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Chapter 10: the commander’s little mirror 10

This kind of deep affection is so magical, that can let the noble and arrogant king willing to leave the throne and to bend with deep feelings of a knight or even a servant.

In this scene probably Chen Tong is the only oblivious one, totally unaware that he’s the focus of everyone, thinking that the quietness downstairs is due to the absence of people.

After reaching downstairs Han Ying took the initiative to break the total silence in the living room, directly said to the steward: “Is lunch ready?”

The steward immediately understood, hurriedly stood with the servant Zhang Luo, then grandfather Han asked: “Ying er, this is……”

Han Ying had always held Chen Tong’s hand, until the youth broke free no less than four or five times before letting go, “he was the youth that I said who saved me before.”

Grandfather Han is a person who values righteousness, having heard what was said his attitude immediately became very friendly, happily asking Chen Tong’s name. Chen Tong took a few minutes to accept the fact that almost everyone in the commander’s mansion is there, the childhood habit of respecting the elderly made him obediently reply: “……called Chen Tong.”

Han Ying at that time wasn’t able to ask his name and was annoyed because it was easily asked by grandfather Han, the body raised a low pressure, if the great commander understood the online world, perhaps a densely packed ‘very unhappy’ barrage will roll.

Unfortunately, whether it was Chen Tong or Han Xuan, both didn’t pay attention to him. Han Xuan continued asking Chen Tong questions, and Chen Tong was listening on the favorable impression measure’s report.

The favorable impression measure couldn’t help but uncomfortably open, it can finally use it’s skills favorably, “Name: Han Xuan; Identity: Southern army’s highest commander and former master of the guardian heart mirror. Current favorable impression to the host: 10.”

To have experienced Han Ying’s 0, Chen Tong firmly felt that 10 of Han Xuan was very high. Recalling the main line task two of collecting the favorable impressions that had no limitations, began to consider Han Xuan as the first target.

Han Xuan was still asking: “Where does xiao* Tong live? How many people are there in the house? What is the family’s business?”

*xiao: small, young; form of endearment

Han Xuan’s first impression to Chen Tong is very good, even a little better than Han Yiyi’s illegitimate child Han An Yan who has just entered the house, because Chen Tong is very innocent, –Humans often like what they don’t have.

Chen Tong paused for a few seconds, the other side’s series of questions made him wonder how to answer them. Fortunately, Han Yiyi being displeased started to talk: “Han Ying,” he tried to pull the focus back to his illegitimate child, pointing to the youth beside him who stood in front Han Ying said: “This is your younger brother Han An Yan, just turned 18 this year, you brothers will help each other in the future……”

The youth cleverly raised his head then showed Han Ying a smile, calling: “Big brother.”

Han Ying gave Han An Yan an unremarkable glance, Chen Tong gaze couldn’t help but go to Han An Yan’s. He looks good, although the eyes have a single eyelid, but the outer corner of the eyes are long and narrow and are slightly raised like Han Ying, very tasteful, apart from this the rest were completely different from Han Ying.

For example, the eyes looks quite warm, unlike Han Ying’s that is like a burning torch which can intimidate people; the eyebrows are curved and lightly colored, unlike Han Ying’s raised sword-like eyebrows that are ink black; The lips is unlike Han Ying’s thin lips that symbolized ruthlessness.

Anyway, the overall image is much better than the perverted xiansheng, this is what Chen Tong inwardly thought, Han Ying on the other side wouldn’t consider the outer appearance, but rather the person’s intentions.

Han An Yan’s smile with a hidden scheme, the occasional restless eyes looking in the room, the voice’s smugness…… Even if it was extremely slight and fleeting, but Han Ying having seen the □□ forms of too many people, with just a sweep can capture it.

Han Ying didn’t make any response to Han An Yan’s call of big brother, but it made people a little unclear of the meaning in the suddenly said sentence: “Since father has recognized a son today, then I will also recognize a younger brother.”

Saying so, he pulled Chen Tong’s hand again, and said something startling: “From today, Tong Tong will be my, Han Ying’s little brother.”

The great commander then surveyed the hall full of servants, the tone is clearly flat yet contained an irresistible deterrence, “Later, he will have the same authority as me in the mansion, seeing him is equivalent to seeing me, if I am aware of anyone neglecting the small young master,” with a deliberate pause, “–I’m afraid you can’t bear to lose the life of your whole family.”

Anyone can see that the owner of the entire commander’s mansion in the future is Han Ying, thus Han Ying publicly recognizing Han Yiyi’s son as a younger brother is worth a lot. Then looked at the side of Han Xuan with no opposition, the servants of the mansion immediately judged the situation, one after another nodded to promise.

