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Chapter 20: The commander\'s little mirror end

However, looking around, apart from the howling mountain wind, his shouts didn\'t receive any reply. Han Ying\'s mind was anxiously chaotic, without thinking began to search, immediately started to search crazily by digging.

Such a never ending snow capped mountain, there were innumerable amount of snow that fell, there were also tens and thousands of cubic meters of snow on the mountainside, it’s impossible to find with a strength of a single person, Han Ying can only dig at the place where the sphere of light carried him out the layers of snow. The thought of his treasure facing the situation of being buried deep in the snow, made his body tremble in fear, recalling the sphere of light that saved him, further pained his trembling heart.

Such a familiar and strange scene of shining light, no one else can do it except for his small mirror. His small mirror once again saved him, but he had clearly said that he’ll carefully protect and take care of him, but it was never realized even once.

The pain and madness in Han Ying’s eyes seemed to melt the snow in front of him, with the little passage of time, perhaps his persistence touched the heavens, he faintly saw a touch of dark blue.

The cloth is exactly the scarf he bought for Chen Tong. The heart immediately throbbed, desperately quickened his action, and finally was able to once again embrace his treasure. Being breathless after relaxing a bit, he felt nauseous after waking from the intense panic, there is also a rising black fog in front of him, making nothing visible. After regaining his vision only then did he discover that he had dug a pit with a person\'s height, his ten fingers were completely coated with blood, his treasure is clearly breathing, but his eyes were peacefully closed, just like sleeping, the body as cold as ice.

"Baby, Baby." Han Ying repeatedly and anxiously called several times but couldn\'t rouse him, climbed out the pit while holding Chen Tong, and also enveloped him with a layer of clothes, then hurried down the mountain, even completely ignoring the oncoming military forces.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the pursuer or the killer, but his own people. Yang Sen Yu after receiving a telegram in the Rong Cheng base immediately brought people to Yuan county to provide support, seeing Han Ying knelt and said: "Great commander I\'m afraid he\'s dying, requesting the commander to return and manage the overall situation!"

Today all the major newspaper\'s telephones were ringing nonstop since 0 o’clock, the newspaper office’s staff received an urgent notice from the editor-in-chief when it wasn\'t bright, holding the telegram in one hand while holding the telephone receiver with the other shouted: "Leave the layout, there is news, there is big news!"

Grandfather Han as the head of the six warlords, every move is big news, especially when he\'s in a life and death situation after being seriously injured by an assassin. In addition, he was also given a chronic poison, high medical skills are powerless to reverse desperate situations, barely hanging on just to see his grandson for the last time.

Holding his treasure that still hasn\'t woken, Han Ying hastily returned to the Southern province, but didn\'t expect a final ambush waiting for him. Something amiss was found after just stepping foot in the city, the the first to feel the danger was the warhorse, raising the front hoof while neighing, but Han Ying reacted too late, the next second a loud explosion was heard, followed by a huge blast of air, collapsing the city\'s soil.

It was a bomb placed in advance, and was detonated by several assassins who were in the surroundings disguised as ordinary people. This is the last attack of the Japanese, Han Ying returning safely exceeded their expectations, they at all cost must take Han Ying\'s life, just the thunderous vibration can make people deaf and even shatter their internal organs.

However, Han Ying was once again able to safely escape this disaster.

But this time, not only Han Ying, all his men that followed him saw this sphere of light. Like a barrier isolating them from all the shocks and explosions, magical and dreamy, making everyone subconsciously hold their breath.

When the light\'s sphere dissipated, they were surrounded by the devastation after the explosion, smoke filled, caved in grounds, even the disguised assassins were blown into pieces, only Han Ying and his group were safe and sound, unscathed. But at this time, the youth in the man’s arms faded bit by bit, and finally heard a crisp breaking sound, the little guardian heart mirror had fallen to the ground, splitting into two halves.

Han Ying blankly watched as the small mirror broke into pieces, his blood and breathing seemed to completely solidify, the whole person looked desolate.

