting invitation, making Han Ying want to lose control, with a thick voice like grinding a gravel: "Baby, I really can\'t help it, what should I do?"

Chen Tong having just barely awaken, the brain was even more confused, watched him in a daze: "Help what?"

That pair of misty eyes from just waking were filled with ripples of gleaming waves, completely breaking Han Ying’s string of reason, "Sorry……I can\'t help it."

That night the prey was officially swallowed by the hunter, eating it over and over again like a delicacy. The youth\'s originally clear voice soon became unceasingly hoarse, mixed with crying and begging for mercy, until the voice could no longer make any sound, the mouth that was unable to completely close has a trace of lewd silver that fell from the lip\'s corner. The body trembled powerlessly under the strong impact, not knowing whether to stretch or curl up, burning up like having a fever.

Men are animals that would rather die from excessive ejaculation than to get hurt from suppression, eating for the first time, like not knowing satiety, the great commander only eats excessively like a fierce leopard, seizing his treasure again and again, after the release and burnout period will pamper, love and repeatedly kiss him in his arms, after an intense kiss will then enter again.

Chen Tong who was already tired had a blank mind, only knew that he was pulled to high clouds by someone and couldn’t descend, and with the clouds shaking and rolling heat wave, that suddenly and unceasingly hit in one direction. The youth finally managed to cry out, a small animal like whimper that was unable to resist look was very pitiful, Han Ying’s comforting lips is unusually gentle, the youth trembles at the intrusion that continuously pushed deeper.

With the reversal of the wheel of fortune, on the next day, the one who wants to cry became Han Ying.

"Go away……" Chen Tong’s voice was hoarser than last night due to low fever, and had no appetite for the sweet soup that he usually likes, let alone medicine, on top of being angry, even having a cough.

"Baby be good, eat the antipyretic," Han Ying carefully accompanied the coax, "eat the medicine so that you won\'t feel unwell."

"Go away, I don\'t want to see you……"

Han Ying continued to coax: "Baby is careful being angry will hurt the body, if you must be angry just hit me okay?"

"Won\'t eat," Being physically uncomfortable made young master Chen\'s IQ decline, like an unreasonable child, "I hate you, I will leave here, I don\'t want to be with you anymore!"

This is definitely Han Ying\'s weak point, like a child Han Ying immediately argued with Chen Tong, "No, you can\'t hate me, I won\'t allow it!"

Chen Tong confusedly slept again, it was already late night when he woke again, it was very dark outside and only a small wall lamp was lit next to the bedside table. Han Ying lying on the bedside, held his hand, seemingly asleep. Chen Tong looked at his sleeping face, thinking that the other appeared cold even asleep, but whenever he remembered him, but without knowing why the other always looked very gentle when coaxing him.

Chen Tong in the end didn\'t leave.

Feelings were like a hoop, love like a chain, he has already been unable to withdraw.