To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 192 - Let Me Show You Perfect Magic Control

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Chapter 192 – Let Me Show You Perfect Magic Control

By Makisima inTo Be a Power in the Shadows! 21

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Proofreader: Hieu

He was a handsome guy with white hair, he must be a badass. Though I didn’t know how he appeared. I saw that the space was distorted, but I couldn’t feel any magic.

“You must have known me. My name is Mordred.”

So this handsome guy’s name was Mordred.

“I’ve heard a lot about you.”

But I didn’t say who told me about him, because no one had ever told me about the name Mordred.

“May I ask how you knew about this place?”

I waited for a moment and then answered with a meaningful smile on my face.

“The past guided me.”

“I see. The past…”

Mordred looked at Freya.

“She is indeed the wreckage of the past. Poor woman…”

Freya glared at Mordred. It seemed that they knew each other?

“The Black Rose, and this wreckage of the past. They aren’t a coincidence at all, you are the one behind all of them, right? Shadow.”

Since you asked me so nicely, then yeah,I did. But Mordred seemed to play an important role in this research center. Besides, Violet-san and Freya were both here, so I must give a cool response that matched my identity as a power in shadows.

“The finale is near – the moment everything is exposed will come.”

I said this sentence meaningfully in a low voice and released some magic.

The blue-purple magic danced like flickering flame surrounding me, while the wind blew on my long black coat.

I look so cool.

“Your magic is so powerful… is this real?”

I manipulated magic to drive the wind to blow Mordred’s hair.

This was quite complicated.

It’s easy to make the wind blow for just a moment, but it took a lot of magic to make it last, and the control of it must be precise. In order to suppress magic output while increasing the pressure, I had to constantly repeat the two steps of suppressing and releasing magic quickly. Moreover, I had to maintain constant magic to maintain a certain wind pressure.

My wind pressure had been stable.

In other words, I perfectly manipulated magic, which should make Mordred shudder in awe.

“What an amazing magic control… but a battle can’t be determined by magic alone.”

No, you missed the point.

I could precisely manipulate wind pressure. Look, had you ever seen such a precise magic control?

“Although it’s okay to fight with you here… it’s too early.”

Mordred said, distorting the space. A gap appeared along with a loud noise.

“Come in from the main entrance next time – unwelcome visitors.”

Ah, it turned out it was not time to fight against the boss.

“You are right… well.”

I felt the power released from the space, which was totally different from magic.

As expected, it was the same type as what I felt at the Holy Ground – that was to say.

“I am… atomic.”

I released magic regardless of whether it would blow all over.


“This is…”

Mordred was shocked.

The blast brought by Shadow the moment he teleported caused enormous damage to the space.

All pods were destroyed, and a large hole appeared in the space. If Mordred distorted the space to warp back later, it would have been completely swallowed by the magic released by Shadow.

It was like a black hole that could swallow the world. It would take some time to fix the space.

“This guy can use magic to affect space… No, it should be that he deliberately prepared magic powerful enough to destroy the space.”

Mordred could only think of so.

“That is to say, this guy knew it from the beginning. He knew where this space is, and what this space is for…”

cold sweat started dripping from Mordred’s face.

“The finale is near – the moment of exposing everything is coming.”

Mordred pondered over Shadow’s words.

“The finale is near” – Yes, that’s why the Order began to take action.

And “the moment of exposing everything”.

He wanted to expose all secrets?

That’s right, Shadow knew it. He had known everything.

“The plan has to be carried out ahead of time. This guy… has known of the existence of [World of Demons].”

When Mordred turned around.

Potari. (the sound of blood pattering on the floor)

Something fell on the ground.


It was blood.

Bright red blood spread out on the white floor.

Then Mordred found that he’d lost all feeling in his right arm which was nearly cut off from shoulder, unnaturally hanging.

“Shadow – has such a level of power?”

Mordred stared coldly at the place where Shadow disappeared.