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Chapter 14: the commander\'s little mirror 14

Xu Jun Duo shamelessly followed Han Ying, brazenly boarding the train together, running as to not be left behind. Han Ying naturally boards the first carriage, the room was comfortable and private to avoid disturbances, the furnishings inside were readily available, in addition to the essentials there were also books, tea sets, phonograph and other recreational items, the floor was covered with a clean and thick carpet, and was very different with the crowded and chaotic lower carriages.

The train started followed by a whistle, shakily swayed forward, Xu Jun Duo with the shaking carriage began to talk about the towns recreational entertainments and interesting anecdotes to attract Chen Tong’s attention, successfully making the youth smile. Bring out a gift, sincerely said: "Tong Tong, this is for you."

He gave a folk type toy that he had just mentioned, it is played by people everywhere in the city, not really a valuable object. The great young Xu has always squandered money, buying this cheap little item, is probably because with this the other side will be unable to refuse.

The toy\'s name is \'Buzzer\', made of porcelain, the workmanship is very exquisite but the appearance is peculiar, both ends are like round flat cakes, pierced by a rope, at the edge of the cake are some small gaps, the mechanism is to pull the rope to make the two cakes rotate, filling the air gap with a buzz, the faster the rotation the denser the sound, very pleasant to hear. Chen Tong having never seen it, was somewhat curious, handling it was even a little cautious as if afraid it would fall and break, making the originally overbearing Han Ying who wanted to refuse just purse his lips.

He can throw Xu Jun Duo and his gift out the window, but he couldn\'t bear spoil Chen Tong\'s mood. Han Ying seemed to be more and more aware that the other person\'s mood was more important than his own possessiveness, this kind of thinking made him conflicted and troubled, a frowning face with resistance but also helplessness just like an abandoned child.

Xu Jun Duo has already described the mechanics, but this item is originally played by adults, requiring skills, Chen Tong tried but wasn\'t successful, Xu Jun Duo took the opportunity to approach, to teach him by hand.

As a result, the distance between the two is inevitably close, with the youth\'s lowered head, the long eyelashes was half hanged, even the silhouette that wasn\'t of a native feature seemed so beautiful, Xu Jun Duo felt his heart ripple like running around, and slightly trembled when Chen Tong’s hand was met, the heart was also agitated.

It’s not like you’ve never seen a beauty, why is this one so different?

This made Xu Jun Duo feel that Chen Tong was really different, there is no traditional habit of being shy or talking under one\'s breath, nor the foreigner’s very passionate display, also not the unreasonable conceitedness. The youth is like his mother\'s favorite orchid, silently blooming in the corner, with a bright magnificence, but not arrogant.

"It\'s already a little late, Tong Tong it\'s time to take a nap," Han Ying finally couldn\'t help it, directly picked Xu Jun Duo, "scram back to your own compartment."

Driving away his rival, Han Ying also calmly snatched the thing in Chen Ting’s hand, "Baby can’t play with other people’s gifts, you can\'t play even if you want to."

Actually, Chen Tong didn\'t want to play anymore. He has always been easy to satisfy, it\'s natural to be happy and curious towards new things that has never been seen, but losing it doesn\'t matter, so he wasn\'t too preoccupied with it. Thus, Chen Tong blinked his eyes, looking at Han Ying silently, but Han Ying misunderstood his meaning, "……I can give what Baby wants, don\'t be angry okay?"

Saying so will then give Chen Tong a gift, but the great commander only brought a pistol. Taking the gun out and placing it in Chen Tong\'s hands, "This M1900* is very easy to use, strong elasticity, 30 meters of firing range, suitable for close-range self-defense and attacks, guaranteed to be more interesting than the toy just now."



Chen Tong looked a bit dumbfounded at the Browning in his hands. –How can a gun be like a toy?

However, the great commander only handled guns since childhood. From childhood he only received grandfather’s Han military training, not only has he never played the things Xu Jun Duo said, but just like Chen Tong he has never seen those, Han Ying until the present, the gun is the most familiar companion, from installation to dismantling until the blueprint and is even very proficient.

"If you don’t like this one, I still have something else here," so Han Ying also pulled out a gun case, after opening it revealed various kinds of guns, this Mauser C96* has a range of 150 meters, can fire 20 consecutive rounds, this MP18* is the latest light submachine gun, currently there isn’t much in the whole China, the fire power is fiercely penetrating and powerful……"


*Mauser C96 *MP18

The great commander is like a child craving to share with his little friends in high spirits as if enumerating one’s family valuables, Chen Tong patiently and seriously listens to him finish, also listening to his expectant question: "Baby which one do you like?"

Chen Tong didn\'t want to disappoint Han Ying, gripping the M1900 that was in his hands from the start said: "……just this, thank you."

