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We’re near the end of this arc.. This arc ends at chapter 20 🙂

Chapter 18: the commander\'s little mirror 18



The steam whistle blew long, as the train slowly started, heading to the Northern Ji province.

Just catching up to March 03, the Northern city locals has always traditionally worshiped their ancestors and visit the temple fair, making the carriage very crowded, even the aisles are packed with people, there are villagers returning home with big and small bags, there were even merchants with Southern merchandises, preparing to sell in the Northern city’s temple fair, or trade with a mink wrapped ginseng.

Only, in the right corner of the 4th and 5th carriage\'s junction, there were two people who seemed to be a bit different. Even if both were dressed like common people returning to the country side, and sat in the vacant narrow space without decorum, but it can be seen from the tall man’s figure that he is incompatible with ordinary people as he stands tall and straight, that can only achieved with the military training etiquette education since childhood. The slender figure leans on the tall man\'s arms, the lovable figure unreasonably makes people feel a kind of peace, as if this wasn\'t a noisy and chaotic carriage, but their own tranquil courtyard, as the yard’s pear blossom began to flower, filling it with fragrance.

The two people were Han Ying and Chen Tong.

However, in this troubled times, being able to live for another day is something that is earned, they will never be surprised regardless of the people met, even if some are aware that Han Ying and Chen Tong are different from the rest, they won\'t be very concerned. Han Ying is very clear about the ideas of the people living in the bottom, regardless of the chaotic reality, they have long been numb because of their inability to resist, if there isn\'t enough time to manage their own affairs, how can they still manage others.

Currently, Han Ying is also unable to care about other people, as he was preoccupied to once again reach out to rub his treasure’s left cheek in his embrace. That small piece of delicate skin was made red by the man’s rough fingertips, Chen Tong frowned while evading by shrinking into his arms: "Pain……"

Han Ying stopped moving his hand, kissing between Chen Tong\'s eyebrows, Han Ying gloomily said: "I want to help Baby wipe the place he kissed."

"It’s just a courtesy kiss when leaving that’s all," Chen Tong couldn\'t help saying: "you said before that if anything bad happened to you, then let me go to him……"

"I regret it." Han Ying\'s tone is still gloomy, listening to it is like a blaming wife, "Even if I had an accident, I will become a ghost to entangle you."

The person Han Ying is referring to is Xu Jun Duo.

Yesterday’s situation was said to have a slim chance of survival, Han Ying first switched off the room\'s lights, then deliberately made a noise so that people guarding outside couldn’t help but open the door to check, after the door was opened the corridor’s light was immediately shot. Because of the overcast sky, there were no moon and stars, the sudden and unexpected darkness and gunshots distracted the guards, with efficiency Han Ying cleanly snapped the neck of the person guarding the door, then directly ran out.

It is also fortunate that Chen Dun Fu isn\'t here, the guards accustomed to obeying military orders had no instructions, the reaction was naturally half a beat slower. But they soon caught up, everyone is an elite troop, even if it was Han Ying he will still inevitably struggle, when the bullets were used up, the alley that was used to hide into was a dead end.

Xu Jun Duo came at the most critical time, to help Han Ying escape from the pursuers attacks, Han Ying knew that Chen Dun Fu won\'t personally guard him because, –He believes that even if he can escape from the Chen residence, he is unable to leave Rong Cheng.

All the city\'s train stations are fully patrolled, the military forces are Chen Dun Fu\'s men, even the Japanese spies, the direct train and the train passing through the Southern province were thoroughly inspected, there is no possibility of mixing in. There is no time to delay in returning to the Southern province, Han Ying and Xu Jun Duo final decided to take a roundabout method, Take the train to Ji province in the opposite direction of the Southern province, get off at Bai Yi mountain in the middle, then cross Bai Yi mountain to reach Yuan county, –There will be a daily express train to the Southern Province.

Chen Dun Fu perhaps thought about this route, but didn\'t believe that Han Ying will choose it. Because Bai Yi mountain is a snow capped mountain, where even local experienced hunters rarely set foot. The train to Ji province was relatively loose, but just in case, Xu Jun Duo proposed a misdirection, to momentarily appear in the train station to hinder Chen Dun Fu, to act as cover for Han Ying to smoothly board the train.

"Chen Dun Fu will not dare to arrest me," Xu Jun Duo still had a little easygoing look, "My grandfather and father is still there, especially my father, when angry irregardless has a violent temper that everybody knows, –People often say that they would rather offend a gentleman than to provoke a madman, Chen Dun Fu has already offended your Southern army, one mustn\'t add an enemy at this time, but instead, seize a promising ally."

What he said is actually true, there is no need for thanks with his and Han Ying’s bond, Han Ying finally agreed with his plan, raised a hand to pat his shoulder to express gratitude. Xu Jun Duo then turned to Chen Tong beside Han Ying, asking: "Will Tong Tong also leave with you?"

Bai Yi mountain is a place, where even Han Ying with a strong physique is uncertain, not to mention Chen Tong. Xu Jun Duo slightly frowned, "The snow capped mountain is too dangerous. Let Tong Tong stay with me, I can guarantee that he won\'t have an accident, ……you can pick him up after returning from the Southern province."

