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Chapter 16: the commander\'s little mirror 16

Rong province is a fat piece of meat* that all types of people would like a bite of, and here is the stronghold of the Southern Army’s Rong province. Just as Han Ying landed someone respectfully stepped forward, the one on the left brought a letter and quietly said: "Commander, the list is here."

*an auspicious place

Han Ying glanced at the letter, without speaking, only slightly raising a hand, to signal the people to come over.

Several people quickly followed, turning left along the backyard to proceed to the study, but the tallest person at the back was somewhat unsettled, while walking he couldn\'t help but ask: "Commander, this time we……"

As he was behind, he didn\'t see Han Ying started to frown, only knew that after he had spoken a few words, only to feel a fierce rush of force from the front.

The sense of danger instantly made his hair bristle, but it was already too late to avoid as the force was too close and fast, intuition made him not dare to resist, the next second his ear became numb, instinctively reaching out to touch, the half of the hand was somewhat sticky.

The back felt a chill, consciously aware that if Han Ying made it 2 inches more, it would have hit his carotid artery. This time he didn\'t even dare to breath deeply, all the way with the rest and the two cautiously followed Han Ying into the study. After Han Ying sat, only then did he casually look at him, "How long have you been transferred to the operating group?"

“Previously under general Jiang Tai,” Seeing Han Ying raise a hand, the tall man who Han Ying had previously thrown the letter at to injure the ear sent the letter back, continued to answer: "It\'s been a year since I was transferred to the operation group……"

“Since it has been almost a year,” Han Ying opened the letter on the table, then made a fist knocking his knuckle on the table, "……why didn’t you even learn the basic rules?"

The knocking sound was very faint, but it made the tall man kneel due to fear, still wanted to explain, but listening to Han Ying directly say: "Go back and study again then come back after half a year."

In a short sentence his hard work for nearly a year was erased, but he was quick to respectfully and earnestly nod, not daring to speak again. A gust of wind entered through the open door, the letterhead on the table turned over, written above were the list of suspected traitors.

No wonder that the tall man just now was anxious, the mole that was hidden among them was already in a very desperate situation. The stronghold had 20 top people, the past two operations were absolutely confidential, but they had lost five men in succession.

These 20 people were skilled, and have good professions and social prestige for cover, they were elites who have been trained for several years, one loss is a great loss. Han Ying no longer looks at the list, instead picks the teapot at hand and pours a cup of tea, and slowly drank. He was silent, the following people also dared not speak, the atmosphere inside the house gradually condensed like a thick ink, until he finishes drinking did he only speak: "Don\'t bother looking for the mole, –Perhaps, it is too late, just wait here, he will voluntarily show up."

The two people weren\'t able to understand, but after Han Ying finished talking in a while, there was a distinct noise and clamoring sounds in the normally quiet alley in the middle of the night.

The sound was getting more and more closer, continuing to the front yard\'s door. Han Ying\'s eyes narrowed, releasing the cup, then stood and went towards the front yard.

The stronghold was finely made, located in the deep and dark alley, during construction the displacement method was done to overlap, it only looked like it had one layer, but in fact there were two layers hidden inside. While Han Ying moved, the two hurriedly followed, in the dark several shadow guards accordingly changed their positions a bit: "Open the door! There is a great Jiang Yang thief fleeing to this area, the patrol is going to search the houses one by one!!"

The yard’s door opened the next moment to see a pair of military boots impatiently entering, it was Chen Dun Fu who had a low-ranking army that grandfather Han sneered at, personally bringing a patrol force, rushing in without a word.

At this time a voice was brought by the wind, "General Chen, it\'s been ages since we\'ve met."

