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Chapter 12: the commander’s little mirror 12

Several subordinates attending today are confidants, naturally knowing Xu Jun Duo, voluntarily withdrew when Han Ying had opened fire, only adjutant Yang Sen Yu stayed, looking at Chen Tong and inwardly had a no wonder thought.

Yang Sen Yu wasn’t talking about appearance, but about temper. The youth’s appearance was clearly not affected by the world’s affairs, –Men who had been on the battlefield have experienced too much blood and killing, the only thing that can’t be carried is perhaps this innocence.

It is said that women are jealous creatures, but in fact men are more jealous, and are prone to over jealousy, Chen Tong’s slight smile already made Han Ying’s jealousy overflow, on the other side Xu Jun Duo was looking stunned again, climbed up and with a Western-style etiquette reached towards Chen Tong, “It’s very nice to meet you……”

Out of courtesy, Chen Tong extended his hand to reach back, only extending halfway when Han Ying caught it back. Han Ying is like a lion who’s territory is being violated, as if will bite anyone at any time, sending a cold warning to Xu Jun Duo, “……I don’t like people moving my stuff.”

As Xu Jun Duo was experienced in love, he could see that even if Han Ying’s possessiveness and love to Chen Tong is very strong, Chen Tong doesn’t share the same sentiments to Han Ying, couldn’t help but elegantly smile: “Rest assured, I don’t like moving other people’s things. However, a lot of people will grab a treasure if it’s without an owner, right?”

Xu Jun Duo and Han Ying are like two extreme types of fire and ice, Han Ying is indifferent to strangers, while Xu Jun Duo has always been friendly and carefree. His nature was outgoing, sometimes even careless, highly talented and handsome was his overall image, very lively and passionate.

However, these two contrasting people are the only ones who can support each other’s back, maybe not on the surface, but their private mutual understanding and friendship is quite deep. Because of this, Xu Jun Duo can dare say this provocative words to Han Ying, then hurriedly rushed to jest before falling out, “I boarded the train at 10 o’clock last night, I haven’t eaten since I got in the train, I’m starving to death, do you have food to eat?”

The place for lunch is set in the Hui Xiang building. The restaurant not only features unique dishes, but also functions as a theater, in the building is a standard size table, every week of the 2,436th day the meal time will see a play.

Entering, Chen Tong sensed an overflowing ancient sense, because the interior is completely made of the wooden style of the Qingming period, the framework is made of huge pillars and horizontal beams, there were open windows from all sides, for sufficient brightness, followed by the superb craftsmanship of the decorative carvings, then heard the babbling tune passing over, –it is the singing of the play that has started.

Han Ying directly took Chen Tong to the second floors private room, over looking the stage, without being disturbed can have a proper meal, as well as to clearly hear the performer’s song.

The waiter settled the dishes, and also sent a small altar of the special yellow wine. The wine was just recently warmed, with a clear mild sweetness, poured into a cup the wine’s rich fragrance immediately spreads, Chen Tong’s small nose wrinkled after inhaling it, without drinking the face is already tipsy with a slight redness.

“What did you come here for?” Han Ying knows that Xu Jun Duo won’t run without a reason, directly saying: “If it’s because of a mess*, then immediately scram, I won’t take responsibility for you.”

*he says: stabbing a basket (which I don’t understand) 如果是因為捅了什麼簍子

“Ying ying, you heartless and ungrateful man.” Xu Jun Duo pointed at Han Ying imitating the tone of the performers downstairs deliberately accused him, then picked the chopsticks, getting food while grimly saying: “……the Hui province is currently having a student movement, the Mancheng students skip classes and rally along the streets, shouting something about democratic freedom, I was arranged by the old man to handle it, it’s a headache.”

Han Ying didn’t reply, listening to Xu Jun Duo continue to complain: “A few of those students have backgrounds, I previously sent someone to drive them away when another accidentally killed a few, it’s even more serious now, simply can’t strike back, was advised not to start, but also tried not to run, was also suppressed by the newspaper’s departments, was scolded useless by the old man, simply what remains unseen is deemed to be clean.”

