To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 174 - Don’t Upstage Me

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Chapter 174 – Don’t Upstage Me

Translator: Makisima

Proofreader: Nevermind

After releasing my magical power into the sky, I wanted to attempt something new – use a mysterious power to strengthen the soldiers.

Winning a battle with the help of a mysterious power was very common plot in many stories. Namely, the plot of investigating the mysterious power while asking the question “what is it…”

Reinforcing the soldiers from a distance was also a test for my abilities.

At first, I would release the magical power into the air in the shape of Black Rose. Then I would scatter it, and infuse the magic into the soldiers with the petals to temporarily reinforce them. Up to this point, there was no problem.

The problem was, the soldier’s body could not bear such strong magical power, if I infused it into their bodies sharply.

Although they could be reinforced, the effect would be weak. The effects would not be enough to fight with the magic swordsmen.

So, here was the test.

When the magical power entered their body through the petals, I created magic lines in their bodies that could withstand my power. I reinforced everyone in the [Vow of Black Rose], so I had to focus my full attention on the ultra precise operations. I almost thought that my brain would explode.

In short, I could reinforce the soldiers from a distance, and I named the skill [Shadow Marionette].

“Haha!! What a strong power!! I killed three people at once!”

“Ora! Ora! Ora!! Can you keep up with my speed!?”

“Huhuhuhu!! Who dares to stop me! I will send you flying to the other side!!”

Now after my reinforcement the [Vow of Black Rose] got a new momentum to break through.

The small amount of soldiers that was surrounded, somehow had suppressed the enemy, which was commonly thought of as impossible.

“What’s going on? Quickly, stop them! No matter what, you have to stop them!”

If the enemy breaks through their defences right now, they would be defeated.

So, obviously, the magic swordsmen were sent over.

“Humph! It is you again!”

“Poof! You have blocked my spear!”

“Humph! You have remarkable skills!”

As expected, the three ojisans were stopped again, and thrown into a disadvantageous position by the magic swordsmen.

Although both sides were around the same power level thanks to my enhancement, ojisans were amateurs, and the magic swordsmen were professional soldiers. Basically, ojisans were not a match for the magic swordsmen in both skills and experience. They were doomed to fail.

However, it didn’t matter. Now, it was time for [Shadow of Marionette] to shine.

I started to manipulate the magic lines spread in everyone’s body.


“What’s this? Why is my body moving!?”

Ojisans movements changed drastically. I improved their spear fighting skills through remote manipulation, which made them superior to the magic swordsmen in fighting with a spear.

“Why am I blocking attacks from blind angles? I can’t see the enemies too!”

It didn’t matter even if they couldn’t see the enemies clearly. They could receive blows from any direction.

“It’s no use escaping from me! You can’t dodge my spear!”

It had an automatic tracking function that could predict the enemy’s future actions.

The magic swordsmen were defeated by the ojisans with improved skills thanks to my remote manipulation.

The magic-swordsmen were doomed to fail.

This was the overwhelming power of [Vow of Black Rose].

“What’s going on? Is this the power of the [Black Rose]? Contact the headquarters in the capital!”

“The [Black Rose] appears! The [Black Rose] appears!”

After we broke through its encirclement, the enemy army collapsed soon.

Since their commander run off, within a few seconds the [Vow of Black Rose] completely suppressed the enemy soldiers at the square.

“Stop chasing them! Occupy the castle first!!”

“With this power, we can do it!”

“Everything is possible for use!”

Then, the [Vow of Black Rose] burst into the city with this high morale.

While thinking about the battle, I follower behind ojisans and acted like a mob.

It was hard to describe the new skill. It was ‘problematic’ or ‘unsatisfactory’, because of two problems.

First, it was really a heavy burden for me.

So far, I had never even tried to control nearly a hundred soldiers with magical threads.

Using my magical detection to understand and master the whole battlefield information was already a heavy burden for me. What’s even worse is that I had to control every soldier’s every action using the magical threads at the same time. There were only a few soldiers that I could focus on controlling at the same time. To tell the truth, my brain feels like it’s going to explode.

Secondly, what I wanted was the “What is this power…” play, in which people investigated the mysterious powers origin as the story gradually developed.

At this stage, this power should still be a mystery. The truth wouldn’t be revealed until the [powers in the shadows] came to stage at the end of the story – that’s how the story should proceed correctly.

But why…

“The [Black Rose] is at our back!”

“Yo! The [Black Rose]!” Please lead us to a victory!!”

“Go! Soldiers chose by the [Black Rose]!!”

… Why would the fairy tale of the [Black Rose] take away the chance of my show?