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Chapter 1 The young supreme commanders\' little mirror

In the entire southern province, almost everyone knows the young supreme commander Han Ying.

The grandfather is the head of the six major army and at the same time serving as both a warlord and a maternal grandfather, he is an only child with no brothers and sisters to fight for power, the young supreme commander Han can be said to have a good and easy life, the whole person is like a shining golden thigh, unfortunately he also happens to have an unyielding appearance, that everyone already broke their heads attempting to climb trying to be his partner.

Han Ying’s supreme commander title, has already been there for five to six years. Clearly the grandfather Han Xuan is identified as the highest supreme commander, but this name is not inherited on the incompetent and lascivious father, instead fell to Han Ying\'s head who just became an adult and dared to fiercely contend in the battlefield.

The great young supreme commander is not concerned about food and clothes, having lived for twenty years, was only bothered by two things: the first is how to at once completely clear out all of his father mistresses with the other men and women who are striving to climb his father’s bed, the second is how to steal from his grandfather’s place the closely guarded ‘small mirror’.

The mirror is precisely said to be the Han Dynasty’s guardian heart mirror, it is said to be used by the emperor, that is then passed as a family heirloom. This matter is practically known by the Han family, but no one knows that, from the first time since seeing it in childhood the very feared and strict young supreme commander Han, has been secretly and continuously looking at it.

Taking advantage at that time when the family elders were not home, he sneaked with great courage into his grandfather’s treasure room to play, after turning left and right, he finally turned to the innermost room where a small box with a mirror inside is enshrined on top. Unsurprisingly it was opened out of curiosity, from there he saw the entrance of the treasure room suddenly closing, the lights of the room were completely extinguished, –The automatic protection device on the box was activated.

Suddenly pitch black, darkness makes people scared, the usually spoiled and less than four year old young Han where to have seen this kind of sudden protection device, immediately senseless, he cried out with all his heart. Unfortunately this room is a restricted area, crying out again the servants still cannot hear, it’s said that even shouting at that area everyday is ineffective, when he was really helpless, the very little guardian heart mirror on top suddenly sent out a gentle light.

A very gentle and soft light, truly gentle like a soft dream. To have experienced this feeling from a very long time, those things that year were already hazy to Han Ying, yet still was able to recall that gentle light that accompanied him in the middle of darkness, appearing like a colorful fantasy, until now still existing in the heart and has yet to dissipate.

It\'s a pity that the family rule stipulates that these treasures must be placed in the treasure box, no one is allowed to easily take it out, Young Han wasn\'t just taught but immediately prevented, since then he never again had a chance to see the guardian heart mirror for the second time, thus in this way it was remembered since childhood until adulthood, not truly sincere in the heart.

Although the young supreme commander is a hundred percent true man of iron and blood, yet there is a secret and difficult to talk about addiction, –Just like a little school girl he is fond of reading those colorful fantasy western fairy tales, like those big shots in the society that believed in highest morality of Buddhism, one side is covered with blood and simultaneously sincere to the worship of Buddhism, Han Ying also has this strange contradiction. Since that day he came out of his grandfather\'s secret treasure room, that little mirror changed into his heart’s favorite fairy tale, light blue, soft, warm, also full of unimaginable fantasy and mystery.

Even if it might be false and merely an illusion, but because you like it and it\'s unobtainable, over time it has becomes the best in your heart.

The so-called obsession, is generally just like this.

Until the young supreme commander was twenty-two years old this year, the national situation was in turmoil, Han\' grandfather this year was seriously ill, the Han family was then officially handed over to him. The grandfather that has always been all-powerful, has a standard for observing people, knowing Han Yi\'s weight, fortunately his grandson Han Ying is just like him, daring to stake all and boldly charge in yet able to make a steady decision.

Hardly imagined that Han Ying’s constant thought wasn\'t the military power nor the position of the owner, but that \'small mirror\'.

Truly very beautiful.

That evening Han Ying ignored the family rule, and secretly took the guardian heart mirror from the treasure room to his bedroom to tamper with. Although the little mirror didn\'t shine again, but still feels very beautiful, even every hollow of each pattern reveals a simplicity with a mysterious atmosphere.

–It mustn\'t be too praised to achieve this kind of desire, touching the small mirror, the great young supreme commander is very pleased.

