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Chapter 17: the commander\'s little mirror 17

Chen Dun Fu seeing Han Ying silent and not moving, clenched his teeth and continued to say: "I\'m just acting according to the law, I hope commander Han won\'t make it difficult. But rest assured, just follow me to do the formalities that\'s all, there won\'t be any harm, ……or could it be that the commander doesn\'t trust me, and still worried that we can\'t protect you well enough, that someone will secretly harm?"

"I don\'t dare." Han Ying finally said: "You have six forces on the yard wall, four on the north and south, ten on the front and back doors, –the layout is so tight, why should I worry? Or, let your people and my comrades come out, and everyone will meet and be friends?"

Chen Dun Fu’s face finally couldn’t remain calm. He was unable to determine how many men Han Ying has, but Han Ying was able to tell the number and location of all his forces, without being a bit wrong, –Could it be that Feng Yi was really counted and part of the plan?

Regardless of the facts, Chen Dun Fu will no longer dare to believe Feng Yi’s words. But in the presence of the patrol officers, he also cannot let his men appear. He won\'t call his forces out, so that Han Ying\'s men will not come out, today there is no way to take Han Ying\'s people together.

–Han Ying reached his two goals in succession.

"Commander Han, we are now in the patrol house for business, not to make friends, if you are determined not to cooperate……"

"I agree to go with you."

Chen Dun Fu\'s mood was already somewhat out of control, and was emotional enough to speak, but listening to Han Ying say this sentence, he couldn\'t help but pause.

Rong Cheng is the most unique place in the country, in this night city no one knows which individual has the real power, even the city district is divided into 3 parts, the French concession, the Public concession and the Chinese jurisdiction, each of the three districts have their own patrol houses that strictly guards their place, there is no justification for not crossing the border. The entire alley they\'re standing on belongs in the Chinese jurisdiction, Chen Dun Fu is a Public concession patrol man, according to the rules it is impossible for them to exercise their power, they can only serve as a display, the assault forces has been broken by Han Ying when he said their quantity and positions, if Han Ying will carry a resistance in the corner, Chen Dun Fu’s heart won’t have a sure grasp of their success.

Han Ying initiative to follow, instead made Chen Dun Fu somewhat uneasy, he couldn’t help but be more cautious in his approach, the place he was brought to was a clean and comfortable room, and was even invited in a very hospitable way.

Chen Tong on the other side was in a very crucial time in his cultivation.

The breakthrough of meditation is actually the word deficit, after the mental deficit reaches the limit like a rubber band it would frantically rebound from a sudden stretch, the exhausted chi will continuously be recycled and expanded, until the entire dantian is filled.

The whole body felt an unprecedented comfort and lightness, and according to the white pom-pom swallowed the ling dan in the system backpack, the chi continued to soar, completely filling the dantian, shortly afterwards heard the prompt announce: "Ding–, the host has successfully built the foundation, upgraded to the LV3 Illusion period, all skills are now open, one system upgrade package, whether to open?"

Chen Tong\'s response isn\'t as surprised as last time, immediately opening the gift package, obtaining an essential cultivation method for the illusion period, a high-grade ling zi dan, basic magic tool Moonlight crown shard x25, intermediate magic tool purple immortal robe shard x15, Mo yu belt shard X15.

"Ding–, the basic magic tool Moonlight crown shard is a full 50, can convert to a Moonlight crown, whether to redeem?"

Han Ying holding the small mirror felt that his hands were heavy, the next second came in contact with a pair of beautiful eyes which confusedly looked up.

Maybe because of the upgrade, Han Ying seemed to feel that the youth is a little different from the before. But is unable to point out exactly where the difference was, thinking that it was an illusion brought about because of him liking the other too much, he felt that the youth was more dazzling, letting him unable to open his eyes, uncontrollably kissed between his treasure\'s eyebrows, recalling his recent drowsiness, anxiously asked: "Is the body a bit better?"

"I\'m fine." Chen Tong was totally unaware about what happened before, just looking around the fixtures to know that the hotel is different, couldn\'t help asking: "Where is this?"

"Chen Dun Fu\'s territory,"Han Ying is actually very calm: "we are currently locked up."

Chen Tong widened his eyes, immediately asked repeatedly: "Then are you fine? Are you injured?"

"No." Han Ying quickly shook his head, holding the youth\'s hand, watching him seriously whispered: "……Baby is worried about me, I\'m very happy."

Chen Tong’s position was like a small animal leaning on Han Ying’s body, Han Ying also felt that the body is not much heavier than a kitten, one hand holding his lower back, the other held his soft hand, just like gently touching the frame, every inch can be easily rubbed.

The more he rubs his heart’s love the more intense he cherishes, the man’s serious expression and ambiguous actions made Chen Tong\'s face slightly heat up indescribably, wishing to move but being unable to move, can only remove his eyes and look around the room, looking at it didn\'t feel right, couldn\'t help but ask a question: "Why are there a lot of things here from Japan, screen, wall clock, tea set……"

Han Ying also couldn\'t help but ask: "How does the Baby know that they are from Japan?"