Xu Jun Duo said, the corner of the mouth raised into like a smile yet not a smile, lazy disdain was written in his face.

Because in his opinion the student movement is completely an ugly farce, only power can produce the truth, other than this everything is false. What democratic freedom, probably only those who have an inkling of self-righteousness will be able to save their lives for these light words, it’s silly not to seize a few people and make use of guns.

Han Ying idea is exactly the same as Xu Jun Duo on this point, but his disdain is for Xu Jun Duo. For Han Ying settling the student movement can be quickly done, people will have weaknesses, bribing a few students to let them start an infighting, will guarantee that within a few days will split. Another convenient way is to pressure the professor, although the hot-blooded youths won’t listen to advice, the professors can move the parents of their families, let the professor issue a statement saying that if their students will skip classes they will be dropped, there are some students yearning for knowledge and will go back, the student movement will gradually step down, overtime it will cease.

Unrest, coup, wars, Han Ying will not care about, because they are simple and rough, easy to control, there will always be a solution.

Only the human heart, complex and changeable, will make people unable to grasp.

Chen Tong unexpectedly couldn’t understand Han Ying and Xu Jun Duo’s talk, the complete attention was placed on stage. The play is the West Chamber, it hasn’t started for long, Cui Yingying played by Hua Dan has not yet appeared, then saw Zhang Sheng slowly entering while singing a solo.

The song has a lingering rhythm, the voice switched back and forth, the lyrics for Chen Tong sounded strange and dark, but for him this unique ancient Chinese charm has its own beauty.

Chen Tong listened more seriously, unconsciously picking the wine cup and bringing it to his mouth, not only did he unconsciously finish the small cup of yellow wine, he was still immersed in it until the half part of the play was performed.

This half part of the play happened to end with the time of Zhang Sheng’s separation with Cui Yingying due to entering Beijing to take the exam, Chen Tong couldn’t help but feel sad. Having finished their conversation Han Ying and Xu Jun Duo for a long time had simultaneously placed their gazes on Chen Tong, seeing the adorable youth holding a cup while watching the play, looking focused as if it was something important, the serious little look seemed like as if all the world’s treasure of gold and silver were piled up in front of him and was unable to reconsider. The exquisite white jade-like face was in contrast with the antique railings and the surrounding painted carved beams, afterall time was motionless, it would invisibly makes a very stable and nostalgic picture for people.

Xu Jun Duo couldn’t help but ask: “Tong Tong are you fond of plays?”

“……ah?” Chen Tong just withdrew from the play, distractedly turned his head, the eyes still had a mist of unshed tears.

Even watching a West Chamber can move him to tears, Xu Jun Duo looked at Chen Tong, once again repeating the question, with the best gentle smile, the world nowadays, demons and monsters are everywhere, strange and scary, bandits and outlaws, displaced bureaucrats, the military division has occupied the whole country, such a small delicate and tender thing, how to be born in this chaotic time.

The most chaotic times are most opportunistic.

Everyone is a beast full of ambitions, stepping on each other to slowly achieve their goals. Han Ying has the brain and skill, Xu Jun Duo’s means are also not below, but each has their own abilities to rely on.

Chen Tong didn’t actually cry, it’s just that his eyes had a bit of water due to unknowingly stealing a little wine, and he was gradually getting a bit intoxicated. Xu Jun Duo continued to casually smile at Chen Tong said: “If Tong Tong is fond of plays, there are several type of popular plays in my home, you can listen to your hearts content. There is a saying that goes, a sovereign’s first acquaintance is like an old friend, meeting Tong Tong today, I feel familiar at first sight, ……simply inviting you to go with me to Hui province to play for several days, okay?”

Chen Tong’s first reaction was to naturally reject, but hearing the favorable impression measure say that Xu Jun Duo’s favorable impression increased by 5 points, to complete the task objective he didn’t hesitate.

The author has something to say:

The first world will write in the early 20th chapter because it is necessary for the two protagonists to cultivate their feelings naturally. But the next five worlds will not be that long, will be more focused on the plot.