In this way, Chen Tong who is still unaware of the happenings suddenly became the small young master of the great commander’s mansion. The old steward who watched Han Ying grow favored Han Ying, immediately faced Han Ying and Chen Tong said: “Eldest young master, lunch is ready, will you and the small young master eat now?”

“En.” Han Ying pulled Chen Tong’s hand towards the dinning table, quietly said: “……Baby, it’s time to eat.”

Han An Yan’s face couldn’t help but become unpleasant, he couldn’t maintain the feigned gentle calmness any longer. After so many years of wandering outside he was finally able to step into the door of the commander’s mansion, clearly he’s the protagonist today, but the second the youth who appeared out of nowhere came, all the aura and attention were taken away by him.

Even if Han Ying’s call of baby to Chen Tong was soft, it was still heard by Han An Yan, making it more difficult for him to suppress the vicious thoughts that sprung up. He is Han Ying’s little brother by blood, but from beginning to end Han Ying didn’t even look at his eyes. Chen Tong who isn’t, is treated as a carefully held treasure.

Han An Yan bowed his head, secretly clenching his palm angrily, the nails embedding in the flesh. At the other side, Han Ying was busy feeding Chen Tong, wishing to feed his small mirror overnight to become white and fat.

This kind of gentle and indulging look on others is normal, but is strange in Han Ying, letting people believe that they were hallucinating, or Han Ying was possessed by a ghost.

However, Han Ying has always continued his own way, regardless of others opinion. Just thought that his little mirror was very thin, and being injured a few days ago, must take a lot of supplements, with a soft tone gently coaxed Chen Tong saying: “This bamboo shoot is very delicious, have a taste ok?”

“In addition, this Squirrel Mandarin fish is the kitchen’s specialty……”




Needless to say Han An Yan, and the rest of the people in this scene couldn’t help but think of: looking at it is indeed very unpleasant ah, very unpleasant……

If they knew the modern language, they will definitely know the reason of this unpleasantness, –This flashy show of ‘love’ is the fancy dog abuse* yīng yīng yīng yīng.

*dog abuse: single people are called single dogs.

Yīng: a cry to seek friends

Han Ying’s bedroom is on the right side of the third floor, with a flat inside and outside, occupying the whole right side area of the staircase. He dismissed the steward’s question of arranging a bedroom for Chen Tong, immediately declaring that Chen Tong will stay with him, also ordered people to add a bed in order to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

By chance, the commander’s mansion recently bought a new batch of furniture, the steward sent the small cabinet to match with the bed and even some small decorative items. Han Ying since childhood have received military training and is used to the simple and practical style, so there is nothing else in the room aside from the necessary table and cabinet, looking completely empty and frigid, now with the addition of the things that the old steward arranged for Chen Tong, the room now has a bit of human breath.

The bed and the small cabinet are the Southern Province’s best and latest furniture, combined with a flair of the Western and Chinese styles, elegant and comfortable, the bed is also covered by thick soft cushions with velvet quilts, lying comfortably Chen Tong was unwilling to move, but then heard Han Ying on the side say: “Baby can’t sleep here.”

Chen Tong immediately asked: “Why?”

Han Ying stood at the bedside, then leaned towards him, the distance between them was suddenly less than 10cm. Chen Tong can clearly see the man’s deep look and the bottomless gaze with a hidden darkness, then heard him calmly say: “Because you must sleep with me.”

Chen Tong unexpectedly protested saying: “Don’t want!”

“Not wanting to is possible,” Han Ying unexpectedly relented, raising the eyebrow, switched the topic, “then let me hear you call big brother.”

Before, Han Ying was very uncomfortable hearing Han An Yan’s call of big brother, but thought that if his little mirror with a soft voice called him big brother, made his blood heat up. “Be good, quickly call big brother, tomorrow big brother will take you out to play.”

“Don’t want to!” Chen Tong continued to protest and tried to shrink back. Han Ying held him with one hand, exhaling at Chen Tong’s ear, calmly said: “Baby, you know that during an exam, whether you know or not, will always fill an answer.”

The commander’s voice is very attractive, is also deliberately lowered, “So either choose to sleep with me, or call big brother, what reason is there to turn over a blank exam paper? ……the students handing over a blank exam paper must receive the teacher’s punishment.”

The author has something to say:

Yesterday, said to change in the afternoon~~ to attend a company meeting in the morning, was later changed to 4pm, me me da!

The first arc in front seems to pull a little long until now did not write to the spot, or to speed up the progress to start the next arc earlier? This novel will probably be divided into six worlds (each arc is Han Ying’s previous life of the Future ha), I don’t know how long everyone think is appropriate for each arc?