To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 187 - Two People with Social Phobia

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Chapter 187 – Two People with Social Phobia

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The Vow of Black Rose took action three days after taking over the castle.

It seems that Mr. Goldoh got in touch with Royalists and decided to join the main force. Thanks to this time’s success we might even be able to become an official troop.

So now we were marching forward now.

The Royalists Faction was starting to gather at Oriana Plains.

The Doem Faction was also planning to fight at Oriana Plains.

A real war was about to begin, which was pretty exciting.

The capital of Oriana Kingdom was relatively close to Oriana Plains.

The Royalists Faction plan was probably to win the battle at Oriana Plains and then head over to the capital, and lay siege to it.

I was also planning to look for other parts of Violet-san’s body, and the destination was also the capital so we could kill two birds with one stone.

Epsilon joined our unit as my younger brother.

After marching for some time, the Ojisans, Epsilon, Violet-san’s finger and I got another two relatives to travel with.

Emm, but I’m not familiar with them.

They were brought by Epsilon when we were having a break.

“My name is Kai.”

“I’m Omega…”

Kai was a handsome, reliable looking guy with short blond hair.

Omega was a dark-haired Half Elf with heterochromia. His eyes were of two different colours, the first one was golden and the other one was silver. He was the type of person who always stayed quiet.

Their feminine figure was concealed by the slime bodysuit..

“Those two are my subordinates.”

Epsilon stuck out her chest proudly.

They were her subordinates from Mitsugoshi Company. Epsilon seems to have become marvelous.? Epsilon had become marvellous.

“They are going to pretend to be my relatives, right?”

“Yes, Sid-onii-sama.”

“Our troop is in need of soldiers right now. I probably can persuade the leader to allow them to join in anyway.”

In the end they easily joined our Vow of Black Rose without encountering any trouble..

After all, there was no reason for a spy to join our troop.

Because of the two newcomers, the Ojisans and the 5 of us acted separately.

I, Epsilon, Kai, Omega, and Violet-san.

In this way we formed an elite force of the shadows.

I think Violet-san can be considered our mascot.

So I decided to propose an operation plan while preparing the camp site after our today’s march.

The sun has already sunk behind the horizon, and the light of the campfire was illuminating our surroundings.

“Everyone, please come here.”

I called out to Kai who was taking care of getting the pot and bowls ready, and Omega who was making the bed.

Epsilon went out hunting in the mountains, but she should be back soon.

By the way, I was in charge of the campfire, all I had to do was to just watch it burn there.

“Is Sid-sama going to assign tasks to us?”

Kai suddenly appeared in front of me as if she was about to kneel down.


Omega also appeared so quickly that she seemed to have left an afterimage.

“Can you please come over normally?”

“Yes. I’m very sorry.”

“I shall try it again.”

After looking at them closely, both of them acted unnaturally.

Kai’s body flinched.

Omega’s hands were shaking.

They quickly returned to their earlier positions and then walked over slowly, their faces pale white.

Their actions were very unnatural, but I was not going to tell them that.

What was even the point of starting over? But I was not going to tell them that.

“Sid-sama, what is your order?”

Kai came over shaking.


Omega walked over trembling.

“Before Epsilon returns, let’s warm up by the campfire.”

Were they not good at coping with the cold… Ah, was it social phobia?

“To eliminate fear and uneasiness, you must first have a correct understanding of them.”

I decided to counsel them on life around the campfire.


“I see…”

I took Violet-san’s finger out of my pocket to warm it up, and they suddenly shivered again.

“If you don’t realize what you are afraid of, you won’t know what to do. Denying fear and escaping from reality are common mistakes.”

“Got it.”

“This is the knack to fight on the battlefield…”

“Denying your feelings is nothing but escaping from reality. You must first accept fear.”

They listened very carefully.

As I was saying something I felt was appropriate for this situation, I diverted my gaze towards tomorrow’s march direction.

“Come on, look at the campfire and face yourself. What are your fears… find the truth…”



In this way, I felt I’ve developed a somewhat better relationship with them before Epsilon returned.