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Chapter 2 The young supreme commanders\' little mirror

To speak clearly what emerged was a youthful teen, in white shirt and dark trousers, with jade like skin, the appearance can almost be described as stunning, the whole person is like a gently unfolding bright clear water beauty of a painted scroll, it can also unconsciously produce an amorous feeling with lack of self awareness, just that he is alone hugging his knees while sitting, with a pitiful look that may cry, the delicate eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, mouth slightly pouting childishly, as if bearing an enormous grievance, and like being abandoned by the whole world.

To see a ‘ghost’ inside the mirror, presently this type of situation should be more shocking to Han Ying, but the teen inside the mirror is clearly more panicked than him, when the beautiful eyes fell on him, it suddenly widened significantly, the panic inside is obvious at a glance, the pair of glittering pitch black pupil looks as if it’s devoid of schemes, it also contains glistening tears that haven\'t been shed before, like a pair of obsidian immersed in water, that can directly hit a person’s heart.

A person who has been soaked with blood and has a complicated mind, the most difficult thing to resist is this kind of lack of intrigue, the young supreme commander who is an unmoved iceberg that has been an all time virgin for a long time was suddenly hit in the heart, the originally emerging great traces of restrained fear and killing intent was struck to bits and pieces.

Chen Tong’s anxiety was because he always thought no one could see him, since this happened for the entire day, yet just a moment ago when looking at mister ‘pervert’, he faintly saw his own image from the pupil, adding to the man\'s expression, he immediately realized what happened.

In an inexplicable panic, the mind’s barrage is again risen.

I seem to be a demon now……

Yet discovered by a human being……

That person is a big pervert that likes to randomly touch……

Perhaps he will call a crowd of Taoist to seal him with talismans or maybe to be placed inside a gourd to be slowly refined or perhaps to be suppressed under the Leifeng Pagoda for five hundred years……

Eh, it seems that there is something in the confusion. In short young master Chen\'s brain hole in a flash is wide open anticipating innumerable ways to catch a demon, trying to control the frantic heart, completely looking still and dull on the outside yet not knowing what to do, this foolishly blank little look is honestly very cute, still Han Ying spoke first: "……small mirror?"

Chen Tong still wasn’t able to react, subconsciously sounded, "……Ah?"

"Hé." The young supreme commander couldn\'t help but laugh a bit, the low laughter sounds full of charm in the night, melting the appearance that had always been chilly. He actually listened to what grandfather Han said about everything having a spirit and that their family’s heirloom is also spiritual, with a light cough, he deliberately returned to his serious state: "Be clear first, are you this mirror’s spirit, or an emerging lonely ghost limited by the small mirror?"

Han Ying has a very strong air field even when laughing, giving people a must never be provoked feeling, not to mention the stiff looking face. However young master Chen\'s greatest fear are ghosts, to be able to live properly in the original world how can it be that type of person so he decisively express himself, immediately refuting: "I\'m definitely not a ghost!!"

Chen Tong’s current profile is like his original appearance in the real world, to see the clear eyes full of waves, the curvature at the outer corner of the eyes is slightly raised like a line meticulously drawn by a painter, the young supreme commander\'s interest was even raised a bit, "Oh, ghosts aren\'t foolish like this.”

Young master Chen is suddenly even more unhappy, giving a quick angry glare at Han Ying, this quick look is unmixed with charm, inexplicably the young supreme commander who is an all time virgin was struck in the heart again.

This must also be luck that they met at just this time, if it was two years ago, the young impulsive Han Ying might not have this kind of patience to tease this ‘undiscriminating’ small demon spirit, during two years ago, his home country’s turmoil changed him to be very cruel with feelings that won’t be affected this easily, although he feels something towards the little mirror, it is temporarily more inclined to a pet like treatment, –Because he will not threaten his status, there will be no disputes of interests, so willing to thoroughly pamper him to the greatest extent.

"Small mirror, do you have a name?"

I don’t want to talk to you again this “big pervert”!

Not getting an answer, the young supreme commander paused, "is there no name then?"

There is but won\'t tell you!

"If you don\'t tell me, then I will randomly choose.” the young supreme commander daringly indulged, in this way the fact that this world seriously has demon spirits is smoothly and thoroughly accepted, the body suddenly leans back, slightly lazy against the pillow, leisurely said: "or just called Jing Jing[1], –But you look like a boy, this name sounds too feminine."

Young master Chen is even more annoyed. You\'re Jing Jing! Your whole family is Jing Jing!

"Dislike?" The young supreme commander once again understood the voice in Chen Tong’s heart, thinking again said: "……Oh, I remember when I was very very young, it seems like I heard my mother calling me a Bao Bei[2]."

The young supreme commander tried to remember the birth mother who died when he was three, but found out that it was too long ago, even her smiling face couldn\'t be recalled, then taking the mirror to only a few centimeters in front of his eyes, decisively watching the very small teen in the mirror, in a very low voice: "Bao Bao[3]."