While Chen Tong is very depressed

In a blink of an eye he inexplicably changed into a mirror, and still being incessantly touched and touched by a pervert all over the body, almost going insane!

Clearly just before yesterday, Chen Tong was an infinitely spoiled from head to toe aristocratic young master, however seeing a section of a completely downright flamboyant terrifying drama just before sleeping, he uttered in an unbearable anger:

"The demons are quickly showing their true forms, this world is already unable to bear your brainlessness!"

After shouting in one breath and pressing the enter button to announce the barrage, Chen Tong finally felt a little comfortable in his heart, closed the notebook and got ready to sleep. Completely not expecting a real demon to appear in his dream, pointing at his nose in rage: "Very little humans would dare to insult my grand demon race, this crime mustn\'t be forgiven, that being the case, then let you also experience the feeling of being a demon, when you will be qualified and return to being a man!"

Recalling it here at this time then came to a complete stop, Chen Tong suddenly widened his eyes. –Could it be that he really became a demon now?

"Ding–, System start up……"

"Ding–, Binding host……"

"Ding–, Binding complete, welcome to the demon system! "

Chen Tong was startled when a mechanical tone continuously resonated in his brain, half a day passed only to slowly recover his spirit, “……Eh? Demon system?"

"Hello Host, I\'m supervisor Xiao Bai. The system is mainly dedicated to guide host to become a qualified demon through passing various methods, once the host is bound, it can’t be dissolved until current task is successful……"

A round white plump pom-pom appeared before Chen Tong’s eyes, a stream of light from inside it\'s eyes swept through his body, "Ding–, system scanning……scan complete, host’s current world basic state is as follows:

Demon name: Guardian heart mirror

Category: Mirror spirit (Mirror demon)

Special feature: Luminous all over, a loyal guardian

Status: Lv 1

Basic skill 1: [To guard you] –When the owner is attacked or in danger, can sacrifice yourself to defend against all damage.

Basic skill 2: [Mirror copy] –Can copy yourself an exact body behaviour accordingly with the target’s, duration three hours.

Assistive skill: [Reflect everything] –Can see the name of any item, source and effect.

Kill skill: [Live everywhere] –Can split several soul fragments, resist all damage to the owner and everyone around."

Pinching his arm Chen Tong found out that this isn’t a dream, can only wrinkle his eyebrows and strenuously digest the system’s unceasing sound, “The task of this world is now released. Ding–, main task \'devotional practice\' has been opened, ask the host to practice hard, to improve your own demon cultivation rank, instruction manual: This task is a continuous accumulative task, the host’s level of cultivation acquired in this world can be brought to the next world to continuously improve, each level has a reward, reach the highest to return to reality.”

“Additional instruction: The demon’s cultivation method is the same as that of the cultivation of immortals, there are eight levels, can be divided into lv1 Demon Spirit: initial stage into coming of awareness, corresponds to Refining period of cultivation, –Host\'s current rank is lv1. "

Talking here, the white pom-pom is obviously more familiar thus it became even more fluent: "after is lv2 Congealed Form: Can tentatively shape into human form and use assistive skills, corresponds to the Base period. Lv3 Illusion: Can open all skills, corresponds to Fasting period. Lv4 Demon Lord: Purifying of the essence, showing the demon mark, correspond to Golden age period. Lv5 Demon King: Nurturing the dan to primordial spirit, corresponds to Nascent soul period. Lv6 Demon Emperor: Primordial spirit can manifest, and come back to life, corresponds to God transformation period. Lv7 Demon Immortal: Cross the demon calamity to ascend as an immortal, corresponds to Disaster crossing period. Lv8 Demon God: fully cultivate into god, can break through the void. "

Chen Tong after listening, the eyebrows were even more wrinkled, "You said that rising to the highest level I can return to reality, –Then I have to cultivate to lv8 to go home?"

"Correct" the white pom-pom nodded, continuing to announce the task: "Ding–, main line task two \'Enchant the person’s family\' is opened, please gather human favorable impression degree as much as possible, at least two humans having a favorable impression to host reaching 70 or more, no restrictions to men or women, task success rewards the big lucky turntable once, failure deducts one year of cultivation."

"Instruction manual: This task is a must for every world, every extra human favorable impression of 70 can get an additional junior pack, having a human favorable impression of full 100 can get an advanced pack, the advance pack contains essential cultivation medicine dan, magic tool and others, please host to be sure to make extra effort."