Yang Sen Yu had never seen Han Ying like this, the expression was like his entire world had collapsed, barely repressing his shock towards the light\'s sphere that emerged and the youth’s disappearance, involuntarily called out: "Commander?"

Yang Sen Yu was reassured as Han Ying moved because of the sound, while trembling carefully picked the mirror, frantically trying to put it together.

However, the mirror could not be reattached.

Han Ying finally saw the last side of grandfather Han, he swiftly and resolutely grasped the control of the Southern province and removed all the Japanese spies, but lost his most important treasure.

Day by day, yearly, the whole commander\'s mansion knew that there\'s a secret in the main building that no one can touch, it is the fully restored guardian heart mirror that is placed on the pillow side by Han Ying, on the inside of his couple pillow, the seat on his left hand-side, his co-pilot seat, was as empty as his heart, and has always been set aside for the person who has disappeared.

"Look quickly look quickly," In the big dance ball, at the hall’s corner a girl wearing a western style dress pulled her female classmate beside her, pointing to the distant man in a military uniform talking to the new National Government Minister of Defense that is her father, "isn\'t that the Southern army\'s great commander, he looks so handsome!"

"It doesn\'t matter how handsome he is," her female companion nevertheless ruthlessly dispelled her enthusiasm, "you know that this great commander Han is 30 this year and still single, so many men and women have already hit the wall, ……you mustn\'t have unrealistic thoughts."

"30 years old?" the spoiled girl slightly paused, with great courage carelessly whispered: "Still single at this age, wouldn’t it be frigid?"

The female companion shook her head, "Also can\'t say if he\'s emotionally hurt ah, such as his first love died in an accident, –The great commander lives as a widower of his lover."

"Xi*xi," The girl hook her head with amusement, "How can that be, he is the magnificent great commander that dominates the region, how many hails of bullets have been experienced in life and death situations, not a sad and sorrowful married young woman who hasn\'t seen the world in the olden days……"

*giggling sfx

The female companion was amused by the girl\'s expression, also laughed: "Haha."

Hardly knowing that this is the case in the world, the real facts are often easily said by people, but is considered as a joke.

David, the mansion\'s new male servant who always likes to hear jokes, felt that he encountered a myth from the East today.

Even if the youth in front of him has an oriental look, yet was more beautiful compared to anyone he has seen even to a meticulously drawn picture, the eyes had a limpid autumn water* gaze, like precious black gems.

*trad. description of a girl’s beautiful eyes

David naturally encountered Chen Tong. In just 7 years, the warlord division era was drowned by the torrent of revolution, Han Ying before mixing in the Nationalist party only saw schemes without future, then recalled the calm and peaceful life he once described to his treasure, finally decided to stay away from the chaotic domestic situation, with efficient leadership left the country.

He established a security company in a foreign country, and bought another mansion with a grazing land, filling it up with fruits and animals that his treasure might like. He did everything he said at that time, holding his treasure to sleep everyday, then snuggling on the sofa reading books, frying two of the other’s favorite side dishes in the afternoon, a table with two pairs of bowls and chopsticks, when there is no one at midnight, with a soft voice repeatedly asks: "Baby, when can you come out again?"

In fact, Chen Tong has just been sleeping the past 7 years.

At that time he used two skills in succession when he had just upgraded, moreover, the two repercussions exceeded his limit. The lv3 Illusion period is still very weak, only equivalent to foundation establishment period, even if all skills can be used, but still far from being able to use it properly. The feeling of overdraft weakness made Chen Tong unconsciously sleep, and only knew that he slept very well, after completely waking up without knowing why it was now dark.

Looking around, discovering that this wasn\'t the commander\'s mansion room, full of European touch, without finding overclothes and shoes to wear, he then walked out the bed barefooted, and all the way to push the door open.

It was heavily raining outside, Chen Tong was only wearing a white unlined garment, the hair grew insanely long in 7 years, almost reaching his ankles, like jet-black satin flowing down. Just recently waking up, his eyes were still watery, the white porcelain face was flushed, with a doubtful look tilted his head to look at David who was placing an anti-skid on the hallway outside.