Han Ying also frowned, he considered all possibilities in a flash. Even if his little mirror can be turned into a prototype and stay in his arms without being blown or frozen, but what if there is an avalanche or other accidents? If he dies, the small mirror will be trapped in the snow capped mountains, still facing his stiff body……

The thought of it made the heart have a difficult to endure pain, just as Han Ying was about to speak, but saw Chen Tong pull the corner of his clothes, with a very light but firm tone: "I want to go with you."

The youth looked at his eyes like a very precious gem, the words were incomparably soft, but it heavily strikes Han Ying’s heart, just now the heart\'s pain was even more difficult to endure, Han Ying mutely said: "Baby, there will be danger……"

But Chen Tong was seriously thinking about the issue of not being able to cultivate for a year for not complying the guardian heart mirror’s nature of protecting the owner, if he doesn\'t follow Han Ying there is no way to protect the owner. The youth pulling the corner of the man’s clothes was just like a small animal that is afraid of being abandoned, shaking his head and seriously said: "I\'m not afraid of danger, I want to stay with you, ……don\'t leave me."

Han Ying only saw the youth’s eye containing a radiance that has never appeared, –Sincere, fearless and unwavering. The heart was firmly hit again, and even an instant when the nose was sour, with an indescribable urge to cry. The man gently hooked his lips, "Alright, Baby will come with me."

The two had an atmosphere where nothing could come between, until it was broken by Xu Jun Duo feigning a grievous voice: "……Wu wu, I\'m so sad, Tong Tong is unwilling to stay with me……"

Clearly Xu Jun Duo’s expression is full of dissatisfaction, but Chen Tong suddenly heard the favorable impression measure and the system announce in succession: "Ding–, Xu Jun Duo\'s favorable impression increase by 10 points, the current favorable impression is 70."

"Ding–, the second main task \'Enchant the person’s family\' is complete, congratulating the host for successfully making two humans have a good impression of 70 or more to the host, rewarding one big lucky turn table."

Chen Tong couldn\'t help but be stunned, consulting the white pom-pom in his heart, "Two humans, who is it?"

The white pom-pom checked the system\'s record, spoke the two words that Chen Tong guessed but unwilling to believe: "Han Ying."

"He……," then recalled that he had previously closed Han Ying\'s favorable impression prompt, asking the favorable impression measure after opening it again: "……how much is his current favorable impression?"

As the ban was lifted from the favorable impression measure it felt completely high-end, immediately said a very precise value: "95.5"

"Tong Tong," With Xu Jun Duo the youth that seemed to be stunned was very adorable, thinking that he was at a loss because of the \'sad grievance\' from the other party, also said: "We\'re about to separate, can I get a goodbye kiss?"

So that’s how the kiss that made Han Ying angry happened.

The great young Xu is not just shameless, but even unexpectedly wanted to die, in front of Han Ying, gently kissed Chen Tong cheek while he was still stunned. Knowing that this move will let Han Ying unable to restrain his anger, then immediately ran after the kiss ended.

Everyone is aware that the great young Xu is fond of beauty, beauty has always been very easy to acquire in his presence, but he was never tempted in the past. With regards to Chen Tong, Xu Jun Duo is really tempted. That kind of youth, pure and innocent, fearless and undisguised, without being envious, dignified, impatient, arrogant or even being argumentatively noisy, but willing to advance and retreat with you in the most dangerous time, and will follow in life and death.

How can he not like it, unfortunately he came too late. People like them already have too many things that ordinary people don\'t have, can\'t complain about what is missing but can only listen to the heart explaining about the flower\'s life and death, but the heart still can\'t help but be painful and jealous, and even thought of an idea to steal, but finally gave up.

It\'s not that he doesn\'t long for the flower, just that this flower is too sweet and beautiful for him, letting him love but unable to hurt.

Xu Jun Duo let go of his thoughts and stood with vigor, because there is still a battle to fight. Although, Chen Dun Fu may not dare to move him, but the Japanese people behind Chen Dun Fu have nothing to fear. But as long as he can delay and let Han Ying safely board the train it can be considered as a victory, he will then send a letter to his family, at most experience a bit of suffering, but there is always a way to escape.

People are selfish, Xu Jun Duo is definitely not Han Ying, but still has his heart\'s favorite.

The selfish commander Han\'s jealousy still hasn\'t dissipated.

"Xu Jun Duo is very promiscuous, he has been with innumerable number of women." The great commander said a lot of bad things about the enemy, even telling his treasure about the popularize concept of the man being a big tailed wolf, and even included that women, are like foxes.

"In short, remember that you can\'t be too trusting in the future, understand?"

Chen Tong blinks his eyes, the long eyelashes gently fans, the pair of bright eyes showing pure innocence, obediently nodded.

"Ding–," with diligence and with the favorable impression measure\'s ban lifted immediately sounded: "Han Ying\'s degree of goodwill increased by 0.1, current favorable impression is 95.6"

Yi, why did it indescribably increase without doing anything?

There is some doubt in Chen Tong\'s heart, but, –Is this 0.1 funny? Which person’s affection is with a decimal point? Don’t tell me, all his more than 90 goodwill are in the form of decimal points that is accumulated little by little without cause or reason!!

That\'s right, the great commander is this marvelous. If the favorable impression measure enjoys gossips, it will definitely inform Chen Tong. Naturally Han Ying is completely unaware of this, was only very pleased with his darling\'s well behaved look, not forgetting to add a sentence to his words just now: "Of course except me."