Raising his head only to discover that their current posture was slightly wrong, because the gun case was placed on the bed, he and Han Ying were leaning forward with a hand for support, leaning very close, can touch with a little movement.

Chen Tong couldn\'t help but retreat, but was caught by Han Ying, "Baby."

With their foreheads pressed, Chen Tong can even feel the dull vibration of the man\'s voice, the nose is filled with the scent of the man\'s hormone, meeting the other person’s deep dark eyes, can only look down in panic, falling on the other\'s shoulder. The material and handwork of the army uniform has the best quality, straight lines, the metal epaulette* reflected in light were glistening with coldness, following the carriages shaking.



"Do you dislike guns?" Han Ying sullenly asks, somewhat upset, Chen Tong couldn\'t help but pause, wanting to explain, listening to him murmuring then said: "……I haven\'t played any toys……also don’t understand popular recreation entertainments……Not to mention the interesting city rumors that Xu Jun Duo tells you……"

The annoyance in the man’s dark eye eventually had a hint of grievance, "……do you think I\'m very boring?"

Chen Tong heard the frustration in his tone, he always wants to run, and often the untimely self-satisfied self-brushing brain’s barrage suddenly remembered the cousin’s ocelot*, and feels that at the moment Han Ying is like a big cat that only needs it’s fur to be brushed. Couldn\'t help but lift his other hand without the gun, pinching Han Ying’s chin just like touching the cousin’s ocelot.



As soon as Han Ying was pinched his body froze, it took him a few seconds to react because someone had dared to touch him like this, wringing his eyebrows said: "Baby let go."

Chen Tong only thought that the man\'s reaction was exactly like his cousin\'s ocelot.

The ocelot was a purebred, and had always been arrogant not caring about people, but the tail will lift when seeing Chen Tong. An average pet cat is very fond to have it’s chin touched, but everytime when Chen Tong touches it\'s chin, it will feel offended and it\'s fur would raise, but in the end it\'s claws isn\'t exposed, but would just endure.

"Do not pinch my chin," Han Ying\'s eyebrow twisted more tighter, but also can\'t do anything to Chen Tong, can only have some frustrated and cold warning: "Baby let go, –don\'t let me say it a second time."

The new stubble on the man\'s chin is very short but hard, making Chen Tong\'s palm feel itchy, not only did he not let go, instead couldn\'t help but touch it a few more times. Touching his chin without a beard, and even trying to pull the longest one on the other’s chin.

It isn\'t good to play with fire, Han Ying seized Chen Tong\'s wrist, the other big palm pressed the back of his waist as he was pulled in an embrace. The man’s rapid gasps seems very heavy in this narrow space, with a roughness and confusion that can\'t be described, Chen Tong could clearly feel the hot temperature on his body, his body’s heat raised while being kissed.

Lips and tongue entangling, intimate and lingering, both missed a heartbeat. Han Ying heavily gasped and tried hard to stop, the palm holding Chen Tong\'s wrist is very hot, even sweating, the voice was husky because of lust, "Baby, I really want to lock you up."

An unprecedented desire was raised in Chen Tong, a strange uncontrollable desire rising from his heart made him helpless, even the man’s heated breath made his body tremble, his right hand was still grasping the M1900 that Han Ying gave, in confusion, pressed the gun in Han Ying’s chest.

Han Ying didn\'t move, just asked: "Baby do you want to use it?"

Although the M1900 has high elasticity and precision, but is semi-automatic, Han Ying actually taught Chen Tong, placing his index finger on the trigger, even telling him how to load the spring, the posture was just like when Xu Jun Duo taught him how to play before, seemingly unaware that gunpoint was on his chest.

"Alright, it just to pull the trigger now. Baby do you want to try?"

Chen Tong was suddenly nervous, subconsciously retract his hand, but it was tightly held by the man. The gun in his hand felt like a hot iron, desperately wanting to get rid of it, a force was unknowingly made while struggling, Chen Tong felt his index finger had actually reached the trigger!!

A click.

The fine sound was infinitely magnified in Chen Tong’s ear, the roaring blood spread from his heart, Chen Tong was frightened and completely stunned.

The brain was completely blank at this time, nothing was heard and seen, only knew that he fired a gun, forgetting to breath, he almost suffocated. Han Ying was scared because he knew he was obviously wrong, anxiously called repeatedly: "Baby, Baby wake up."

Chen Tong was looking blankly at Han Ying, with a completely pale look, and flushed because of a choking cough caused by breathing again, Han Ying suddenly felt distress and regret, "Baby don\'t be afraid, I just recently removed the bullet, I didn\'t get shot……"

The author has something to say:

Ah\' Bi: Great commander, why do you always invite death by recklessness?

Han Ying: ……