To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Please Believe That There Really Are Times When Those Who Have No Intention of Looking Still End up Seeing




Beta barely catches herself in time before adding -sama.

Fortunately, everyone in even the VIP seats have their full attention on Shadow, so there was no one who heard Beta’s slip up. Alexia, Rose, and even Acting Archbishop Nelson cannot hide their agitation from Shadow’s sudden intrusion.

Beta closes her immodestly opened mouth while thinking about how this was not in the plan.

But at the same time, she also thinks about how her beloved master would not take such a forceful measure with no meaning. There must be a deep reason why this was the only way. Understanding that and supporting him to the best of her ability is her job.

In an instant, Beta regains her calm.

What to do?

What is she supposed to do?

“I see, so that is Shadow.”

So mutters Nelson.

“I don’t know what he’s intending, but the venus is filled with the Church’s Holy Knights. He’s but a fool with overconfidence in his own strength. He will not leave here alive tonight.”

Nelson gives the order for the Holy Knights to gather.

Holy Knight. They are knights selected and baptized by the Church, tasked to protect the Church. Their strength is incomparable to any average knight. When she was still young, Beta once had to fight with the Church’s Holy Knights in order to save a Match, and she remembers how tough a fight it had been. But then again, with her strength now, she will not show such a disgraceful sight anymore.

“Shadow, why have you come……”

So murmurs Alexia.

“Is he fine? I really hope he didn’t get caught up……”

Rose is restlessly scanning the audience seats while keep an eye on Shadow.

That instant, the entire place is dyed white.

The ancient letters shine radiantly, then form the figure of a warrior.

Beta reads the letters speeding by, piecing them together to draw out their meaning.

“The Witch of Calamity, Aurora……”

“Don’t tell me, it’s Aurora……?”

Beta’s and Nelson’s voices overlapped.

After the light fully subsides, there stands a single woman. She has long, black hair and brilliant violet eyes. Her black robe is thin, under which is a deep purple dress that makes a sharp contrast with her glowing white skin. She is stunningly beautiful in an artistic way that makes her seem like a sculpture from an art museum come to life.

“Who’s Aurora?”

Alexia completely ignores Beta and asks Nelson directly.

“Aurora the Witch of Calamity. She is a woman who had long ago thrown the entire world into chaos and destruction.”

“Aurora the Witch of Calamity…… I don’t believe I’ve ever heard that name before.”

“Me neither. But it seems that Natsume-sensei knows something?”

Beta replies to Rose’s question.

“Her name is about the only thing I know.”

That is not a lie.

Aurora the Witch of Calamity. That name had come up in ancient texts. However, nowhere is there any further description of her, such that it is not clear what chaos she brought about and what was it exactly that she destroyed. For Shadow Garden, this is ranked second only to the mystery of Diabolos in importance, and studies and research into ancient texts in regards to this is still ongoing at this point in time.

Today is the day when finally the appearance of Aurora is confirmed. This is a great step. Beta takes out her memo pad from within her cleavage, then sketches Aurora’s appearance in an instant. Then she also sketches Shadow facing off against Aurora. More like, this is the more important one.

“Material for a novel?”

That was Rose.

“Umm, something like that……”

Shadow-sama is looking gallantly dashing today too, thinks Beta as she puts her memo pad away.

“Please tell us more about Aurora.”

So says Beta in a fawning voice, to which Nelson responds with gusto.

“The two of you cannot be blamed for not knowing. More like, it’s a surprise that Natsume-sensei even knows. The name of Aurora is something that only a very tiny handful in the Church knows.”

So says Nelson while smirking. His eyes are fully directed at the cleavage peeking from Beta’s blouse.

“But with this, it seems that there’ll be no need for the Holy Knights. Guess Shadow is quite an unlucky person. To think that he would summon Aurora, of all people……”

“Is Aurora that strong?”

So asks Rose.

“That monster is the strongest woman in all history. One hand would probably be enough for her to wipe the floor with the likes of Shadow. Unfortunately, this is all that I can share.”

Here Nelson closes his mouth, as if in indication for them to see everything else with their own eyes.

Beta pouts slightly, as she doesn’t think even slightly that her master would lose. But that does not mean that she’s not worried.

Aurora the Witch of Calamity. She is someone who was powerful enough to leave her name in history. If her master gets tired in the fight against Aurora, and the Holy Knights take advantage of that……

There’s always a one in a billion chance.

But by this point, Beta is beginning to roughly understand Shadow’s intent. He had mentioned ‘releasing the ancient memories sleeping in the Holy Ground.’ He had showed up to summon Aurora. It is because he had determined this to be of value.

He has determined Aurora to be the key. And so, Beta can only follow.

Beta touches the mole on her face. That alone must have alerted Epsilon, who should also be hidden somewhere in this venue. That is the signal that the plan has been changed. Even without conveying the full details, Beta has full faith that Epsilon will follow up in the most appropriate way.

“They’re starting.”

Turning her eyes towards the fighting field as prompted by Nelson, Beta sees Shadow with his sword drawn, and Aurora standing there with arms crossed and smiling gracefully. That smile is so vibrantly beautiful that it is very difficult to believe that it is a mere memory.

“I can’t imagine Shadow losing that easily though……”

It was Alexia who muttered that. She is putting her full attention on Shadow, with a serious look on her face.

At least you have a pretty good eye, thinks Beta while slightly improving her impression of Alexia.

The venue’s air is stretched taut.

An oppressive silence reigns.

Shadow and Aurora. The two of them are looking at each other.

This time might be a precious time in which they feel something from each other.

And then.

The fight begins, with a somewhat regretful feeling.