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Chapter 11: the commander\'s little mirror 11

In the early morning the great commander’s mansion is always peaceful and orderly.

At 6 o\'clock in the morning many servants got out of bed and started their day’s work of duties. Today is a fine sunny and cloudless day, the sun shines brightly, after several days of rain, the flowers outside are completely open, and the youth’s broad good morning smile raises everyone\'s mood.

Because Chen Tong\'s smile is very sincere, a smile from the heart can bring joy to people, more so when it’s from a lively and charming youth, it can easily let people have a good feeling. Young master Chen Tong from the corner of his eyes saw the old steward from afar and quickly went over, once again clearly said: "Good morning, uncle steward!"

The old steward who still retained the ideals of the Qing dynasty before it was destroyed, quickly said: "Ai yo, little young master, you are the master, how can this slave be called, this cannot be done."

Even if he said so, the eyes were full of smiles because of the youth\'s call. Even the laugh lines were squeezed out. Chen Tong didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with his way of address, as before crossing he previously called his home’s steward this way, so continued to say: "I liked the bookcase that was sent yesterday, thank you uncle steward!"

The steward had carefully arranged the things for Chen Tong yesterday, not only are all the needed furniture available, there are also some decorative ornaments and handmade dolls. Saying thank you after receiving a favor, is what mother Chen taught for Chen Tong\'s behavior, –Another criterion is that a child can be stupid and dull, can be naughty, or even can be unruly, but must be a sweet talker.

"Ding–, the steward Han Zhong favorable impression increased by 5 points, the current favorable impression is 15."

"Ding–, Han Zhong favorable impression increased by 10 points……"

After Chen Tong got up, the favorable impression hasn’t stopped ringing out it was fortunate it doesn’t have a long mouth, otherwise it would have been already numb from talking earlier. In short this morning, Chen Tong by the simplest greeting of good morning and a sweet smile, used the favorable impression measure and tested the feelings of the people within reach one by one, filled with confidence latched onto several task objects, as if seeing the favorable impression reach over 70 to get the primary gift pack is earth-shattering enough to send himself flying.

So everybody\'s mood is very good, except Han Ying.

The great commander was very unhappy since last night. Clearly, the least he could get last night was a good night kiss, the youth was trapped under his body and couldn’t escape, the big bright eyes reflected his figure alone, it intolerably made his heart itch, –but a white light unexpectedly flashed, at the crucial moment the other party turned back into a guardian heart mirror.

Almost forgetting that his treasure is a little demon spirit.

#This vexing little demon spirit##What to do with this family’s stubborn little demon spirit##How to tame your lover##By using the 108 kinds of punishment game#

Han Ying’s mind instantly flashed countless ideas, even having a calculating look. When he was young, he could motionlessly lurk for an assassination for two days, and orchestrated a whole year for a ploy as if weaving a net, the great commander had never been impatient, –But only if the other person doesn’t flee.

In fact, Chen Tong didn\'t mean to revert to his prototype, but it was because the transformation time had reached the daily limit. His feelings for Han Ying is very complicated, just like a chick that will recognize it’s mother as the first object it sees when it opens it’s eyes, as the first person he knew in this strange world, he has a kind of ignorance and deep dependence on his trust, believing that he will never hurt himself, but also felt uneasy and afraid without reason.

This lead Chen Tong to subconsciously want to escape first, after meal Han Ying wanted to take him together to the military, but with great courage he expressed a clear refusal.

"I don\'t want to go." I want to practice cultivation and still continue to develop the favorable impression of the uncle steward and others!

Han Ying listened with a pause, looks still unchanged, held Chen Tong\'s hand without force, "Baby, don\'t make me angry."

Chen Tong’s resistance became even more obvious, and tried to struggle against Han Ying. In the end, Han Ying is still kind hearted, afraid to hurt him reduced his strength, with a weak hold, faintly looked at him said: "Be good, it\'s time to go."

A man with a real air pressure doesn’t have to harshly speak or become angry, just a look can make you not dare to defy his orders, Chen Tong indescribably caught his breath, obediently following Han Ying out, after getting in the car did he only come back to regret.

Although, Han Ying was only recently aware of his feelings after the passionate kiss, but liking someone, even the usually arrogant great commander wasn’t excused from the custom of wishing to send the best of everything to the other party. On the way to the military, Han Ying stopped the car several times, along the way passed by to choose a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories for Chen Tong from tailor and shoe shops, and even bought everything that the youth\'s eyes lingered on.

With such delays, it was already close to noon when he reached the military. Shopping also required energy, plus Chen Tong hadn’t slept the whole night to practice the meditation method, was finally tired, couldn\'t help but sleep on the office chair.