Chen Tong explained to Han Ying the details of his [Reflect everything] skill, simultaneously lifted his head, "How? Am I not awesome? You used to say that I can\'t do anything……"

Han Ying was really very surprised, sincerely praised: "Awesome, Baby is very cool."

The praised youth instead felt embarrassed, the small red face look intolerably tickled Han Ying’s heart, he had always been arrogant yet never thought why he would actually think like this towards his treasure.

Chen Tong saw an ordinary crystal ornament on the desk over there, reading the floating small words that only he can see: "From the eastern province of Yun county……"

"Yi, this Yun county place seems familiar……" Chen Tong frowned in thought, "Right, the bracelet worn by the caregiver’s sister also came from this place."

Han Ying’s heart suddenly thudded: "Which caregiver?"

"En, the one beside your grandfather all day……"

Han Ying\'s expression slowly became grave.

Although this isn\'t the Southern province, but the Southern province\'s 500,000 troops were placed here, Han Ying believes that Chen Dun Fu won’t dare to move him, but was temporarily unable to determine the other’s purpose. Finally decided to follow Chen Dun Fu, just to find out what he exactly wants to do.

It\'s finally clear now, but it\'s already too late to regret.

First the Japanese country strives to make the five southern provinces be independent, then Kawashima Yoshino with Du Qing secretly purchased weapons, then because of the continuous loss of elite men he personally came to Rong Cheng to check the mole, and was now detained by Chen Dun Fu for no reason……

This seemingly disconnected things are cleverly strung together like beads. In order to control the five Southern provinces, the Japanese directly used a more vicious and crude method, –To assassinate grandfather Han while Han Ying was away from the Southern province!!

If the assassination succeeds, he will die next.

Chen Tong is very keenly aware of the Han Ying’s emotions, pondering about it he straightened up and asked: "What\'s wrong?"

Han Ying suddenly began to undress, quickly taking off his coat, immediately scaring Chen Tong, almost thought that the other side was possessed, like a small animal peering, greatly staring like a small animal, shrank back.

The man has already solved the shirt’s button, the tempting collarbone and the well built chest were accordingly exposed a little, but still didn’t forget to spare time to soothingly touch the youth’s head, "Baby don\'t be afraid."

Hence, the frightened Chen Tong curiously turned, "What are you doing?"

Han Ying upper body was swiftly stripped nude, it was only then that Chen Tong saw that his waist was surrounded by a circle of lined layer.

The lined layer is very thin, and is close fitting, it cannot be seen when clothes are worn, it’s very hard to discover even if a body search is done. Han Ying pulled a thin line along the seam\'s side, pulling the line to tear, it was then completely uncovered, inside is filled with mechanical parts that Chen Tong couldn’t understand.

Han Ying took out all the parts, each of those parts were small and delicate, it\'s texture was hard and heavy, reflecting the unique and cold metal texture.

It is said that serious men are the most attractive, Han Ying seriously assembled the parts together, the action is well-executed and rapid, finally making it’s original appearance slowly appear.

It was a gun.

Even if the gun was small, but it has many functions, the structure is delicate enough to amaze people. Han Ying picked the gun and wore his clothes, once again touched Chen Tong\'s head, the tone became very serious: "Baby, listen to me, we have to get out of here before dawn."

"I underestimated the enemy too much," Han Ying is very clear about his weakness, which is being too arrogant and conceited, until he fell to the current situation where no one can be blamed. "this gun only has 5 bullets, when approaching here I observed, that there are 12 people outside, 5 bullets for 12 people, there is no assured success, it depends on strategy and luck. You just change back into a mirror and be well-behaved to stay in my arms, no need to do anything, believe that nothing will happen to me."

"But in case-," Han Ying paused, "……I mean if by any chance, anything unexpected happened to me, you mustn\'t worry about me, after waiting that there is no one look for a chance to leave, find Xu Jun Duo, he can take care of you."

Chen Tong subconsciously bit his lip, listening to Han Ying speak softly again, "Baby, If we can successfully get out of trouble this time, promise to be with me?"

Love is the most incredible thing in the world, Han Ying’s handsomely arrogant face revealed an amazing tenderness, quietly said: "I have thought about the days with you in the future, holding you while sleeping, to continuously sleep until naturally woken, reading books together on the sofa in the afternoon, towards evening, head to the kitchen and fry two of your favorite side dishes, a table with two pairs of bowls and chopsticks, talking while eating, chatting while laughing. After eating we will walk while holding hands, watch the setting sun while our standing silhouette stretches together, wait until there is no one in midnight, embracing while listening to each others quiet whispers. With you by my side, even the leisure time’s are beautiful."

Han Ying said and couldn’t help but hug the youth in his arms once again kissing him, with a sigh that sounded like it came from the depths of the soul, "……I really like you."

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