To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Inescapable Attack

The fight begins with Sid being sent flying.

He crashes into the stone-paved floor with incredible force, then vomits out blood.

Olivie shows no mercy to the faltering Sid. Her Holy Sword flashes horizontally, aiming for his neck.

His head flies…… or at least, that’s what it leads everyone to think, so fast is the swing.

In actuality, Sid had squatted down, barely managing to evade Olivie’s sword. A deep「一」mark is carved into the stone wall behind him.

However, he knows that a follow up attack is coming immediately. And so, he takes a step forward to eliminate their maai.

But his efforts prove to be in vain.

Even faster than he can take one step forward, Olivie takes half a step back.

Olivie’s attack slams into the Sid caught defenseless halfway through a step.

With a high-pitched ‘kiin’ sound, his sword snaps.

It seems that he had raised his guard in time, but the cost is half of his sword. And he still ends up slamming into the ground anyway, coming to a stop only after bounding several times.

This can no longer be called a fight, as one-sided as it is.

But this is only natural.

This is no time to talk about technique and whatnot. Their comparative strength, speed, stamina, and general physical stats are like heaven and earth.

Just like how a proper fight cannot be established between an adult and a baby, this tragedy is what results when a boy who cannot use magic crosses swords with a hero who can.

It is already a miracle that the fight did not end in the first exchange.

“Olivie, don’t let a mere brat give you trouble.”

So says Nelson in a vexed tone, accompanied by a tsk.

While Olivie stops moving, Sid gets up. His attempt to wipe his nosebleed causes a streak to remain on his face. The sputum that he spits out with a ‘che’ is unmistakably stained with blood.

He gazes at the half of a sword that he has left, then swings it as if in confirmation. It is almost as if he believes he would still have a chance to use that sword.

“What do you think you are doing?”


Sid tilts his head in puzzlement at Nelson’s question.

“Are you actually thinking that you can do something with that broken sword?”

“I wonder. But it’s true that the things I can do have decreased quite significantly.”

“What’s with that face.”


“Why the fuck are you smiling.”

Having been asked so, Sid touches his own face. He discovers that he really is smiling.

“There’s none that I find more offensive that those who do not understand their own place. The only reason why you are alive, is due in full to sheer luck.”

Nelson waves his arm, at which Olivie once again springs into motion.

She takes his back once again effortlessly, then swings down her Holy Sword.

There’s no time for parrying, for blocking, nor even evading.

The only thing he can do is throw himself forward.

Then blood fountains from Sid’s back.

Skin is ripped, and muscles torn, but at the very least it was not a fatal strike. That is the only way that he has been able to hold onto life for so long.

Olivie continues her assault on the defenseless Sid.

It is a merciless onslaught that grants no respite.

Blood fountains again and again, as the number of not so superficial wounds on Sid’s body continues to grow.

However, he just doesn’t die.

“Wh-, how……?”

So questions Nelson. His voice is colored with disbelief.

“How are you still alive?”

Confirming that Nelson has indicated for Olivie to back off, Sid drags his bloodstained body up.

“Fights without conversation, are monotonous. That’s, why I’m still alive.”

“What are you saying?”

“She has no heart. My questions, they fall on dead ears.”

He laughs somewhat sorrowfully. That mouth of his is glistening with the bright color of blood.

“That’s enough. Kill him.”

The gaze in Nelson’s eyes is as if he’s looking at something disgusting.

But the moment Olivie moves, a figure jumps into the fight.

“Please stop.”

The beautiful woman with jet black hair and violet eyes grabs Sid’s shoulders and supports him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Please, no more……”

So says Aurora in what sounds like a beg.

She had known it would end like this from the very start. The instant Aurora had laid eyes on Olivie, she knew that this woman is strong.

Aurora’s memory is incomplete. Her memories only tell her part of what happened in her life. And Olivie is nowhere in those memories. But for some reason, she knows that Olivie is dangerous. There’s no memory, but her heart is afraid, as if it knows.

That’s why she tried to stop this fight.

But in opposition to her expectations, Sid chose to take up his sword.

Maybe if it’s him…… Such a faint anticipation had caused her to be late.

But this is already more than enough.

