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Chapter 13: the commander\'s little mirror 13

In the end, Chen Tong didn\'t completely reject him, leaving a leeway and said: "Let me think about it."

Xu Jun Duo immediately showed a bright smile, with a beautiful set of teeth, "Then I\'ll wait for Tong Tong\'s reply."

Xu Jun Duo\'s side is glittering, while Han Ying\'s body is gathering gloomy rain clouds, along the way while returning to the commander\'s mansion the gloomy face was silent. For quite a while the great commander alone had a \'sulking\' air, but never got any attention, –Chen Tong not only didn\'t notice his moodiness, but had slept again leaning against the car window.

Even if Han Ying was angry, but his peripheral vision was always on Chen Tong, never moving away. His behavior is like a child seeking attention, attempting to get a grownup\'s attention through temper, unfortunately it didn\'t work. Seeing the youth\'s head drooping lower and lower, and will hit the front seat when the car is suddenly stopped, Han Ying had no time to \'sulk\' again, hurriedly embracing the person.

Just then discovered the youth\'s flushing face, the temperature is also feverish, heart sinking, hurriedly called: "Baby?"

In fact, Chen Tong is just drunk, the reaction from the yellow wine that was previously drunk was in effect, the person was entirely dizzy. Han Ying\'s concern is random, impatiently calling a doctor without closely looking at the person he was carrying in the room, nevertheless the steward who had approached and followed said: "Eldest young master don\'t panic, the little young master is probably just drunk."

The kitchen quickly made a sobering soup, the drunk youth was also a bit sober when he woke, the spoon was quickly sent to the mouth, letting the mouth open, then swallow. Even in the beginning of drinking because of the bitter taste the eyebrows and the small nose was wrinkled, but still obedient to let Han Ying coax him to feed a small sip and finished the drink.

Being well behaved will change people\'s heart. However, there are insatiable people, never knowing when to stop before going too far. This well behaved darling instead let Han Ying be more shameless to not be satisfied with small gains, waking the youth’s closing eyes that was ready to sleep with a call: "Baby, don\'t sleep yet, call big brother, can sleep after calling big brother."

He even taught word for word: "Come, look at my mouth, big, brother."

Chen Tong opened his eyes again, confusingly looked at Han Ying\'s expectant look for awhile, with Han Ying\'s breathless wait, he really was called big brother.

Han Ying instantly felt a numbing current from the ears spread throughout the body, the soft two words let him be full of joy, his every being is full of happiness.

Perhaps it was him who was drunk, and not Chen Tong.

"Baby, you really are my destiny." Han Ying uncontrollably dropped a kiss between the youth\'s eyebrows, tasting the sweetness the man was like having a sly childish behaviour, also saying: "Give big brother a kiss?"

Chen Tong blinked his twinkling eye, looking confused not knowing how, Han Ying once again adopted the baby-like teaching method, very patiently kissed his lips in slow motion, "……just like this……"

The youth’s slightly pouting lips were naturally rosy, it was very suitable to make people have a desire to nip and suck. Han Ying explored the soft little tongue again, entangling for a moment before letting go, "Kiss like this, take it easy……"

So Chen Tong kissed him like how he was taught.

The youth\'s rough and ignorant movement was like a little kitten eating the food he adores, the movement is cautious, wanting to eat but worried of eating it too soon. Han Ying was more nervous than when he was called big brother, not daring to move, to not even dare to breath, holding his breath to enjoy this rare active kiss, afraid to frighten the person away.

However, Han Ying overestimated his ability, in fact, right after the youth’s approaching kiss his eyes already burned red, but after struggling for a while he finally couldn’t help but turn from passive to active, ferociously kissing back, so fierce as if wanting to crush the person in your arms.

Han Ying relying on this deep kiss was barely able to calm the heart\'s cravings, holding the youth to sleep together.

The night slowly passed, The moonlight was like water sprinkling half the room.

Chen Tong woke up due to thirst, absent-mindedly sat up looking for water to drink. Han Ying being naturally alert was the first to wake up, without opening the eyes he subconsciously reached out to scoop the person beside him, because of drowsiness the voice had a thick nasal sound: "Baby what wrong?"

"……want to drink water," Chen Tong rubbed his eyes to wake himself up, "I\'m going to pour water."

Han Ying held the youth back, quickly got out of bed, "Be good don\'t move, I\'ll go."

Gulping the glass full of water Han Ying brought made Chen Tong’s throat a bit comfortable, in the face of his inquiring question shook his head, touching the youth\'s upright bed hair, going back to bed, "Sleep for a while."

It would be fine if it was the mirror before, Chen Tong for the first time in his human form was hugged to sleep by a man, being very unaccustomed struggled against the other party’s hand saying: “I’ll sleep by myself.”

"Baby actively kissed me last night, why are you suddenly unwilling to sleep together?" Han Ying immediately counter-attacked, "You can\'t just forsake me like this, suddenly turning your back after kissing……"

Chen Tong also vaguely remembered a bit about last night, and as Han Ying said, confirmed that maybe he really did kiss Han Ying, can\'t help but frown. However, he wasn’t unnatural or as panicked at being caught in the tail as Han Ying thought, only seriously said: "I\'m sorry, that may be because I was drunk, it wasn\'t on purpose."