Han Ying’s voice is very magnetic, if in modern times, it will definitely let a bunch of voice control people be obsessed, at that moment it was deep and husky, like a double bass that makes it unable to be far away, if a man\'s voice can also be described in terms of beauty, then it is like the plum blossoms that proudly stands in midwinter, "Bao Bao, ……What can you say about this name?"

Chen Tong froze for a split second.

Not because of the man\'s sensual voice, –Straight men will never be aware of the charm of other men before they are bent, but because his mother also called him this, furthermore from childhood up to growing up, recalling how he also ignored his mother\'s too childish and sappy address, repeatedly making excuses to protest until eighteen, but now wanting to hear but can no longer able to.

What to do when suddenly feeling more homesick……

Chen Tong feels his manly character is losing face due to always crying, trying hard to stifle the dropping tears, yet there is still an approaching watery mist that\'s disobedient, hurriedly turn the body to prevent the ‘big pervert’ from seeing.

As if the childhood has never had a playmate and a nerve that hasn\'t been relaxed since long is all coming from his little mirror, the young supreme commander like talking to a small child even patiently asks: "What\'s wrong? Is Bao Bao unhappy?"

Chen Tong has already decided, he will do the task, without hesitation and get home at all cost.

The young supreme commander called again twice, but the teen still used the butt to face against him refusing to turn back, can only close the light and nestle the guardian heart mirror while laying down in the quilt, not knowing why, he just feels that the small mirror has a magical sleeping aid effect, sleeping with it can make him sleep quickly and safely, “It\'s still more than an hour before dawn, Bao Bao will sleep with me for a while."

Chen Tong didn’t sleep, rather opened the system backpack. the items of the new demon big package are all lying quietly inside, he took out the cultivation method first, and read it seriously.

Because it is the practice of a LV1 demon spirit, so the content is very thin, only two pages, the first page mainly tells how to use breathing to draw chi to enter the body, the second page describes how to absorb the sun and the moon\'s essence. Chen Tong quickly finishes reading it, after determining the basics, immediately followed the breathing practice of the first page, as a result the white pom-pom that was always hiding on the side was shocked.

Simply inconceivable, to actually succeed with one try!

The white pom-pom actually saw a scanty chi growing at the teen’s Dantian[4], that slowly ran along his body\'s channels, this starting speed is not the most powerful in the demon race. The demon race has always loved and hated clearly, acting directly, the white pom-pom isn\'t jealous, instead it produced a little bit of intention to teach.

In fact this matter in two word is called innate talent. As the saying goes success is 99% sweat and 1% inspiration, but people always forget the most crucial latter half of it: that 1% inspiration is more important than more sweat.

Even if young master Chen has a slow EQ, but the IQ is as high as 104, moreover the comprehension is exceptionally high, to possess a demon body is also like having a precious treasure, blessed with cultivation qualifications, being able to start quickly isn’t surprising, unfortunately Chen Tong is completely unaware of his ability to immediately condense chi that can make people jealous and greedy, still disliking this very weak and very small chi.

Since from start the white pom-pom cherished this intelligence, it will then seriously start to guide him: "Quickly eat the gathering chi dan from the system backpack, to later acquire more chi, using the gathering chi dan can get twice the result with half the effort."

According to the words Chen Tong swallowed the medicine dan, and worked the practice again, sure enough felt the chi strengthened a little. He earnestly does it repeatedly until it runs smoothly, only to find out that Han Ying’s morning exercise over there is about to end, aiming at the last target, ‘Peng’ a cleanly executed bullseye hit, then put the pistol back in the waist holster, go back to the main building for breakfast.

Don\'t ask why Chen Tong knows about it, –Because he didn’t know when Han Ying hanged him like a pendant on the chest, hearing the sound of the man’s sturdy and powerful heart beat let him unable to bear running a barrage in the mind again, each one is written with the big pervert these three words.

Han Ying has kept the habit of getting up daily for morning exercise at 6 o’clock for nearly 20 years, even if it rains today, will still practice indoors for more than an hour of mixed martial arts and shooting. With Chen Tong currently in LV1 Demon spirit period, he is unable to leave the prototype for more than two meters, and can only emerge outside the mirror for one meter behind Han Ying’s position.

Outside the training ground, passing by the the flowerbeds of the British small roses along the way, a turn can see a breathtaking four-story European-style small western building, from both sides the entrance hall way and for every ten meter intervals there are fully armed designated guards, seeing Han Ying will simultaneously salute: "Good morning young supreme commander"

In the account of going to the military, so Han Ying is wearing a military uniform. The southern province’s military uniform are all German-styled. Working cautiously and uprightly, considering his special status and military merits, hanging from the chest are also several large and small medals, the tailored body fit military uniform will make the man’s bearing more tall and straight, will overall see the wide shoulders with long legs, very captivating.

Only, Chen Tong will accept that uniforms are certainly able to effectively reflect the men’s charm, but will never admit that \'big pervert\' itself is attractive.


[1] from Yao Jing meaning demon spirit

[2] Bao Bei: treasure or baby

[3] Bao Bao: baby

[4] point two inches below the navel where one’s qi/chi resides