"Ding–, main line task three "Abide the roots" is opened, the host must strictly follow the demon class\' characteristics, given that the host is a guardian heart mirror in the world, the guardian heart mirror greatest feature is to protect the owner, so host please fully utilize the skill to protect the safety and life of the owner at all costs, task success rewards a large cultivation experience values, failure deducts two years of cultivation."

"Instruction manual: This task is also a must-do for every world, will modify the content based on host’s demon class change on each world."

"What is this sinister task?" young master Chen Tong couldn\'t bear it anymore, "The guardian heart mirror’s feature is to protect the owner and must protect the master, but I’m not a slave from the slave-owing society or the holy mother[1]! if according to \'strictly comply the roots\' statement, if the next world is a cat demon then is it necessary to display the beautifully arrogant skill, if a fox demon is it necessary to exhibit seduction skills, if a peach blossom demon then is it just like being a monoecism[2], even able to give birth to a child?”

"How do you know?” the white pom-pom\'s mechanical sounded with a bit of surprise, "the few types you said are indeed arranged by the system, it seems that your thinking awareness is very high, really promising to the demon growth journey, then directly get the new big demon package after striving to start the task."

"Ding–, to have received the new big demon package, is it to open?"

Chen Tong is too angry to talk, the white pom-pom has resumed the emotionless mechanical tone and continued to talk: "If the host doesn’t respond within ten seconds, the system opens by default."

"Ding–, new demon big package is opened, the host obtains a lv1 demon spirit’s essential cultivation method, a basic gathering chi dan medicine, basic magic tool moonlight shard x10, intermediate magic tool purple immortal dress shard x5, big lucky turntable once. Items has been placed in the system backpack, whether to choose the big turntable now?"

"No!" Chen Ton feels that he shouldn\'t be wronged, protests loudly, "I don\'t want to do the task! I want to go home!"

A pity the other party wasn’t moved at all, very calmly said: "Refusing to do it is possible, then you will forever remain here."

"Hey!" Right away after speaking Chen Tong discovered it disappeared after it finished speaking, unable to get a respond with calling, "Hey, Xiao Bai, where did you go, you come out, don\'t hide yourself……"

"I\'m homesick……" young master Chen Tong\'s heart grievances is suddenly heavier, simply more wishing leads to more sadness, "I don’t wish to stay here… I wish to go home…”

"Wuwu[3], I want to go home……"

The sleeping young supreme commander was suddenly alert and opened his eyes.

He vaguely heard someone crying.

The very small sound was weak and soft, let him inexplicably have the feeling of wanting to seize it.

The young supreme commander has never liked to have servants waiting, not close to male or female, thus inside and outside the room except for himself there is no one else, looking around, at the pillow side is the newly acquired small mirror that he took from inside the secret treasure room yesterday.

Is it a dream or an auditory hallucination? Han Ying\'s eyebrows wrinkled, standing to look outside, it turned out to be rain, the rain hitting the banana tree sounds like weeping, the courtyard is full of the pitter-patter sound.

Han Ying gave up the inquiry, turned to see the wall with the European style time piece shows that it is less than four o’clock now, more than two hours from morning exercise, decided to sleep for a while.

Thus the young supreme commander returns to bed, again touching the small mirror to aid sleep, the guardian heart mirror was originally small, the man\'s hand is full of callousness from the guns, with a big palm, can almost entirely cover the mirror. The tiny gentle touch is very comfortable, a single touch makes him very reluctant to let go.

Han Ying has finally forgotten the crying, instead a barrage is raised in the brain.

Touched again!


Do not touch!!

Drawing a circle in cursing you!

When Han Ying was starting to fall asleep, he realized that the guardian heart mirror in his hand is starting to heat up. The temperature seems to be rising, high enough to be unignorable, looking at it, unfortunately there is nothing to be seen due to the darkness, standing up to open the bedside\'s wall lamp, carefully scrutinizing the small mirror with inexplicable heat.

Having never seen this, the great young supreme commander who have seen a lot of big scenes is still stunned, looking at the glossy mirror’s side an unexpected image of a very small person slowly appeared!!

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[1] holy mother: someone that will help unconditionally

[2] monoecism: having bot male and female sex organs

[3] 呜(Wu): sfx for crying