To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Plan A Has Failed, Shift to Plan

The solemn cathedral is illuminated by the warm glow given off by lamps, which causes the scene to seem fantastical, even.

The only person standing here in this cathedral is a stunningly beautiful elf. Her blue eyes are directed at the statue of the hero Olivie, and she is wearing a jet black dress.

The name of that elf who looks like brilliantly shining moonlight within the darkness of night is Alpha.

“All we wish for is the truth.”

It is as if Alpha is talking to the statue.

“Hero Olivie. What is it that you actually did in the Holy Ground? Now truth and lie is mixed together so thoroughly, it is like reading the darkness of history.”

Then she begins walking, the sound of her high heels reverberating crisply throughout the cathedral. Gradually she approaches something red on the marble ground.

“Archbishop Drake. What was it that you had been hiding? If only your mouth was still functional, then I could have had you answer me.”

The red thing on the marble ground is a large piece of meat covered with blood. What used to be a corpulent man is completely cut up, with not a breath left in him.

The high heels stop right on top of the puddle of blood. The knee length skirt reveals her white, shapely legs.

“Who were you killed by? Who is it that could cut down someone in a position as high as yours?”

The eyes of the archbishop’s corpse speaks of the sublimity of the line on the boundary of death. The dark rumors of the archbishop had reached even the royal capital. Yet when someone is being sent over to investigate, he is erased.

“We will await the opening of the door to the Holy Ground tomorrow.”

Alpha gives the statue of the hero Olivie one last glance before turning away. From beyond the doors to the cathedral float voices looking for the archbishop.

Paying them no mind, Alpha opens the doors and strides out. As the sound of high heels gradually fade into the distance, knights surge in as if in exchange.

Though they immediately see the corpse of the archbishop, not a single one of them speak of the golden-haired elf. In fact, not a single one of them had even registered having passed by her.

The only proof that she had been here is the trail of red heel marks stretching off into the depths of a white marble corridor.


On the night of the eve festival, I am looking down on Lindwurm from the top of a clock tower.

The eve festival hosted the day before the Trial is currently under full swing. Both sides of the city’s main street are packed tightly with a huge variety of stalls, and the light of the lamps looks like a river winding into the distance.

Rose apparently has a party with the church. Naturally, she did not invite me. If she did, I would have definitely declined though.

With the wind ruffling my hair, I smile.

I love scenes like this where a character looks down at the city and the people and all that from a high place like this. All the more so when the stage is night and there’s something actually happening down under my eyes.

“So it’s started……”

So I mutter on the spur of the moment.

“So this…… is the choice of that side……”

(T/N: This is the choice of Steins Gate……)

Then this is the part where I abruptly narrow my eyes.

“In that case, we shall resist.”

I change into the figure of Shadow in an instant.

“For we cannot condone this……”

Then I jump into the night. My jet black longcoat flutters, and I clinch the landing.

Here is an alleyway removed from all the ruckus of the eve festival. In front of me is a man who has his face hidden behind a mask.

I have been following this guy with my eyes ever since he had left the church in a really suspiciou manner. I bet he’s a thief.

Actually no, there is a faint scent of blood coming from him. Did he end up having to hurt someone while inside? If he did, then that would make him a muggler instead.

“Did you think you can get away……?”

The masked man backs up a step.

“In the night, all is obscured. And there the world that belongs to us……”

Mask Man draws his sword.

“…… A world from which no one can ever escape.”

Mask Man brings up his sword and faces me.

I myself do not even touch my sword, merely standing in place, waiting for that.

Then the moment right before he swings his sword, his head just flies off.

I watch on wordlessly, waiting until a female walks up from behind the corpse.

“It has been a long while, my lord.”

So saying, she kneels before me. She is none other than Epsilon, the 5th member of the Seven Shadows.

She draws back the part of the bodysuit covering her face and looks up at me. She is an elf with hair the color of a clear lake and eyes of a slightly darker color.

When it comes to beauties, there are various types. And she, she is the glamorous type. Her finely chiseled face is glamorous, and her body style is glamorous. Everything shakes when she walks. She steals everyone’s gazes, male and female alike, even if the person is not actually interested. However, I actually know her secret.

“Decapitation with a slice? Nicely done.”

“I am honored.”

Epsilon smiles with slightly red cheeks. Her dignified-sounding voice might come across as overbearing to some people. But for me, it somehow makes me think of the sound of a piano, so I don’t particularly dislike it.

Among the Seven Shadows, she is the one with the highest precision in magic control. Normally, after magic leaves one’s body, it becomes very hard to control. She, however, is able to not only control it without effort, but her best technique is to even send it flying as a slicing attack.

Thus her second name is ‘The Precise.’

Though she is quite prideful and has a rather prickly personality, she is always all sweet when it comes to me. She gets misunderstood quite often, but she’s actually a very good girl who even poured me tea everyday in the past. She also obediently listens to Alpha, and is someone who really respects hierarchy relationships.

It’s been a long time since I last saw her and so there’s a ton that I want to catch up with her on, but I realize from her atmosphere that she is in Shadow Garden mode.

Very well. Then I shall also respond in kind.

“What happened to ‘that’ plan?”

Epsilon grimaces. She’s probably desperately thinking up a story.

“The target was eliminated by the Church’s ‘Executioner.’ We took care of the pawns, but the Executioner slipped through our fingers.”


So she’s going with an ‘Executioner.’ Nice, I love it.

“So we will shift to the second plan.”

Ooo, the pattern of shifting to Plan B when Plan A fails.

“Proceed. But you know what that means, right?”

“Our resolve is firm. Even should it turn the Church into our enemy, even should our name reverberate with infamy……”

“We will simply do what we do. Do not fail.”

“Yes, sir.”

Seeing Epsilon bow her head with a backward glance, I then exit the scene by erasing my presence and disappearing into the night with high speed movement.