In her entire life of being despised and scorned, there has never been anyone who stood up for her, even at the cost of their own life. Now she has a memory that she would never forget. It’s already plenty.

“There’s no need for you to die. I’ll handle the rest somehow.”

“What can a witch robbed of her magic do?”

So scoffs Nelson.

“I can at least help him to escape.”

Aurora steps forward, as if to protect Sid.

“To think that I’d see the day where the witch protects someone. Is there anything more laughable than this? But…… if you swear to cooperate with us, then I won’t mind letting the brat go.”


“Indeed, cooperation. It’s all because you continue to reject us that we have been delayed so.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Hmph, so do you don’t remember. Anyways, all you have to do is swear to cooperate. If you take too long, the brat may end up dying, you know?”

Aurora turns around and looks into Sid’s face for a moment.

“I understand……”

“Umm, can you guys not proceed the conversation all by yourselves?”

Sid’s laid-back voice thrusts in between the two’s conversation. Aurora turns around again, this time to glare at Sid.

“Look here, it’s for your sake that I……”

“No need.”

Sid walks forward and stands in front of Aurora.

“I’ve been listening for a while, but why are you guys talking as if I’m going to lose? How disagreeable.”

“I find you more pitiful by the minute, brat. To think that you don’t understand the situation you are in. If you had kept quiet and stayed obediently, I might even have actually let you go.”

“As I said, no need.”

Sid turns around, and looks at Aurora.

“And you, just stay there and keep watching.”

“I’m tired of this. Just kill him already.”


But Aurora’s hands are not long enough.

Sid steps in and collides into Olivie.

Olivie meets his tactless and frank charge with her Holy Sword.

Her choice is a thrust.

That attack of unbelievable speed tears through the air, and plunges into his abdomen.

With complete ruthlessness, her sword even reappears on the other side.

“…… Caughtcha.”

While impaled, he smiles, exposing all his bloodstained teeth.

Then he grabs Olivie’s arm and drags her towards him with all his strength. His muscles bulge and scream from exceeding their limits.

For a split second, Olivie’s movement stops.

This distance is just right for a half-broken sword’s maai.

Sid’s sword aims for Olivie’s jugular, but she manages to avoid it by jerking her upper body backwards.

However, in doing so, she loses her balance.

Sid lets go of his sword, hugs Olivie close, then pushes her down.

Then he plunges his teeth into her jugular.

His teeth stab into her thin neck, and rip her jugular vein open.

Hugging her with all the strength he can muster, pinning down her flailing arms, and tearing her neck apart piece by piece. Every time he bites into her neck, her entire body convulses.

Until finally, Olivie shatters into nothing, like the way a mirror breaks.

All that’s left is the bloodstained Sid.

“Wha-, what, but Olivie…… What the fuck are you!! Why aren’t you dead even though there’s a sword piercing through your stomach!!!”

Nelson’s question is only natural. The front to back wound in Sid’s abdomen is fatal in all appearances.

It’s already baffling enough that he’s not dead, but to even kill Olivie with that wound? That’s not something that a human can do.

“Humans die very easily. It’s not rare for people to die just from a mere bump in the back of their head. I am no exception. Just a mere bump, in the correct part of the back of my head, and I might very well be gone.”

He stands up while examining his wounds, as if to confirm the state of his body.

“But if the vital points are protected, humans are quite tough. Even though my abdomen is pierced, since I protected my major blood vessels and the important organs, here I still stand. Don’t you think that’s just so wonderful?”


“It is so! By counterattacking when the opponent attacks, it saves you the effort of getting close. When your face is punched, you can punch their face at the same time. If they stab your abdomen, you can rip their neck apart with your teeth. When attack and defense become one, the delay for countering is shortened to the absolute limit. It becomes a counterattack that borders on being nigh inescapable.”

“Your head…… your head is fucked up!”

“So you’re alright?”

Sid nods in reply to the worried Aurora.

“Well then, elf-san has disappeared. Does that mean my next opponent is now you, ossan?”

Nelson is extremely flustered.

“O-, okay, you win! I never even imagined that Olivie would lose! You’re just too strong! Everything was my mistake, my fault, so please forgive me!”

