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Chapter 19: the commander’s little mirror 19

Reaching the point of sleepiness at noon, perhaps the man’s embrace was too steady, or the train was moving with a slow shaking motion, making Chen Tong a bit sleepy, even releasing two yawns, unconsciously hanging his head and closing his eyes.

“Baby don’t sleep, we’ll be getting off later.” Han Ying quickly shakes him awake, “The further north the colder, by sleeping it will be easier to get sick .”

Chen Tong then quietly asks: “How long before getting off?”

“An hour at most.” Han Ying coaxing his treasure said: “Hold on for a while, after getting off, I’ll find a place with no one for you to change back to a small mirror to sleep in my arms alright?”

“Don’t need,” Chen Tong immediately shakes his head, “I’m not sleepy, I want to stay with you.”

Two people were hugging in a gloomy corner, clearly surrounded by chaos, and the road ahead would be very difficult, but the heart is warm and calm, even this small corner seems to become incredibly warm.

But just as young master Chen said so his mouth uncontrollably gave a small yawn, a tear drop appeared from the corner of his eye. Han Ying couldn’t help but reach out to catch it, then stroked the youth’s eye. The long eyelashes suddenly quivered between Han Ying’s fingers, this kind of trembling made him feel as if he had caught a rare butterfly. Not daring to let go, fearing that if he relaxed it will then fly away.

“Ding–, Han Ying’s degree of goodwill increased by 0.1, current favorable impression is 95.7”

“……” Young master Chen suddenly became somewhat speechless, immediately felt that it would be better to close Han Ying’s reminder again?

Soon arrived to Bai Yi mountain, the time was almost 2pm.

Han Ying was naturally reluctant to let Chen Tong climb, it first took a lot of effort to half coax and half cheat with a bit of coercion to let his treasure turn into a mirror, then bought two sets of warm clothes and equipments in the mountain’s small town, and finally spent money to find a young hunter with experience in mountain climbing as a guide.

In fact, relying on Han Ying’s strength, climbing a mountain is not impossible, the frightening thing is the ever changing weather, Bai Yi mountain is known for it’s immeasurable strangeness, avalanches usually occur, even experienced hunters are unwilling to take risks, repeatedly asking Han Ying: “It’s very unsafe to pass Bai Yi mountain this season, are you sure you want to go?”

“En.” Han Ying nods, “If we set off now, about what time can we reach Yuan county?”

“About 1 or 2am. This mountain isn’t actually very high, just steep, if we travel fast and there are no accidents, we can cross in 11 to 12 hours. So, we’ll leave as soon as it’s bright tomorrow morning, by chance it is almost nightfall.”

“No,” a long night of sleep brings about many dreams, it’s unknown how many accidents can happen in a night, Han Ying can’t wait or even gamble, what’s more the express train to the Southern province in the Yuan county starts at noon, there is only a ride per day, “I’m afraid I can’t wait for tomorrow, and must leave now.”

“Aiya, that won’t do,” the hunter immediately shook his head, “the winds are strong at night, the avalanche’s probability is doubled than during the day, there are still wild animals, if you insist on leaving now, I can only send you halfway through the mountain, and help point you to a safer mountainside, but can’t accompany you the whole way.”

Saying so then returned the money to Han Ying, and with great regret said: “I’m really sorry……”

The hunter still had a family composed of a son who just recently turned two and a mother to take care of, letting him accompany while being aware of the dangers is very difficult, Han Ying didn’t take the money, only said: “Halfway up the mountain is halfway up the mountain.”

The hunter was indeed experienced, the mountain was boundlessly white, he can always find a better and easier path to lead Han Ying. However, this fast movement is only relative, steep rocks with snow and ice, the ground is either slippery or deep, every step is very careful.

The incessantly diligent journey continued for nearly 4 hours, as the sky gradually darkens, the leading hunter panted to a stop, looking back at Han Ying whose breath was always steady and smooth, couldn’t help but praise: “Your physique is really good, travelling this kind of road is really not surprising.”

Their speed was very fast, this less than four hours of travel exceeded his expectation, the hunter originally intended to accompany up to here, but because Han Ying declined the money he returned, he gritted his teeth and said: “I’ll take you to a place, ahead is a very dangerous mountainside but it is faster to travel, thus can reach Yuan county earlier.”

The route was very dangerous, the stone walls were almost vertical, can only step on a very narrow ledge, it’s necessary to concentrate 10 times more. With great difficulty passed this narrow cliff, it was almost dark, going right then towards the mountaintop took an hour, the hunter could no longer accompany, with good intentions can only remind to pay close attention from his bitter experience with avalanches when the sun sets then went back, –Was unaware that once he left a beautiful youth appeared in a flash at the same place.

