To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: What Belongs to Bandits Also Belongs to Me

I am listening to Beta in my own dorm room.

It is night time after classes at the academy are over. Beta is making her periodic report.

“After the incident at the Festival of the God of War, Doem’s standing is……”


I’ve given the matter a lot of thought in retrospect of what Nee-san said, and my conclusion is that Outlaw City really does seem a great place to go.

In the first place, I haven’t done any bandit-hunting recently. And Outlaw City is pretty much just a gathering of people marginally better than bandits, right? And what belongs to bandits belongs to me.

“It has become much easier for Epsilon to move. Within Oriana Kingdom……”


That talk from Nee-san about my job in the future.

Another way of interpreting that is that all would be fine as long as I have money, right?

If I have money, then I can do whatever I want.

Outlaw City is packed with people not much better than bandits.

And I’m sure the big bosses there have been raking it in by doing tons of bad things.

So everyone’s problems would be resolved if I beat them up and help myself to their treasure.

“The fighting strength of Shadow Garden is growing at a steady rate. At Alexandria, we are recently devoting our resources towards the development of the steam engine……”


If I have enough money to live the rest of my life in luxury, then it won’t matter what job I take.

Or rather, in that situation, depending on my mood, I could be a gatekeeper, an escort, a jobless guy, a baker, or anything else. I would be able to experience whatever mob job I feel like.

By earning money, humans can grasp a life not bound down by money.

I think I just said something cool.

And so, of the three factions in Outlaw City, unfortunately it has just been set in stone that one of them will be wiped out very soon.

Which one should I pick?

Picking all of them would be fine too, but if I do it all at once then there’d be nothing left to enjoy later.

‘Queen of Blood’ gets me the most excited, and I can think up any number of destruction plots involving progenitor vampires and whatnot. But dessert should go last in a meal, you know what I mean?

I’m torn.

But I suppose the faction with the highest priority to be destroyed really is the Queen of Blood.

“And that’s all for my report.”


“If there was anything that you wish for me to improve on——”

“It smells……”

When I respond to Beta, who’s on bended knee with head hanging, she quivers with a start.

“Is it Outlaw City…… this smell of blood……”

“Oh whew, it wasn’t me……”

So Beta mutters softly.

“It seems the Queen of Blood is starting to move……”

“That is so. The possibility of the Queen of Blood being connected to the Order is low, so we have not pursued——”

“A storm is coming…… a storm of blood……”

“Storm of blood……?”

“Look at the moon, Beta.”

“The moon, my lord……?”

I gesture towards the moon floating outside my window that I think seems red.

“Ah, it’s more red than usual……?”

“So you notice it too, the red moon……”

“——?! Are you saying that it’s the legendary Red Moon……?!”

“…… If it is?”

While keeping Beta in the corner of my eye, I raise my glass filled with blood-red wine and take a sip.

‘Legendary Red Moon,’ huh.

I guess anything would sound cool just by pinning the word ‘legendary’ in front.

“B-, but that’s…… If that’s the case, then Outlaw City would…… no, all the surrounding countries would also……!”

“Fear not.”

“B-, but! We must immediately dispatch Shadow Garden——!”

“Fear not, I said.”

“!! I beg your pardon……”

I look down upon the shivering Beta and elegantly fold my legs.

“Leave this matter to me.”

“Could it be…… Does Shadow-sama intend to handle this matter alone?!”

“You disapprove……?”

“N-, no, I dare not…… I understand that that is the most reliable method to deal with it. Ho-, however, if anything ever befalls Shadow-sama, then we…… then I……!”

“Fear not.”


I raise a corner of my lips in a grin.

“All it is…… is just a red moon. Right?”


Beta looks at me with wide open eyes.

At first, it is shock on her face, but then it gradually turns into a gentle smile.

“I have once again failed to recognize my lord’s greatness.”

Then she bows her head deeply.

“‘Just a red moon’…… Even a legend is but a figure of speech before Shadow-sama.”

I mean, I only pointed out that the moon looks a bit red, and she turned it into ‘Legendary Red Moon’ with all the capital letters. I really have to hand it to her.

“Don’t you think the red moon is beautiful in its own way……?”

Fufu…… so it is. I pray for your good fortune in battle.”

“Do you desire to partake……?”

“Yes, gladly! Thank you, my lord.”

Beta and I enjoy the wine together while gazing at the moon.

Well then, let’s go with a bang at Outlaw City during autumn break.