To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Final Duty

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That Iris Midgar had fallen to a single stroke of the sword.

Before that reality, Doem merely stands in dumbfounded shock.

Being a resident of the Hidden World, Doem knows powerhouses stronger than Iris Midgar. However, does the strongest one that he knows possess the strength to fell Iris Midgar in one stroke?


Without catching her off guard, without any coincidences, such a thing would be impossible.

In other words, this is something that cannot happen.

Being able to defeat Iris Midgar in one stroke makes Jimina the strongest magic swordsman that Doem knows.

Such a…… youngster!

Having been surpassed by someone so much younger than himself wounds his pride that much more.

The shock in Doem’s heart had, before he knew it, turned into burning jealousy.

His head is rejecting and denying Jimina.

There must be a reason to explain Iris’ defeat. Even if it was not a coincidence, there’s the idea of compatibility in fighting. It just so happens that Iris is the kind of fighter that Jimina finds easy to fight against. Maybe.

Besides that, Iris’ strange movements is also suspicious. Suddenly stopping as if on guard against something, meaninglessly circling around Jimina. Perhaps Iris was in bad shape, or Jimina had taken advantage of some weakness of hers.

There are a million reasons for Doem’s head to deny Jimina’s strength.

But, despite that.

Doem’s instincts have already bowed to Jimina’s sword.

He’s understood that there is a vast difference between the world that he sees, and the world that Jimina sees.

Their theories and ways of thinking in regards to fighting are fundamentally different. Even if he trains for several hundred more years, he still would not be able to catch up to this young man. That is how polished Jimina’s sword is. His sword, which seems like a convergence of the best points of every kind of sword, is refined to the point of being a priceless form of art.

All while denying Jimina’s strength, he also admires Jimina’s sword, like a little boy.

Just as he had admired his master in his youth. Jimina’s sword possesses something that draws all swordsmen.

Doem gnashes his teeth.

No way he will acknowledge this young man.

It’s not yet confirmed that this young man is the strongest.

Doem knows many powerhouses. However, he’s yet to meet the Order’s highest echelons.

That’s why the title of ‘the strongest’ is not Jimina’s to take.

“Beatrix-sama, what did you think of this match?”

So asks Doem, desperately wanting words that would deny Jimina.

Beatrix’s green eyes are gazing at Jimina from the depths of her robe. In her eyes are unmistakable…… appreciation.

“…… I want to fight him.”


But just as Doem is about to ask her to explain her words, the venue buzzes loudly.

Doem looks towards the arena, and sees……

“Rose Oriana……”

Doem’s face warps into a sneer.

So she has come.

As thought, she is a foolish woman. It is already too late for both Oriana Kingdom and the Orianan king. The puppet king is already no more than a mere husk. Thanks to that, Doem has the entire country in his grasp. To be incapable of understanding that and just nonchalantly strolling in, Rose is too soft-hearted to be a princess.

Doem covers his mouth to hide his twisted smile, then steps forward together with the Orianan king.

“My beloved Princess Rose. Finally you have returned to me.”

There is a staircase that leads directly from the special seats rom to the arena. Doem and the Orianan king make their way down.

“Oh my Rose, you have returned. Come, come to me.”

The Orianan king speaks according to Doem’s instructions. His words have no heart, they are but the words of a mere puppet.

While walking down the stairs, Doem sends instructions to his subordinates with his eyes, so that they can apprehend Rose at a moment’s notice.

Rose comes up the steps.

“Father, I have come to apologize. For what has happened, and what will happen…… I have made a mistake, and will surely mistake again. However, I, as a princess of Oriana Kingdom, and also as your daughter…… will walk the path that I believe in.”

Rose’s voice is quivering. Tears are welling up in her eyes.

However, the resolve in her eyes is set.

Doem notices that in a split second, and falls back.

First let the king go in front.

With the king as a shield, this woman cannot do anything.

As long as he has his puppet king, Doem’s plan will go well.

“I forgive you your sins.”

So says the Orianan king. Doem did not give him any such instructions.

“Thank you very much, Father.”

Everything after that explodes in an instant.

Rose’s sword flashes from its sheath on her waist, and Doem hides behind the king in reflex.

Doem’s subordinates all spring into motion.

But Rose is just too fast.

Doem’s eyes widen in shock.


Leaving everything behind in her wake, Rose’s sword reaches, and pierces, the heart of the Orianan king.

“As princess, and as daughter…… this is my final duty.”

The king’s arms, which seemed to be trying to hug her, fall powerlessly halfway. Rose’s sword has indeed pierced through the king’s heart, even reaching behind and stabbing into Doem’s stomach.

“Thank you for everything so far, Father.”

Then she withdraws her sword.

Blood fountains from the king’s heart, and he collapses.

The tears finally fall from her eyes.


Doem howls.

Blood is also falling from Doem’s stomach, but it’s not a fatal wound.

His anger is from the loss of his puppet. Doem’s plan…… has been shattered.


His subordinates rush towards her.

Rose makes no move to escape.

She turns the tip of her sword towards her own neck, then looks at Doem and smiles.

Don’t tell me……

All the blood drains from Doem’s face.


But right at the moment that Rose puts strength into her arms.

“….. So this is your choice?”

A single flash, beautiful as art, blows away Rose’s sword, together with all the other surrounding swords.

The one standing there is the common-looking young man, Jimina.

“Y-, you are…..”

But in his hands is a jet black blade, darker than the shadows in the night.