To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 185 - If He Was Born Before A Thousand Years Ago

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Chapter 185 – If He Was Born Before A Thousand Years Ago

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Epsilon couldn’t believe what had happened, her mouth dropping open in surprise.

The Witch of Calamity, Aurora’s finger was sealed in the warehouse. Hero Freya also disappeared from history here.

There must be some connection between them.

The undead Freya looked strange. Her eyes were full of hatred, which was not like her.

What happened here?

A story buried by the darkness of history?

──Hero Freya.

──The Witch of Calamity, Aurora.

──[Black Rose] in Oriana Kingdom.

She felt that the long-standing legend was going to repeat after a thousand years.

And those guys were definitely culprit behind the legend repeating.

──The Order of Diabolos.

There may be a hidden event behind the riot in Oriana Kingdom.

Thinking of this, Epsilon swallowed hard.

Master was heading towards Aurora’s finger.

Master looked completely unwavered. Sure enough, he must have figured everything out – he untied the knot of history and understood everything. Epsilon couldn’t help but sigh.

That was not anything surprising considering her master.



Master touched Aurora’s finger.

The investigation of Holy Ground was persuasive enough to prove the Witch of Calamity, Aurora was the demon Diabolos.

Even if it’s just Aurora’s finger, the seal the hero had put onto it had weakened considerably over time, it would be too dangerous for master to touch it directly.

Of course, Epsilon’s master was the most powerful man, but even so it would still be too dangerous.

However, master’s amazing deed had not finished yet.


It’s unbelievable that master communicated with Aurora’s finger.

She watched as master injected mana into and talked with it, and Aurora’s finger swayed as if it responded to master’s words.

And most surprisingly, the finger didn’t appear to have any intention of attacking master.



“Emm, but I won’t do that…”


“I’ll find your other parts…”


It’s better to say that the atmosphere was harmonious.

No, this must be an illusion.

Master had fought against Aurora’s memory at the Holy Ground.

Of course, it ended up with the overwhelming victory of master. It was highly possible that Aurora’s memory was interconnected with this finger.

Judging from the content of their conversation, they seemed to make some deal.

But why?


What happened next no doubt shocked her the most today.

Master gathered magic, and injected it into the demon Diabolos’s black and ugly finger.

The blue-purple light shone, surrounding the finger.

Then a human female’s finger appeared.

She knew that the demon Diabolos was the Witch of Calamity, Aurora.

Descendants of heroes born of Diabolos cells may have demon possession blood.

For some reason, the Witch of Calamity, Aurora, became the demon Diabolos.

Then naturally Aurora’s demon possession could be cured.

Well, that’s plausible.

Although it made sense――


She couldn’t understand it.

If master was born a thousand years ago, would the tragedy not happen and a happy future wait for everyone?

Epsilon, looking into the distance, couldn’t help but think of the possibility.

If the demon Diabolos could be cured… then it may be related to Aurora’s finger making a deal with master.

The Witch of Calamity, Aurora. The tragic witch who had suffered a lot.

If the demon Diabolos still had Aurora’s consciousness, perhaps a happy future was waiting for her.

However, no one could tell the future, or the past that did not happen.

When all the seals were unlocked, her consciousness may not be preserved.

Moreover, according to the legend of Diabolos, the possibility that consciousness was preserved should be low.

But master would not miss even the slightest possibility.

If master lived a thousand years ago, maybe the tragedy would not exist.

However, master was here now.

Understanding the underlying meaning of master’s behavior, Epsilon stared at master enthusiastically.

She believed that such a tragedy would not happen again.