Becoming human, Chen Tong still wore the clothes from Rong Cheng, making Han Ying immediately anxious, “The mountaintop is cold, Baby be obedient, quickly change back!”

“I’ve already cultivated into the Illusion period, not afraid of cold.” Chen Tong tilted his head, seriously repeated the words he had previously said: “I want to go with you”

Unable to persuade him Han Ying could only take off his backpack, removing a set of teen sized warm clothing that was previously purchased, personally helped him wear it piece by piece, carefully checking again, even seeing the socks he wore, only then was the heart reluctantly settled, “You must tell me if your tired, do you hear?”

After upgrade Chen Tong would not easily feel tired or cold, but Han Ying was really unconvinced, even if he believed he still couldn’t be reassured, because if you really love someone, one will always worry, even if the other party is very formidable, in Han Ying’s view he is a small doll that needs care and protection.

The snow got thicker the closer to the mountaintop, the mountain’s wind with the approaching nightfall got stronger, the whole way Han Ying tightly held Chen Tong’s hand, the arduous environment seemed calm and fearless because of the two’s closely held hands.

After crossing the mountaintop did they only discover that the road down the mountain was made impassable by snow, the torch’s visibility was only a few meters, it’s very easy to have an accident when groping in the dark while descending, and a very small mistake can lead to a disaster. At this side Han Ying while opposing the squall slowly searched for a safer path, Chen Tong looked at the snow with great childish innocence, directly sat on the snow, with his hands for support slid down.

This sliding then slid for more than a dozen meters away, making Han Ying frightened, heart freezing, anxiously called: “Baby?”

“I’m over here!” Fortunately, Chen Tong’s voice was quickly heard from afar, still sounding very happy, even having a trace of smugness: “I’m sliding down, it’s fun and saves effort!”

Han Ying quickly slid down to find him, relighting the torch that was blown out by the wind, checking for injuries. Although, the youth was in good condition and unhurt, but Han Ying’s fear a moment ago was still not pacified, couldn’t help but scoop the person in his arms and hit his bottom, “Really disobedient, the wind like the big mountain rocks are too sudden, what’s to be done if you lost balance?”

“……y-you bully people!” Being spanked like this made Chen Tong react rashly, immediately maddened puffed his cheek, shamefully and angrily argued: “I’m not a small child, you are not my parent, ……you always take a parent’s attitude and treat me like a child!!”

That pair of glaring eyes seemed more beautiful under the flames, making Han Ying think that his darling looked more charming when angry, kissed his pouting lips then smiled: “Not always, ……when wanting to kiss and have sex with you I don’t, otherwise it would be immoral.”

Chen Tong got even more angry, after talking pushed Han Ying away, using both hands slid away. Han Ying immediately chased past, easily catching the person again. At this moment, saw something in his peripheral view, unexpectedly saw a large white fog of snow rising from the mountaintop.

The heart suddenly sinks, not having time to think rushed forward while grasping Chen Tong’s hand, “Baby, quickly run!”

It’s an avalanche.

People’s speed cannot outrun nature, but for a moment, heard an earth-shattering roar near the ear, the squall blurred Han Ying’s line of sight, yet the brain was exceptionally clear.

Can’t stop, can’t fall, can’t let his little mirror get trapped here……

Unexpectedly, Han Ying stumbled at this time, suddenly pulling Chen Tong down to roll. The roaring sound rushed by at the same time, Han Ying fell on a pile of snow after rolling for more than tens of meters, only having enough time to protect Chen Tong in his embrace.

The unimaginable amount of unbeatable snow with an earth-shattering pressure came, being covered by snow Han Ying’s eyes and mouth were stifled making everything foreboding, like the difficulties of drowning a heavy pressure swept through the body, unwillingness began to fill the whole heart.

Once again was unreconciled to no avail, the suffocating feeling made Han Ying uncontrollably loose consciousness, at this time, unexpectedly saw a trace of familiar and ethereal warm glimmer.

Is it a hallucination?

However, the next moment an inexplicable fresh air immediately entered his mouth and nose, Han Ying’s spirit was suddenly shocked, and strived to open his eyes. Then found that his whole body was covered by a soft sphere of light, not just isolating the enclosed snow, but also producing an invisible force that carried him up until it broke out the snow.

The avalanche also ended at the same time.

The greatest nature of joy and anger has always been brief that comes and leaves without a trace, but in just a few minutes the whole mountain completely changed, under the raging torrent of snow, even the tall pines and rocks were completely buried, on the empty mountainside only Han Ying was standing safe and sound. But he did not have the joy of this new lease of life, because his most important treasure was missing.

The fear and uneasiness on a man’s face was obvious, and the hoarse cry was like a beast that lost it’s cub, “Baby?!!”