To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 184 - We Are Friends After All!

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Chapter 184 – We Are Friends After All!

Translator: Makisima

Proofreader: Hieu

I mounted up into the castle with Epsilon and stand in front of a door to a place that looked like a warehouse.

There were two soldiers guarding here, but I’d better let them sleep for a while.

“It’s right here.”

Epsilon said with a serious face.


As expected of Violet-san. Even though there was a door separating us, I could clearly feel the presence of her cold breath.

I opened the door and walked into the warehouse.

The moonlight shone in through a large glass panel in the wall of the warehouse.

There was a pedestal in the center.

A dry black finger was placed on the pedestal under the moonlight.

Ah, Violet-san.

What a pity she became like that.

“Shadow-sama! Please be careful.”

“It’s okay. It’s okay.”

I slightly waved my hand and walked toward the pedestal.

We were friends after all.

Violet-san must be imprisoned the way she was when we met at the Holy Ground.

For a human finger, this was quite big. Black and ugly, it was like being mutated by Demon Possession…

“The feeling of mana also feels very similar?”


Violet-san survived by focusing all her mana on just one finger. She certainly did reject her humanity to a considerable extent.

Violet-san used to say that I was an amazing guy, but actually she was even more amazing.

The so-called Demon Possession was magic deviation or sudden mutation. Whilst treating Alpha and the others, I found out it is more accurate to call it a genetic trait rather than a disease.

The bloodline of those mutated by Demon Possession was a bit different than others.

However, even if Alpha and the others continued to rampage like that, they would not end up like Violet-san.

The blood of Alpha and the others was not as dense as that of Violet-san. It’s better to say that Violet-san was more like the source of their blood.

I touched Violet-san’s finger.

“That’s dangerous, Shadow-sama!!”

Violet-san’s finger responded to me.


I injected mana into it in place of a greeting, and then the finger trembled slightly.

“Kill me…”

That were her last words.

The finger then bent as if it nodded slightly.

If I wanted to do as she said, then I would just need to make the fingers disappeared without leaving behind any traces. Of course I could do that.

“Emm, but I won’t do that.”

We were friends after all.

The finger trembled as if it was protesting.

“Without outside help, it will be difficult for you to find your other parts.”

The finger seemed to be annoyed, swaying for a while, and then it nodded slightly.

“I want to carry the finger with me, but the size is a bit big now. Can’t you be smaller?”

Violet-san seemed to let out a sound of “emm”. It bent awkwardly as though being worried.

Violet-san’s finger was bigger than my arm.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t. Let me do it.”

What I have to do is the same as treating Demon Possession.

Violet-san’s blood was thicker, so it would be much more troublesome than treating Alpha and the others.

But it wouldn’t take long since there was only one finger.

After I fully injected my own mana into it, Violet-san’s finger was surrounded by blue-purple mana.

Then, at the moment when the light faded away, a common female-sized finger appeared.

It was the pinky on the left hand.

It was a fine and slender finger, and the fingernail was well-manicured.

I didn’t know why Violet-san’s finger was shaking.

But anyway, now I could put it in my pocket.

The severed part was a bit disgusting though!

I could feel a trace of mana from the severed part. I felt it was somewhat similar to Freya’s.

Was the finger cut by Freya?

However, the mana dissipated with little left, so there was no way to prove it.

“It’s over. Let’s go.”

I looked back at Epsilon and saw her staring at me, speechless.


“Okay, let’s go.”

“Ehhh? Ah, yes… Ehhhhhhh?”

I held Epsilon’s hand and left. She seemed to be so shocked that she just kept saying “ehhhhh”.