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Chapter 15: the commander\'s little mirror 15

What kind of person was Han Ying, not to mention Chen Tong, even in the face of several gun experts, it’s also easy to unload bullets without any traces. Chen Tong for a moment was speechless due to coughing, Han Ying carefully patted his back while coaxing: "Baby is alright ah……"

Chen Tong finally stopped coughing, the lingering fear still made him panic, the pounding heart had a stuffy pain because of the previous breathlessness, and was powerless, ruthlessly pushing Han Ying, and returning to his previous self was then outraged: "……you have a sick brain you big pervert!!"

Han Ying was careless falling off the bed, his head hitting the bedpost, a bang was heard. He was stunned at first, then as if he was stunned into silliness he showed a hint of happiness, "Baby is so angry, isn\'t it because of fear that I really had an accident?"

Chen Tong’s heart was even more indignant, becoming more angry, only one word was said: "Scram!!"

Han Ying not only didn\'t leave, instead shamelessly continued to ask: "The more angry Baby is, the more it proves that you care about me, right?"

Chen Tong simply tightened his lips and ignored Han Ying, but when Han Ying looked at the youth, he couldn\'t help but show a pampering smile. His normal laughs were like the winter’s twilight, like a fleeting arrogant curvature, unlike this current sincere smile, the cold and stern face completely dissipated, like in the early summer sun which falls through the leaves by twos and threes, although it isn\'t much, but it\'s still very alluring.

This smile made Chen Tong’s face slightly heat up, the heartbeat becomes strange again, –He feels that he might be ill.

Subconsciously frowned, pressing his chest, Han Ying couldn\'t help but test the youth\'s temperature with his hand, "Where does Baby feel uncomfortable?"

This question made Chen Tong bear a more unreasonable grievance, hugging his knee he ignored him completely.

Han Ying was distressed gathering the small turtle into his embrace, gently patting the shell, "Well, Baby is scared. It\'s my fault, I will apologize to Baby, I am a big pervert with a sick brain, –Don\'t be angry okay?"

Chen Tong being tenderly patted while being gentle coaxed unknowingly fell asleep.

Han Ying waited for the youth to completely fall asleep before softly and quietly placing him flat on the pillow, carefully adjusting the pillow and quilt\'s position, so that the person can lie more comfortably. Several times he wanted to reach and touch the youth’s delicate face, but restrained himself due to fear of waking the person up.

The afternoon sun came in from the window, and the slow swaying carriage was like a huge cradle. Han Ying finally pulled a chair to sit at Chen Tong\'s bedside, reading a book whilst guarding him.

The commander read his favorite Western fairy tale, this book is the original version of the Grimm fairy tale collections in German, just so happened to turn the page to Cinderella.

Why did the prince pick Cinderella? Because the crystal shoe can catch Cinderella, it can handle the princess, but one needs to strive hard and rack one\'s brains to change the bad habits, or it definitely won\'t be possible to catch up. The great commander fancied the little prince who is more like an arrogant princess, it is simply a difficult situation.

However, even if a real princess won\'t be deceived by crystal shoes, but will be easily moved with a sincere heart. Just as a little prince will not stay because of a large and gorgeous rose garden, but will give up all the flowers for a unique flower that will open for him alone.

Chen Tong actually slept for several hours, until the hour hand of the clock pointed to five o’clock, Han Ying hesitated for a moment before deciding to wake the person up: "Baby, don\'t sleep, it\'s dinner time."

Chen Tong sleepily opened his eyes, it was discovered through the window that nightfall was approaching.

"Why do you sleep that long? Are you sick?" Han Ying found that recently Chen Tong has been very sleepy, and was even more worried, "Is the body feeling uncomfortable?"

The main reason for Chen Tong’s drowsiness was that the recent cultivation had no break through, and being anxious for quick results, he consumed a lot of mental energy. "There should be some cultivation problems……" Chen Tong paused, not knowing how to explain, so just said a sentence: "You won\'t understand."

Han Ying was temporarily speechless, and was very depressed.

This was really true, with regards to the demon cultivation\'s aspect, the knowledgeable great commander really couldn\'t understand. Suddenly an unknown uneasiness and powerless frustration emerged, it was also a feeling of a child growing up and leaving his family, it felt very unpleasant.

The train stopped at Ning County, there were two more stops before Rong province, the arrival time will be around 11pm. Approaching Rong province, the weather was erratic like the city\'s, just like the scenic sunset, when a fine rain suddenly poured.

Their dinner was served in the diner car, even if Han Ying seemed to be in a bad mood, but Xu Jun Duo is there, the atmosphere will never be unpleasant. However, Chen Tong was tired and had no appetite, after eating two shrimp spring rolls he no longer moved his chopsticks, he then stopped, Han Ying also stopped, "How do you eat so little?"

Chen Tong can only pick his chopsticks again, seeing the bowl of sweet taro soup that doesn’t look bad, ate a spoonful. The pink lips because of the soup were stained with a sparkling luster, completely moving Xu Jun Duo\'s heart, he then called a waiter for a bowl of sweet soup.

"Don\'t you dislike eating sweets?" Han Ying ruthlessly exposed him, "Not only spicy and bitter, but didn\'t you also repeatedly declared that sweet things are the worst to eat?"

Xu Jun Duo convincingly spoke, "Sweets aren\'t good to eat, but the things Tong Tong eats, are all delicious."

Young master Xu brought the word shameless into new heights, letting the dignified commander be temporarily feel inferior to others.

They reached Rong province at the evening of 11:30, but this is a city that never sleeps, even the streets are brightly lit, you can also see the rickshaw car carrying guests back and forth. Han Ying\'s security personnel quickly arranged their accommodations, it was located in the concession of an Englishman operating a high-end hotel, after checking in Chen Tong changed back into a mirror to cultivate.

Han Ying came to Rong province not for sightseeing, but to do a lot of needed work. After removing his military uniform and disguising as a simple foreigner, the man went out then returned, after a long hesitation the little mirror that was placed on the bed was placed on the body before leaving again.

After all, he still wasn’t comfortable in leaving his small mirror alone in a strange place in the middle of the night.

Midnight was very dark, the air was humid and cold after the rain, all shops were closed aside from the nightclubs, pedestrians could hardly be seen. Han Ying bypassed the streets and entered an alley, silently walking along the long winding alley, The dark gray chang pao* was almost integrated into the night.

chang pao

The soft boots tempo accelerated, Han Ying dashed to enter the long alley, the exterior appearance was common, it only seemed to be a bit narrower. After Han Ying determined that no one followed, he followed a narrow path and counted the steps, after reaching 38th step he stopped.

Under the weathering of the years, the wall was stained and mottled, Han Ying stopped at the place with a different brick, only a careful observation would reveal that it was a bit smoother than the rest of the bricks.

Pressing with force, a rumbling sound rang.

Suddenly two small slabs emerged from the high wall, Han Ying immediately jumped on the slab, with a strong vertical jump treaded on the other piece, the action is light and agile, swiftly soaring over the high wall of over four meters, the person disappeared in the other side of the alley.