Nelson hangs his head, but then begins chuckling.

“…… Did you actually think that I would say something like that? Sure, I’m surprised that a boy who can’t use magic managed to defeat Olivie. You really are something, brat, even if it was all due to luck. Regardless, a win is a win. Well done.”

Nelson looks up, clapping his hands.

“But don’t get ahead of yourself after defeating a single low quality copy. The amount of magic stored in the Holy Ground is beyond your ken. With it, I can do even something like THIS.”

Then Nelson flings his arms, causing light to fill up their surroundings.

When the light subsides, it reveals Olivie.

To be specific, not one Olivie.

But rather, an innumerable number of Olivies, enough to completely fill the ruins.

“H-, how can this be…….”

Aurora trembles.

Though Sid has yet to receive a fatal wound, the ones he did receive are by no means light. His body cannot withstand a fight with one more Olivie, let alone this many.

“This is the power of the Holy Ground!!!”

The countless number of Olivies all leap towards Sid.

Sid smiles thinly.

“That’s quite a surprise indeed. But…… time’s up.”

The Olivies approaching him from all directions…… are bisected.


Since when has that jet black sword been in his hands?

“Where did that sword come from…… no, rather than that, you can use magic?!”

Sid’s body is enveloped with crackling violet-colored magic.

Magic of extremely high density, to the point where it is visible. That magic that has been refined to an unimaginable level is shining oh so beautifully.

“If the magic I weave gets sucked away, then all I have to do is make it so dense that it can’t be sucked away. Though it took a bit of time, it’s pretty easy, actually.”

How could it be easy. Even Aurora, she is who called ‘the Witch,’ cannot accomplish this feat.

“Tha-, that’s…… impossible!! As if anyone can actually do that!! H-, hurry up and kill hiiimmmmm!!”

So shouts Nelson with a face spasming with fear.

Once again, a countless number of Olivies charge forward.

But Sid extends his jet black blade, then swings it in a complete circle.

“This has gotten be a fucking joke! Olivie is, that Olivie is, the Olivies are!!”

“I told you, didn’t I? That time’s up.”

Again and again, the Olivies rush towards Sid.

They come, and Sid cuts them down. They come, and Sid cuts them down. Each exchange takes only several brief moments.

But each time, more blood drips out from Sid’s wounds, causing his face to distort with pain.

This equilibrium will not last long. This is clear in everyone’s eyes.

“HAHAHA, that’s the way, press him, keep pressing him!!”

So laughs Nelson with the face of a cornered rat.

As Aurora looks at Sid in his predicament, tears fall unbidden from her eyes

‘If it’s him’…… that faint anticipation had once again risen in her heart.

But anymore than this……

“Please, be safe……”

Aurora prays for his survival.

That moment.

“Hey, so we have to draw the Holy Sword, cut the chains, and destroy the core, right?”

In the midst of this desperate situation, so Sid asks Aurora.

“Eh? Yes……”

So confirms Aurora in confusion.

“If I skip all the annoying procedures and directly destroy everything, there shouldn’t be any problem, right?”

“There shouldn’t be, but…… don’t tell me, eh, wait, you’re joking right?”

Sid grins, then does another 360° sweep with his sword.

The Olivies are all blown away, opening up some space around him.

Sid transfers his sword to his other hand, then holds it high above his head.

His violet magic begins to whirl in a spiral, gathering towards his jet black sword.

“I AM……”

“Wh-, what is that magic?! N-, no, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

The Olivies dash at their full speed.

The closest one thrusts with her Holy Sword.

The strike with her entire weight behind it reaches his defenseless chest.

Her sword accurately pierces the position of his heart. The bloodstained sword tip emerges from his back.

Aurora screams, and reaches out with a hand.



Even with his chest stabbed straight through, he swings his sword down, and plunges it into the ground.

Violet magic stains the entire world in an instant.

All the Olivies are vaporized, Nelson is vaporized, and the Holy Sword is vaporized.

The violet magic swallows everything as far as the eye can see.

What he had just used was the short-ranged all-direction annihilation secret technique ‘I Am All-Range Taepodong.’

That day, the Holy Ground was erased.