To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: In Expectation of This Happening

The Undefeatable Myth was finally defeated.

This news spread like wildfire among all the tournament mania in the city.

Despite this being only the prelims, there had been quite a bit of attention on Undefeatable Myth Goldoh Kinmekki. Though many were surprised to hear that he had been defeated by a completely unheard-of new participant, they found themselves convinced upon hearing the details of the match.

It somehow seemed like this new guy had won by chance.

That was the frank opinion of most of the tournament mania.

However, a small minority of them, as well as some who had seen the match first hand, came to hold doubts regarding Jimina’s evaluation.

They purposely sought out Jimina’s matches, hoping to see him up close to gauge his strength for themselves.


“AAHHH!! Contestant Quinton is DOWN!! He cannot get back up! Contestant Jimina, once again he wins with a single attack!!”

Finals of Block B of the Festival of the God of War prelims once again ended with Jimina’s victory.

Once again, with a single attack.

None of the tournament mania could accurately gauge Jimina’s strength. Today’s match confirmed Jimina’s entry into the tournament proper, but not a single person understood how on earth he managed to win all the way to this point.

This is entirely too much to be pure coincidence, so he probably has some strength.

His opponent in the prelim finals, Quinton, was a magic swordsman with stable strength who is evaluated quite highly among the tournament mania. Since even this Quinton had lost, then they had no choice but to acknowledge Jimina’s strength.

But since no one understood how Jimina won, no one could grasp exactly how strong Jimina is.

He’s most likely stronger than Quinton, but is he strong enough to stand on the stage of the tournament proper?

Even if he is strong enough to do so, is that strength enough to earn him a place among the Festival’s history of champions?

This topic became all the rage among the tournament mania.

Many did not believe that Jimina has the strength to go high in the tournament.

In light of his achievements, this couldn’t be helped.

Almost all other contestants in the tournament have sold their names in other tournaments or battlefields. However, Jimina had not done any of that.

Objectively speaking, there wasn’t a single thing to prove Jimina’s true strength.

And thus, his evaluation naturally was low.

But a small portion of the tournament mania were pushing Jimina as a dark horse.

Looking at this year’s participant list, it is almost certain that the champion will be Iris again. However, if there really is someone who can overturn that result…… then it can only be this mysterious young man with as-yet unmeasured strength.

With such expectations on his back, Jimina leaves the arena.

The tournament proper begins next week.

The first match will be Jimina Sehnen vs. Annerose.

90% of people predict that it will be Annerose’s win.


While thinking about how today’s ossan opponent was strangely energetic, I leave the arena. His name was Q-…… um, sorry, I forgot. He had quite relentless killing intent, so it was a bit new.

With this, my entry into the Festival of the God of War is confirmed. The first match is next week.

To this point, the audience’s reaction is about so-so. The plan is to slowly begin revealing my strength in the matches starting next week, so until then I’ll be doing image training.

While walking down the long corridor of the contestant entrance with such thoughts on my mind, I find my way blocked by a lady with light blue hair. If I remember correctly, her name is Annerose.

“You have business with me……?”

“To think that you would advance to the tournament proper. You’ve sure done it.”

Her strong-willed eyes are looking at me.

“A natural result.”

“I admit that I had misjudged your strength. But I have a warning for you.”


“I’ve already seen through your movements. Don’t think that you can continue winning in the same way as before.”

Annerose flashes me a confident smile.


I laugh with only a corner of my mouth. Then, as if to insinuate that she is not worthy of anymore of my time, I indifferently walk past her.

……Please call out to me!

So I shout within my heart.

“What’s so funny.”

I can feel Annerose’s glare.


I turn only my neck around, as if sizing her up with only the corner of my eye.

“A warning from me too, then……”

So saying, I undo the wristband that I had put on in expectation of this happening, and throw it at the ground by Annerose’s feet.


The wristband makes a heavy sound upon hitting the ground.

“Th-, this is…… don’t tell me you had this weight on while fighting……?!”

“These weights are the chains that seals my strength…… guess play time’s over……”

Dosa, dosa, dosa.

I take off the weights on both hands and both feet, then begin walking away.

Kuh…… w-, wait a moment!”

But I no longer stop.

“I said, wait a moment!”

Annerose circles in front of me in a fluster.

“Don’t think that you’ve won with just this, alright? Watch……”

Then Annerose cracks her neck, with a koki.

For some reason, it’s excessively fast.

“Even I can do something of this level, alright?”

“Is that so……”

I don’t quite get it, so I just walk past Annerose with her doya-gao.

What did she even want to do anyways?