Han Ying carefully embraced the person, letting him sleep more comfortably. Thus, when Yang Sen Yu knocked and only came in half a step, he immediately received a hint from Han Ying to lower his voice, after looking carefully, discovered that the commander embraced a peacefully sleeping small child.

Although his face was buried in Han Ying\'s embrace, and was wrapped by Han Ying’s military uniform coat that was too big for him, Yang Sen Yu was still able to judge that it is a youth from the slender figure. The agile mind immediately thought of Han Ying’s serious selection of kites, hurriedly use a very light sound, "……commander, the participants you have notified before have arrived."

"En, let them come in."

Han Ying help wrap Chen Tong more securely in the military uniform, holding his treasure in his embrace while reducing his voice held the meeting, the subordinates participating in the meeting quelled their surprise, hurriedly followed the others and toned down, the afraid of waking the child in the commander\'s embrace.

However who would be curious, the head of several departments were calm, it’s inevitable to secretly want to look at the person\'s appearance that made Han Ying act unusual, especially Liu Ming Mei who admired Han Ying for a long time, even while knowing that there was no hope for herself even without Chen Tong, was still a bit unwilling, and couldn\'t help but look at Chen Tong.

Unfortunately, Han Ying’s military uniform is secured tightly, and can only see the youth\'s tuft. Just at this time, the door was pushed open with a bang, suddenly someone had carelessly and directly entered.

Chen Tong was startled by the sound of the door, immediately confused and began to move, as if waking up.

"Baby be good, it\'s alright, sleep for a little longer."

Han Ying quickly coaxed Chen Tong by lightly patting his back, while narrowing his eyes to look at the person who came, unfortunately the man didn\'t notice the look, instead shouted in surprise: "……my god, I\'m not mistaken, the cold-blooded Ah* Ying is actually embracing a person!"

*Ah: form of endearment

Saying so rushed to Yang Sen Yu and said: "You quickly hit me, to know if I\'m dreaming!"

Han Ying’s vicious cold pressure finally filled the room, the person who arrived also wanted to shout again when gun was taken out, the dark muzzle from afar was pointed to the man’s head, "Xu Jun Duo, if you make any more noise I will shoot you."

Xu Jun Duo didn\'t believe, even pretended to feel aggrieved and continued to say: "It wasn’t easy for me to have a chance to see you, I came here as soon as I got off the train, being like this to your biao ge*, aren\'t you afraid to dream of sister-in-law at night?"

*Older male cousin from the mother\'s side

In addition to Han Xuan, the only one who dares to speak to Han Ying this way is his biao ge Xu Jun Duo, Han Ying’s grandfather Xu Zheng just like Han Xuan serves as a warlord in two provinces, having a son and daughter, during that time to connect to the Han family through marriage, the daughter Xu Mei was married to Han Yiyi. Then Xu Jun Duo became Xu Zheng’s only grandson, without accidents like Han Ying will be the successor of the Xu family.

Chen Tong completely woke at this time, rubbed his eyes dazedly while sitting straight, withdrew from Han Ying\'s embrace. Han Ying suddenly felt a sense of loss with his empty embrace, helping Chen Tong manage his messy forelock, softly asked: "Still sleepy?"

Chen Tong shook his head, Xu Jun Duo could clearly see his face this time. The youth who just woke up had misty eyes with a slightly red cheeks, the dim light from the outside lined the jade-like face, like an ink smudge expressing an innocent yet charming beauty, Xu Jun Duo was suddenly stunned, couldn\'t help but go towards Chen Tong. In a flash, the man’s elegant and handsome face became romantic, subconsciously using his usual gesture of hooking people to fool around with, coupled with an overflowing smile asked: "Little beauty, what is your name? I\'m……"

The words didn’t finish as Han Ying at his patience\'s end pulled the trigger. Even if Xu Jun Duo seemed sloppy, but with an inconceivable speed lightly and skillfully dodged the whistling bullet, while shouting louder: "Han Ying you\'re too much! Using a Browning* to shoot this young master, to kill me it\'s best to change to the most powerful machine gun!"

*Browning: US firearm brand

Han Ying\'s look became colder, and accurately fired a shot, even Xu Jun Duo found it difficult to deal with and awkwardly evaded, almost completely rolling on the floor, seeing the funny posture Chen Tong finally laughed.

Xu Jun Duo saw it with his peripheral vision, taking advantage of his fall on the ground rolled close to Chen Tong, continuing the unfinished topic: "I\'m Xu Jun Duo, what\'s your name?"

The favorable impression measure sounded at the same time: "Name: Xu Jun Duo; Identity: Xu family’s successor of the Hui army; Current favorable impression to the host: 30."

Such a high starting value let Chen Tong slightly widen his eyes, can\'t help but slightly smile, "I\'m Chen Tong."

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