To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 195 - The Secret One Wants to Hide the Most

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Chapter 195 – The Secret One Wants to Hide the Most

By Makisima inTo Be a Power in the Shadows! 33

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I injected my magic power into the subject’s – Doem’s body, and started performing a lobotomy on his brain based on my intuition and previous experience.

I expect many secrets from you.

But the results if my magic were…

“B- Butt… Do- Doem wants his butt to be spanked please–!”

A man begging to be spanked by another man was revealed.

Did I use too much magic power?

Let’s try sending a bit more magic power into his frontal lobe.


“Oh my butt~~ I- I’m going to… oh, oh~!!”

“Ah… It was too much.”

Like that, the memorable experimental subject fell silent.

He died and gone to paradise.

I couldn’t accept those results.

Has the experiment failed – No.

“Although it wasn’t the results I wanted, but I did learn his deepest secret. It could even be considered a success.”

Yes, that’s right, it was because I wanted to learn more about his most guarded secrets.

That’s why he told me his biggest secret.

“The experiment was successful, otherwise it would be very rude towards Doem.”

I learned a very important lesson from this experiment.

The secret that people want to hide the most may not be the secret of their organization or work, but their own secret…

“I swear I will take your secret with me to the grave.”

I mourned silently for Doem who passed away happy. Then I destroyed his body with a short range atomic.

“Fortunately I also learned something useful. At least my efforts paid off.”

In addition to learning about his fetish, Doem also told me some interesting news.

Right, I should also tell Violet-san about it.

“Hey, wake up, wake up.”

When I took Violet-san out of my pocket, she was still curled up and asleep.

I’m surprised that a finger needs to sleep too.

“I’ve got some interesting news. The man I just caught liked to be spa——”


“Oh, right, my bad. I’ve actually obtained some secret information through some special methods.”


“According to the information, in the Oriana Kingdom castle…”

With a meaningful smile on my face, I explained the information I got to her.