To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 198 - Forget to Close the Door

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Chapter 198 – Forget to Close the Door

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Proofreader: Hieu

Violet-san and I returned to the capital of the Oriana Kingdom.

The capital was surrounded by the Royalists’ army. I’d heard that they would launch a full-scale attack tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

“So quiet…”

I talked to myself, walking on the empty street.

Maybe because it’s nightbreak, there were no pedestrians on the street.

However, there was no light coming from the houses by the roadside, which looked very unnatural. I couldn’t even hear any voices from the houses.

” I can feel other people’s presence though…”

Surprisingly, I found the scent of blood in the air whilst walking down the street.

“Well, the smell of blood is nothing unusual during the war.” I thought.

The snow on the street was dyed red by blood.

Torn clothes were scattered around, fingers from dismembered bodies lying on the ground.

I took out Violet-san from my pocket in panic.

“I thought I dropped you.”

Shudder shudder – Violet-san trembled.

“Well, it’s common to see fingers on the ground during the war.”


I saw several footprints in the blood on the ground.

I did a rough count of the footprints and there were more than a dozen.

I was a little worried, so I followed the tracks.

The footprints led me from the commoner district to a rich neighborhood.

At this time.


I heard a scream coming from far away.

I made a dash there and saw a noble manor.

It was a three-storey mansion with a spacious garden, but there were bloody footprints scattered around.

I kicked down the luxurious double gate and entered the mansion.

“Oh, this is like a scene from a horror movie.”

The hall was filled with a sea of blood.

Bodies were piled up on the ground. Blood dyed the luxurious murals and decorations.

Unfortunately, everyone was dead.

There must have been a very fierce battle here.

I crossed the tides of blood and walked up to the second floor where the scream came from.

I walked through the corridor spattered with blood and gave the door at the end a roundhouse kick.

“Damn… fuck off!”

Two people were wrestling with each other.

A man in a tailcoat sat on a woman, trying to bite her.

The woman in a dress desperately resisted.

What was going on?

Isn’t choking the woman a faster way to kill her?

I restrained my curiosity to ask this man why he wanted to bite the woman, and helped her in the way of a mob character.

“Ge, ge, get away from her~~”

Then I gave the man a mob kick.


What? The man didn’t flinch at all.

Although it was just a kick with a power of a regular mob, I should have kicked at the right place.

The man looked at me with bloodshot eyes.

I kicked his face hard.



His body was weaker than I thought.

His face cracked, flesh falling down.

The woman covered in blood looked up at me.

“Thank you for saving me.”

Surprisingly, she was very calm.

She wiped off the man’s flesh on her face with the sheets, and then picked up the sword that fell to the ground, the hilt of which was engraved with the crest of Midgar Magic Swordsman Academy.

“Wait… Have I seen you somewhere before?”

She lit an oil lamp so the room got light.

“Are you… Sid Kagenou-kun?”

She looked at me and asked.

“Emm, you should be… Miss Mob?”


I gave her the runaround, but it didn’t work.

“My name is Christina. We are classmates, don’t you remember?”

“Of course I do. I’m just kidding.”

She looked somewhat familiar. I remembered that she belonged to the upper group of the class hierarchy – so of course I had never talked to her.

She is a red-haired beauty with red eyes.

“To think that you would tell jokes under such circumstances even though you don’t look like the type of person…. Besides, you beat him with a single blow.”

Christina looked down at the dead man in tailcoat whose head had burst.

“Not in a single blow – I kicked him twice or so. I don’t know why he is so fragile. Maybe he got osteoporosis.”

“What is osteoporosis… Well, these guys are really strong, but they are surprisingly fragile.. Though I have to thank you, Sid-kun. I was in quite a dangerous situation there, as my sword had fallen to the ground.”

Christina smiled.

“I heard your scream when I passed by, so I came up to see what happened.”

“You heard my scream?”

Christina’s face fell.

“Yes, I did.”

“Gosh those guys will come rushing because of the scream.”

“Who are those guys?”

“Like this guy at your feet.”

Christina pointed to the dead man in tailcoat whose head had burst, but I couldn’t understand what she meant, so I just looked at her with my head tilted to one side.

“You know nothing?”

“I felt a little uncomfortable when traveling, so I have been sleeping in the hotel recently.”

I gave myself a completely normal setting not out of character.

“Traveling during this period… Anyway, now there is no time.”

Christina put on a coat covering her dress.


I pretended to be a panic passerby who didn’t know anything.

In fact, I really did know nothing.

“If those guys hear screams, they will come altogether. They… are monsters.”

“Mon, monster…!?”

What an exciting situation.

Then I suddenly remembered something really important.

“Ah, I broke the door and left it open.”

“… What?”

Christina’s face was twitching.

Roars that didn’t belong to humans burst out from downstairs.