To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: The Birth of ‘Precise’

Epsilon watches the blade slice into her own body.

Despite having been caught completely off guard, the fact that she is able to shift her upper torso a bit is already worthy of merit. But all that does is lead to a tragedy.


Epsilon’s past flashes by within her brain, like a revolving lantern.

She remembers how she had been born the daughter of an elven noble. And how she had manifested demon possession, and thus become discarded by her family and pursued by her country.

And also that day when she had gained a brand new life.

That day when she had been saved by Shadow, everything that she had believed in previously all fell away, and she had found a new reason to live.

Epsilon had been a forceful person ever since long ago. She never doubted the fact that she was privileged, and it was her personality to flaunt that privilege wherever and whenever she could.

In actual fact, her lineage was impeccable, she was beautiful, she was very smart, and she also had great martial talent.

She was very prideful, but did possess ability befitting of that pride.

Which was probably why, perhaps.

The day she discovered she had demon possession, the moment when everything had crumbled away, she was probably the one who took it the hardest, beyond anyone else.

She lost her reason for living, but did not have the courage to die.

On a certain day, Shadow suddenly appeared before her, as she was dragging her rotting body up a mountain trail.

“Do you wish for power?”

So he had said in a voice that seemed to reverberate from the depths of the earth.

Epsilon, in her foggy consciousness, had thought that it was a demon that had showed up.

But she was indeed thirsty for power.

If she had power, she could take revenge on those who had abandoned her.

She could torture every single one of them to death, and make them regret.

“Then I shall grant it to you……”

Then she was enveloped in a sweet, violet magic.

That light and that warmth, Epsilon remembers vividly even to this day.

That somehow nostalgic, warm, healing light had caused her to break down into tears before she knew it.

On that day, Epsilon had been weak, brittle, and unsightly. And it was Shadow who had saved her, when she was at her lowest.

“Falling into madness within a world of lies is fine too. But if you wish to know the truth of this world…… then follow me.”

Epsilon had chased after him without a moment of hesitation.

The word ‘unsightly’ was the perfect and comprehensive adjective for the her who had lost everything. And when such an unsightly her was saved, it felt like her real self had been acknowledged and accepted.

She had no need for lineage.

The same went for beauty. And what point is there in bragging of strength?

What is truly important lies elsewhere.

Then she came to learn of the truth of this world, met four senpai, then had to revoke her previous words.

Lineage, she really had no need of. But strength, that’s indispensable.

The martial arts that she had been so good at was ranked only two from the bottom.

Among her senpai was someone who she will probably never win against, and a perfect superhuman.

Her prided intelligence was also ranked only second from the bottom.

The intellect specialist and perfect superhuman had crushed her self-confidence to dust.

In terms of general utility, there was again that perfect superhuman, and an all-rounder who handled everything flawlessly.

Epsilon had nowhere to stand.

And above all else, beauty was also necessary.

Her appearance became very important to her. Because her beloved master is male.

Upon objectively observing and analyzing her own charm, she concluded that it’d be a rather tight comparison.

If the criteria was only appearance, then she had nothing to worry about. But she did have one future concern. To be blunt, the females in her lineage were, without exception, all flat.

Just as guys lament over their bloodline’s hairline, Epsilon lamented over her bloodline’s body shape. If she did nothing, she would only becoming increasingly disadvantaged with the passage of time.

That was why the moment Epsilon met that, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

The slime bodysuit.

With but a single look, she saw its potential, and had her heart stolen.

Whereas she would normally listen to Shadow’s words without letting a single syllable slip, at that moment she had ceased to register his words, as her full attention had been commanded by the slime bodysuit.

This was what was running through Epsilon’s mind: This can make me bigger!

After that, it took Epsilon only three days to get to the point where she could manipulate the slime bodysuit exactly how she wanted.

Under the pretext of training her magic control, she started wearing her slime bodysuit all the time from that day on. Then day by day, she gradually increased her own bust size.

In almost imperceptible increments, to avoid suspicion. But at times a bit bolder, because puberty.

But after she reached a certain size, she realized something.

The feel is different.

Slime is still slime in the end. Both the feel and the way it jiggles is different. That day onwards, Epsilon kept on staring at Beta as if at a lifelong enemy. After several days, she was able to perfectly control her slime bodysuit to reproduce the feel and movement.

By this point, Epsilon’s magic control had risen to a level that merited even Alpha’s praise.

Thus she came to be called Epsilon the Precise and was acknowledged by everyone, but she was already beyond caring about that.

Rather than that, Epsilon continued observing Beta everyday, and couldn’t help but to shiver.

This woman, she can grow even bigger?!

By this point, it has already turned into a full out battle. A battle between the natural against the artificial.

In conclusion, Epsilon just kept on adding more and more, until she won. Humans have always faced threats from Nature and overcome them.

But the price was great.

The day she lost a tiny bit of that pride of hers, she looked into a mirror and thought this.

The balance is terrible.

Unfortunately, she has a slender and small-statured body.

But after deeply pondering on the matter, Epsilon was able to come up with a solution.

Why don’t I make my butt bigger too, to balance it out?

In conclusion, she did not stop with just her butt. She used slime to increase the size of her butt in a shapely way, then used slime to tighten her stomach, then used secret heels to increase her height and the length of her legs and attained the perfect hourglass figure, then…… there’d be no end if all the smaller details were to be listed out in full.

In short, through the slime bodysuit, she had managed to attain the ultimate perfect body.

It was only possible due to an incalculable amount of effort, constant high vigilance to not let anyone find out, and the existence of a worthy rival.

But above all else, it was due to her love for her beloved master.

Epsilon’s ‘precise’ magic control was but a byproduct. Her true strength lies in the unnaturally high physical defense due to the thick slime padding all around her body.

Then the revolving lantern stops.


The swooping figure brandishes his sword.

Epsilon watches as the crystallization of her efforts is sliced.

The two softest lumps of her slime bodysuit fly into the air.

That instant, Epsilon…… awakes.

In this kind of place……

After coming this far……!


Epsilon controls the magic remaining in the two lumps in midair to retain their shape.

That ability to perfectly control magic that has already left her body requires such skillfulness as to make any observer faint in shock.

At the same time, she draws in the magic, instantaneously reattaching the lumps to their previous position.

That precision that would not allow even a millimeter of error, and the speed that accomplished all that in the blink of an eye. The feat was indeed worthy of being called divine.

Then she ends the process with the reproduction of the jiggling motion.

This is Epsilon the Precise.

“Well done, Venom the Executioner…… eh?”

Nelson takes a second look at Epsilon.

She is supposed to have been cut, but is still standing there unharmed.

Or rather.

“Did you see……?”


What is with that overwhelming pressure?!

Nelson’s knees are clattering audibly.

“Did. You. See. Anything!”

Hiii…… n-, no, I saw nothing……!”

“You two over there?”

Epsilon turns towards Rose and Alexia. Both of them vigorously shake their heads.

“Then it’s fine. Come.”

Epsilon grabs Nelson by the back of his neck and drags him along.

Hii! What are you doing, Venom the Executioner! Help me!!”

“The Executioner? He’s……”

Epsilon whispers into Nelson’s ear.

“…… already dead.”

Then the Executioner’s head slides off.


Epsilon then disappears into the door, with Nelson in tow.

The door continues to close.

At the last possible moment, she jumps up.


Ignoring Rose’s cry, Alexia dashes into the door gap.

“Aaaah, mou!”

Rose also chases after and dives in, immediately after which the door closes entirely.

Then the door disappears, leaving behind only a faint glow in the air.