Without fierceness, and without a stifling atmosphere, with just an indisputable boldness, every step from Han Ying\'s approach is clearly communicated. Chen Dun Fu paused, his hand pressing on his waist suddenly tightened, the deep look became more gloomy, abruptly raising his head toward the sound, "Commander Han," deliberately using a look of surprise, pursed the eyebrows with doubt asked: "How can you be here? I wasn\'t aware of your coming to Rong province……"

"I came only for sightseeing. My lover was bored at home, I proposed to shop around Rong province," Speaking of the word lover, Han Ying expression had a hint of tenderness that was difficult to notice, "it happened that there was an old friend here, that was pleasant to talk to, I carelessly forgot the time."

"That is really unfortunate," Chen Dun Fu awkwardly said: "I\'m pursuing a great Jiang Yan thief here, my patrol men saw the other rushing into the yard, this careful search cannot be avoided."

"A great Jiang Yan you say? I didn\'t see," Han Ying asked the people beside him, "did you see anyone come over?"

The two person simultaneously replied: "No."

Chen Dun Fu swept a look at the two tall men beside Han Ying, the person on the left side has special sleeves, with a long cover point, but it still showed that it refers to those who has long surpassed the average people, the person on the right has no characteristic features, the skin color was even unhealthy, but his force wasn\'t a bit lacking.

Chen Dun Fu wasn\'t shocked, –He had planned a long time ago to come and take the people, there was nothing to be surprised about, but he was surprised

Because Han Ying later decided to stand, there were muffled sounds on either side of the yard wall, very light, but it was very clear in Chen Dun Fu\'s ear.

It was the sound of a human body falling. Chen Dun Fu was aware about what it was, what was clearer was that several of his most powerful force were ambushed on top of the yard’s wall, included among them was Feng Yi a deputy leader taken from Han Ying’s stronghold.

The people under Han Ying had high moral characters, Chen Dun Fu spent a lot of effort to seize Feng Yi’s weakness, and was unwilling to ruin this piece before it had been fully utilized. This several muffled sounds meant that, if it wasn\'t his forces killing the hidden guards in the dark, then it came from Han Ying’s troops which came out of nowhere, to outflank him from behind.

He couldn\'t help but have cold sweats, Chen Dun Fu tried hard to remain calm, and said in a heavy voice: "Commander Han may not have seen, I can\'t manage it, I can only search and arrest people."

Han Ying raised his brows, "General Chen, no matter what, I have to handle it. ……if you have to search, I will have to manage it."

This wasn’t a simple and light sentence and it evoked layers of wind and waves, Chen Dun Fu was suddenly unable to remain calm: "What does commander Han mean, is it necessary to stop me from catching a thief?!"

"I haven\'t seen the thief, but the people here, are all my comrades."

The word comrades clearly raised the spirits of Han Ying’s hidden subordinates, brothers, is fate and not a person\'s choice, and will contend with family rights and are irreconcilable adversaries; but comrades, is a personal choice, willing to give their total support, you don\'t need the blood\'s restraints to die together.

Han Ying continued to say: "The two beside me, five hidden on the sides, two on the roof, five around the yard\'s wall, and the seven in the somewhat distant alley, inside and out adds up to a total of 21 people, –Are all my comrades."

Chun Dun Fu had planned for so long, naturally knew that Han Ying words were true, –Even if the seven in the somewhat distant alley was never mentioned by Feng Yi before, but his heart was more inclined to Han Ying\'s words. Han Ying\'s tone and demeanor, or to say that he has an ability to convince people, moreover people from the higher ranks are suspicious in nature, even if Feng Yi is from a high position, there is always something they wouldn\'t know, and Han Ying will never completely reveal his bottom cards, this made Chun Dun Fu temporarily unable to fight back.

Wait, –Five around the yard\'s wall?

Because Feng Yi’s family had fallen in his hands he was forced to be a traitor when it comes to the stronghold’s defense, it was clearly said that there were four around the yard\'s wall, this excess is……

Could Han Ying be aware that Feng Yi is here? He actually counted Feng Yi? Or maybe Feng Yi being a traitor was a plan? Chen Dun Fu\'s heart was thrown in disarray, for the plan\'s sake he can only forcefully gnash his teeth and say: "If commander Han insists on harboring the thief, I can only ask you to please follow me to the patrol building."