The youth wearing white pajamas, appeared more innocent in the moonlight, even to the point of having an unfavorable outcome, sincerely and generously said: "You also kissed me before, you later apologized, I didn\'t take it seriously. Now I will also apologize to you, just consider it even, you also don\'t have to take it seriously."

Han Ying initially fell in love with his innocence, but now it so unpleasant for his teeth to itch. The man looked dark for a moment, the lips coldly smiled with an unclear meaning: "……but Baby, I want you to take it seriously."

Chen Tong didn\'t understand, "……ah?"

"I like you." Han Ying suddenly held Chen Tong\'s hand, the other hand undid the pajamas front piece, pressing the hot chest against his back, while using a force that cannot be broken free of lowered his voice and deeply said: "I want to kiss you, to touch you, to possess you……"

Han Ying may look like a gentleman, but inside is still a wolf-like character, always pursuing what he likes, and an attitude of when it\'s bitten will never let go. Xu Jun Duo’s appearance made Han Ying not want to continue his previous cautious and patient attitude, with a blunt and unyielding tone: "Can\'t follow Xu Jun Duo to Hui province, can\'t talk to him, can\'t look at him."

"You are mine." Han Ying narrowed his eyes, broke the jar by dropping an unconditional command in an unreasonable and overbearing way: "Can\'t leave me, apart from being with me, you also can\'t go anywhere."

This series of action completely stunned Chen Tong, the excessive shock made him forget his fear and desire to flee, even completely deviating his attention, to even distractedly say: "But you must leave first so you must be right."

Han Ying for a while couldn\'t understand the meaning of these words, Chen Tong continued to say: "People will always have the fate of humankind, even if I stay with you, it is only a few decades," the white pom-pom stated to Chen Tong that the demon can live thousand upon thousands years of life, after a few decades when you have died, no matter where I go, who I see, and who I talk to, you will not know……"

This time the completely stunned person changed to Han Ying. the body’s toughness scattered like a deflating balloon, the stunned man that was unable to say anything was pitiful.

Han Ying suddenly realized that in addition to mutual consent, between him and Chen Tong there is a bigger obstacle that makes him incompetent. He thought the strategies to calculate the youth wasn’t understood, but was a cannot be understood; those false identities cannot be argued, but doesn\'t need to be argued. The youth is a demon, having a long life, the human world’s usual hundred ways of gaining favor for him are just like fleeting clouds that are over in an instant, all the joy and sorrows, painful feelings, in his long life was perhaps just a piece of film, sooner or later will disappear without a trace.

So no matter what he does, it won\'t change that fact that he is just a passerby in the youth\'s life, what he thinks is a lifetime for the youth is just a short period of time. Without even waiting for several decades, he will grow old in just a few decades, but the youth\'s look will still not change.

Just thinking that after his death Chen Tong would kiss another person, Han Ying would hate to kill. But even if he hates, what if you still want to possess? He is in charge of the day, but can he control what happens after death?

There was an unprecedented frustration in the great commander’s overflowing enthusiasm, a moment ago he was like a big powerful and majestic lion that declared sovereignty, and in a flash suddenly turned into a big lonely dog. The demon\'s keen perception sensed all of this, the man’s tightly pressed lips look made Chen Tong inexplicably a little distress, "……what\'s wrong with you? Are you okay?"

"I\'m fine." Han Ying looked at Chen Tong, quietly said, "Baby be good, you sleep first."

So Chen Tong simply turned back to a mirror to cultivate, the mirror’s surface under the moonlight had a layer of mist like a dense white light, it was exactly the same as what Han Ying saw when he was four years old and alone in that pitch black secret treasure room.

Soft, warm, and full of incredible fantasies. That year he had just lost his mother, and his father apart from the □□ looks of women that was brought home never cared about him even a bit, the warmest companionship he got was from that small mirror, so it was remembered from childhood to adulthood, a fantasy is still after all a fantasy, still out of reach.

In fact, Han Ying’s heart isn’t as formidable as his appearance, he hasn\'t experienced his parents\' love, did not experience the normal family warmth, without a sound personality, and with no one to talk to or trust, he can\'t be distressed or sympathetic, because that is a greater harm to him.

The sky shinned slightly, sinking the night\'s darkness. The new day has begun, the great commander in an extremely short time of half an hour of his morning exercise broke three targets, and after injuring more than 30 sparring guards, was finally refreshed, reverting to his arrogant and hateful appearance, domineeringly reiterated to Chen Tong: "I don\'t care about the future, but the present. I like you, to be with you for a day even the whole day, even if after death I really can\'t control, but as long as I\'m alive, you can\'t go with others."

Han Ying tried to restrain his strength, "Don\'t follow Xu Jun Duo to Hui province, I\'ll take you to Rong province to play, okay?"

Although the main purpose is for business, Han Ying really did what he said, taking Chen Tong to Rong province. People came and left the railway station, filled with the Republic of China\'s atmosphere, it was inevitable for Chen Tong to have a bit of excitement and curiosity when he first saw a steam train, the bright eyed look making Han Ying’s look have a trace of warmth. However, something made his heart stop the next second, it was unknown when Xu Jun Duo followed them before they boarded the train.

“You would actually sneak away without me, fortunately this young master possessed remarkable abilities and got the news!" Xu Jun Duo ran with a sorry figure, but instead added a bit of chic in his unruly image, then giving a bright smile to Chen Tong, using a tenderly sweet voice: "Tong Tong, even if it was only two days that we didn\'t meet, but I miss you very much."

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