To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: The Harmless Poyoyon and Mole

“What is she doing, that girl……”

So sighs Alexia inside her own room, accompanied with a ‘tch.’

“It seems that Rose had fled to the northern part of the royal capital. She is most likely still within the city.”

The one who said that in a businesslike tone is Natsume, who is sitting on the opposite sofa.

Alexia looks at Natsume with a bitter face, then clicks her tongue again.

It is thanks to Natsume that the details of Rose’s attempted murder of her fiancé reached Alexia’s ears. Though her nature is suspicious as ever, but her information is sure. She has also supplied various information related to rumors regarding the Order of Diabolos.

“It seems that Oriana Kingdom wishes to treat it as an Orianan problem. They requested Midgar Kingdom to not get involved.” (Natsume)

“That sounds suspicious.” (Alexia)

“It does indeed. She can be tried under Midgarian law, but then that would affect the relationship between the two countries. Midgar Kingdom will most likely acquiesce.” (Natsume)

“Well, it’s my father we’re talking about. I’m sure he’s decided on wait-and-see.” (Alexia)

Alexia recalls the face of her peace-at-any-price father, then clicks her tongue once more.

“Rose-sama’s fiancé is Doem Ketsuhat, second son of a duke family of Oriana Kingdom. Once she’s caught, she will probably be punished heavily.” (Natsume)

(T/N: ‘Do M’ = ‘super masochist’, and I think ‘ketsuhat’ = ‘asshat’. Anyone got a better read? Here’s the original for your reference: ドエム・ケツハット)

“She’s a royalty, so execution is definitely off the table, but probably imprisonment or exile…… But for now, let’s the two of us find Rose-senpai first before Oriana Kingdom does, and hear her out.” (Alexia)

“Wait a moment. Rose-sama did not tell us anything in regards to this case. I believe that we should avoid causing any international problems with our intervention.” (Natsume)

“So, what?” (Alexia)

Alexia’s eyes are focused on Natsume.

“I’m just saying that we should refrain from any actions that might possibly lead to problems.” (Natsume)

“So you’re saying that we should abandon her?” (Alexia)

“I did not say that. But we should think carefully before we act.” (Natsume)

“So you’re saying that I don’t think before I act?” (Alexia)

“I did not say that. But we should spend a bit more time thinking things through.” (Natsume)

“So you’re saying that I’m an idiot?” (Alexia)

“I did not say that. People all have their own strengths and weaknesses.” (Natsume)

“If you have something to say about me, then how about just coming straight out with it?” (Alexia)

“How could I be so presumptuous……” (Natsume)

Natsume hugs her shoulders while her eyes shake from anxiety.

Alexia walks forward with crisp steps, then grabs Natsume by her collar. Natsume’s revealed cleavage jiggles with an almost audible ‘poyoyon’ sfx.

“Don’t you go acting all innocent and harmless with me.” (Alexia)

Alexia glares at her at zero distance.

Hiii, d-, don’t kill meee……!” (Natsume)

Natsume struggles to get free, which causes her chest to jiggle with even more ‘poyoyon’ than before. Alexia notices a mole on one of those lumps, which for some reason pisses her off excessively.

“As I keep saying, every single one of your reactions seem fake!” (Alexia)

Fueee……” (Natsume)

“I am so going to kill you.” (Alexia)

Hawawa……” (Natsume)

Seeing Natsume looking up with teary eyes, Alexia clicks her tongue and lets go.

Natsume collapses onto the sofa.

“Rose-senpai surely has her own reasons. I also understand that she doesn’t want to drag us into this. But that’s what irritates me.” (Alexia)

“So……” (Natsume)

“When I’m told to stop, that only makes me want to do it. When someone tries to not involve me in something, that only makes me want to rush into it.” (Alexia)

“Umm……” (Natsume)

Natsume looks up at Alexia with a face that’s clearly troubled as to how to respond.

“We are friends. I don’t know what you’re thinking inside, but at least you’ve also decided to act out being friends. Am I correct?” (Alexia)

“I, guess……” (Natsume)

“And we cannot abandon friends. Of course, I also will not abandon you. Understood?” (Alexia)

“…… Alright.” (Natsume)

Natsume stands up with her eyes cast down.

“In that case, then I’ll go gather information about Rose-sama. There also seem to be black rumors about her fiancé, so I’ll look into that too.” (Natsume)

“Sounds wonderful. I’ll go speak with my Nee-sama.” (Alexia)

“Let’s meet again tonight then, to exchange information.” (Natsume)

“Aren’t you recovering too fast?” (Alexia)

“So then, see you tonight.” (Natsume)

“Saying this just in case, but take care.” (Alexia)

“You too, Alexia-sama.” (Natsume)

Natsume bows once, then leaves.

Alexia stares at that back, then sighs heavily.

“Well, no other choice but to do something about it……” (Alexia)

After rearranging her slightly disheveled appearance, Alexia also exits the room.