Chen Tong was doing a very ordinary action, yet unaware how enchanting it was to other\'s eyes. David really thought he had seen a fairy in the eastern mythology, with mouth wide open, foolishly standing still, as all the things in his hands fell down.

"You……," Chen Tong couldn\'t figure out where he was, and couldn’t figure out what happened to the foreigner, frowned and tried asking in standard English: "Do you know Han Ying?"

David naturally understood, dazedly answered: "The master had just gone to the study room to temporarily handle something, do you want me to call him over?"

Chen Tong was unable to recognize the road, obediently waiting in the porch, dazedly watching the garden roses sway in the wind and rain, not long after heard a slightly eager footsteps approaching from afar.

That familiar and powerful footsteps made Chen Tong slightly freeze, immediately looking up, and seeing Han Ying’s face across the curtain of rain.

At this moment a lot of things seemed to flash in his mind but nothing was captured, when Chen Tong came back to his senses, Han Ying had strode from a distance and was only a few meters in front of him.

In a flash, their breaths were suddenly magnified, the words to be said in a brief moment were lost in the chaotic breathing and drowned in the crashing rain, Chen Tong had never seen Han Ying like this before, with a trace of fragility and helplessness, opening his mouth as if wanting to say something, but not even a sound was made, finally with one hand pulled Chen Tong in his embrace.

An almost uncontrollable exciting ecstasy after all kinds of emotions made Han Ying’s heart feel a burst of pain, the only thing that could be done was to forcefully and securely hug the person, and softly called: "Baby……"

The man\'s arms were like iron hoops, Chen Tong clearly felt the other’s trembling body and violently beating chest, even hearing his voice choke with emotions. Chen Tong couldn’t help but struggle to see his face, but his head was pressed by the other towards his heart, the man\'s voice was hoarse and heavy: "Baby, don\'t look……"

The youth will forever be unaware of the man’s falling tears accompanied by the rain.

After a while only then did Han Ying try to calm his mood, while Chen Tong just noticed his wet shoulder, hurriedly withdrew from his embrace, and quickly said: "It\'s heavily raining outside, why didn\'t you bring an umbrella? Quickly change your wet clothes, be careful you might catch a cold……"

"This little rain doesn\'t matter." Han Ying lightly smiled, but frowned at the youth\'s barefoot, "How can you come out without wearing shoes?"

"I couldn\'t find any shoes……"

Han Ying without delay picked the youth gently and skillfully, directly headed to the big bed in the bedroom, placing the person back in the quilt, then listening to what Chen Tong said took off his wet Western-styled suit, then undid the soaked white shirt inside.

The strong and sexy chest was completely exposed, finally took off his trousers. The man even exposed his lower body, Chen Tong uncontrollably blushed, couldn\'t help but whisper: "Y-you, how can you take off your pants ah……"

"Didn’t Baby make me change my wet clothes?" Han Ying said in a very innocent way: "The pants are also wet ah……"

Chen Tong had always felt that something was wrong, the long eyelashes with his breath slightly trembled while moving up and down, the person’s desire overflowed endlessly, the next moment the man who had stripped naked raised his chin and blocked his lips.

The man’s tongue plundered his mouth tenderly and aggressively, the very aggressive breath entirely covered Chen Tong’s thoughts and senses, making him uncontrollably send a weak and subtle moan, further inciting the other party to rage and ravage more vigorously.

Finally, Chen Tong’s strength like his oxygen was drained by Han Ying, the body went limp in the other\'s arms. Han Ying held his lower back, the other hand simultaneously entered his unlined garment and probed in.

His treasure has already returned in his embrace.

It was only at this moment that Han Ying really confirmed that everything in front of him wasn\'t an illusion, couldn\'t help but hook his lips, finally revealing his first heartfelt smile in these few years.

The treasure in his embrace was very tempting and beautiful, and never rejected his encroachment, Han Ying\'s heart was very satisfied, even the eyes are filled with smiles. The noisy rain outside was isolated by the closed doors and windows, the warm light softly covered the room with warmth, just like the worldly affairs floating in tranquility.

No, it\'s a lifetime.